7 December, 2023


No Flowers Bloomed In The First Hundred Days

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

At the end of the glorified 100 days the nation is left with a sense of déjà vu, if not disappointment and frustration. Nothing significant stands out as exemplary achievements of the SirisenaWickremesinghe regime to crow about the promised “difference” (when-a-suck). The failure of the Yahapalanaya (good governance) to achieve its promised objectives – not to mention upholding the higher values promised in the manifesto of the Yahapalanaya – has left the people standing empty handed at square one. No government has risen to heights of great expectations within such a short time and no government has sunk to low depths within 100 days as the Yahapalanaya led by the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regime. Like all promising alternatives in politics it began as the sweetest thing. But then “the sweetest things turn sour by their deeds. / Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.” (Sonnet 94 – Shakespeare).

Worst of all, the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regime had no compunction in riding rough shod over basic norms respected and accepted in a democratic polity, let alone the vaunted values of Yahapalanaya. From day one it was in such a mighty hurry to reinforce its grip on power that it resorted to arbitrary strokes of the Presidential pen to legitimize its illegal acts to retain power of a minority government which was not elected by the people. Wickremesinghe claims a mandate because he helped the President to win. This no better than the best man claiming after the wedding the right to go to bed first with the bride because he helped the couple all the way to the final act of handing the ring to seal the marriage and make the ceremony a success.

MaithripalaAs confirmed by the former Chief Justice, Sarath N. Silva, the very first two acts of President Sirisena – appointing 1. the Chief Justice and 2. the Prime Minister — were illegal. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe’s appointment of a Singaporean to head the Central Bank was illegal because the new head, Arjuna Mahendran, had sworn an oath of allegiance to the state of Singapore. The first major act of the new head of the Central Bank that led to biggest Treasury bond scandal was illegal. Wickremesinghe’s political instrument, the Financial Crimes Investigating Division, (FCID), a.k.a., the Fascist Centre for Indicting Dissidents, was illegal from the inception. Wickremesinghe usurping the powers of the IGP and directing operations to handpick dissidents for remanding is illegal. As of now the entire edifice of Yahapalanaya built after January 8, 2015 hangs on illegality and immorality.

The new regime is sailing on the myth that they were vested with absolute power in the presidential election to override all norms, practices, conventions, traditions, laws to consolidate their new regime, including the appointment of a prime minister who had no majority in Parliament. A candidate who has been defeated 29 times in the polls claims the right to be the prime minister because he piggy-backed on the shoulders of a winning presidential candidate. Can the parasitic leech have the right to survive by sucking on the blood of the body politic? Or should the creature be removed for the healthy survival of the body politic?

The failure to fulfill the pre-January 8th promises condemns the Yahapalanaya as one of the biggest hoaxes of our time. But there is one notable achievement. Though the marketed propaganda promised to make a “difference” (when-a-suck) to the prevailing political culture the ulterior political objective was to enthrone Wickremesinghe as Numero Uno which the people had refused to grant him 29 times before. In the guise of constitutional changes he tried deviously this time to transfer the presidential powers to his office of prime minister. But his pet 19th Amendment failed. And it is this failure that can be listed as the biggest achievement of the “100 days”. His failure to stage a constitutional coup saved the nation from manipulations to presidential powers which he is incapable of handling responsibly, with due regard to the rule of law. Combining the presidential powers with his prime ministerial powers would have been the dangerous concentration of political power in the hands of any one individual leading decisively nd unerringly to a untrammeled constitutional dictatorship..

Wickremesinghe cannot be trusted with even a sub-atomic particle of power put into his hands. His record shows (as in the notorious CFA) that he uses power to sell the nation to its enemies. He uses power arbitrarily and dictatorially to betray the vital interests that protect the future and the security of the nation. He signed the CFA with Velupillai Prabhakaran without telling the President, parliament, Cabinet, his party and, above all, the people. Fortunately, his stupidity was neutralized by the stupidity of arrogant and power-drunk Prabhakaran who proved to the world that he can run rings round Wickremesinghe – even to sign the nation’s death warrant.

