30 May, 2023


I Wasn’t Going To Dubai As A Rajapaksa Emissary: Weearawansa Rejects JVP Accusation

UPFA Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa, recently arrested for using an invalid passport to go abroad today rejected claims that he was bound for Dubai as an emissary of former President Rajapaksa to intervene in an ongoing investigation on bank accounts allegedly maintained by Rajapaksa siblings.

Weerawansa replying to accusations blamed his former colleagues at the JVP for the story doing rounds in the media.

Wimal“This is slander spread by the JVP hierarchy to sling mud at me. They are quite adapt at fishing in troubled waters” he added.

A website run by the JVP today alleged that Weerawansa who was arrested at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo while on his way to Europe Via Dubai was an emissary of the Rajapaksa’s, authorised to deal with officials in UAE to cover up an investigation conducted on accounts owned by Rajapaksa siblings with deposits amounting to more than US $500 million.

Weerawansa while accusing the JVP hierarchy for the news noted that it was not he who was in the government’s payroll but the JVP leader who is said to have received perks, positions and money amounting to millions from the present “Yahapalana” government in exchange of his allegiance.

On his arrest at the BIA, Weerawansa said that it was another attempt to politically assassinate him as he was a threat to the current government which is treading an anti-democratic and anti-Sri Lankan path in order to appease its US, UK led Western allies.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Police on Friday arrested Weerawansa at the BIA for using a false passport. He was later released on bail.

Weerawansa said that he was on his way to Europe on the invitation of Sri Lankan’s domiciled in several EU countries.

Weerwansa said that he was slated to speak in at least 10 forums on the recent UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka and the threat it posed to the security forces and sovereignty of the country.

The CID arrested MP Weerawansa when he was going to leave the country with an invalid passport and produced before the court after recoding a statement.

The MP at the time claimed that he obtained a new passport but according to the police media unit, Weerawansa has obtained the new passport providing false information.

Weerawansa has produced the invalid passport to the airport officials. He was to board a fight to Rome to visit Europe for a lecture series.

The government in recent times has openly said that the Rajapaksa sons owned bank accounts in Dubai with deposits over US $500 million.

Sunday Times newspaper recently reported that a case filed by lawyers on behalf of the government in UAE courts urging to freeze an account allegedly maintained by a young Sri Lankan parliamentarian had been turned down.

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Latest comments

  • 16

    No its not a slander. According to certain level it true. He was on a mission to save Namal Rajapaksa.

    • 7

      This [Edited out] should be locked up.
      Basta ..

      • 6

        who is not hora – under MR. MR is highly talented rather turning even saints to high profile robery makers ?

        A) May be the few that behaved as if they have no backborne – like GLP or few others, but almost everyone was so abusive that a previous govt never met with

        B) May be Ultra nationalist like Dayan Jayathilaka Silva could not be corrupted to that masses, but to some extent abusing his power unencessarily

        c)Wimal Buruwanse -Lap dog of Mahinda Raja was all record high corrupted, when looking at the manner, the bugger at very first days visited the parliament by a push bike as every records prove. The very same man to stay manipulating th emasses again anda gain.. is only possible IN 50% fools filled SRILANKA.

    • 1

      FOr the sake of everyone, this man WB should be kept in the cages for the rest of his life.

      600 mios he allegedly to have grabed for the building of his kith and kin should closely be investigated.

      For me even Wasidewa and Gunawardhana are close confidiants of MR are also criminal. In my schooling days, I thought Vasi aka Wesidewa would become a good leader for the country representing leftist thoughts, but him to stay as if kirimati gilapu kimbula while Mafia king looted the nation on day light was unimaginable to me.

    • 0

      This monkey should be taught how not to twist one with the other. If anyone would disagree with his agendas going through facts on the hand, he would twist it arbitorily.


