28 September, 2023


Let Them Dream Peacefully

By Noel Nadesan

Dr Noel Nadesan

Dr Noel Nadesan

Right now Sri Lanka is facing three offensives – and all three have come from abroad with the Tamil Diaspora trying their best to embarrass the Sri Lankan government. The first is the anti-Sri Lanka resolution passed by the UN Human Rights Council at its 25th session in Geneva. This resolution insisting on an international investigation into allegations of war crimes in the final phases of the civil war in 2009 has pleased the Tamil Diaspora. They think they have scored a victory against the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL). But GOSL has bluntly refused to go along with the UNHRC resolution. What the Diaspora does not realize (or does not publicize) is that the economic consequences of any sanctions will hurt the Tamil people in the North and south more than the Government.

GOSL is working on its own formula – possibly a Truth Commission on S. African lines – which will weaken the UNHRC move as the GOSL has shown a willingness to conduct an investigation of its own.

The second is the abortive attempt by small group ex LTTE to revive the violent struggle in the post-may 2009  period. Informed journalists such as DBS Jeyaraj have identified the Nediyavan  group of Norway as the key operator who has financed and directed operations from abroad.  GOSL reacted swiftly to target all three thus ending the futile attempt of the Diaspora to achieve their goal. It is clear that the Government forces are on full alert and the ready response to beat futile attempt is a clear warning to the Tamil Diaspora that they cannot gain anything significant by financing and directing militancy except causing more chaos and suffering to Tamils in Sri Lanka

Third, the Tamil Diaspora has been working overtime to hit back at GOSL in various ways. But the GOSL has taken the Diaspora by surprise when it listed 16 organisations as terrorist outfits. This is a move to nip in the bud any organized moves by the Diaspora to destabilize Sri Lanka. To some extent this move has given the GOSL the upper hand. It has also crippled the free access to Sri Lankan agents in of the Tamil Diaspora. I personally think all these Diaspora organization not only banned but also initiating a inquiry against arming and financing a war against t Sri Lankan people many years ago.

The fact that the killing of the three agents of the Diaspora did not provoke a public outrage proves that any attempt to revive terrorism will not gain any sympathy either abroad or in Sri Lanka. In fact, various reports agree that the vast amount of information came from the Sri Lankan Tamils in the North who are wary of the rise of violence again.

The West and Pro LTTE Diaspora fronts have one thing common: they have no sympathy for the victims of their foolish adventures. The consequences of all their actions will have to be borne by the Tamil civilians who have had a gutful of violence. The GOSL forces are quite pleased that  the Tamil community, by and  large, have responded favorably to  their request for information and cooperation. As usual the Tamil Diaspora is going down the wrong path. They have not calculated their options realistically. Whatever emotions there are left over it is not emotions that is going to win the day. The chances of winning gains for the Tamil people are greater if the Diaspora can change its tactics and look for positive engagement with the GOSL.

We have to seriously ask west and LTTE front organisation to leave the Sri Lankan s to sort their problem because that is the only way forward to permanent peace in our Island.

Guns and goons occupied the land till May 2009.Violence of the south and north ruined the nation. There were no positive gains in either the JVP insurrections or the Tamil separatist  violence. If the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna insurrection succeeded in Sri Lanka, then most probably we would have ended up like another North Korea. I believe Rohana Wijeweera would have been be worse than Kim Il-sung who after the Korean War, introduced the personal philosophy of Juche, or self-reliance, which became a guiding light for North Korea’s politics. Decades of this rigid state-controlled system have led to stagnation and a leadership dependent on the cult of personality.

In 1971, unable to control the insurrection, Sri Lanka had to get help from India; unfortunately many young people were killed. Many mothers lost their children. Mrs Srimavo Bandaranaike led government in Sri Lanka, not only rehabilitated  many militants but  also let many leaders back into the community believing they all respect democracy and power of the ballot paper.

In 1987 the same leaders started another insurrection while government battling with Tamil militancy in north and east during 87-90, more young militants, and defence personal and innocent people were killed. The Government during the time had crushed the JVP leadership without mercy, made no prisoner from the leadership. But there were not many complaining about human right violation because cold war clouds covered over the entire horizon during the time.  Subsequently thirty years of Tamil militancy was brought to end last may 2009 by military means.

