19 May, 2022


Muslim Council Confident Of Living A Peaceful Life Under Rajapaksa’s Able Leadership Says Interest Free Loan Journo Ameen

“All Sri Lankans, irrespective of their religious belief’s have high hopes of living a peaceful life in our blessed country after over three decades of conflict. We are confident that under your Excellency’s able leadership, this dream could certainly be a reality.” says the President of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, N M Ameen.

N.M. Ameen

N.M. Ameen

Referring to the recent attacks on religious places, the Muslim Council president, Journalist and media activist NM Ameen, who also applied and was granted Rs. 1,200,000/- of interest free government loan from a state bank to purchase car or van, where the interest will be paid by the Treasury using tax payer money says; “We thank you, your Excellency for your immediate attention and look forward to a complete halt to the threat to the minorities by these extremist groups.”

We publish below the statement in full;

16th January 2014

His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakshe

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Presidential Secretariat
Galle Face,
Colombo 1

Your Excellency,

Re: Attacks on places of religious worship of minorities.

We wish to draw your Excellency’s kind attention to the mob attack on Assemblies of God and the Calvary church in Hikkaduwa (Galle District) while the congregation was engaging in peaceful worship services on the 12th of January 2014. The unruly mob led by some Buddhist monks blatantly infringed on the peoples right to worship.

This is not the first incident of this nature and the police who were present could not prevent these elements from causing havoc at a place of religious worship. Certain Buddhist monks, publicly claiming to be the un-official police continue to intimidate the minorities. This has become a growing trend and has gone unchecked.

The Muslim community too has faced many situations of violence, harassment and intimidation by extremist Buddhist groups. Up to now, the police have not made any arrests in any of these incidents.

We kindly urge your Excellency to order the law enforcement agencies to rein-in these mobs that infringe on the peoples fundamental right to worship. Should there be any breach of law by any individual or groups, we kindly urge that due process is followed and necessary legal action is taken without letting individuals or religious groups to take the law in to their own hands.

All Sri Lankans, irrespective of their religious belief’s have high hopes of living a peaceful life in our blessed country after over three decades of conflict. We are confident that under your Excellency’s able leadership, this dream could certainly be a reality.

We thank you, your Excellency for your immediate attention and look forward to a complete halt to the threat to the minorities by these extremist groups.

Yours truly,

N M Ameen

Muslim Council of Sri Lanka

CC: Mr Gotabhaya Rajapakshe
Minister of Defense and Urban Development Colombo 1

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    @ Maveeran – how can Muslims make you sick ,when you were born sick? yako badu …

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    Ha Ha!!!! Ameen is a living comedy. He is the life
    leader, a self seeking, publicity crazy person
    trying to ride on the Muslim community for his self

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    @Abdul Gaffoor self aggrandisement. ? what cock are you trying to express here ?

    nonsense, your bombastic expression has nothing to do with the contents of the article,,

    do you know what you have posted ? my foot.

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    Following post is what you guys need to worry more than the Rs.1,200,000.00 loan taken by Ameen , of cause what do you expect him to do when The Buddhist are offering Sharia form of Financial aid and while Muslims are squeezing the blood out of their own brethren who owe them even walking over the quranic advice ? keep talking … don’t lend a loan as God has commended but keep your brethren below your feet to draw your energy to boost your egos, even plan and plot against each other until the BBS takes over all your wealth and leaves you dry.


    In just over a year, the saffron-swathed monks of Bodu Bala Sena — or Buddhist Power Force — have amassed a huge following, drawing thousands of fist-pumping followers who rail against the country’s Muslim minority.

    READ this;

    Read more in the Washington Post

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    Expose: Media Heads To Bow; Rajapaksa Gives 547 Journos Interest Free Car Loans
    January 20, 2014 | Filed under: Colombo Telegraph,News,STORIES | Posted by: COLOMBO_TELEGRAPH

    The Media Minister’s leaked files now in possession of the Colombo Telegraph show that the Rajapaksa regime has granted 547 journalists and media workers a Rs. 1,200,000/- of interest free government loans from a state bank to purchase car or van, where the interest will be paid by the Treasury using tax payer money.
    Irida Lankadeepa Editor Ariyananda Dombagahawatte receives papers for the car loan from President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees on Saturday. Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella, Environment Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa and Mass Media and Information Ministry Secretary Charitha Herath were also present. Picture by President’s Media Division

    Irida Lankadeepa Editor Ariyananda Dombagahawatte receives papers for the car loan from President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees

    Journalists from virtually every mainstream media in the country with the exception of the Sunday Times newspaper have accepted laptops and car loans or both from the Rajapaksa regime.