      NFF accuses govt of playing politics with Wimal’s PP issue
      October 27, 2015, 10:40 am

      by Shamindra Ferdinando

      National Freedom Front (NFF) Leader Wimal Weerawansa, MP, has said that due to an inadvertent error on the part of party workers handling his foreign travel, a passport revoked after it was found to have been misplaced was used by him leading to last Friday’s detention at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA).

      Having informed relevant authorities, MP Weerawansa had obtained a new passport.

      Weewawansa was planning to address a series of meetings in West Asia and Europe meant to educate Sri Lankans living abroad regarding the Geneva issue.

      He said party workers had found the annulled passport among a set of documents at the party headquarters and submitted it to relevant diplomatic missions.

      The NFF politburo alleged that the government and various other interested parties had exploited the incident to tarnish party leader Weerawansa’s image. The NFF said that the passport had been misplaced after he shifted from ministerial residence in the wake of the UPFA’s defeat at the Aug. 17 parliamentary poll.

      The party claimed that Emigration and Immigration authorities at the BIA had told Weerawansa to bring his new passport promising him that he could go ahead with his planned visit. However, Weerawansa hadn’t been able to find the second passport due to him being taken to the Bribery Commission and the FCID (Financial Crime Investigation Division). The party said: “When this was brought to the notice of the Emigration and Immigration officers, they suggested that Weerawansa use the one day service to obtain a new passport to enable him to board a flight scheduled to leave BIA at 10 am on Oct 23.

      However, in accordance with instructions, Weerawansa had been compelled to lodge another complaint with the Talangama police to the effect that he had lost his second passport. On the basis of that complaint, the Passport Office had issued another passport though the police prevented him from leaving the country contrary to the assurance given by the Immigration and Emigration, the party said.

      The party said that though the Negombo Magistrate didn’t impose a travel ban on Weerwansa, the court didn’t hand over Weerawansa’s new passport due to strong objections by the Criminal Investigation Department. Weerawansa was enlarged on Rs.10,000 cash bail and two sureties of one million rupees each last Friday evening by the Magistrate. The case will be taken up on Oct. 28.

      The NFF alleged that the CID had made an unsuccessful attempt to secure a court directive from Aluthkade to prevent Weerawansa from leaving the country. However, the court had turned down the request as there was no basis for the request made by the police, the party said.

      Having blocked the NFF leader’s departure, the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government had claimed both in parliament and outside that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had intervened on behalf of the former JVPer, the party said.

  • 23

    Well, Well. That is not a bad preposition.

    Who would in Europe want to listen to this grade 9 fame Booruwansa. We know that another MUTT bestowed a PANCHAYUTHA HONOR to this moron.

    I was also wondering, what was the sudden haste to go to Europe at a time when Parliament was debating the all important Geneva Resolution. One donkey is fleeing to Europe and the second absconds parliament. Be a man and face the parliament, you cowards without taking cover and fleeing.

    Now we know the secret. Thanks JVP, for the disclosure.

  • 19

    In UK it is illegal to make speeches that promotes racial and ethnic hatred; he could be and I hope he would be arrested if he makes his shit stirring talks in the UK

    • 0

      It is illegal to make racial and hatred speeches in ENGLISH in the UK but it is acceptable if spoken in Sinhala or Greek

  • 11

    He is capable of anything for money and power.

  • 12

    “The MP at the time claimed that he obtained a new passport but according to the police media unit, Weerawansa has obtained the new passport providing false information.”

    I assume that this is WWs latest passport. Would be interesting to know what kind of false information WW provided.

    Why did he not provide correct information to leave for Europe assuming that having a genuine Schengen visa sticker in an invalid passport would have allowed him board a plane to Dubai and then Italy?

    Why was he issued another passport when he provided false information? The information should have matched the information on his invalid passport.

    WW appears to be too confused. Is there any information on possible problems with alcohol, drugs or mental illness?

    I repeat that this all makes no sense.