However, considering the over-ambitious agenda outlined in the 100-day program, a point can be stretched to excuse the failure to fulfill all the promises. What cannot be excused is the corruption that shocked the nation even before the Yahapalana-yakos could warm their chairs of power. The main plank in the promised agenda of making “difference” was to run a clean administration, free from corruption. Those who expected the political nirvana at the end of 100 days were left flabbergasted by the financial, political and judicial scandals that make all those who preceded the Yahapalana-yakos look like arahats. The current political theatre unfolding in Sri Lanka is reminiscent of the hapless people condemned to live in Shakespeare’s Denmark – a state rotten to core.

Some of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies dealt with politics of the state. Macbeth focused on behind-the-scene criminal machinations aimed at grabbing power at any cost. Julius Caesar dealt with the fate of idealistic Brutus, trapped in brutal politics to grapple with the dictatorial state. Coriolanus is the brilliant general whose flawed character leads him to fall on his sword of pride and arrogance. Antony and Cleopatra depicts the catastrophic consequences of mixing politics with sex. Distracted and infatuated Antony dismisses Rome as irrelevant (“Let Rome in Tiber melt)” and he sees nobleness only in kissing Cleopatra. Lear paints the pathetic plight of a man fallen from power. Hamlet, the greatest and the most philosophical of Shakespeare’s plays, traced the tragic course of the youth rebelling against a corrupt state. Like all youth the options available to Hamlet was to either withdraw and “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune / Or to take up arms against a sea of troubles / And by opposing end them. (III – 1).

Here, I admit, I have reduced the luminous insights and thematic profundities in the tragedies of Shakespeare to one-liners — a device adopted purely to highlight Shakespeare’s magisterial grasp of realpolitik without indulging in theoretical mumbo-jumbo. The focus here is on Hamlet because he is the most relevant figure to us. Hamlet’s task is to clean up the rotten state. That is the message his father gives him, rising from his grave. The play opens with Claudius who had not only grabbed power after killing his brother, Hamlet, father of young Hamlet, but also marrying Gertrude, his brother’s wife to consolidate his grip on the throne. In the opening scene Claudius’ court is merry-making in a drunken orgy while Hamlet is haunted by the spectral figure of the murdered father goading him for revenge from the grave.

In Hamlet Shakespeare delineates the most rotten of the states he has surveyed. There isn’t a single redeeming feature in the state of Denmark. From the obsequious Polonious, the spineless bureaucrat who sees only whatever his master sees without demur, to the “incestuous” bed of Hamlet’s mother, the corrupted state of Denmark is in a state of tense vacuum and dithering, uncontrolled chaos, with key decision-makers plotting against each other, or speculating on what the next move would be. Hamlet, haunted by the injustice done to his father, poses the most serious threat to the state of Claudius, the ruling king who murdered his brother, Hamlet’s father, to grab the throne. Claudius, feigning innocence and purity, is nervous that his disjointed “warlike state” is “out of frame,..” (Hamlet, 1.2).

Young Hamlet, in this sense, is the universal symbol fighting against the most common evils in politics : corruption, sex, murder, violence and disorder with the least ability/power to take on the state. Of the many interpretations that go to explain Hamlet, there is the possibility of reading it as a Jacobean play of bloody vindictive violence. But Hamlet is not the Machiavellian Prince. He is generally viewed as the idealistic intellectual looking for noble redemption which is almost verging on a kind of madness There is, however, a method in Hamlet’s madness. He feigns madness to retain his sanity. Hamlet is in a state of despair, not knowing how to act decisively to challenge the corrupt politics of his time and end it. He is burdened by the unbearable weight of his time lying heavily on his conscience. What is more he does not know how to resolve it. Therein lies his dilemma. He is virtually paralyzed by the moral responsibility cast upon him to set it right. He says: “The time is out of joint. O, cursed spite, / That ever I was born to set it right.” (Ibid – 1.5)

