21 July, 2024


On The Need For Introspection: The Rise Of Intolerance & Warped Narratives

By Hafeel Farisz

Hafeel Farisz

Hafeel Farisz

During my resident time at the Na Uyana Aaranya, Malsiripura in my early twenties, the first two books introduced to me by Ven. Ananda thero were- the ‘ Milinda Panha’ in Sinhala and the Kalama Sutta, of which the small library possessed an English translation. It was not by chance that I ended up in the monastery. My childhood friend was now Ven. Watagoda Maggavihari. I had met him once at the same place prior to him being ordained and a year or two after, I packed my bags on the trek to experience solitude. Although time and tide were never within man’s reach to curtail, I have made it a point to meet Ven. Maggavihari, the most scholarly among my friends at Royal College and one of the most talented of sportsmen on the field, at least annually to discuss life, politics, the unknown and the unfathomable. The discussions are yet to be as memorable as the lesson taught to the Kalamas.

“Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor; nor upon what is in a scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over; nor upon another’s seeming ability; nor upon the consideration, ‘The monk is our teacher’. Kalamas, when you yourselves know: ‘These things are bad; these things are blamable; these things are censured by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to harm and ill,’ abandon them” they were preached.

Attempting to understand the unknown and the unfathomable has always been a childhood preoccupation. Was the concept of God, the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent creator of the world according to religious teachings, human: as petty and arrogant and as the literal interpretation of scripture and ritual would have us believe? Was Nirvana an ideal beyond definition although words have posited it within reality, the place in which the two or three dimensions of consciousness evaporates into the transcendental? What does it really mean to meet God? What did it really mean to attain Nirvana? Were there similarities between the four stages of attaining a truth beyond the ‘self’, in Islam defined as “Sharia” (universal truth/ not to be confused with the term used to describe a man-devised archaic legal system), “Thariqa” ( phase in which the seeker becomes aware of inner guidance), “Haqiqa” (where the seeker understands the nature of being, and is transcendentally in communion with nature), and “Marifa” ( Ultimate attainment of being-where the self is one with its universal nature), and in Buddhism defined in the concepts of Sovan, Sakkudagami, Anagami and Arahath?. Or the more pertinent question as to if such attainment, “Arahath” or “Marifa”, posits the being into the realm of “Nirvana” or in Islam the realm of “Fanaa” ( the passing away of the self, the entry into nonexistence thereby becoming absolute existence) were actually the same stages described in different words? To any follower of these spiritual strands there is very little to distinguish from.monk

If not, were they all pure concepts through which the other- the unknown was explained.  Was such explanation beyond reach of the human mind or are they in fact in reality attainable, remain questions that has continued the childhood preoccupation. I had understood at an early age, that organized religion, be it couched in terms of philosophy or way of life, nationalism and pride were concepts through which identity was created and control was exerted. It was the genetic accident of birth that determined them. Death, the ultimate end- is where the questions arise, and from time immemorial human beings have devised various formulae to explain to themselves the two biggest mysteries of life: Why are we here? What happens after death? Two questions which no amount of theology, religion, or philosophy have yet been able to provide answers to.

Today, religions thrive in the very fact that such answers have not been provided. But they counter it with certainty, a sense of convoluted paranoia and certainty which the intellect doesn’t, could not, and ideally should not perceive. The certainty has evolved  into an unbridled conviction which adherents of close to 4000 religions across the globe believe they are right, convinced that every single one of the others are wrong. The same certainty with which the men of yore concluded smallpox was a disease from God, or was a result of ‘Karma’ and therefore asserted with certainty that finding a solution was going against the will of God or nature. A cure was found for smallpox and for many other diseases, which according to many who denounced the research for a cure, ‘emanated from ‘God’ or was a result of ‘Karma’. Be it the concept of heaven and hell or reincarnation, in explaining life after death- human beings of either spectrum have convinced themselves that they are aware of an ultimate truth and believe it with certainty. But therein lies the oxymoron. Belief is a paradox in itself and an absurd one at that. ‘Belief’ stems from insecurity. If one was to know something as true or fact, there is no need of ‘belief’. We don’t ‘believe’ that the sun will rise in the morning. The sun will rise in the morning, as it has for the millions of years before us. One needs to ‘believe’ or have ‘faith’ only when one is uncertain. Accordingly although belief/faith is a product of knowledge and social construct it inherently contains the possibility of uncertainty: the possibility of ‘disbelief’, as Hazelton so eloquently describes.