    Editors who received both a free laptop and the interest free loan are; Ariyananda Dombagahawatta, NM Cassim, Gamini Sumanasekara, Narada Nissanka, Thushara Gunaratne , Sisira Paranatanthri, Mohan Lal Piyadasa, Dinesh Weerawansa, Bennet Rupasinghe, Indrani Pieris, Daya Lankapura, Mahinda Abesundara and Sundara Nihathamani De Mel.

    Ravaya features editor Wimalanath Weeraratna, Divaina News Keerthi Warnakulasooriya and Neth FM Kulasiri Kariyawasam also received a free laptop and the interest free loan.

    Members of the Free Media Movement, CJ Amaratunga, Ariyananda Dombagahawatta, C. Dodawatta, Bennet Rupasinghe and Daya Lankapura and the president of the Muslim Media Forum NM Ameen also applied and were received the interest free loan.

    After a series of exposures by the Colombo Telegraph about the serious conflict of interest issues and violations of standard journalistic ethics, the BBC World Service ruiled that some of its Sinhala Section journalists have breached journalistic ethics and violated BBC’s code of conduct by applying for interest free vehicle loans offered by the Sri Lankan Government. The BBC has also stated that the staff in breach of the code would be sent for retraining.

    But the BBC journalists who were granted the loan never withdrew their applications, the Colombo Telegraph learns. “They can go to the recommended bank and get the loan anytime” secretary to the Media Ministry Charitha Herath told Colombo Telegraph.

    Last month Colombo Telegraph exposed the full lists of the journalists who received a free laptop from the regime. Today we are able to publish the list of media bosses who applied and were received the interest free loan. We will soon be able to publish all the names of the journalists who received the interest free loan.