His conscience is divided, if not paralyzed, not knowing whether to go into action against his own kith and kin which would end invariably in death and destruction. Hence his vacillation. His oft-quoted question, “To be or not to be” echoes the central theme in the sacred book of the Hindus, Bhagavad Gita, where Arjuna is faced with the identical problem paralyzing his conscience : to kill or not to kill his kith and kin in the battlefield. The parallels are remarkable. Stunning! There is enough material for a doctoral thesis in this theme. Shakespeare’s genius shines in all its glory in this philosophical play.

The tragedy facing the nation today too is that of Hamlet in Denmark : the heavy duty of cleaning up the rot in Sri Lankan politics. The magic cure was to come within the “promised 100 days”. It has come and gone without the promised “difference” (when-a-suck) making any significant impact on the lives of those who voted in hope. Apart from the state of rottenness, the entire political framework on which it stands is incredibly bizarre, imaginable only in a Kafkesque nightmare. An elected President is watching passively, with his arms folded, while an unelected Prime Minister, without a mandate, is running a vindictive Jacobean drama of persecuting and remanding members of the opposition on charges far less than those committed by some of the biggest crooks in his government swindling billions of people’s money.

As stated by Sarath Silva, the former Chief Justice, President Maithripala Sirisena’s action in creating his government was “illegal from its inception.” As he states the Yahapalanaya began with two illegal strokes of the President’s pen. First, by breaking all traditions and established legal procedure, he removes the sitting Chief Justice and appoints another with a stroke of his pen. The Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government was in an indecent hurry to capture the strategic seat in the judiciary that it abandoned all traditions upheld at Hulftsdorp and rushed to install a new Chief Justice. It was more than a case of where justice was not seen to be done : it smacked of grabbing the judiciary from the Rajapakses and securing it for the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regime. Commenting on this Sarath Silva said that “the manner in which Mohan Peiris, the then sitting Chief Justice was removed reduced the judiciary to a ‘comedy.’”

He added : “That’s the first thing. And then suddenly Ranil Wickremesinghe takes oaths as Prime Minister. This is whilst a Prime Minister was still in his seat. Is that good governance? This government was illegal since its inception,” he said. (Daily Mirror — 29/5/2015)

The removal of a Chief Justice and the Prime Minister with two strokes of a Presidential pen violates all the respected and accepted traditions and legal norms in a democratic polity. If anyone deserved to be removed any regime has a right to do so within the accepted norms of the law. But when President Sirisena cashiered Mohan Pieirs with a stroke of his pen he knew he was violating the legal procedure because he participated in the Select Committee process laid down in the Constitution when Parliament decided to remove Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake. So why did President Sirisena, aided and abetted by Wickremesinghe, step out of the law known to him and remove the Chief Justice with a stroke of his pen? It is the illegality of the process adopted by Sirisena – Wickremesinghe regime in removing and appointing the Chief Justices and the Prime Ministers that exposes them as corrupting the state from day one.

If President Mahinda Rajapakse is summoned before the Bribery Commission for offering Tissa Attanayake a ministerial portfolio – a common practice accepted by both sides of the House to consolidate power — how should these two illegal acts, committed by two strokes of the President’s pen to consolidate two of his key power bases be judged by those who yearn for a Yahapalanayak? Put another way, has President Sirisena reduced the rule of law to the rule of his pen? Is he trying to prove that his pen is mightier than the law of the land?

*To be continued

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Latest comments

  • 23

    ah another comedian in the form of HLDM makes a noise now ;-)

    why the last 100 days were good

    i)19th amendment was passed and presidental powers curtailed

    ii) no political interference in getting rapists bailed out

    iii) lack of employment for white van operator ;-)

    iv) FCID investigating the once corrupt bastards

    v)freedom to protest and not get shot at like in Katunayake FTZ and Rathupaswella

    Of course it depends on your affliated if your a Mahinda crony and benifited from corruption then the last 100 days were bad indeed for you chaps very bad !

