26 June, 2022


Lifting The Ban On LTTE Could Boomerang On EU: BBS

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has warned the European Union that the decision made by the General Court of the EU (CVRIA) to lift the proscription on the LTTE could boomerang on them.

BBS Gnanasara

BBS Gnanasara

Issuing a statement on the CVRIA decision to lift the ban, the organisation has pointed out that a strong possibility of the LTTE revivalists collaborating with Muslim extremist groups exists as evidenced by their past interactions with terrorist groups worldwide and has stated that the verdict given by the CVRIA has not only placed Sri Lanka in a position of grave danger but the whole of South Asia as well as Europe.

They have therefore called upon Indian, American and European intelligence services to immediately launch an investigation into the verdict and work towards revoking the ban.

Expressing their concern and objection over the CVRIA ruling, the BBS has noted it has placed the entire world on the brink of instability.

“There is a vicious conspiracy operating behind this decision – this ruling might be the result of substantial parties that might have bribed their way into getting this verdict through offering substantial funds,” the organisation has pointed out.

Furthermore they have pointed out that the decision should not have been to lift the ban but to probe into the reasons that led to imposing the ban in 2006 and on why a formal investigation was not carried out prior to implementing the decision.

They have also criticized the External Affairs Ministry, diplomats and organisations that represent the Sinhalese communities living in Europe, for remaining ineffective and for not acting with wisdom.

Furthermore, the BBS has noted that this decision has further proven the warnings they made about the rise of terrorism during the summit of Buddhist monks held a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), early this year has classified Sri Lanka’s Bodu Bala Sena as a ‘terrorist organization’.

When Colombo Telegraph asked why the TRAC profiled the BBS as a terrorist organization, the TRAC said; “their actions resemble acts of terror against soft targets as well as infrastructure that symbolises Muslim and Christian religions. Their acts indicate a willingness to engage in violent acts as to further their cause.”

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    “called upon Indian, American and European intelligence services to immediately launch an investigation”? What a joke… when the government denied the investigation of the United Nations, you think they would pay heed to these ramblings? Denying such investigations might be the reason for them to come into these conclusions.

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      These BBS terrorists are putting the responsibility on overseas Sinhalese, Sri Lankan diplomats and others while the blame lies squarely on them the terrorists.

      The BBS sponsored and nurtured by the Mara junta is let loose on Muslims, Christians, Tamils and Hindus. The BBS invited the international Buddhist terrorist Wiratu, he was given red carpet welcome by the regime and the Mahanayakes to create more mayhem and crimes against Muslims and other ethic/religious communities.

      They want to create an international Buddhist terror group roping in Indian Buddhists and others in South Asia.

      Now Europe has woken up to the deceptions and lies of Sri Lanka and realized the truth that LTTE are freedom fighters for the rights of Tamils oppressed by the Buddhist Sinhalese regimes since independence.

      Next we pray that the UN will find that Sri Lanka committed, as is well known already, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide of Tamils during the war.

      These bhikku terrorists, who are basically children abandoned by Sinhala Buddhist parents, and are without intelligence but with plenty of cunning, have turned out to be racists and terrorizing non-Sinhala-Buddhists.

      Soon the world will realize that Tamils have the truth and justice behind them in their fight for self determination, and the Sinhala-Buddhist cunning and craftiness in distorting the truth is not going to work any more!

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        BBS’ Balu Gnanasara is raving! This kind of grandiose exaggeration makes his insanity and inanity and lack of education and commonsense, quite clear:

        “CVRIA has not only placed Sri Lanka in a position of grave danger but the whole of South Asia as well as Europe.”

