25 May, 2022


No Official Called Sagala Ratnayaka In PMr’s Office: MR’s Media Secretary

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Media Secretary Rohan Welivita, issuing a media statement as the Prime Minister’s Media Secretary said no official by the name of Sagala Ratnayaka is currently working at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Sagala Ratnayaka

Welivita said a statement issued by Parliamentarian Ratnayaka on a letterhead of the Prime Minister’s Office, had no validity whatsoever.

“We wish to inform the public that no official by the name of Sagala Ratnayaka works at the Prime Minister’s Office and that it is completely illegal for him to issue statements on a letterhead of the Prime Minister’s Office claiming to be the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office,” Welivita said.

In a statement issued yesterday, Ratnayaka said Ranil Wickremesinghe was still the legitimate and constitutional Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and the appointments made by the so-called new government were illegal.

He added that stern legal action would be taken against those obstructing the work of the official and legal Prime Minister when the legal government establishes its power through a Parliamentary process.

Ratnayaka issued the letter in the capacity of the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister and the official letterhead and the address of the Prime Minister’s Office were used for the letter.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    What a state of affairs after 70 years of independence.

    • 5

      Ggod question. Looks like things are coming to what they should have been 70 years ago?

    • 0

      Democracy Bro.

      Meanwhile Singapore and Malaysia surged ahead with dictators.

  • 3

    so what happened to the $2.3 million paid to him?
    it seems it went to some phantom account

  • 11

    Now we will see so many unofficial and uneducated people get jobs; diplomatic post; VCs; academic posts and so many other posts in all departments..
    Inflation will go high,. Price hike and borrowing will go high and next generation will have to pay the price for what wrong policies will adopted this MR and co in Sri Lanka ..
    This is if he managed to grab the majority with bribe ….
    Next think will be how to impeach M&S from the scene.how to wipe him out..
    We could see a lot of dark pages in the future …
    Wait and see

  • 6

    If someone, who is in no way attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, would dare to claim that he/she is the Chief of Staff, what does the Prime Minister’s Office do. Only issue a statement? The Media Secretary has no recourse to law? What circus is this? Who is the clown here.

  • 4

    I thought Dr Ranil got rid of Sagala, and brought Akila to sleep at Srikotha..
    May be Sagala shacked up in Araliya gaha Mandiraya…
    Bizarre.. this Yahapalanya !!!!!!!

  • 12

    This is not resolved as yet. This man is arrogant to act like he is entitled to that office.

    This was a coup not thought through, and it has brought nothing but criticism from within and outside the country. This was against our constitution and our laws, and it shows poor judgement when the present and past presidents, thought for one minute that they could do this, and not be seen as illegitimate. Bad show.

  • 14

    Yes Sagala Ratnayake is not working at the “Illegal Prime Ministers” office, he is working at the “Legal Prime Minister’s” office.

  • 14

    Rohan Welivita is an idiot. He is not the media secretary of the Prime Minister, but an accomplice of MR the Mafia murderer & thief facing criminal charges. Rohan Welivita himself is a criminal participating in a coup. How dare he makes statements about the Prime Minister’s Office and the parliamentarian Sagala Ratnayake ? Does he think the country is his grandmother’s property? He should be locked up as soon as law and order is restored.

  • 7

    The letter was probably fake. Meant to pull Sagala’s legs? Sagala is too smart, is President material. Is someone pre-empting?

    But then the PM’s office is fake with a fake PM!

    Was the fake PM’s office trying to divert attention? They succeeded to an extent, have they not?

  • 7

    For the information of fake media secretory to fake Prime Minister there is no Prime Minster called ‘ Madamulana Percy Mahendra Rajapaksha’

  • 0

    The political developments appear as bizarre as
    the comments from some of the CT readers.

    The man about whom they are talking is Sagala
    Ratnayake. He is not only a Minister. How many
    of you know that he holds another titled – Chief
    of Staff of the Prime Minister.

    It is that title that enables him to stick as close as
    possible to Dr Ranil Wicmremesinghe, whether it
    is foreign travel or sharing a room. The irony is
    that the tax payer foots the bill.

    Does Sagala have a political reputation in Sri
    Lanka? What about his other c..k suc…er cronies
    like Mangala, Malik and Akila Viraj.

    Ranil’s fault was to only listen to this gang of four,
    mix up his sex life with politics through manipulations.
    Sirisena, he should not, has not outgrown his Grama
    Sevaka mindset. He could have got Siraa to eat out
    of his hand but he tried to screw Siriaa. Now the
    nation is in turmoil. It will happen time and again
    as long as Ranil remains.

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