  • 19

    This gr 8 modaya going to give lectures for European sinhala modayas.
    I wonder how sinhala veerayas brain works…

    • 9

      Jamis Muthu Banda

      Why don’t you make an effort to meet him at the airport, give him a red carpet welcome, take him home, make him Dosa, Idly, Vaddai, Jaffna kool, Pukkai (kiri bath), shower him with your Jaffna hospitality, offer him a price he can’t refuse, basically buy the person, ……… If the price is right he might consider working for you. He is just like your great leader VP he too would not mind working for others.

  • 11

    Remember what happened to MARA and his famous OXFORD UNIVERSITY TRAIL WHICH WENT SOUR. He had to leave UK in a hurry through the back door with one of his so called war hero.

    Now the date has been known for the hate speech of this Mess IAH they will hurriedly rearrange the date for a secret date and secret venue. Bah.! Bah ! black sheep have any wool/ brains??

    The saviour of Modayas with no qualification to vomit verbal diarrhoea will be only possible and accepted on Srilankan stage.

    • 5


      “Now the date has been known for the hate speech of this Mess IAH they will hurriedly rearrange the date for a secret date and secret venue. Bah.! Bah ! black sheep have any wool/ brains??”

      I believe that for speeches and lectures WW needs something else than a tourist visa especially if he intends to collect money. WW had apparently a Schengen visa for Italy but a Schengen visa is not valid to enter UK even as a tourist.

      In practice the visa is usually not checked by UK border authority when passengers arrive from the European Union, for instance, Italy.

      Did the court in Negombo forbid WW from leaving the county and ask him to surrender all his three passports?

      All his passports apparently are invalid but he might apply for another one today.

      • 3

        Rogue Iyer
        Wonder if he would join the thousands of migrants who are heading to Europe from the Eastern Asian and Eastern Europe on the trail of economy migration.
        These thousands of so called refugees are heading to Europe and certain countries have blocked their borders to these migrants to proceed further.
        It seems most of them are economical migrants but lying to host countries that they have to leave their country due to persecution.
        Never seen such numbers heading to Western Europe.
        What’s the world come into .

  • 14

    How ironic that, this SORE LOSER AND THE IMMACULATE IDIOT could garner 324,000 odd votes from COLOMBO…LOL…

    Shame on Ranil to have got involved and got this idiot released on bail.. Would Ranil do the same to any average Joe? I bet not…

    Birds of a feather…

    • 11

      Because we have 162,000 cattle eating rice and another 162,000 rice eating cattle in Colombo.

  • 10

    We are not concerned where you were going or whose “Emissary” you were. What we question you on is: What type of a person you to go to board a flight with a “Reported LOST” passport? Did you inform the Police that you yourself found that reported lost passport before obtaining a new one? Why did you not surrender that “lost and found” passport to the Authorities concerned at the time of obtaining the new one? Did you not know that a VISA stamped in an “expired” passport and reported LOST, is not valid for all purposes? If that “reported lost” passport had a visa stamped, did you immediately inform the relevant Foreign Government with a copy of the Police report, that gave you the visa? It was also reported that you obtained the new passport at 7.30 a.m from the authorities. That is a “Miracle” because normally the Government Offices open at 8.30 or 9.00 a.m. Who helped you to do that?

    What would you think an ORDINARY man or woman who came to the Airport with a “Reported Lost” and an “Expired” passport to board a flight would have been subjected to and what punishment he/she would have got? What HELP would he/she would have got from any HIGH LEVEL person. For your information such a person would have been “dragged” and “pushed” inside a Police jail. Please learn to empathize with such cases comparing to your own situation. I blame those 300,000 odd who voted you to represent them in our Parliament. At lease please learn to respect those who gave that representation to you. Please do not DISGRACE them.

  • 8

    [Edited out], we know that you are a rogue and a crook. You will do anything for the rajapakses to protect them from losing their stolen wealth. Who on earth is going to believe the story that an imbecile like you is on a lecture tour in Europe. An uneducated illiterate crook giving lectures is the biggest joke of this century. Your acts will ensure that you will one day soon accompany your good mate the ex king to a pleasant stay in the confines of the prisons.