    1. Siri Ranasinghe – Vijaya Newspapers

    2. Ariyananda Dombagahawatta – Vijaya Newspapers

    3. Indrani Pieris – Vijaya Newspapers

    4. Lionel Perera – Vijaya Newspapers

    5. NEG Abesekara – Vijaya Newspapers

    6. SPLS Weerasuriya – Vijaya Newspapers

    7. CMSN Fernando – Vijaya Newspapers

    8. NM Cassim – Vijaya Newspapers

    9. Gamini Piyasiri Sumanasekara – Upali Newspapers

    10. Narada Nissanka – Upali News Papers

    11. KM Perera – Upali Newspapers

    12. KM Wettasinghe – Upali Newspapers

    13. HMSK Heart – Upali Newspapers

    14. HHW Shriya Kanthi – Upali Newspapers

    15. Sundara Nihathamani De Mel – Lakbima Newspapers / Now Lake House

    16. Daya Lankapura – Lakbima

    17. STP Silva – Lakbima

    18. Thushara Gunaratne – Ceylon Newspapers

    19. Elmore Gunaratne – Ceylon Newspapers

    20. Bennet Rupasinghe – Ceylon Newspapers

    21. DS Rajapaksa – Ceylon Newspapers

    22. Gayruka Perusinghe – Rivira Media

    23. Sisira Kumara Paranatanthri – Ravira Media

    24. KDJ Ratanaweera – Rivira

    25. HA Gamini Samarasinghe – Rivira

    26. AU Amarasena – Lyathambara

    27. Ratnasabhapathi Prabhakaran – Express Newspapers

    28. Chaminda Welagedara – Bank of Ceylon

    29. Sunil Madava Prematilake – Ranidiva

    30. Tilakaratna Kuruwita Bandara – SLBC

    31. Ariyadasa Peiris – SLBC

    32. Anura Fonseka – Max TV

    33. Chandrasiri Weligamage – Siyadesa Publishers

    34. P Rajapaksa – Siyadesa Publishers

    35. KMB Arunakumara – Helth Watch

    36. V Thevaraj – Express Newspapers

    37. N Vijayasundarama – Valampuri – Jaffna

    38. Mohan Lal Piyadasa – Leader Publications

    39. C. Dodawatta – Lake House

    40. S Thileynadan – Lake House

    41. Karunadasa Sooriarachchi – Lake House

    42. Dinesh Weerawansa – Lake House

    43. Anton Samson – Lake House

    44. DNP Abesinghe – Lake House

    45. MA Siriwardena – Lake House

    46. Sunil Mihindukula – Lake House

    47. LPS Robel – Lake House

    48. RP Godage – Lake House

    49. IM Ajith Dharmasiri – Lake House

    50. PPG Dharmaratne – Lake House

    51. NIP Kudahetti – Lake House

    52. T Ramytilake – Lake House

    53. MAD Jeraldeen Fonseka – Lake House

    54. WK Mendis – Lake House

    55. ULCS Perera – Lake House

    56. T Senthivelvar – Lake House

    57. MM Mohomad Merlin – Lake House

    58. SO Sirimanna – Lake House

    59. Chandrani Marasinghe – Lake House

    60. AW Manoli Sumasinghe – Lake House

    61. A Dhammika Deeptha – Lake House

    Others Heads

    62. RM Kingsley Ratnayake – Director General – Sirasa

    63. M Sarath Kumara Perera – Senior research officer – Sirasa

    64. WAC Priyantha Wijesinghe – Director ( Public Relations ) Sirasa

    65. Seelaratna Senarath – Director editorial – Lake House

    66. Mahinda Abesundara – Editorial advisor – Lake House

    67. G Abewardena – Editorial Advisor – Rvira

    68. Kulasiri Kariyawasam – Deputy General Manager – Neth FM / Now Carlton

    69. N Jude Dombagoda Liyanage – Deputy General Manager – Neth FM

    70. Hasantha Shrilal Hettiarachchi – Manager ( Public Relations ) ITN

    71. Uditha Hewawasam– Engineer – ITN

    72. PJP Karunaratna – Asst. Manager – ITN

    73. SK Vithana – Asst. Manager – ITN

    78. Hudson Samarasinghe – Chairman – SLBC

    79. W Sunil Abesiri – Additional Director ( Sinhala) – SLBC

    80. WCTV Sandanayake – Director ( President’s Media Unit ) SLBC

    81. P Chandraratne – Editorial Coordinator – SLBC

    82. SM Haneefa – Controller – SLBC

    83. MM Sujeewa Samankantha – Organizer – SLBC

    84. JC Dhanavalavithana – Senior organizer – SLBC

    85. LMN Perera – Senior Organizer – SLBC

    86. R Yogarajan – Section Head – SLBC

    87. IMT Ihalagama – Controller – SLBC

    88. MMC Jayakanthi – Controller – SLBC

    89. Tilina Indunil S Samarasuriya – Director ( Training and Foreign rela ) SLBC

    90. S. Somapala Perera – Director General ( Additional ) SLBC

    91. D Ranjanee Rupasinghe – Broadcasting Controller – SLBC

    92. Weerasena Hiniduma – Controller – SLBC

    93. KDJJ Wijeratne – Asst. Director ( Marketing) SLRC

    94. RL Erick Colin Perera – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    95. KAGJ Seneviratne – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    96. KWM Erin Jayasekera – Deputy Director – SLRC

    97. MP Fernando – Asst. Director (Progamme Children) SLRC

    98. Bandula De Silva Vithanage – Director General (Programs ) – SLRC

    99. Mayuri Abesinghe – Deputy Director General – SLRC

    100. HM Jackson – Director (Engineering ) – SLBC

    101. HK Susila – Broadcasting Controller – SLBC

    102. KNN Tisera – Asst. Director (Recording ) SLRC

    104. Dayaratna Ratagedara – Director – SLRC

    105. Shirley Anil De Silva – Director – SLRC

    106. UL Yakub – Asst. Director (Tamil ) –SLRC

    107. SA Mahinda Samarakoon – Asst. Director – SLRC

    108. AM Wimalaratne Adhikari – Director (Drama) SLRC

    109. A Rohan Sarathchandra Perera –DDG (Engineering ) SLRC

    110. PN Meegaswatta – Director – SLRC

    111. SR Mapitiya – Asst. Director – SLRC

    112. TMG Chandrasekara – Director (Training) SLRC

    113. Atula Ransirilal – Director – SLRC

    114. PK Wijesinghe – Director( Edu ) – SLRC

    115. Sunil Dissanayake – Deputy Director ( Public Relations ) SLRC

    116. NGV Nugaliyadda – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    117. C Thiththagala – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    118. AADA Arambewatta Arachchi – Asst. Director – SLRC

