21 September, 2023


MiG Deal Documents Gone Missing

Vital documents in connection to the controversial MiG deal has gone missing, the FCID informed Court today. This was revealed when the case was taken up before the Fort Magistrate.

Gotabaya - Ex secretary to MOD

Gotabaya – Ex secretary to MOD

The documents were vital in building a case against former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia, Udayanga Weeratunga over his involvement in the alleged fraud during the purchase of MIG aircrafts in 2006 for the Air Force under the term of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s. Weeratunga, who is Mahinda Rajapaksa’s first cousin, is currently in hiding overseas.

The Magistrate has ordered the FCID to immediately begin an investigation to verify how these vital documents went missing. She also told the FCID officials not to hesitate in taking action against any official who may have been involved in the cover up operation.

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Latest comments

  • 6

    The FCID has to question that rouge and Gothabaya Rajapaksa henchman at the Defence Ministry by the name of Colonne.He would surely have all the MIG transaction documents.

    • 4

      Everything is a face …….no action will be taken instead they continue to swindle the people with different tatics.

  • 2

    This kind of cover up will go on until the international community launches an Osama Bin Ladin style operation against these terrorists/ criminals. Hold them accountable for crimes against the state (Sri Lanka) and humanity. They should not be allowed to get away Scot-free at any cost! Send them to the ICC (International Criminal Court) if you have to.

  • 0

    What is the big deal here?

    Wasn’t that a Gold Edged Investment unless you are a Yahapalana sucker embedded with the UNP London, Batalanda Ranil,Diaspora , Suren Surendran and of course Vellala Sambandan and CM Wigneswaran..

    Besides it was in 2006, where Whisky Madam had finalized the Paper Work..Did Batalnda Ranil’s F******CID check with the Madam?.

    But more important is how the Yahapalana Treasurer Galleon can’t find any paper work on Harry’s Ethanol.

    Galleon’s. Secretary in the Ministry itself has been reported in the Media as issuing several demands to the Customs Officers in writing, to release Container Loads of goodies Since Yahapalanaya kicked in.

    I am not saying these are all Ethanol Shipments. Please don’t get me wrong.

    But surely the customs officers won’t chew up and swallow documents like the drug smugglers do at the airports.

    Wonder whether those hooting ovations which Galleon get in the Megapolis even at hip concerts nowadays, have something to do with this slackness of record keeping?..

    We know Yahapalana has started so many industries,factories and projects that need efficient logistical support .. Right.

    So Yahapalana Administrators who strictly follow British, American leading edge procedures couldn’t be bothered about our Mahavamsa Red Tape, where customs officers are sitting behind mountains of manilla folders.

    Still Galleon should be able ask his mate, Ammataa Digital Harin for cell phone records of the Secretary..instead of telling Batalanada’s CC experts that neither he nor the F****CID can find them.

    • 4

      If you are that intellingent to add your thoughts this way, tell us where have the documents gone missing ?

      Why the buggers did so if they have nothing to hide ?

      Still you to defend their bums why ?

  • 2

    What does the loss of files show? Those suspected of this
    shady deal have no defence. Otherwise it is useful
    documentation for their defence? Who are the “very great
    patriots” behind this daylight robbery?They are those in
    uniform as well as the tie coat types who fled the country
    when the war was going on. They come back two decades later
    to re-write history and there are no others greater than them.
    The security guard mentality never changes for the monkey.

  • 1

    Documents don’t “go missing” …they are sold by corrupt sellers.The buyer smiles.

    • 1

      humans feel the truth not think the truth.dogs smell the truth.

      Look at your stupid history Every Time you burn kacheri, library, to change names to portuguese sounding, and other european sounding. english Cricket commentators sometimes are suprised when the person is seen.

      proof colombo and cochin have only 5% of VOC documents while Madras Presidency has 98% of VOC documents.- VOC Amsterdam

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