21 June, 2024


No Mention Of Allegations, Bellana Accorded ‘Safe Exit’ From Blood Bank

The Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine has removed Dr Rukshan Bellana from the position of Director, National Blood Transfusion Services with effect July 10, 2018.

Dr Rukshan Bellana and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne

Allegations of wrongdoing by Bellana and complicity on the part of the Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne as well as the involvement of the minister’s brother, let to trade union action that brought the institution to a standstill for the first time in its 68 year history.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Health in a letter to Bellana has informed him that he has been transferred to the ministry ‘as a temporary measure’ on account of ‘administrative needs’. The letter (reproduced below) does not offer any other reason for this ‘temporary transfer’ and has no mention of any official inquiry into the allegations which led to the crisis in the ‘Blood Bank’.

Bellana secured his current quasi appointment thanks to the practice of the Ministry of Health in not making permanent appointments to keep plush positions ‘warm’ for individuals who would be pliant and aid and abet corrupt high-ups.

Colombo Telegraph has so far exposed three accounts of administrative and massive financial irregularities committed by Bellana to which Rajitha Senaratne and his brother are complicit.

The Government Medical Officers Association in a press release dated 5th July 2018 has detailed stark administrative, financial and professional violations committed by Bellana.

Colombo Telegraph reported how Bellana has been a consistent violator of the law of the country, Establishment Code and the SLMC code of ethics, engaging in defamation, intimidation and forging the signatures of the officers of the state while he is also accused of of sexual misconduct and harassment.

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Latest comments

  • 1

    Today is a sad day for Sri Lanka

    • 2

      No joy without the scammer boos?

  • 1

    Hopefully Dr Rukshan you are not gone forever and that you’ll bounce back

    We are with you Sir

    • 6

      Did Bellana keep a Harem at the BB?

    • 1

      You fail to realise that u r supporting corruption… why do u like robbing money that belongs to the common people of SL ? There are poor people at the end of the day depending on the money misused or stolen including monies worth of goods or services…

  • 7

    The title “Safe Exit” to this article is very appropriate, judging from the circumstances surrounding this drama. We talk of good governance or “yahapalanaya”. Where is the mechanism to escape from political intimidation? Courts? OH! MY GOD! how long will it take when a divorce of a childless couple takes five years? This government, especially its constitutional “pundits” should have given thought to this if they were sincere to the cause in which they got elected. Instead they are no better than the rest.

  • 2

    The Secretary to the Ministry of Health in a letter to Bellana has informed him that he has been transferred to the ministry ‘as a temporary measure’ on account of ‘administrative needs’.
    Transferred to the ministry to do what as what?
    All this because GMOA raised the issue. GMOA is an arm of……….?
    This looks like a letting some one score some points while tracks are covered up. Bellana claims ~ “I Have The Sanction Of Minister, Secretary And Director General Health Services”
    There is an understanding between the two competing teams.
    Who goes down the drain?

  • 7

    Under Yahapalanaya,

    We were treated to the Bond Scam through the Central Bank in spite of strenuous efforts by the PM to keep it under the wraps

    Now, there is the Blood Scam through the Blood Bank despite the Health Minister’s efforts to keep it away from the Public.

    Which Bank will be next?

  • 3

    This entire exercise shows that the minister condones corruption, nepotism and irregular appointments.
    This is just a part of the morass of corruption into which the country is sinking.
    The legislature too is mostly composed of corrupt individuals who accepted money from Perpetual Treasuries apart from other irregularities.
    The president must be aware of everything.
    Worse, the international community is aware and is watching.

    • 2

      “This entire exercise shows that the minister condones corruption,”
      This has been a well known fact among the ‘Wise’ and the unbiased, independent academics as well as the informed public. He is one of the big-time fraudsters in the country. What has happened to the warrants issued on this guy for evading court appearances more than 10 times?. I have never seen a news item about it. Is MY3 protecting him just like the deserter, ‘Gotha’ ?

  • 1

    These are the Ministers and Secretaries who are hand in glove to rob. Unclean hands of these fellows will stink for ever. The issue is that the clean hands like Secretaries Sumith Abeysinghe, Austin Fernando
    are not used in administration. Sumith Abeysinghe is kept in the Cabinet Office. Austin Fernando seems to have left in frustration. The government had got rid of efficienct Secretaries like Karunasena Hettiarachchi who was sent to Germany for hibernation. Rouges like Janaka Sugathadasa do these dirty things because he is probably in the pay role of other rogues in the Blood Bank. These chaps should read Austin Fernando’s farewell speech which CT published.

  • 2

    First of all congratulations to Colombo Telegraph for their excellent investigative journalism and keeping up the pressure. People don’t realise that this work is done on behalf of the poor and helpless citizens of this country.

    I strongly recommend that you also alert the Sinhala media to expose and keep the pressure on all parties . Don’t give up keep hounding and ask the government and minister why they give government taxpayer funded employment to people such as Bellana who has admitted to and also got caught being corrupt.

    What is the point in removing a corrupt person from one position and infecting another branch of the government? There is no logic there. Bellana should be banned for life from being an employee of the public service.

    Well done ? once again Colombo Telegraph.

  • 2

    We have formed a Dr Rukshan Bellana fan club, those who are interested please come in front of Keells SM Borella on Sunday 29 July 2018 at 11 am

    • 2

      Are you gathering to return the secret commissions and kick backs he took when he bought a machine that cannot be used at the moment for a thumping amount?

      Have u even bothered to listen to the audio recordings attached to the number of articles published by Colombo Telegraph where he :

      1 admits to being corrupt
      2. Admits to engage in or do any corrupt activities so long as he has backing
      3. Admits to racism against muslims and Tamils

      Is this the role model u want in this country? If so it clearly says a lot about his fan club .

  • 0

    Those who are coming on sunday 29 please notify here. I will be out there in the car par

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