    • 10

      Peace Lover

      “Of course it depends on your affliated if your a Mahinda crony and benifited from corruption then the last 100 days were bad indeed for you chaps very bad ! “

      The cronies, shills and white-washers are still under the obligation of the shilling contract paid by the stolen money by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

      Ask him to write about the rise in rapes during the Mahinda Regime, the killings and the abductions.

      Mara Mara Chatu Mara

      Mahindapala Shila of Amana Mara

  • 15

    Psychpaths cannot understand the positive changes that happened since 9th January this year. For the past 10 years the flowering plants were destroyed by a group of monsters. The whole nation was decorated with Mahinda (Monster) posters by himself with billions of people’s money. The white vans were all over the island looking for valuable good plants and destoyed them and allowed to grow only poisonous rusted weeds. People were afraid to talk about law and justice. Palaces were built around the nation for the king and his family. Criminals were bought for billions to raise their hands in the parliament.
    Today, people enjoy the fruit of that change. Today people are free talk, free to raise questions. President is moving around the nation without massive adverts. There are no posters. There is no interference in the law and order system. There is no one compels judges to write only what they want. No white or Black vans. No attack on Chirstian and Muslim mosques. Police are allowed to operate independently. People are united irrespective of race and religion. Only those pshchopaths alligned with Mahinda and BBS are trying ctreat a bloodbath in order to cteate a kindom for Mahinda and to enjoy the wealth of the nation and destory the freedom of people.
    Sinhalese people are not fools to hand over the power to a monster.

  • 8

    Wot, no KAS or gigurawa coming to the rescue of themselves??? Poor Pala should be aghast at the reception he is receiving from the CT readers, but then, what else is new?? Only the petrified hide of this sycophant will enable him to survive the well deserved onslaught.

  • 5

    Please go for a check up to Welandagoda, sorry Angoda.

  • 4

    Dear Mr. Mahindapala

    As usual an entertaining read, well written beyond what your fuming enemies can achieve.

    I think you have had too high expectations of the 100 days. What did you expect? Paradise? Not in 100 days, and not here.

  • 8

    H. L. D. ,
    If you cant understand what Maithri and raniol together had achieved within the 100 days you are dumb idiot rogue thief who is providing misleading information to the public. Another rajavassa henchmen aha?
    WE HAVE FREEDOM NUMBER 1.We have human rights. Police, Judiciary is independent from politics. Rogues thieves are been investigated. NO MORE WHITE VAN KILLINGS.Journalist are al last free!. People can talk or write anything they want without getting harrased or killed by rajavassa henchmen.Rogues and thieves are been eliminated systematically accoding to judicial proceedings. [Edited out]

  • 12

    Majority of the SL citizens voted for MS on the 8th January election that was prematurely called by your MR. Now you are going personal and slinging mud at MS his team and their supporters .

    Why did MR called for an early election ? What was his hidden agenda then ?
    Now your MR wants to come back as PM . WHAT IS HIS HIDDEN AGENDA NOW ?

    Is it to cover up the high level corruption under his rule and to protect those cronies who were involved with those corruption ?

    Looking forward to your answers in your 2nd part. Hope as a VIP you are allowed by the Australian Government to comment on the SL matters without breaking Australian or International Laws.

  • 4

    This clown keeps on playing…
    But what about the two-articles-a week Political Scientist DJ. He has been missing for the past fortnight. Has he started seeing the writing on the wall or has he really started to understand why MR was rejected by the people and that MR will continued to be rejected and end up in prison with his two brothers and other corrupt mates.

    • 1

      Dont take them serious – those are just later day thoughts from a man who has run amok with his life? Else, I have no reason to take any of the information the old man added to this forum. We pefectly know that we have now more freedom to express ourselves than had been before Jan8th.