    • 2

      Just to be fair the donkey did not claim HE WAS GOING TO LECTURE. May be meant he was going LISTEN to lectures.

      Is it possible he has gone to all this trouble including getting arrested in order to “listen” to lectures? In that case isn’t the Booru title justified?

  • 6

    “On his arrest at the BIA, Weerawansa said that it was another attempt to politically assassinate him as he was a threat to the current government which is treading an anti-democratic and anti-Sri Lankan path in order to appease its US, UK led Western allies. “

    How come other countries be responsible for his lost passport. A ex minister who cannot produce an essential document to customs. People still believe whatever comes from this mouth!!!

    • 11

      Everything is part of ‘International Conspiracy’. Only he can understand what its all about.

      • 7

        I think Wimal Buruwanse s existence is an international conspiracy.

        Wasidewa is in between defending this bugger. How come the pennisless man ever do so – if he is a senior politician of the day. Vasu is made wasi and wesi during the last regime. He is indeed a dried pumpkin. Ma has nothing but just the hatred against WEST. In the same time, he allows his men and women to go on work in the west – paradoxial thoughts by all nature. These men are the most dangerous weeds in srilanken. No round up could help irradicating these men. The days, all these men are cornered inthe society, only, the mushrooms of peace and harmony ideas will have the ground. Until then people shold wait with patience.

  • 7

    The Case of Missing Passports reminds me of a story:

    It seems that the priest of a village temple was giving a sermon on ‘pas pavu’, (the 5 sins) and he noticed that the moment he mentioned ‘stealing’ the village headman (Ralahamy) became visibly agitated and started to look around. However, when he mentioned ‘adultery’, a few minutes later, the Ralahamy calmed down and even started smiling.

    The priest was puzzled by this strange behaviour and after the sermon, called the Ralahamy for a private chat. The Ralahamy explained that when stealing was mentioned he noticed that his new umbrella was missing, which agitated him because he thought someone had stolen it during the sermon.

    “Very well, but why did you calm down and smile when adultery was mentioned”?. “I remembered where I had forgotten the umbrella, Hamuduruwane”.

    Perhaps this story would help Mr. WW to remember where he should start looking whenever he looses something important in the future.

  • 0

    Wimal Weerawanas is right thinking man ,we respect him and his politics of democratic and that he appear on behalf of nation sovereignty since years 2000.

    JVP is/was since 1965 Terrorist outfit is more or less, that Foreign funded anarchist outfit that installed by serve for the aim of steering power of US and UNP -Neo colonial policies.

    Wimal Weerawasa is more progressive and democracy than that JVP anarchist outfit.
    Well, Weerawansa bring millions of people for mainstream of democratic path of politics by addressing nation sovereignty and protecting Independent of Sri lanka.

    He address the masses of people that key issues of currently undermined by politics of anti-democratic enrich by UNP-RW, MS and CBK; with that allied with US occupy by Tamil Eealm politics of partition of an Island Independence of that nation of Sri lanka.
    He is not anti-Tamil or anti Muslim in politically like Champika Ranawaka and UNP.

    All minor versus of Wimal Weerawansa’s that mishaps are fabricated by
    UNP-RW, MS and CBK that aim is political motivated acts of ill intentions, which to be destroy norms of Democracy of Sri lanka.

    UNP leader of Ranil W…. allied with US, want to be partition of Island by hook or crook.
    Party of UNP interest is not that nation survival or Nation Building ,its road map and policies are originated in Department of State in US and Human Rights Commissioner that center of Geneva.
    UNP has no any National policies very beginning of its founders fathers.

    Aim of UNP politics are to be sold country to US and other foreign powers. The UNP version of politics to be Surrender Nation Sovereignty to World- Western powers led by US and UK.