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        When Colombo Telegraph asked why the TRAC profiled the BBS as a terrorist organization.. Can CMB Telegraph also ask TRAC why they have calssed the LTTE as a terrorist GROUP.. SO we can then ask the EU whay it says It is not.. CMB telegraph only ask selective questions on certain matters.. STILL WAITING FOR CMB TELEGRAPH WRITERS AND DEFENDERS OF HUMAN RIGHTS, NON VIOLENCE , ETC ETC WHO GOES ONLY AFTER THE STATE TO WRITE THEIR ARTICLES OF DISGUST AAGINST THE EU DECISION OF LIFTING THE LTTE BAN (Nothing yet). THIS GOES TO SHOW WHY CMB THE TAMIL NET MINUS THE VENOM IS THE LTTE REP, AND WHY THE MILITARY PRECENCE IN THE NORTH MUST BE KWPT.. WE DONT WANT A IRAQ SITUATION WHERE THE USA PULLED OUT AND THE VACCUM IS FILLED BY TERRORIST.. THE LTTE THREAT IS REAL.. TNA so silent on this matter I mean to condem the EU Decision. By the way why havent CMB telegraph published article by ‘Lifting of curbs may help revival of LTTE – Anandasangaree’ enough said ban this rag in SL

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        Thank your stars that BBS has lightened the burden placed on Tamils by Tony Blair- like the iraq war – just after LK killing. Who killed him?? Was it Gota?
        In the Iraq war the one winner was Hindian.The economy simply sprang into double digit.
        With 9/11 the `unfair trading partner` cap was removed by Bush and Blair provided Hindia submitted all the logistical support- the nuclear facilities constructed on behalf of Russia etc etc.
        Recently Modi loss the trick when he was rebuked by the Japanese PM- without signing the nuclear treaty there cannot be civil nuclear trade.
        Hindia wont sign and will not go far.
        The Australians plan to sell uranium to Hindia.

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      This BBS is not raising a voice against the human right violations within the country, but they seem to be very intersted in incidents being practised out of the country.
      BBS is making every effort to fish on muddy waters. May the tripple gems of buddha be with us sinhalayas.

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      SO COLOMBO TELEGRAPH is Full of articles so called people who love LAw and Justice and very quick to point the ills of the Government.. Cant wait to see their Response to this.. Awaiting articles of Disgust.. Yet still none. And cant wait to see the Human Rights group such as AI and HRW and others outrage. over this decision..I am sure the TNA and those BTF and GTF who would be outraged as during the HR session against Sri Lanka wanted Boths sides investigated.. Yet Tried their best to leave One side out and could not even bring them selves to say the name of the other side. I am sure its the same EU once conducted the investigation which found that it was the LTTE that Murdered Mr Kadarigama. SO their Judgement was based on Unrealiable media reports.. Hmm The same media reports those nations used to Vote against Sri Lanka. Should Get GOSL to get that decision Null as well.. BUT I AM STILL WAITING FOR COLOMBO TELEGRAPH CONTRIBUTORS WHO DAILY DISTAIN VIOLENCE, TO WRITE EVEN 1 SENTENCE TO CONDEM THIS DECISON.. YET NOTHING TO DATE.

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    BBS Gnanasara,

    “They have therefore called upon Indian, American and European intelligence services to immediately launch an investigation into the verdict and work towards revoking the ban.”

    They investigated LTTE, was a terrorist organization, and was banned.

    Now LTTE is not a terrorist organization. Noe it is BBS.

    the new Terrorist organization is BBS, the so called Budu Bala Sena, sponsored by the State of Sri Lanka and the Norwegians, to attack the Muslims.

    Bodu Bala Sena (BBS)



    The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS – translated as the Buddhist Power Force) is a radical Sinhalese Buddhist nationalist organisation based in Colombo, Sri Lanka that was formed during 2012. The BBS seeks the enforcement of Buddhist predominance in Sri Lanka. It has organised various campaigns against the country’s minority Muslim and Christian communities which, according to the organisation, poses a threat to Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese-Buddhist identity. The BBS engages in hate speech and attacks against minority religions. Its headquarters are located at Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Mandira in Colombo. Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Mandira is owned by the Buddhist Cultural Centre, an organisation founded by Kirama Wimalajothi.