      War war over- and LTTER terror was over. MR is no longer in active politics. His abuses and high profile frauds are being mapped now. So take or not, people of this country will realize it soon who would play non-abusive politics. My respect towards MY3 and Ranil are growing -while I have not the least respect towards Rajapakshes today. I am not party sympathizer, but I love people have been genuine with what they have been doing. In the same time, I quesiton why a leader of the country let Astrologers to manipulate his life ?

  • 2

    JVP killed thousands, no investigation. UNP also killed thousands like dogs on the streets and some were burned alive with a tyre around the neck, not a single investigation. MR is accused of killing 3 journalists and 8 thugs.

    • 5


      “MR is accused of killing 3 journalists and 8 thugs.”

      Whose first wife is reported to have died of natural cases when in fact it was murder? Who raped a teenage girl and then murdered her during his ‘podian’ days? These ring a bell, don’t they? MR is a THUG, no doubt.

    • 5


      You must be kidding! MR killed thousands of Sri Lankans, Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, burghers, moors, Malays….looted the entire country. Made everyone look like fools. Were you in outer space when these things were happening. Why do you think MR is having sleepless nights? Because the time has come for him to face the punishment.

      The masses who were in a trance have woken up and have realized what has happened to them under MR’s tyrannical rule. Once the drugs and alcohol supplies dry up, you will wake up too.

    • 4


      “JVP killed thousands, no investigation.”

      You are wrong, there were three commissions which investigated 30,000 cases and were folded by Anurudha Ratwatte in the mid 1990s when MR was minister in Chandrika’s government.

      “UNP also killed thousands like dogs on the streets and some were burned alive with a tyre around the neck, not a single investigation.”

      You are wrong, there were three commissions which investigated 30,000 cases and were folded by Anurudha Ratwatte in the mid 1990s when MR was minister in Chandrika’s government.

      Please refer:

      SEPTEMBER 2010
      Edited by Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena
      1963 – 2002
      A Reference Guide to Commission Reports
      with a Tabulated List of Recommendations


    • 2

      Why are you leaving out the 40,000 Tamil civilians (conservative estimate!) he and his brother ordered to be killed during the final days of the war against the LTTE?

  • 6

    It will bloom in next 100 days,you mind your own bossiness M-Pala.

  • 5

    Hey Mahindapala,

    Flowers did not bloom, of course you couldn’t see and smell since your face was covered by Mahinda’s a–e

  • 2

    How about first 100 days of premadasa? Did you see many flowers blooming in rural Areas? Did you see how they perished without even seeing fresh sunlight? How dare you are? Selfish premadasa henchmen became Mr henchman now! Please let us live in peace in a world there is no such people like you!

  • 5

    No flowers will bloom on your graves even. So do not bother about flowers blooming. The blooming Corruption and Murder the Rajapaksas have committed are all too clear even for the blind, except for Jokers like you.

  • 1

    Vasu says ado Mahinda Pala [Edited out]

  • 3

    Dear Editor

    The most worrying sentence that I came across in Mr Mahindapala’s article was at the very end when it said ‘to be continued’. I do not know if this gentleman was or is in Sri Lanka but I was in Sri Lanka on the 8th of January 2015. The 9th of January saw the instantaneous removal of fear, paranoia and a total relaxation in the individual and collective psyche. For me this would have been in itself enough of an achievement in the first hundred days.

    Add to this the passing of the 19th amendment and the restoration of a Judicial system that can in fact find against the government, which it has done, and not be impeached ! is a welcome breath of fresh air enhancing the feeling of freedom. The continued reduction in the ‘in your face ‘ military presence all over the Island is welcome too. I do not deny that much needs to be done still.