    119. AC Tissa Weerasinghe – Asst. Director – SLRC

    120. NPG Ubhayawansa – Deputy Director General – SLRC

    121. Sisira D Wijesinghe – Asst. Director ( Education) – SLRC

    122. HD Ajith Priyadarshana – Asst. Director – SLRC

    123. EAAP Edirisinghe – Controller – SLRC

    124. KMPL Rodrigo – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    125. KR Ratna Pushpakumari – Director– Child Skills Development Programme

    126. PSP Fernando – Manger Programme – Swarnavahini

    127. JP Kusum Piyaseeli Peiris – Regulator – Shri FM

    128. HS Dharmasena – Owner – Ayurvedha Newspaper

    Advisors and Managing Directors

    129. NM Ameen – Lake House / Navamani

    130. Sarath Kumara Ranasinghe – SLBC

    131. RP Ratnasinghe – Ranigiri Rupavahini

    132. SC Weerasinghe – Lake House

    133. EM Ekanayaka – Siyatha TV

    134. Hema Nalin Karunaratne – Heritage TV

    135. PA Norman Patrick Perera – Upali Newspapers

    Deputy Editors

    136. Jayantha Chandrasiri – Upali Newspapers

    137. WA Dissanayake – Rivira Media

    138. WMCG Wijesundara – Vijaya Newspapers

    139. HN Wijeratne – Vijaya Newspapers

    140. NA Isadeen – Vijaya Newspapers

    141. HM Ubeysekara – Vijaya Newspapers

    142. WADAD Wijesuriya – Vijaya Newspapers

    143. Pathirage Don sisil Namal – Vijaya Newspapers

    144. RADSD Ranasinghe – Vijaya Newspapers

    145. KAUR Wickckramanayake – Vijaya Newspapers

    146. HMG Herath – Ceylon Newspapers

    147. MJ Hewapanna – Lake House

    148. LPG Dinesh Duminda – Lake House

    149. IA Indunil Weeraratne – Lake House

    150. LP Tissa Dhammika – Lake House

    News Editors / Deputy News Editors

    151. CJ Amaratunga – Provincial News Editor – Vijaya Newspapers

    152. G Niroshana – Deputy Provincial News Editor – Vijaya Newspapers

    154. DDS Balasuriya – Vijaya Newspapres

    156. Dayaseeli Liyanage – Vijaya Newspapres

    157. SA Jayasekera – Vijaya Newspapers

    158. PB Sirimanna – Vijaya Newspapers

    159. Dushyantha Samarasena – Vijaya Newspapers

    160. NKCD Silva – Vijaya Newspapers

    161. CC Keerthi Warnakulasooriya – Upali Newspapers

    162. Upali De Seram – Upali Newspapers

    163. KU Somapala – Upali Newspapers

    163. NL Wasantha – Upali Newspapers

    165. Bandula Dinapurana – Rivira

    166. ES Roshan Lakmal – Colombo Communication

    167. CG Thirumalalagan – Valampuri

    168. JM Ranjith Jayasundara – ITN

    169. PA Halvitagala Gamage – ABC

    170. C. Shripal Wanniarchchi – Sirasa

    171. Stanley Samarasinghe – Ceylon Newspapers

    172. Premalal Wijeratne – Ceylon Newspapers

    173. HAWM Janitha Senewiratne – Ceylon Newspapers

    174. Mohan Livera Karunaratne – Asst. Director (Sinhala News) SLRC

    175. MIA Jayaratne – Director ( News and Currant Affairs ) – SLBC

    176. MJM Saldan – Dan TV

    178. DS Dayaratne – SLBC

    179. N Rajendra Kumar Ranasighe – Colombo Communication

    180. NP De Silva – Lake House

    181. T Chandrasekara – Lake House

    182. KA Kumar Raj – Lake House

    183. S Pandiyan – Lake House

    184. MDM Kulatunga – Lake House

    185. K Kunarasa – Lake House

    Features Editors / Deputies

    186. S Wimalanath Weeraratna – Ravaya

    187. DGD Chandrasiri – Upali Newspapers

    188. KAJK Kanaharaarachchi – Upali Newspapers

    189. RMB Kumara – Upali Newspapers

    190. LPJT Liyanaarachchi – Upali Newspapers

    192. Fatthuma Zanita Kareem – Upali Newspapers

    193. AAD Deepthi Pramitha –Upali Newspapers

    194. K Kumarasinghe – Ceylon Newspapers

    195. DASKS Dissanayaka – Lake House

    196. KSC Kallapatha – Lake House

    197. EMAK Edirisuriya – Lake House

    198. Ayanthi Dilini Vithana – Lake House

    199. ALM Saththar – Media PVT ltd


    200. Sudath Silva – Presidential Secretariat

