23 April, 2024


Nepotist Sirisena At It Again

The nepotism powered yahapalanaya government led by President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is due to bring the President’s daughter Chathurika Sirisena into the public limelight once again. This time the Civil Security Department which comes under the Ministry of Defence, has invited her to be the chief guest at the BMICH on the 28th December 2015. Two hundred and two houses and educational material are to be handed over to identified CSD members and their children. This was revealed by CSD spokesman Major Vajira Kumaratunga recently.

ChathurikaThe project which is run for the fifth time has already seen 653 houses being distributed under this scheme to CSD personnel in the past.

Under the current program 32,338 children of CSD personnel will stand to benefit when educational material and laptops are to be distributed costing Rs10.2 million

A senior government official commented that this project is a a good one, but bringing in the Head of State’s daughter Chathurika where President Sirisena himself is the Minister of Defence is nothing but blatant nepotism he said.

“We do have enough of other distinguished people in the Ministry of Defence who could be bestowed this honor. Did we not have enough of the past president Rajapaksa’s siblings and close family members ruling the roost?” he asked.

One of President Sirisena’s pre-election promises was to end the nepotism rule of the former Rajapaksa regime and cited this as one of the reasons for his breaking of ties with the former President.

Colombo Telegraph earlier exposed the current President’s daughter Chathu’s attempts of gaining political mileage when she got government officials and policemen to tag along with her on her personal fact finding missions in the Pollonnaruwa electorate. Chathu was also noted to have being invited as the chief guest at the National Kite Festival, besides also being invited as the chief guest at the Seevali Girls School Gampaha and Royal College Pollannaruwa.

The annual concert of the Naval Pre-schools of SLNS Gamunu, SLNS Tissa and SLNS Dakshina were held at the Navy Headquarters in Colombo on 06th December 2015 and Chathurika Sirisena graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, the Navy website said.

It was also reported that on multiple occasions Chathurika Sirisena was photographed to have been accompanied by PSD security detail for these functions, despite her being an ordinary citizen.


*The annual concert of the Naval Pre-schools

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    [Edited out]

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    “The closely “knitted” inner circle composed of all the “goons” and “Family Bandits” took advantage of that “merry making” situation displayed by the people and as a result the country LOST a “Leader” who could have been, (if ALLOWED to be) guided to achieve much desired economic and social changes in the country.”

    I am really surprised as to why you made that statement.

    If the SL army were given free hand the country would have been liberated much earlier. MR did not have any alternative other than to give in to the wishes of the SL armed forces to take on the enemy.

    I was watching the scenes of devastation caused by ’94 Tsunami where nearly 40,000 people of SL lost their lives on TV yesterday. MR had the audacity to misapprpriate the funds donated by various donours. In Indonesia they have used the money donated to completely change the landscape of the area destroyed by tsunami. They had properly planned the development and executed them meticulously where as in SL nothing like that happened. Why?.
    Today the country is heavily indebted and the present government cannot do anything on development. They have no alternative other than to continue to burrow money to pay loans and get more loans on worse conditions to do development. I understand they are going to give a section of 34km of Ratanapura expressway on a $2.3 billion contract which again is a robery. It was MR who set the trend.

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    Sinhala Man.

    My response was not in the realms of insult: Far from it.Even in Britain Heads of State did not come from the Establishment.I was only trying to highlight the reasons for the behaviour of MS.
    Anyway,I would hasten to add that he is not that murderous type as the Rajapakses.

    As for complexes,I could assure you I have no compelling reasons to have either a Superiority/Inferiority complex.

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      Dear Pygmalion,

      Thanks for your rational explanation.

      I’m now hoping that such rationality will extend to the response of most of our people to the storm that is brewing over the “cultural clash” that is brewing over Iglesias. I’m sure that Maithri’s statement is now going to be dissected; let’s hope that most responses are as responsible as yours to my own rather provocative riposte to you.

      We will hear lots more about this concert; let’s hope the righteous anger that Maithri spontaneously displayed at Ampara is carried over to dealing with more serious Matters of State. In the Sri Lankan context, things went too far at the Colombo concert, but these things do shock most people anywhere! Even at as venerated an event as this:


      “The unexpected turn of events saw BBC Proms presenter Katie Derham momentarily lost for words, joking: “Oh good Lord, this is getting out of hand.”

      One needs more than a sense of humour now-a-days, and I’m glad that poor Maithri did not have to deal with something on those lines! I’m not very sure what my own fate will be for asking people to prepare for the shocks to come.

      However, Pygmalion, thanks for not getting on a high horse yourself.

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    Nepotist Sirisena At It Again:

    *** What a farcical situation we have. We are talking about who attends these degraded acts of Generocity handing out goodies to those guilty of Genocide ( Civil Security Departments ) when there is no attempt to address the issue of Missing Persons.

    This is Justice Sri Lanka Style.

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      Kali Mandai escaped from metal hospital. Need to catch this Kali nut case and send back to mental hospital again.

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    I am not sure why the fuss is all about. A daughter of a President of any country should have a security detail, if she so chooses, when she goes out. Children of Leaders of a country are in danger of abuse by those from in and out of a country.

    She has been attending on invitation to social occasion. I have not read about any political speeches she has made. I like to read what she had said in occasions she was invited.

    It is a credit to her that she has, I think, ignored the press.

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