    A large part of his article draws on quotes from English literature that I was familiar with 50 years ago studying for my ‘O’ Level ! It’s relevance slips me. I suspect it is merely an attempt to give the article a sense of eruditeness. This of course is misplaced. I am disturbed by phrases such as ‘ when-a-suck’ and numero uno. Is it still at ‘O’ level ?

    Freedom of expression is to be welcome, diatribe is not constructive.



  • 2

    Thanks and a “BIG THANK YOU” for giving us the opportunity to read this type of idiosyncrasy coming from the so called and self styled “Journalists”. This person refuses to SEE and HEAR, perhaps he is both “Blind” and “Deaf”; what is going on in the political field in Sri Lanka. These are the type of people who brought the downfall of the Ex President. Please continue your “HARD” work and that helps to keep Mr. MR out of the political scene for a long time to come.

  • 1

    President can appoint anyone in Parliament as prime minister. There is nothing illegal about it. I’m surprised sarath Silva said something like that.If the PM is unable to get the support of the Parliament he can be removed through a parliamentary vote.

    • 1


      This bugger Sarath Silva made this statement while “gedera yanna gaman”. Whatever Sarath Silva says should be taken with a pail of salt and NOT with a pinch of salt!!

  • 2

    Blooming heck, he is blind as a bat; there is a saying in rural Sinhala, “Oura Kawadada Kaha Kaewe?” (literary translation: When did a pig ever tasted turmeric? referring to the fact that pigs usually eat garbage and other roots, but they were never able to appreciate the valuable medicinal properties of the root, turmeric). Like that Mahinda Pala is stating “No flowers blossomed in the first 100-days”. Well, open your eyes mister, President Maithripala is the first flower that blossomed on the 9th January, the first day of the 100. A breath of fresh air, which also brought a real sense of freedom to the people, free of fear and anxiety from white vans, freedom from corrupt and totalitarian dictatorship, from families run on feudal lines, from slavery, and freedom from fearing local criminal politicians. How many more flowers could you count from that far off place, Aussie land, where you live, living on handouts from Rajapakshas for singing praise to them.

  • 1

    Uncle Kerry has stated through his Asia Bureau that the US will strengthen Ranil Wickremasinghe Regime.

    Anything wrong with our Sinhala Buddhist President?.

    Will Ranil become Noori Al Maleki?…

  • 1

    Un Elected PM Ranil said in Parliament that anyone who escaped and got a protection Visa can come back to hold any position under his watch..

    This was in defence of his buddy Mahendran who signs our 5000 Bank Notes in English.

    Wonder what Ranil has pencilled for Suren Surendran, Ms Skantharaja . Mr Rudrakumaran, and Mr Kirubaharan who have done a yeoman service to the Elite,and the Anglicans .by bringing in the UNP and making Ranil the PM.

    Mahendran alone is a rare Orchid to last that long against the will of the great majority of our Parliament as .well as the inhabitant population.

    Just imagine how many more will bloom when the above protection Visa Holders get their gigs after Ranil comes back in August/ September with a legit Tag on his back.

    Is there any message (coded of course ) from that Vellala UNP Lady MP who said Jaffna women would have been better off under Prabakaran?..

    • 1

      Well Mahinda was eating off the same plate of Colnel Karuna who murdered scores of Sinhala Soldiers and Sihala civilians.

      Gota was licking the arse of KP, to secure all the LTTE overseas funds and to set up his illegal business of selling arms to rebels.

      so there you are.

    • 2

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Mahendran alone is a rare Orchid to last that long against the will of the great majority of our Parliament as .well as the inhabitant population.”


      Have you forgotten that the Parliament has the powers to impeach your brethren Mahendran as it did in the case of Shirani Bandaranayake the former chief justice, only two years ago? Why is your great majority of the parliament now reluctant to do so?

      “Un Elected PM Ranil said in Parliament that anyone who escaped and got a protection Visa can come back to hold any position under his watch..”

      Don’t you thing that Parliament can bring a no confidence motion against the prime minister if it has confidence in its own composition? Why has it lost its courage to challenge Ranil?