I am not blind supporter of the government. Governments are all over the world are not only imperfect but also inefficient, but alternative to a government is chaos, destruction of lives and properties. Foreign intervention in many countries whatever those governments were imperfect, interference by other countries in last 60 years turned into disastrous consequences. The Tamil people of the North are being kept in the dark about the unrest and instability in places like Kosovo, South Sudan and East Timor by local Tamil Medias

Last provincial election results shows people are longing for the peace and order provided by the current government. President Mahinda Rajapaksa achieved in Sri Lanka last 5 years was stability and established law and order that many presidents and government were not able to provide  to citizens of Sri Lanka for many years that why he is being elected every election from 2006 to today .

During last presidential election I was travelling south of Sri Lanka and talking to many Sinhala workers, farmer and fisher folks and they all said was he was the man who stopped killing our sons. One friend of mine with his wife and  children  were  driving from Kandy to Colombo,  said to me ‘Machan,  we were not  able to come to  Colombo together as a  family before. We could only come either my wife with son or daughter or me with son or daughter because of bomb blasts in Colombo.’ I asked him, ‘how come all the people forgot this so soon. He replied ‘ No, No ordinary people remember this  and voting to Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa all along’

The majority of the Sri Lankan people are grateful to the Government for removing terrorism from the country. This is specially so in the border villages in the Districts of Anuradhapura, Tricomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara. The rural Sinhala people will perceive the actions of the west and the Diaspora as anti-Sinhala.  The west and the diaspora are therefore really sabotaging any real reconciliation between the communities. They are looking only to fulfil their political and emotional agenda.

I thought that was true if you are a wealthy Sinhalese or Tamil you can send your children abroad but ordinary people did not have choice. Poor Tamil send to LTTE and Sinhalese send to army all these years before May 2009.

Now after three decades, ordinary Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese are sleeping peacefully at their home with their children beside them and dreaming of their future but some people outside Sri Lanka do not like their peaceful dreams.

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  • 9

    Nadesan is a paid stooge of the Rajapakse Government. He is only a namesake Tamil. If I am not mistaken he has multiple blood flowing through him. I mean neither tamil or sinhala.

    Another thing I wish to point out is there are only two ethnic groups in Sti Lanka- Sinhalese and Tamils. There is no Colombo Chetty as such. They are tamils and no reason for them to be called chetty. Chetty in tamil means Chettiar- wealthy business person. There is no Sinhal Chetty either. Moors are descendants from Arabs and locals and mostly they embrace tamil as their language. The distinguishing character is that 99% of them follow a religion called Islam, so we cannot call them a separate race as there is no such race.

    Come on grow up Sri Lankans. These divisions among people are designed to divide and rule by Politicians like KING RAJAPAKSE and His Cronies

    • 3

      Who is this ass-ole anyway?

      With the first two lines of his writing shows the hidden code of Mahinda’s robbery money paid to him for his services.

      Mahinda robbed from every Sinhala,Tamil,Muslim & every Citizen alike.

  • 8

    What Noel seems to be suggesting is nothing Tamil leaderhip/dispora and other peoples have actually borne any fruit. He is challenging Tamils to develop some independent thought.

    If one is against Noel, that simply means staying with the status quo. It also probably means your next generation also inherit the losing streak.

  • 7

    This sums up Nadesan’s articel.
    “Machan, we were not able to come to Colombo together as a family before.”

    Machan Nadesan…five years after war and despite the Reconciliation bullshit even today Tamils cant come to Colombo to inquire or stage a protest about their missing family members.

    • 2

      You speak from both sides : are u alright ?or trying to make a guiness record ?
      Once supportive to the regime.
      Then again supportive to minorities. But regime is jus tplaying with all abuses being continued.

      • 1

        I speak form both sides really?
        oh I see you confused with my above posting?

        • 1

          it s okay, variedness of people are almost comparable to flora and and fauna independent them being supportive to one party/group.

          • 2

            I am not sure what the hell you are talking about.
            Probably you do not understand my postings

  • 5

    “Peace is not merely the absence of war but the presence of justice, of law, of order —in short, of government.”
    ― Albert Einstein, On Peace

    “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    • 2

      Albert Einstein is NOT the only plaigiarist.