The human mind is constantly in search of a linear narrative: attempting to make sense of what is and what is not is a constant preoccupation. While the ascetic Muslims recitals and chants remained the symbol of the path towards knowledge, the Buddhist monk remained the symbol in the quest for such knowledge, to me.

As much as the spiritual quest remains, the hope for political salvation- the material (loukika) seems further and further away. Since the end of a bloody war, in which one side were named the victor, Sri Lanka has driven herself into turmoil. The war remained the constant through which the human minds need for the ‘other’ was embodied. The end of it signified the beginning of the material mind to find another ‘other’. This was for the essential materialist, who unfortunately took the helm in the need to find the other- with the Saffron Robes intact, the robes which were to the larger world and those at home -the symbol of tranquility and equanimity. While the majority of the country slept in peace, there remained the mind which didn’t. A mind which runs amok, and meanders in constant paranoia. A paranoia driven by hate and fuelled by vengeance. It would be foolish to think that this mind is confined to the undermentioned, but they were the visible frontier of fear mongering and hate fuelling.

What was essentially a movement which gathered pace due to the support by the urban businessmen to counter- what they perceived the new ‘others’ encroachment in their endeavors- has over time evolved into a paranoia that has been solidified in public consciousness. The movements’ initial slogans drew parallels with the calls in Nazi Germany. “Boycott” the shops owned by Muslims. Only yesterday, social media was rife with ‘news’ which said a Muslim owned store had sprayed female underwear in an attempt to curtail birth rates of Sinhalese women, and thus called for the immediate boycotting of the store. This is not a new cry, and has been a consistent tag line since the inception of the movement. Of course this tagline is not based on fact or evidence, mass hysteria often isn’t.

It is those that possess or justify such paranoia- that fall within the ambit and scope of the definition of the Post War Sinhala Buddhist (PWSB), coined in the previous essay.  The racist, bigoted xenophobe who found salvation at the annihilation of one enemy and had to create another. It attempts to define, a militarist, fascist and loud movement, the likes of which the nationalists’ movement pre and post colonialism had not seen. This as detailed previously, does not include nationalists Sinhalese who are protective of the only Sinhala Buddhist state in the world and who cherish its identity remaining so. Only the extreme and the warped could use such clear distinction provided in the previous essay to further and distort it to include the definition to mean “All Sinhala Buddhists who live in post war Sri Lanka”. The distinction between Buddhism as a philosophy, to use the closest western adjective, and Sinhala Buddhism as a political embodiment is also understood. However, the ‘Post War Sinhala Buddhist’, as defined, supersedes these boundaries. If Nietzsche, Orwell, Hegel or even Trotsky were to analyse this phenomenon they would be marveled at the usurpation of what they termed ‘nationalism’.  It remains the only term through which, monks in Saffron Robes, laity, and the educated but post war emboldened fascist could be described. As such it’s used to define the fascist tendencies of a movement that continues to gain ground, largely among Sinhala Buddhist youth active on social media.

Was this fear mongering without good reason, and have the Muslims always been the innocent victim seem to be the questions that are asked. If one was an observant reader of my previous columns in these pages, the reader would be aware the detailing and description of the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism. The need to address such is incumbent upon the Muslim intellectuals, and intelligentsia which have over the years not been active in curtailing the fundamentalism as would have been ideal.

There remains a section of the Lankan Muslim polity, who in their carved realms, believe that a strict literal interpretation of scripture, practice and ritual is required- and in their outward expression of such conviction- have sympathized with the actions of the Islamic State (IS), justified the whipping of a Muslim girl in Puttalam, and banished a female poet from the East who called for the legalization of Prostitution, among others.

I use these examples as symbols, which are in no way meant to confine these expressions only to the above. The demand that is now in the public domain, dominated by a section of the males within the Muslim community, is to continue the validation of an archaic and pre modern aspects of a Law which should and could have no place in modern society. A Law ideally which should have been abolished decades ago, all stemming from a warped interpretation of scripture. It is this same interpretation that has resulted in the rise in the adorning of the Nikab- a pre Islamic costume of the Hejaazi desert in which Islam was born. It would however, be naïve to believe that these interpretations were suddenly thrust upon the Muslims of Sri Lanka. The Iraqi invasion, and the resultant constant conflict the Middle East have been engulfed in, have most certainly had its impact. For if one’s belief is not providing answers to the sufferers as promised: they are not adhering to the faith in the manner prescribed and the suffering is as a result of this non adherence- is almost always throughout history, the narrative that is put forth to believers of any religion. The Wahabi and Salafist networks spearheaded by Saudi Arabia and ably funded by Qatar, supported by the American empire has drawn support as a result of this perceived lack of ‘adherence’.

