14 July, 2024


Intimidating Judges, Prosecutors And Lawyers Takes Off Under Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Ajith Prasanna a vocal supporter of President Gotabaya Rajapaka in a press conference attacked several magistrates, prosecutors claiming that they have been acting under political influence in executing their duties and functions in their respective roles.

Namal Rajapaksa took a selfie with Ajith Prasanna this morning at Temple Trees

Colombo Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne, Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake, Udesh Ranathunga and the Mt Lavinia magistrate Lochana Abeywickrema were specifically named by him at this press conference, to have been politically influenced.

He further claimed that senior prosecutor of the Attorney General’s Department Senior State Counsel Janaka Bandara and Senior Deputy Solicitor General Dileepa Peiris have been working in collusion with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to prevent certain suspects from being granted bail unreasonably and have conducted the investigations in a biased manner.

“All of these officials haven’t been conducting themselves in this manner just for nothing. They have done so with the intention of getting certain positions, promotions and for payments through the Tamil diaspora,” Ajith Prasanna claimed.

Addressing media, Ajith Prasanna claimed that he makes these statements with responsibility although no details or evidence was provided as to how he came into this information or whether he has complained to relevant authorities such as the Judicial Service Commission or the Attorney General about the conduct of these law officials that he named.

Retired Army official who is currently a practising lawyer has been appearing in politically sensitive cases and claiming that the former government was on a witch-hunt to arrest war heroes which he calls ‘Ranawiru Dadayama’.

Colombo Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne at a former occasion complained to the Supreme Court on the conduct of Ajith Prasanna for misleading court and making false statements. Magistrate Jayaratne sought to this after Ajith Prasanna appeared on behalf of a suspect, Navy Lieutenant Commander Chandana Prasad Hettiarachchi alias Navy Sampath without being retained by the said accused in relation to the abduction of 11 youth by Navy.

Making false representations he informed court that he was retained by the suspect however when the court questioned Chandana Prasad Hettiarachchi he denied this claim.

Prior to this incident Ajith Prasanna was seen in the Mt. Lavinia magistrate courts premises making false statements when hearing was taking place against Amal Karunarathne former chief of staff of Sri Lanka army in relation to the abduction and assault of senior Journalist Keith Noyahr. CID complained to the Mr. Lavinia Magistrate of his conduct.

Ajith Prasanna with Gotabaya and others

Senior Counsel Viran Corea, flagging concerns on twitter over the allegations levelled at these judges and prosecutors, said that no proper lawyer attacks judicial officers for deciding cases according to law on facts placed before them after hearing both sides. He adds that likewise, no proper lawyer attacks fellow members of the bar for arguing a court case without holding back for any client (whether government or private party).

“By the above time-honoured yardstick, this gentleman evidently scores a major fail as a real, proper lawyer,” Corea tweeted in reference to Ajith Prasanna.

Ajith Prasanna also attacked Senior Lawyers, Upul Kumarapperuma and Sudarshana Gunawardana for appearing on behalf of the victim in the Swiss embassy abduction case.

Taking to Twitter President’s Counsel Saliya Pieris said that “every client has the right to be represented by a lawyer which is a fundamental premise in a civilised country. Lawyers have a right to represent their client and cannot be harassed and intimated by people opposing their client”.

He further called on the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) to take a “strong and principled stand” against the verbal abuse on lawyers taking up certain matters.

“If not, there will come a day when politicians, gang bosses, thugs, partisan media and other interested parties will coerce and harass lawyers and try to prevent them from appearing for the cause of their clients,” Pieris wrote. (By Anuruddha Singgapuli)

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    Intimidating Judges, Prosecutors And Lawyers Takes Off Under Gotabaya Rajapaksa

    *** This was to be expected under Gotha in the name of Security after 52 % voted for it and the Internatinal Community has a big role now. Rule of Law is gone Civil Liberties have disappeared and now Gotha nd te Cohorts reign supreme. Gotha says Press Freedom will continue but only if they toe his line. Whitevans are back and Soldiers are back on the Street.

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    JACK BOOTS are taking over, soon we will be living in a BOOT CAMP. Media Moguls get ready to write the obituary to D. E. M O’cracy, our beloved father etc, etc

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    Ajith Prasanna’s absurd claims may serve as a gentle breeze to the Rajapaksha clan. Let us assume that Ajith Prasanna completed his Law studies and wrote the exams in a public exam hall and not in a private room with computer facilities and phone conversations allegedly with G.L.Pieris on the other end of the phone as did Namal Rajapakshe during his exam, according to legal charges made against Namal by (see https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/namal-rajapaksas-law-exam-cheating-case-goes-to-geneva/) by the erudite legal luminary ( Law student) DM Thushara Jayarathna ( for more on this . Read in CT. Namal Rajapaksa’s Law Exam Cheating Case Goes To Geneva. Can you take this up as a personal case be the judge, jury and defendant in this case and give the world that is waiting with a gaping gap for an answer for the past ten years.

    With your same self-proclaimed legal and judicial integrity for restoring legal purity in the rotten judiciary of Lanka, (you say it) can you shed some light on the day light abduction and mid night make -belief murder by your friends of the world class Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen, who was found murdered in his vehicle in May 2012 in the Narahenpita area. It is alleged that Shiranthi Rajapaksa, a catholic mother of three boys arranged the Red Cross vehicle for Wasim’s abduction and subsequent murder. Read more on this at Sunday Observer and also in CT “Mar 24, 2019 – Mahinda Rajapaksa’s claim that the star rugby player was killed driving at 175km per hour …. ” A heroic lie !! Once again be the jury, defendant and judge in this case. Tell us your “:sentence”

    You poor little rich Lawyer. Please re-learn what is truth and honesty really are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dr. Costa

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      Nandasena gang is a racist and I blame the Buddhist monks who preached politicks not Buddhism

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      South will become Chinese and Tamil province just like Gota’s family.
      Tamil Tigers and their western supporters so happy that Sinhalese Modayas voters Helping Tamil Tigers others way around: Colombo and around all coastal is gone for Tamil. North East gone for Tamil. Hill country is gone for Tamil. Plus all Christian who conspired against Sinhalese Buddhists are now with president Gota. All Christian have Tamil Tigers relatives. Tamil Tigers do not need to fight anymore, just make Gota’s multi -racial family bigger and get them Sinhalese names. Then, Sinhalese Modayas voters will automatically turn into a Tamil state just like they in Kandyan Kingdom.
      This is what all Western countries have been looking forward to.

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