15 April, 2024


Karu Won’t Take Working Committee Membership Yet

UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya who was reappointed to the working committee of the party last week has decided not to accept the membership at this stage informed sources told Colombo Telegraph.

Karu Jayasuriya

As the crisis in the main opposition party deepens with the reformist Sajith Premadasa faction insisting on removal of Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe Jayasuriya has decided not to accept the appointment to the UNP Working Committee since many others have been expelled from the body and only he is being reinstated.

He has agreed to work for the UNP without new positions the sources said.

Jayasuriya has communicated this to Ranil Wickremesinghe.

It was earlier speculated that Jayasuriya would be given more responsibility in the UNP after his reappointment.

The next UNP Working Committee meeting will be on October 7.

Sajith Premadasa is also no longer a member of the UNP Working Committee after he was not reappointed by Wickremesinghe as Deputy Leader this year as mandated in the party constitution.

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    Not only Karu even Buddhika, Maddumabandara etc should get their due places in UNP. The best bet for the post of secy in Imitiyaz. Attanayaka should also resign from Secy post as for the last 15-20 yrs no improvement in UNP. The services of Athukorala should be remembered.

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      There are no question about Imthiyas,Most of people need to bring Mr. Karu to top.Karu must accept the working committee membership. In the same time criticize sajith weakness. Sajith also had lot of weakness. Still not meet the requirement for leadership. UNP need fair leader.
      I hope united UNP soon.all the areas need to change in UNP.

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    People complaining about the Government’s dictatorial attitude while in the Opposition the dictator Ranil,surrounded by sycophants and cronies, strengthens his grip around the windpipe of the UNP. Power and greed, that’s all. No concern for the well being of nation or party. Lanka’s all time Loser number one and MR’s best guarantee for winning the next four General elections.

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    Hon. Karu’s decision to not to accept WC membership in the UNP for the present is laudable. He very well knows that the present WC of the UNP has only the Panthamkarayas of Ranil and these Henchmen are good for nothing “vote- losers”.

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    What a gracious thing to do. At first Karu Jayasuriya
    walked out of the UNP with 17 MPs and strengthened the
    Government. Those MPs are all holding commanding positions.
    Then he was taken back by Ranil Wickremesinghe and given
    the Deputy Leaders post. He took it with both hands and
    ended up contesting Ranil for the UNP leadership.

    It is this same Karu Jayasuriya who is now refusing an
    invitation to serve in the Working Committee. He abandoned
    Sajith and co and went back to RW. He thought RW would soon
    be out. What better thing to do than shout that he does not
    want a place in the Working Committee and to give it to someone
    more deserving. The inference is that RW had not given such
    appointments to the deserving.

    What kind of depita katuwa is Karu Jay? Is he worth the white
    cloth (purity) that he is wearing? He is nothing but a humbug.
    It is high time he retires from politics in his old age. Otherwise
    the people of Gampaha will throw out this old dishonest fool.

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    Arapang Machang – you are spot on. You hit the nail on the
    head. There are plenty of wolves in sheep’s clothing
    masquerading in the UNP. They are frustrated and would do
    anything to get some where. All the cons they come out with
    and all the great things they say. What hypocrites

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    Once a Judas always a Judas

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    Karu J is not a wolf in sheep’s
    clothing. That is wrong.

    He is a sheep in sheep’s clothing.
    Wolves are cunning. This sheep is
    an ill informed idiot

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