      • 3


        “Albert Einstein is NOT the only plaigiarist”

        You may be right, the other one is Banda.

        Worst thing one could do is to lie, the ones you write.

        • 2

          Those LTTE-cleansed Muslims are encroaching on your sanctuary as widely reported because of their need for lebensraum, and if this is not stopped by the government soon, you too may have to ‘disappear’ to Canada alongside your Tamil brethren. Scarborough’s loss will be our gain.

        • 0

          You may be right also for this thesis completed on Theology in early 70ties.
          Former leela -today´Banda has been doing this again and again -simly for sums being taken from the MR corrupted clans.
          They have appointed these men to work as spys. THat shold be kind of freelance job for Banda. Copy and paste, about Banda Selva bla bla.. but mostly not meaningful stuff. Anyway, if my grandfather did the same job, I would have hated him forever.

  • 3

    Machaan, Noel Nadesan;

    Machaan, You are Misinformed or deliberately Hiding the Real Facts.
    For unforeseen reasons. Don’t you Machaan?????????.
    We Buddhist Sinhalese from east knows what happened and what is Happening.

    Machan Nada; Why you wants to do that with two of things, Hiding the main one?. very shame know!.
    Like Malinda, Jarapal, and like Our PeeRisk?.
    Do you think that all are fools like you and Your gon Rajas clan?

    F king Moda Jarapassa Did not win the war,
    the people of sri lanka won the war! With paying a invaluable price.
    only the Ordinary people sacrificed their lives.
    their children’s lives, and our wealth and won the LTTE’s carnage.
    And More than 100000 of innocents Sinhalese and Tamils paid their lives for the Pirapahran’s SINS , Jarapassa’s sins .
    F king Jarapassa Cheated Pirapaharan, Tamizars and Sinhalese as well.
    From that war The Jarapassa and Clan got extremely rich from people’s looted money.
    So Writing this article You also become a one Baffoon like F king Jarapassa Stooges.

    Machaan Nada;
    when you guys are pouring Champagne at F king Jarapassa’s Home,
    [ remember, That is also belongs to people],
    there many mothers and children are pouring tears for their Missing Families.
    So Machaan!!!,

    REMEMBER ,ONE DAY You ALL Have TO pay FOR that, And For the Champagne Also.
    We feel very sorry for You FOOLS.

    Oba Samadenatama THISARANA Sarana WEWA.

    • 3

      AMRAYA, if you simply compare the numbers dead pre-and-post 2009, then the stupidity of these irrational, smart-%## verbal diarrhea of yours will dawn on you.

      “More than 100000 of innocents Sinhalese and Tamils paid their lives for the Pirapahran’s SINS , Jarapassa’s sins “.

      Do you not understand that if not for Jarapassa team, (i.e. if it was left to your Pirapahran alone) that figure could have risen to 1,000,000,000 by now.

      This is just one example.

      • 1


        If not for VP, MR wouldn’t have won the presidential elections. MR should be eternally grateful to him.

        If not for Hindian involvement the war would not have come to conclusion. You should be eternally grateful to Hindia.

        If not for our generosity your people would not have survived this long. Tamils and Sinhalese should be eternally grateful to my people.

        • 3

          That is called strategy, NV, in case you are lost for words: Making best out of circumstances as they are presented to you, sleeping with the devil even if the outcome is a noble one.

      • 1

        You are an another Fool.

        “if not for Jarapassa team”.

        You mean looting, Idiotic, Cheaters, Jarapassa Clan???.

        If they the Looting Jarapassa clan was not there Our Security forces with the general public would have won the war earlier than 2009 with out looter Hothambaya.
        It was This So called liberator, M Percywel Jarapassa, who went to protest in Genève and had some lean meat for supper with Thamara k group and gave oxygen to LTTE came back.

        You can give your hollow orations to Hambanthota monkeys, not for us who lives in East of mother lanka.
        Your patrons, Dhjaha Jrapassa Clan, They do not have any strategies, But crooked minds with Goons arounds like their Elders, Who cheated Gov Food Department and became Rich.
        That is not Your So called Strategy but Cheating on oneself.
        And Broad Day light robbery of Democratic peoples rights.