    • 4

      Saman Adhikari,

      I have no doubt that your principle food shold be thanakola (hay).Else you woul dnothave expressed this much of good about Wimal Buruwanse. May most likely you are also in a dream world filled with malice, hatreds, and all negative thoughts against the west. The guy, who was reported to have got caught not being able to orderly keep his passport which is the most important document wheen travelling to be named as a good politician – should be the biggest joke I could hear. Not having a balanced childhood, the man is always upto fall on wrong tracks when twisting one from the other. He does not want to have read literiture in manipulation process. People like you are the ones who represent the gawky, guillible folks (of at least 300 000 vote eligibles) that would do anything what you hear from any one. So long you the wild kraut – weeds are so anchored to this soceity, radicals, rascals, uncultured idiots like Wimal Buruwanse and like can get bred easily.

  • 7

    Weeramonkey’s Diplomatic Passport gone and the twice lost king Modapakshe’s Diplomatic Immunity gone with the wind. Paw aney!

    In the banana republic of SL, we have the most stupid voters who vote for this kind of monkeys & donkeys. The top class Idiots, criminals and thieves get elected.

    Later, the stupid voters send their Poor women folks as slaves to the middle-East in order to pay for all the loans that these politicians (thieves) take to do all the blunders.

    A real comedy country!

    • 5

      See any right thinking mental healthy person would get it, as more of the akin reports were read by people in the recent past – that the entire family has lot to do with forged passport and the like handlings, this know all nature of atleast 300 000 voters of the WP could better know that he has to be very careful at least this time beofre entering the airport. People should be very sensitive with the like issues, since these issues are held very strict in any country.. if caught with passport problems, Singaporians would never be backward to put the in jail. Germans would even go after the issues, suspecting the natue of the met candidate again and again. … so is the way this dramaqueen convince the nation that he coudl be a lawy maker ?
      Alone the incident and the information being passed on this in the aftermath, prove that the bugger has not yet grapshed the gravity of the problem.
      He may feel that he is above the law as had been the case with HIS GOD fathers administration. Ranil and My3 should take this as an example – and treat the man equally to others. That can then help it as example to the many. Besides, the man to boast to go for lecturing ? I never thought that men even without OLEVELs would ever be chosesn as the canddiates for giving lectures to others. They the silly 0.3 mio of colombo could feel supporitive, but living on the west people would never respect the views of Buurwanse. I really dont think so, while staying in Germany I add this.

  • 0

    Audit this [Edited out]!. End of story.

  • 1

    Weerawansa uses an old invalid passport presumed lost to obtain a Visa. Then produces another passport obtained with false info to leave the country.
    If allowed to leave he would have to produce the invalid passport with the Visa to gain entry to the foreign country. When stopped he screams its an attempt to politically assasinate him.
    Its high time these fradsters are exposed and punished.

    • 2

      There should be a special unit with trained men to handle the issues of the like in immigration. Those were the days, that Mafia King never respected laws, but let it go, thus his golayas did the same – as a results, these men have learnt to argue based on violated rules. These men should be brought before the courts – and subject to due punishments as nothign like this could ever be heared again. How come the bugger argue, the previous one was found later, then visa was endorsed on it – as everyone knows, if a lost passport or document is next registered as lost, it is considered as lost.

    • 2

      Mafia king and his ITIBONIKKA violated all rules related to immigration.

      So are his golayas (Buruwanse is the thumb or penis of the MR adminsitration) do the same.

      Do Mafia king ever respect the rules related to hiring Air flights for his gigantic entourages ?

      Ballige putha destroyed the nation as no other devleoping world leaders.

  • 0

    “I Wasn’t Going To Dubai As A Rajapaksa Emissary:”

    i was going as his stooge.

    early monarchs always had a noble to clean their bum,because to touch the king by a non noble would be a sacrilege. When peasants become monarchs then they have a trusted fellow peasant to clean their bums.

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