    Ethnicity and religion are closely linked in Sri Lanka, with the Sinhalese majority predominantly Buddhist, the Tamils mostly Hindu, and Muslims regarded as a separate ethnic group.


    Allegations persist that the BBS enjoys a close relationship with the Sri Lanka government and has seemingly been immune from prosecution. These allegations mainly relate to the Sri Lankan President’s brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who is regarded as a patron of the BBS. During March 2013, he officiated at the opening of a BBS cultural centre at the port city of Galle, currently used as training centre by the BBS.


    The BBS was founded by monks Kirama Wimalajothi and Galagoda Gnanasara after they broke away from Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) claiming it was not militant enough in protecting Buddhism. Kirama Wimalajothi and Gnanasara are leader and general secretary of BBS respectively.


    The BBS has a Facebook page called “My Conscience”, with more than 8,000 followers, which shows a lion, a symbol of the Sinhalese, devouring a wild boar depicted with a crescent and star on its forehead.


    The BBS’s mission is to “save the Sinhala race,” which makes up 74 per cent of the population in Sri Lanka, by means of non-violent and violent attacks on places of worship. At rallies, monks claimed Muslims are out to recruit children, marry Buddhist women and divide the country. Their extremist ideology is seen in violent attacks, calls for the boycotts of Muslim-owned businesses and properties, bans on headscarves and halal foods and derogatory language to describe Muslim Imams.

    At one meeting Gnanasara called on each Buddhist to become “an unofficial policeman against Muslim extremism” and said “so-called democrats” were destroying the Sinhala race. Gnanasara also referred to Muslims: “We want to stop this extremist work of Muslims. They are not going to destroy our culture. Buddhist people are very peaceful.”

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    The more BBS, NDFF and the present Sri Lankann Rajapakse family and cronies say about LTTE the more international communities will be sympathetic. LTTE was a force for the extremists from the south to be reckon with. During the time of LTTE there were no arson attacks on Muslim, Christian and Hindu worshiping places or businesses which are clearly terrorist activities. The government and police also are passive witnesses to these terrorist activities.

    LTTE has given up terrorism and chose non-violent Satyagraha as their peaceful means of achieving their cause. That is enough for democratic institutions of the civilised west to lift the ban on the group. The government deploys Sinhalese speaking military and police in Tamil speaking areas to control and neutralise civilian administration. It wants to keep the ethnic minorities under fear psychosis and prevent peaceful protests against atrocities, enslavement and military rule.

    • 6

      “During the time of LTTE there were no arson attacks on Muslim, Christian and Hindu worshiping places or businesses “

      No, only grenade, AK-47 and suicide bomb attacks :D

      ” LTTE has given up terrorism and chose non-violent Satyagraha as their peaceful means of achieving their cause. That is enough for democratic institutions of the civilised west to lift the ban on the group”

      Some We Thamizh modayas really need to look up the difference between substantive and procedural law :D

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        Prepare to defend the Sri Lankan govt for militarising the North during satyagraha daysin early 60s:

        ‘’…….. “Mrs Jayaweera, I know that you have hardly settled down in Badulla after the hard time you both had in Gal Oya, so I don’t know how you will take this suggestion. My government is having a serious problem coming up in Jaffna, where we have to implement the Sinhala Only Act in all government departments from October this year. But the Federal Party is resisting it strongly and giving us a lot of problems. They are now planning to launch a big campaign in October, called the Secessionist Movement, to coincide with the implementation of the Sinhala only policy. I understand that your husband did a very good job at Gal Oya. So we are hoping that he will do a similar job for us in Jaffna. Would you object if I transfer him now to Jaffna?”
        ………………….. Dias then went on to spell out a remarkable vision of events he said are bound to unfold in the not too distant future. He had a deep conviction that within the next twenty five years or so, the Tamil protest will develop into an armed rebellion and that the Government must prepare from now (i.e.1963) to meet that outcome. He said that my principal role as the GA of Jaffna, while enforcing the Sinhala Only Act, will be to help him develop counter measures for dealing with the anticipated uprising, and then proceeded to unfold to me his grand strategy for containing it.
        Even as Dias was unfolding his grand strategy it struck me that he seemed to have taken a leaf from Germany’s famous Schlieffen Plan of 1905 to encircle Paris in the event of war. The centrepiece of Dias’s strategy to contain a future Tamil revolt was to be the establishment of a chain of military camps to encircle the Northern Province, all the way from Arippu, Maricchikatti, Pallai, and Thalvapadu in the Mannar District, through Pooneryn, Karainagar, Palaly, Point Pedro and Elephant Pass in the Jaffna District, and on to Mullaitivu in the Vavuniya District and Trincomalee in the East. He said that there were already two military camps of platoon strength in Pallai in Mannar and in Palaly in Jaffna and a rudimentary naval presence in Karainagar, but that he wanted to upgrade them.
        He said that he was aware that any attempt by the government to establish permanent military camps in the Northern Province was bound to trigger massive protests from Tamil leaders. However, he seemed to have thought out a masterly subterfuge to disguise their true intent. He said that he was planning to make a huge public issue of two national problems, namely, illicit immigration from India into Sri Lanka, and smuggling from Sri Lanka into India, and argue that in order to choke off this two way flow, which was obviously detrimental to Sri Lanka’s national interest, his proposed military camps were absolutely necessary. The whole military operation was therefore to be disguised as if it was a measure to cope with two major national problems -illicit immigration and smuggling – and without seeming grossly unpatriotic, no one could raise a dissenting voice against it. ……………’’’ – Into the turbulence of Jaffna, Neville Jayaweera(government Agent in Jaffna District,
        1963-1966), 5 October 2008, http://www.island.lk/2008/10/05/features2.html

      • 4

        Wee Thamizh D: Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

        “No, only grenade, AK-47 and suicide bomb attacks :D”

        It seems you are unhappy that your Wee Thamizhs didn’t deploy drones, cruise missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear and biological weapons or Saddamed weapons of mass destruction, bunker busters, Brahmastra, War Elephants (Indian Tanks), Indian Cavalry, Sling, spear men, sword, Sudarshana Chakra, Kaumodaki gada or gathayutha,trident, catapult,…… etc.

        Next time around please remind them. You are doing a good job. Keep it up.

      • 0

        “Some We Thamizh modayas really need to look up the difference between substantive and procedural law :D”.

        I cannot disagree with your confession.

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  • 3

    BTW “work towards revoking the ban”? The ban was already revoked as I read… Then it should be implementing the ban again right? Not the other way around?

    And BBS should borrow few brains to get their s**t right… This is the disaster which happens when clergymen are uneducated bigots and involved in/try to involve in people, business and political affairs.

  • 10

    Not banning the BBS and prosecuting the yellow robed thug, Gnanasara, over the violence in Kalutara and Aluthgama will boomarang on all Sri Lankans soon enough.

    The LTTE is a ghost but the BBS is a malevolent presence drawing sustenance from this government.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 4

      Don’t forget that he is a convicted criminal !!!

      Unlike the thousands who are languishing in jails WITHOUT charges years and years under the PTA.

      • 0

        Former CJ Sarath N Silva is reported to have said
        that he regrets the verdict in favour of MARA on
        Tsunami fund misappropriation case.He said this,
        by looking at how corruption rules under MARA govt.
        Their only objective is to teach their political
        opponents an unforgettable lesson and not the well
        being of the general public.If it’s well being of
        the public,let them look at the cancer out patients
        having regular clinic check ups,not getting their
        medicines for months now.Suffering,fighting to live
        patients are let to die while sea cities,fly overs
        expressways and a whole lot of kickback promising
        projects are undertaken without any second thought.