        Learn and understand this is Another Joseph Stalin’s BORIAS on the making.
        You guys are afraid to tell or call, Spade a spade.
        or got, getting some advantages from all those hooligans and goons called politikkas.

        How ever, You Forgot that, when you guys Slept with scabied, flea ridden dogs called politicians, Always you have to get up with scabies and fleas.

        Hope You, your ilk, BETTER GET A LIFE.

  • 0

    Dear Dear Dr Noel Neruda Sinathamby Nadesan, the trying to be in the limelight but not so great as any would wish to be,

    Do you not read or even peruse any of Thisaranee Gunesekera’s sense and wisdom of where the current MR and his minions in GOSL is and are heading to? I do suspect that you are really writing these with help of the likes of Don Mahindapala as I see a marked improvements in your submissions though not of the soloist M &/or R Sivanathan of the ARRR fame (puppetries initiated by Lawyer Ravi after taking “Uthayam” that he initiated away from you as you were getting too big for your boots and using it to gain favors with the GOSL and its embassy in Australia in betrayal of the trust he placed in you to not play second fiddle to him by not becoming too big for the boots he gave you and later asking you to keep your head down) who has been quiet for a while after I raised doubts of his dubious claims and denials and identities used for some comments here without any responses from him.

    My question to you is as to whether you are up to these out of a genuine concern for SriLankan Tamils and other humans or is it out gratitude to the MR clan for free Army helicopter rides and other perks best known to you and Sivanathan after I declined same or is it in the expectation of some diplomatic posting from MR; akin to the ambitions of the great poet and diplomat Neruda of Latin America that you have tagged on to yourself? Don’t bother to answer as I am sure it’s a combination of all these and who knows there may be more that I don’t know of but you and your likeminded coterie would known better and be more aware of which the future may disclose in its own time.

    Please try to desist from writing such inaccurate and unbalanced pieces with partiality to suck-up to the ruling elite to try and live off the crumbs of crumbs of their table being ignorant of who they really are partly out of your hatred for VP and the LTTE as clearly stated in the URL https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/low-dishonest-governance/ as you are very shamefully and badly letting your own self, kith and kin and erstwhile friends like me.

    • 2

      Please observe what your other great friend and mentor Dr. Rajasingham Narendran has to say on this matter.
      1. 0
      Low, dishonest and utterly caddish governance! Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      Dr. Rajasingham Narendran
      May 2, 2014 at 3:32 pm

      We may yet be like the once and future friends should you mend your ways, reform and do something for redemption without exploiting fellow Tamils for eco-friendly tourism for GR & Co whilst your wife continues to be my very trusted medical GP who may act as a bridge in interim. It has been said that “to err is human but or and to forgive is Devine” Yet it has also been stated as an afterthought from empirical evidence that to “Persist in erring is Devilish” and that is what is sickening me to core where you are concerned.

  • 1

    Amaraya, have you got it all out of your chest? Feeling better now? Ok. It is time to take a deep breath and exhale slowly. While doing so, say to yourself: “Hate always begets hate. Only love conquers hate. This is a timeless truth”. If necessary repeat these steps until you feel cool, calm and contended.

  • 0

    Strong minds discuss ideas, average mind discuss events, week minds discuss people – Socrates

    MR Spencer ,I can understand your troubled mind

    • 1

      My 3rd Response to Nadesan for his “Let Them Dream Peacefully” in the CT.

      I know you as well as its humanly possible to know own self and still have hope that like Dr. Rajasingham Narendran who genuinely misunderstood MR & Co. Hope that you too will see the light like him but as your epigenetics, genes, memes and your microbiome that is almost nine tenths of yourself as much as mine are different in both quantity and quality, I may be proved to be wrong and you will continue with your crass stupidity in misquoting someone who would not like to touch you even with a barge pole as you presently “stink to high heaven” as the adage goes.

      It also appears from your response that you are gone well beyond in your indebtedness to the MR regime that you will continue to be under pressure like some Palestinians in the occupied lands by the Israelis’ to keep on doing this and subject yourself to greater disgust and humiliations, more for your own survival than for your thrival as that part is better taken care of by your wife Dr Shiyamala the greatest benefactor you will have in this life.

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