5 December, 2022


Chathurika Commences Kite-Flying By Flying Kites

Chathurika Sirisena who went in to hiding without even providing an explanation for her previous public stunts when using public servants and police officials to accompany her on her personal campaigns recommenced her operations by taking part at the Sri Lanka National Kite Festival held at Galle Face Green on the 11th of October 2015.

Subsequently on the following day President Maithripala Sirisena’s daughter Chathu was invited by Rathnavali Balika Vidyalaya in Gampaha, as the chief guest where the girl’s school celebrated World Teachers and World Children’s day. Chathu was incidentally a past pupil of the school.

Chathurika SirisenaOn both occasions Chathurika was once again provided with Presidential Security Division officers to attend these privately invited functions.

Besides many PSD officers accompanying her on both visits, the same lady PSD officer was seen wearing a green shirt and black trousers at the kite festival and white shirt and black trousers at the school event.

Coincidentally the term ‘Kite-Flying’ is a practice used by politicians to test the media response prior to embarking on a project.

Chathrurika the aspiring politician could not have chosen a better event to recommence her private campaign.

President Maithripala Sirisena’s daughter Chathu received muck flak earlier, when she visited villages in the Polonnaruwa District accompanied by government servants and police officers when she went on a private fact finding mission to listen to the grievances of the common man. She was televised during these visits, explaining to the people that she had not brought all these government servants on a false pretext but rather to share her dad’s dreams and future plans to the rural folk.

President Sirisena’s popularity took a nosedive as recent as last month, when he took his son Daham Sirisena to the United Nations General Assembly in the United States of America and was made to sit with all state dignitaries during sessions.

At this event it was reported that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of the Swiss Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga had the rare opportunity of shaking Daham Sirisena’s hand.

Strangely even the President’s Media Unit attempted to cover this up by photo shopping out the young Sirisena in their official press releases.

During the Presidential Election campaign earlier, President Sirisena publicly announced that one of the main reasons he was breaking away from the previous Rajapaksa regime was due to family nepotism.

However barely two weeks after being sworn in as President, he went on to appoint his brother Kumarasinghe Sirisena as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom.

“Many of those who voted President Sirisena into power, felt deceived by this no sooner he assumed office. Now his children Chathurika and Daham have begun exploiting their daddy’s presidential powers” said a political activist.Chathurika SirisenaChathurika SirisenaChathurika SirisenaChathurika SirisenaChathurika Sirisena

Chathurika Sirisena

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  • 14

    Sirisena”s pledges during the election campaign have vanished into thin air. He woild now tell us to fly a kite.

    • 2

      Miss Sirisena made one mistake which very correctly received a negative reaction from the public.Where the son is concerned I don’t think he is not at fault going to the UN ,the president should have known better ! I think HE was wrong to take his son. People have a short memories they have already fogotten The antics of the Rajapakse brats ,SB’s son, Mevins son and other ministirial brats.What is wrong is wrong but what Gamarala’s Children have done is no comparison to what took place in the past.I hope the Presidents children will set a real example to every one and make all of us and their parents proud.

  • 13

    She has every rights to attend the events. She can run for the presidents office if she wanted to. If you are the son/daughter of the president people and organisations will come and ask you to attend the events and functions. Thats normal you idiots.

    • 4

      Wrong! if your platform was to not get your family involved then that is what it should be. People and organizations will ask, however you should know better to turn them down and suggest they pick people who are more qualified for the role. That is what you promised with Yahapalanaya so its not an alien logic like it was to the MR clan. Simply being the President’s son/daugher is in no way a qualification for anything let alone be a chief guest. For that matter, nor being anyone’s son/daughter. Merit where its due, so that the best person for the position will be appointed which will result in a better outcome. Only an idiot would disagree. Have you looked in a mirror lately?

    • 3


      “Thats normal you idiots.”

      Well you are right in some sense however its the people who invite the family of noted or notorious are the stupid ones, not those who question good governance.

  • 11

    Why did your web site not highlight the use of the PSD officials who provided security to Namal , Yoshida, and the youngest son as well as Shianthi and all those siblings their spouses and children as well as the members of the extended families of of the former despot Rajapakse including his brother in law cousins etc and also his supporters such Sachin Vas Gunawardena etc during the last regime?Your web site is still the mouth piece of Rajapakses who are dead and buried and will never raise their heads again.It is a shame on your web site.!!!!

  • 3

    Sirisena is a hypocrit,what he says is different from what he practices. probably
    his daughter may be doing these propaganda work just to cover up part of daddys

  • 1

    I agree with you Leon. Sirisena has already missed the bus with the people who voted for him . GOD BLESS SRI LANKA until we get a real leader ( a la Lula de Silva former president of Brazil) ( Note: Hypocrit is spelt HYPOCRITE !

  • 1

    Let’s just prey Colombo telegraph won’t be shut down. Hahaha

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