    • 2

      Dear Rajasingham Narendran,

      You say that “LTTE is a ghost”. This “ghost” is employing a team of lawyers to represent it in European courts. It is a “ghost” with funds that had the court costs awarded to it, in this case. The argument this “ghost” came up with was that the LTTE were freedom fighters and an armed group and not terrorists – the same argument that the LTTE lawyer Karen Parker was making in 2008, during their campaign to have the organization de-banned towards the end of the war:


      The proponents of Eelam speak of “Eelam Wars” I to 5. Prabakaran was killed at the end of Eelam War 5. After the end of Eelam War 5 my father, Brian Senewiratne, wrote an article (March 2010) which was published on TamilNet titled “Real War is Just Beginning – get involved”.


      I quote:

      “The real ‘war’ is just beginning. The ‘conventional war’, if you want to put it that way, might be over, but the ‘problem’ that led to the war has not been settled.”

      The fact is that the LTTE used both conventional and unconventional warfare techniques.

      After the end of Eelam War 5, Karen Parker, who had been giving the LTTE legal advice since the 1980s, advised on the formation of the TGTE (she was on the organizing committee). My father was made a senator (though he doesn’t understand Tamil), and wrote effusively about the diaspora referendum which was supposed to give the TGTE legitimacy. The same organization that had once pretended to have a “de facto State of Tamil Eelam” just waiting to be made “de jure”, they now pretended to be a government in exile, complete with prime minister, ministers and senators.

      In a megaphone speech in Australia in 2009 my father was urging the Tamils not to waste money on taking legal action in the USA against Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka, as had been advocated by Donald Gnanakone’s group Tamils for Justice. Instead, my father declared that they should employ the Australian-British barrister Geoffrey Robertson, who he said he knows “very well”.


      It has taken some years, but my father’s advice prevailed. Geoffrey Robertson was employed, but not for free. He wanted to be paid for his services. This is Robertson’s contribution:


      The plum-voiced barrister is addressing the “Transnational Congress of Tamil Eelam”! His varying attempts to say “Rajapaksa” are hilarious. The content is not, though. Robertson’s resonant voice is listened to by people who don’t know the real history of atrocities by the LTTE (which he glosses over, as indeed he is paid to).

      In the longer scheme of things, a militant organization going “underground” for 5 years is not a long time. Now the LTTE is re-emerging from the shadows and is no longer a “ghost” their relationship with the TGTE, GTF and BTF may become clearer. There remain active websites such as Facebook and YouTube pages that continue to built the legend of the LTTE and their leader Prabakaran as a hero who was defeated but only against the combined might of many nations. There remains a danger of these people building up to Eelam War 6.

    • 0


      I think the EU has done its part to help Rajapakshas
      develop more communal based terrorism to balance
      the presence of the likes of BBS!As a matter of fact
      Rajapakshas can now celebrate the reincarnation of
      another miracle.

  • 3

    SWRD Bandaranaike and JR Jayawardene should have been tried as terroists because they refused to declare emergency for a few days when Sinhala mobs were murdering Tamils in 1958 and 1983 whileour armed forces helped the mobs.

  • 2

    Our Judiciary must learn how the Judiciary work outside our shores. But then our political leaders of successive governments have been increasingly ruling the Judiciary.

  • 3

    Richard: EU lifting the proscription on LTTE is wrong and what Rajapakse is doing by promoting Sinhala Budhist Monk’s terrorism on the monirities is eqally wrong.So Rajapakse cannot complain.

    Dr. Nerendren: LTTE is a ghost but Not accusing and charging BBS Gnanassara for the worst crimes he continues to comit with stage patronage is the worst evil a govt can commit.

    I agree you both have hit the nail on the head.