      Probably Ranil has obtained copies of files on each of the MPs, of course from MR.

    • 1

      K A Sumanasekera,please care to comment on the

      i) Hambantotoa rape case where MR protected the rapist rascal till the UK put in lot of pressure to have him arrested

      ii) Noori estate terror and rape camps run by ruling party politician who was let unchecked to go his own way

      iii) No white van now

      iv) Freedom to protest without getting shot at now after the Jan election

      v)MR was MP,Oppposition Leader,PM and President for 2 terms and now he wants to come back as PM,can you comment on that mate,is that greed or utmost charity service from MR? pls comment on that without just typing same words as Surendran,and anglicans ok

  • 2

    “Worst of all, the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regime had no compunction in riding rough shod over basic norms respected and accepted in a democratic polity, let alone the vaunted values of Yahapalanaya.”

    What did you expect. The Rule of Law if for the English, not us.
    While you can have your opinion, anyone n check the progress of the 100 days program. At last count 40% which is not even a pass. Even MR supporters must be disappointed. No flowers but the grass has grown.

    I can only guess that the English Minority commenting in these pages is just that. At least they will appreciate the poetry of their immortal bard. Thank the English.

    Anyone supporting MR, which is their right, or God forbid criticizing the RW-MS government, is instantly attacked using the words (feel free to cut and paste)

    Racist Pig
    Boot Licker

    Here is an unhyphenated gem:

    “dumb idiot rogue thief “

    For your information, the English Minority, there are people who are still supporting the “roque-thief-genocider-white-vanner-corrupt-dictator-media-killer” Mahinda Rajapakse. For your information Democracy is ugly.

    “Development and Reconcilliation” is a lofty goal. Hopefully those in power have the skill and will to achieve at least this promise and keep the unwanted influences ‘on both sides’ under control.

    It might be worth to put Yahapalanaya on hold and jail the entire opposition to achieve progress and reconciliation? Shades of 1977 perhaps?

    Keep them coming. You too, ‘feared beard’ Dayan.

  • 1

    H L D M,

    If you are a sensible person (I believe otherwise), please read the comments posted by the readers of your article and decide whether people will buy your dirty product of ” MR & Co” Marketed through CT channels.

    You are one of the Marketing Manager (rather propaganda guru) of the corrupt “MR & Co” company. I still don’t know how you are rewarded for your service.

    You and DJ are the two salesmen who use their English language skills to sell the poor quality product of “MR & Co”. Don’t you think the readers of CT have a more than average IQ?

  • 2

    I was actually quite angry when I read this article, CT: why publish the bull??

    I walk the streets everymorning and am not scared by mahinda’s face on every lamp post

    I see the papers and reporters writing both for and against yahapalanaya and see change in that

    I talk to people everyday on the streets of colombo to hear them talk more freely, breath more easily

    we dont look over our shoulders before we complain about what the govt is doing

    this is all change that I as a common citizen with no political affiliation see everyday

    you who claim to be an expert seem to be blinded by your ideologies and beliefs and are looking to drag us back to the corrupt past

  • 0

    ANOTHER CRONY of MR!!!It is crystal clear to any one with an iota of brains that this man is safeguarding MR and attacking Mythree’s Yahapalanaya.He talks like a pundit quoting Shakespear,Juliusaesar,Conolanus,Antony,Cleopatra,Hamlet,Bhagawad getha etc etc,but never talks a word about a skerrick of corruption & illegalities committed by his crony MR during the latter’s time.That itself is sufficient for any wise reader of his articles to judge who this man is. We don’t want to waste our time making comments on the writings of this useless man whose main idea is to mislead general public thinking they are fools. “Silence is Gold!!!”

  • 0

    Wake up Mahinda there are lots of flowers. But no MRP Gota soon to go to jail and Bazil already in. Lap to ….? All your friends will be exposed soon. But no flowers to you ok?

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