18 May, 2022


Mervyn Gives Statement To Court On Whitevanning

Controversial former Minister Mervyn Silva is currently giving a statement at the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s court about the “white van” abductions.

Mervyn Silva

Mervyn Silva

The court earlier summoned Silva to give evidence on abductions and disappearances during the previous regime which have been dubbed as the “White Van” abductions.

In January Silva, the former Public Affairs Minister claimed that former defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa was responsible for abductions and extra-judicial killings, including that of Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge.

Following this revelation Colombo Chief Magistrate ordered the former Minister to appear in court on November 11 when he heard a Habeas Corpus petition filed by relatives of three missing people in October.

The petitioners stated in their petition that the former Minister had made a complaint with the CID that he knew information about the “white vans” which were used to abduct civilians during the previous regime.

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    He was the court Jester and having been seated at the feet of his Master knew a lot of things !!!!

  • 15

    Mervyn Silva is wasting time, the present regime will not convict the greatest war hero and mass murderer of Sinhalese and Tamils.

    Doesn’t he know the Sri Lankan justice system with pliant judges?

    Next time the Rajapakses come to power, they sure will send a white van to pick him up!

  • 20

    Don’t worry Mervyn, we have the Justice Minister to garde (guard) the criminal of any wrong doing.

    In fact GOTA, according to our Justice Minister is a saint who incarcerated the war winning General, abducted and killed many, God Father of BALU SENA, gave orders to kill innocent protesters demanding basic drinking water at Rathupaswela and played havoc in the prison killing many inmates.

    But as far as our Justice Minister is concerned, GOTA is a saint and should not be arrested at any cost. Do not know where this patriot was when the war winning General was taken away like a dog, by the goons of GOTA. It is he who really won the war for us in the battle front, unlike cardboard heroes who bolted to US at the height of LTTE insurgency and returned to the country when there was state protection under his brother’s presidency.

    I begin to wonder, whether D.A.Rajapakshe was a neighbour at the time of Wijedasa’s birth ? May not be isn’t it ? I don’t want to be too rude. They say blood is thicker than water, just a curiosity going by the total protection accorded to GOTA by our Minister.

    • 1

      Prabhakaran fooled the Tamils left right and center. His notoriety surfaced after the cold blooded murder of Alfred Duraiyappa, the mayor of Jaffna. Soon afterwards he escaped (or was made to escape) the police dragnet and surfaced in Tamil Nadu where he started his political moves.

      In Prabhakaran, India saw an opportunity to create mayhem in the country due to our close relationship with Pakistan and China (Yes, China was a great player in the development of SL During Sirimavo’s time. They build the iconic BMICH and agreed on the Rubber and Rice pact wherein we would supply all our rubber to China and in return they meet all our demands for rice.

      Coming back to who won the war on terror, there is none who can claim that title except the combined action forces. If one is to look at the calender of events towards the last days of the battle one can see that most of our tops were out of the country. Yes they were given the orders to battle thru to the end by all means. However this courage was injected into the top order by many countries including India.

      The delay in solving the LTTE issue was solely political and it was used by
      succeeding governments as a weapon of convenience to plunder the country.
      Which is the result we are now reaping.

      There is no question that the LTTE was racist and ruthless. This is evident
      throughout their campaign of terror for three decades.

      SF wanted to avenge the threat on his life and he did play a major role in directing the war with advanced war machinery supplied by the Chinese and support of war equipment from the west as well as India.

      The war is over with an enormous loss of life on all sides. There are no heroes in this war rather it was the duty of the government to use all resources to protect and upkeep the law and order situation.

      The War on terror was purely internal, The Sinhalese JVP was ruthlessly eliminated in the past but the LTTE had an external resource in India to supply them with arms whereas SL had to buy them with dollars, pounds and
      euros. Arms purchase at that time was on priority and crippled our economy.

      Since the war ended there are plenty of tycoons in our country and all of them
      must be regretful that the war is over, which means the income is over too.

      BTW There are also tycoons out of misery caused by natural disasters.

  • 6

    Bring it on , lock stock and barrel mate!! The past Lap dog turned grass is an excellent sign
    for the so called Yahapalanaya while the minister of justice vows that he will not charge the WV ….. GR culprit.

    The supporters of the GG have no hopes while it had been filled with Garbage from the past Regime.
    Good luck to all those who supported GG

  • 5

    Yet another crime will be revealed, and then it will fizzle into nothing. The seems to have stolen, killed, and have been involved in a lot of hanky-panky, yet NO ONE has been held accountable, nor have the Sri Lankan people got justice for those crimes.

    Is this yet another revelation? Is our present government incapable of bringing any accused criminal to justice?
    People are losing faith in them.

  • 1

    Hold it please!

    I am about to vomit…… oak oak

    • 0

      good one

  • 0

    I remember this bum sucking punk kissing the feet of the Rajapakses not so long ago & now is he trying to do a deal by turning state witness to get his criminal record wiped clean in return? It is time he & his other shameless bunch of politicians are investigated, at least by Inland Revenue, for their ill gotten wealth. The big fish are too strong to catch but by concentrating on them alone will let the small fish escape. I fear that by the end of this ‘yahaplanaya’ regime, nobody will be brought to justice. It’s just business as usual but with a different management & each covering the other.

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