    If Rajapakse does not have the intellect to see the evils being committed by these saffron clad terrorist Budhiist monk then I cannot see why the LTTE should not be recognized as freedom fighters after giving up their terror activities. Rajapakse is successfully fighting and suppressing all democratic activities using violence but he promotes the sinhala Budhist Monks terror to rule.

  • 4

    BBS terrorists, an uneducated and criminal bunch of yellow robed thugs have no right whatsoever to make these idiotic statements on behalf of the MARA. BBS has no credibility and is well known as an instrument of the ruling regime to do their dirty work for the crumbs offered under the table. The drunkard criminal Gnasara should give up his robes without further disgracing the good monks who live in the country.

  • 2

    This saffron robed terrorist is worried about the ECJs verdict about the LTTE on Europe now. The thug should be in prison and not be on newspapers and TV giving his views on matters that don’t concern him.

  • 0

    Rev. Gnanasara of BBS:

    Why you cry so loud when there are a “valuable” and “practical” solutions to this LTTE problem.

    Solution ONE (01): Demand Rajapaksa Government to “Appoint” Sajin Vass Gunawardane as the “Permanent Representative” to negotiate with ECJ on all matters relating to LTTE. He is well “equipped” to handle this matter very “effectively”.

    Solution TWO (2): Mr. Sajin Vass Gunawardane is reported to be very “closely” associated with the LTTE too via the Secretary to the EAM (External Affairs Ministry) as evidenced from the contract given to “renovate and re-decorate” the Sri Lanka Mission building in Geneva.

    If you can “meditate” on the above facts, it will dawn on you that the best choice is available to you and what is needed to be done is well within your purview. Please remember to give advance notice to ECJs because they might need to order a few “face masks” to wear at those meetings to follow. Good Luck.

  • 3

    This saffron robed terrorist that is bringing disrepute to Buddhism should be disrobed to protect Buddhism.
    This imbecile still does not understand why USA cancelled his visa and Australia refused to give one. He is more of a virus and a danger to society.

  • 2

    Some of those participating in this forum are getting jittery about lifting of the ban on Ltte by CVRIA. All Sri Lankans , by now should have known that the successive govts were the cause for the formation of Ltte ,as they sidelined the Tamil political parties and send them into seclusion at that time. The govts in power abrogated every pact such as Banda/Chelva, Dudley/Chelva and various agreements with Tamil parties and gave lame excuses and in fact they were cheated for 60 years and over. The Tamil youth, whose unemployment rate was rising, got agitated as they could not get jobs in public service and enter universities due standardization policy. The Tamil political parties could do nothing about it and youth uprising started just like JVP’s in 80s.
    Tamils who had no one to go to for help, had to follow the Ltte for
    protection as pogroms were continues and elimination of Tamils from high position were in progress and jobs became scares for the youth. Even today, media says that the unemployment rate,un proportionately
    high in the North, than other provinces, tho’ many projects funded
    by India and the West are going on in the N/E. It is obvious that labour & materials are brought in from the South, depriving the businesses and local labour in N/E. This is a good lesson for those
    who argue as what is the majority enjoying which is not available to minorities
    Tamils never promoted violent methods to achieve a solution and always wanted solutions through dialogue and that’s why they followed SJV, Chelva faithfully for a very long time but even he, a non violence promoter, could not get any solution done thro’ successive govts. Now that Ltte too never achieved their goals, and Tamils of SL will not be interested in them,as it is not a political party and they don’t exist in SL. So why make Tamils of N/E and TNA scapegoats in this issue. Is it because they are downtrodden and can be taken for a rough ride. How did JVP (With due respect to the new leader) come back as a political party. Did the Singhalese people scold their people who favoured JVP youths uprising, like the way they scold the Tamils for the sins done by Ltte, even holding them responsible. It is very unfortunate that this uprising turned out to be total armed war, with the participation of the militants, which caused heavy casualties on both sides and untold hardships to the Tamils.