    201. Palita Perera – Presidential Secretarial

    202. Udaya Sampath Kulathilake – Presidential Secretarial

    203. Dharman Wickckramaratne – Economic Development

    204. L Pemmavadu – Ministry of Science and Technology

    205. S Palitha Gunasena – Photographer – Ministry of Sports

    Retired Journalists

    206. DF Kariyakarawana – Retired Journalist

    207. Edwin Ariyadasa – Retired Journalist

    208. G Keerthi Liyanage – SLBC

    209. Kularuwan Kusumtilaka – SLBC/ ABC

    210. Jayampathy Palipana – AP Television

    211. AKM Pillay – SLRC

    212. S Vishvanadan – SLRC

    213. Sam Perera – Vijaya Newspapers

    214. MAS Ratna Samarasinghe – SLBC

    215. Hemajith Fernando – SLBC

    216. Sisira Wijesinghe – Army Headquarters

    217. K Nandana Weeraratne – Ravaya / BBC

    Foreign Media

    218. HMCK Bandara ( Chandana Keerthi Bandara) – BBC World Service

    219. WTJE Fernando ( Elmo ) – BBC World Service
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    One Response to Expose: Media Heads To Bow; Rajapaksa Gives 547 Journos Interest Free Car Loans

    This is not bad, it’s a loan, not a free laptop. :-)

    January 20, 2014 at 5:22 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Thank you CT-what will we do without you? When The Loan was given to a Muslim Journo ,the entire Muslim community was not spared in slurring insults by the bigots , But now it is given to people of their community ,suddenly it becomes very ethical- tell me what kind of people are some of you Sinhalese ? ,how can you keep thinking and behaving this way ,I am aware your faith does not require you any obligation by commandment where conscience is concerned ,but as a human being how can you do it? As long as your people benefit, even illegal becomes legal ,unethical becomes ethical- OMG what a place to be stuck with no choice to get out ,and what stupidity for people who threw away abodes of peace blessed with and had come back and have no choice to reverse it and then the people who are extremely blessed by being able to get out and have been blessed with so much of dignity ,freedom and a peaceful night sleep ,not having to worry which moment like in Myanmar or like in 1983 not black July rather better to be known as the genocide of JR, your own neighbor may come in and kill you?to imagine we in Muslims in Sri lanka are living in luxary ? This may become the reality of future Sri Lanka for MUSLIMS as long as BBS ,Ravaya,Jhu and like -if not limited to their Temples and pin bath am being honest , But can His Excellency handle that? when The BBs has openly stated they will not permit muclticultralism ? or Will The Government media spokesman ahve another litte story to tell us about the boogey man ? Only time will tel.

    January 20, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    your own neighbor may come in and kill you? And to imagine we in Muslims in Sri lanka are living in luxury ?

    January 20, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    This is not bad, ????????????????? becuase it is not Ammen’s interest free Loan? LMFKAO

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    OTC = Single mums working from home ( for hate groups)
    bahadori = (No Muslim) but Illuminati

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    Muslims are a bloody joke.

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    B Bahadoori – Does B refer to Buriyani or simply
    an unmitigated BUM. You don’t seem to be able to
    see beyond your nose, Shaithan!!!

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    Ameenn, I can send u a condom which you can insert in your bosses you know what. you can expect to be sent as an ambassador to the middle east.

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