25 July, 2024


If Not Sri Lanka Completed War Crimes Inquiry By March, I Will Push UN For An International Inquiry – Cameron

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has called on the government of Sri Lanka to set up an independent inquiry on alleged war crimes during the final stages of the country’s civil war against the Tamil Tiger rebels.


Cameron said on Saturday: “Let me be very clear. If an investigation is not completed by March, then I will use our position on the United Nations human rights council to work with the UN human rights commission and call for a full credible and independent international inquiry.”

BBC News:

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    Mahinda Rajapaksa & his set of jokers fell right in to mudslinging media war by hosting an unwanted carnival of CHOGM, president brags as no killings in Srilanka since 2009, and their is a system & a Constitution to follow in Srilanka nothing could be done in haste nobody violated Human Rights(LOL).
    When Darussman prepared a report regarding the annihilation of Tamil citizens in no fire zone in the final stages of the war, you rejected it and prepared your own LLRC report , it took 4 yrs to implement just some of its clauses .
    Well as a citizen of Srilanka we question you on what basis no killings since 2009. when you ordered shoot to kill at Katunayaka, Chilaw, Rathupaswela & Yakkala ( 2 students of university march from Kandy to Colombo), also your henchmen killed a British citizen in Tangalle.
    What system will bring justice for killings of journalist & abductions of social activists in the north & South, what system will enlighten us on bribery & corruptions under your ministries like COPE & Welikada prison riot report. Many Reports still dusting in shelves We cant forget the flawed system you brag, when a Tamil detainee called Nadarajah from north released by lower court due to non-prosecution for a prolonged period, prison officials disregarded court order held him for another one year, his poor relations motioned it to High court after receiving money from some source to retain an reputed lawyer, higher court judges & lawyers were astonished & shocked, reprimanded the prison officials & released Nadarajah. By the way we know how you parachuted your puppet Mohan Pieris as chief Justice & sacked poor Shiranee Bandaranayake. Isn’t this system of violating fundamental & Human rights referred by you, many innocent minorities are still languishing in jail for failure of prosecution to whom the parents of lost children’s & inmates turn to. It is no secret how your goons representing Pradeshiya Sabas & Palath Sabas nefarious activities, one pathetic incident is how your Wattiyamma Pavithra Vanniarachies goons representing Rathnapura district took the law into their own hand with the help of Army from Kuriwita camp to demolish private properties of majority of Muslims residing in an inner road called Panawala in Eheliyagoda for road widening without any notice or compensation for a self plan demarcation without any approval from state authorities , okay we accept road widening for main Rathnapura highway, isn’t it bizarre for inner road upto our Jummah Mosque. Few years back your goons prevented Muslim traders & shops doing business on poya days in Eheliyagoda Town , does your constitution allows such practice, aren’t these human rights violations. We can imagine how the people in the north suffering from Army rule, no media or reporter has the backbone to expose your corrupt rule as all of them are bought by you or forced to tow your line by threats & intimidation.
    Hats off to David Cameron at least you and your goons think twice to violate our human & fundamental rights.

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    Tamils doomed! Keep howling Tamilians.

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      you too, you ignorant homospaian

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      hey babe ;)

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    Dear Mr. Cameron,

    I would like to ask who made you the “lone crusader” of the commonwealth to “hijack” the entire agenda to bring about a “vendetta” against the Sri Lankan Govt. (i.e. the Raja family).

    It is agreed that there were many human rights violations and still do continue in the disappearances and the marginalisation of minorities like the muslims and Christians. Further we see much more including the Rajas being above the law.

    Yet the way you went about things just proved to us that you feel like the “colonial kings” who think you can just run around pretending you are superior to any other. This is Sri Lanka and it is our own country. NOT YOURS !

    I would encourage you to do all you can to get a UN inquiry, because UN or not NO ONE has a right attack and infringe into democratic country. You can scream all you want but you will not be able to achieve your “personal agenda”. In fact me thinks this is all to win the “tamil” votes to keep you at Downing Street.

    When you visit the UN may I remind you to bring the following to their attention and request for an independent inquiry too?
    – Attack into Iraq and the removal of Sadaam Hussain. Were are those weapons of destruction ????? [http://wikileaks.org/wiki/The_Iraq_inquiry_sideshow]
    Of course please do not mention who you bullied your way to get the “Gay rights” bill passed in Parliament at the expense of your own ministers voting against you. Apay Rajapassa not like them no?

    My advise to you is help Sri Lanka rebuild. Help reconciliation. The past no one can change. But the future, we all can. Help our “old green elephant” to do something rather than looking on.

    Try not to use your bullying tactics because the Rajapsssa’s will not be moved.

    All the best at the UN – you will surely fail.

    Citizen Khan, Community leader ! they all know me……..

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      Tadpole (゜゜)~This is Sri Lanka and it is our own country.NOT YOURS!(゜゜)~ Tadpole

      Neither yours kallathoni!Diego Garcians thought the same- once sold stays sold.Trip it up to Andaman (Hanuman in Sanskrit) and you will know you are the true bandits.

      The seepage of Baharath was governed by East India Company and it was a mere accident made by a tired Churchill and new Truman- Cameron is a distant relative of royalty and its his style even cycling bold as blue like the Libyan affair where UK had much to loose. ~k゜・_・゜k~ vultures ~k゜・_・゜k~

      VP like Saddam was the mother of all step fathers. You sound like bin lardens tainted knickers and Foo Foo above is Hijab Baaa Baa Mossad Si? ;)

      Hanuman ki Jai

      Ö Ö Ö 0:3

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        talk english your fool

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