    It is Ltte of the Tamil diaspora, overseas, who won a partial victory and govt should deal with the govts of the countries where the Tamil diaspora lives as citizens if they want any points taken up and Tamils of the SL should not be harassed for this decision. TNA & The Tamil diaspora have two different agendas and they do not advise or consult each other. This is the story of this conflict.

  • 1

    LTTE is dead, but is resurrected occasionally to justify unlawful arrest and incarceration of citizens who protest this injustice.
    Recently Jeyakumari Balendran and her daughter who led the protesters who demanded the production of hundreds of citizens who disappeared after arrest at the end of the war, were arrested and are held in detention without being charged in court.
    Three civilian tamil employees of the army were sacrificed to enable this drama.
    The European Court ruling negates the provisions of the immoral and unjust Prevention of Terrorism act which enables such detention.

  • 0

    “Rajapksa wanted the EU ban lifted so that the Govt can access the Billions of Euros and British pounds which are now held up in European Banks.Now that Prabakaran is not coming back, the leader KP is the only one who can collect these Billions.”

    This is the official statement of the UNP Media Spokesperson and Senior MP Mr Mangala Samaraweera ,which was published to the World via their international portal LankaeWeb on 19 Oct 2014,

    BBS boss now blames not only the Govt but our Sinhala Diasporians in Europe for not stopping this EU Court lifting the ban on the LTTE.

    I am not sure about the Govt, but can our Sinhala Diaspora who mainly do Dalit jobs in Europe match the the mighty Lawyers, Doctors and Hedge Fund Manager brigades of the LTTE diaspora?. Unless BBS Boss knows more about them than us inhabitants after spending time in Norway…

    How can these two outfits, whom we are told are diametrically opposite, issue two statements to give our inhabitants the same “message”.

    Did some one mention in these columns recently, that Mr Tissa Attanayaka the Sec of the UNP invited the BBS for a dialogue..I mean a summit like the one the UNP Leader Ranil had in London ..

  • 1

    Where could I bang my head? Athe Athe Kala Pola Thero understands nothing!

    The problem is caused by our Chief Jester Mokan Piers. Our jester was, once upon time, a Royal Lawyer, that is AG of Lanka. So, when he goes to court, he does not not need an AG. As he is jack of all trades he investigates a case, files a case, Inquires a case, gives out a verdict and implements it too. So Gola Pola Thero wants the judges to start a case against LTTE. But the handicapped EU judges has said that there was not a case originally presented at the court to obtain the proscription of LTTE. Somebody went to the court and said Italian Sonia has did it so lets do it too. The CVRIA could not start anew the proscription procedure. It was the job of the ruling body’s lawyers. Will somebody present a case at CVRIA for the judges go into inquire whether LTTE is a terrorist organisation or not? Will the Royal Government do it, So the Tamils can ask the UNHRC to stop their investigation and meet the Royal Government at Luxembourg!

  • 3

    Balu Bala Sena did not want any foreign country to get involved in Sri Lankan affairs. In the UN it was clearly mentioned by the representatives of SL Government that LTTE issue is an internal matter. Why then now the Balu Bala Sena wants foreign governments and their agencies to investigate? Is this Gnan(nathi)Sara Thero planning to walk into the offices of EU and threaten them as well? There is no doubt why we are today the laughing stock of the world!

  • 1

    If Ealam 6 should occur, it will be a much tougher outfit that the Sinhala Buddhist government will face. No doubt the Ealamites will be joined by the Jihadis, the quietly effective Christians etc, thanks to the saffron robed terror gangs led by Gnanasara.

  • 2

    Lifting The Ban On LTTE Could Boomerang On EU: BBS?

    A good title will be the following; Lift the skirt on the BBS thugs and a boomerang will fly up their arse. :)

  • 0

    It is widely considered that the LTTE is a spent force but Gnanasara Thera and the BBS appear a more dangerous entity and should they venture outside of Sri Lanka (to civilised countries unlike Burma) they will be banned instead of the LTTE.

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