“God’s wrath falls on us because we are straying away from God” is the cry through which the educated and the uneducated confine their intellectual prowess and resort to literal interpretations. This is true of Sri Lanka presently. The international and sectarian dynamics of the violence in the Middle East is not addressed in this essay but these warped interpretations have, in the existing political context of the Middle East resulted in “Killing in the name of God”. Such is the power of ignorance and blind faith. Again, this is not the sole construct of the adherents of the Islamic faith. Throughout history symbols, religion, and nationalism has been usurped by different sects, religions, and fascists to further their perverted narratives.

But there is a point that needs to be made. On social media there run many photographs of “Pre and Post – Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanisthan” etc. Often times those who share these photos are under the mistaken belief that the Muslims occupied these countries in the 1990’s after which all liberalism vanished. That again reeks of pure ignorance. All these countries, formed an integral part of the early conquests and for centuries were under Muslim rule, with all forms of religious expression, individual freedom intact as was possible during those times of rule- until the ‘Talibanisation’ of that part of the world. The threat to curb such liberalism, culturally, has taken roots in parts of Sri Lanka, within sections of the Muslim community. It is this strict literal interpretation that must be fought ideologically, because – the literal interpretation of text, practices and rituals- is the source, and the source must be addressed. A clear way of which is to understand and educate on the socio politics of religion, theology, history and most importantly the evolution of the different stages of the interpretation of the text, practices and rituals. Education into these areas and socio, economic and political conditions which propelled the interpretations in the past, is the most potent way of addressing and overcoming the existing fundamentalism. Denial after denial of such fundamentalism only symbolizes ignorance. To any observer, there is a visible shift in the actions and attitudes of a growing section among the Muslims in Sri Lanka.

However, do these interpretations and practices warrant such violent reaction from a section of the majority- identified as the PWSB? As detailed in my previous essay it does not. It does not call for such a violent, alienating and exterminating threat. The real victims as of now, are the Muslims themselves and the fundamentalism that is espoused among a section of the Muslim polity in Sri Lanka has got very little, if nothing, to do with the State or the annihilation of Sinhala Buddhists and other races. Instead it seeks to confine and limit the expressions and practices of the Muslims.  But the fear mongers are fascists, who believe in the annihilation of every other different race and culture which exist in the country. The excuse, for them, an excuse which has been fed down to evolve into mass consciousness is ‘fundamentalism’ among the Muslims. But that excuse reeks of hypocrisy and deceit. If those shouting their throats hoarse with anti-Muslim hate were altruistic, the need of the hour would be to help the Muslim community address these issues. Instead the threat of annihilation is on all Muslims. “Let’s start from Maligawaththa and finish them all off”- is the cry.  The fascism has extended beyond too. There is a constant call by these fascists for the rest of the communities to ‘fall in line’, culturally. The beauty of Sri Lanka rests in its diversity and as one of the unintended heroes of the PWSB, Lt. Gen Daya Rathnayaka points out “The beauty of this country is that in the same street you have a Temple a Kovil, a Mosque and Church. That is the identity of this country”. The PWSB doesn’t not understand that the likes of Gen. Rathnayaka, a proud nationalist, among many others do not condone the fascism sprouted by this loud movement.

However, it is these tendencies of intolerance, forcefulness and rigidity which lead to the conclusion that the PWSB and the Muslim Fundamentalist are in fact, two sides of the same coin. Constantly feeding each other in their warped endeavors, silencing the inclusive moderates, advocating and creating suspicion among the two communities. Although the end goal seems different, the results are one and the same.

I don’t find the need to respond to the recent ‘response’ to my previous essay rife with selective statistics picked out from thin air, and interpretations given out like a bigoted justifier of violence would- covering the fascism with the excuse of ‘fundamentalism’.  But I remind the Kalama Suthra to the PWSB, to question the fascist narrative put forth, and to the Muslims I reintroduce the intellectual powerhouses which formed the bedrock of Islam, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Kuldoom Ibn Sina, Sarraj who wrote the famed ‘ Kitab A Luma’ ( Book of Flashes) or the 9th century mystic Junaid, among many others, who kept true to the spirit of the transcendental zeal and questioned the nature and the beauty of the mystery that is the ‘Universe’ and explored the concept of God. They did not blindly believe in a human like interventionist man up in the sky who insists on reward and punishment, with a notebook in hand hovering over the mundane day to day activities of humans, who are only a minute fraction among the vastness of the creation. Such a concept at best describes no one but an insecure dictator of a third world state.

