18 April, 2024


Johnny Out On Bail In Rs. 40 Million CWE Case

Former Cooperative and Internal Trade Minister Johnston Fernando was released on bail by Colombo Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya today, in a case where he is alleged to have used employees of the CWE for political activities which caused the state a loss of Rs. 40 million.

Johnston FernandoFernando had used at least 45 employees over a period of four years, since 2010 to carry out various political activities. The case was filed by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption in May this year.

Fernando, along with two others, including the former CWE Chairman and former Working Director of CWE were all released on a cash bail of Rs. 50,000 each, and two sureties worth Rs. 5 million each.

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  • 12

    This is no means acceptable. Baling out has been made a joke by today authorities.

    Either he to be convicted with higher jail sessions or leave him.

    Just deceiving people to the end can face consequences in the days to come. I am fed up lanken present day verdicts.. Those who are healthy thinkers- obsrevers.. are well aware of the fact… how abusive the man has been.This man does respect anyone. IRC by all means. Can be the twin brother of that foul mouth Mahindannanda.

    Atleast gods should punish the kind of fraudsters not allowing them to be free from their charges. Then only this culture woudl ever change for the betterment of people.

    • 6

      RE:Johnny Out On Bail In Rs. 40 Million CWE Case

      How much did he steal?

      Rs, 4,000 Million?

      How much did Mara and his cronies Steal from the People? Rs. 400,000,000,000?

      • 7

        I really dont think anyone would be able to get on with the kind of guys. … alone his stealthy smirks …are provocative. This bugger belongs not even to butchery. But stupid folks have voted him to the parliament. Either people are insane – or they have not the least knowledge about the represenatative. Not even virus vehicling mosquitoes are that that parasitic as these men.

        This is no means buddhist dominated world. it is a hell.

  • 15

    Enough is Enough of the boru show by the yahapalanaya suckers. As it is a known fact Johnny spent more 150 million bucks or more for his sons provincial council election. Where the hell did he get so much of money. This Johnny Rascal is Number 1 fraudster in The JO Camp. Ethanol, Murder, Rape , Etc..

  • 2

    Johny you are so funny! I feel sorry for [Edited out]

  • 3

    The case will be dragged until the end of YAHA-palanaya and till another JAHA-palanaya and then this Ponny will be discharged from all charges as the next DG of CIABOC humbly withdraws the charge sheet.

  • 0

    How did he shoot to prominence? Does anyone know???

  • 0

    40 Mil: Just chicken feed for Johnny.

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