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    Pursuing a Religion is a waste of time, because there is no truth to it. It is all man made belief and the Clergy of all Religions have made use of Religions for the easy sustenance of the Clergy. At the beginning, the fear of Religion helped societies to maintain order in society. However with the passage of time, people began to lose faith in all Religion, but continued to practice for public benefit. Today Religion is all for show and for recognition. Otherwise see the amount of Fraud and Murder committed by the Religious and more so by the Clergy themselves. Thanks to media, today there are many who express their opinion freely of disbelief, including the Muslims. It is creditable for Hafeel Farisz to open the topic supported by some Muslims themselves. It is also appropriate for Dr. Ameer Ali to come out with the Muslim Women and the Divorce Act, where the Bigots in the Middle East are still sitting on it. I saw a youtube video where Palestinian and Israel Women marching for Peace defying the Mulavis and the Rabbis, who thrived earlier keeping them separated. After all, if there is any truth to Religion the people should understand that they could interact with God direct, without these self appointed intermediaries (Clergy), the majority whose piety is questionable as I believe that some of the followers are more pious than the Priests. One may argue that Religion is necessary to guide and discipline the society. This is all bunkum, looking at the mockery that is committed at all levels of all faiths. To guide and to discipline society, there is no need of Religion but Laws are sufficient if they are not flouted by the Rulers.

  • 5


    “One may argue that Religion is necessary to guide and discipline the society. This is all bunkum, looking at the mockery that is committed at all levels of all faiths. To guide and to discipline society, there is no need of Religion but Laws are sufficient if they are not flouted by the Rulers.”


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    Islam is a global menace.

    It is not a local issue in this age of globalization.

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    Here in ME every Muslim must have a Mullah as his ‘Guru’. The Sunnis select a Sunni Mullah and the Shiite a Shiite Mullah. There could be other rebel Mullahs who have their own followings. But let us concentrate on the 2 main groups.

    Every Mullah also must follow another Mullah who is one step higher in the pecking other. Finally the Shiite hierarchy ends up in Iran with the Grand Ayatollah and the Sunni hierarchy ends up in Saudi Arabia, with their Chief Mullah. I do not know how the system works here and who Hafeel’s Mullah is.

    The Ayatollah and the Saudi Mullah are sworn enemies and their respective followers believe that each one is in direct communication with Allah. Due to the diametrically opposite things these guys do, the logical conclusions can be arrived at.

    1. One of them is not in communication with Allah.
    2. Both of them are not in communication with Allah.
    3. There is no Allah to communicate with

    Any edict or fatwa or whatever is followed to the letter by the faithful of the respective sect. Thus, each sect becomes a huge collective being like an ant community. Total dedication is the key word here. Dedication to one’s community and total destruction to the others.

    Being a part of the system from birth, the Muslims cannot think on their own any more than an individual ant can be made to think differently regarding total commitment to the good of the ant colony. For instance, an ant cannot be brain washed to go and attack his own Queen.

    Hafeel may seem to be an exception to the rule. But let me assure that he is not. He is on a hidden agenda mooted by his clan. He is not here on a mission of comparative religion but to blame the PWSB. He talks about the PWSB and an Islamic fundamentalist group. By PWSB he means all SB alive now but by Islamic fundamentalist he means a small extremist group. I would have been less annoyed if he used PWSOB instead of PWSB, since that would be a small Sub Group within PWSB.

    He professes to know that the Buddhists believe in Karma same way as Muslims do in God and takes the example of small pox to illustrate his theory. I can assure all of you that even our Kussi Amma knows about the Niyama Dharma on which any phenomenon depends. (1) Utu (Seasonal) (2) Bila (Genetics) (3) Kamma (4) Dhamma (natural spiritual law.) (5) Chitta (mental activity).

    Note that Kamma comes in as the 3rd here.

    On the other hand, we all know about Islam, where anything and everything is decided by Allah. Nothing can happen without his consent.

    Nice try Hafeel. But the SB are not fooled.

    • 1

      This is again – ” koheda yanne malle polle” – type responses to the article

      Why not you guys sense it – may be it is because you are caught by an open prison situation being in ME right ?

      Please give it a try – Edwin Appu, you would get it if you make efforts.

      All the best.

      • 0

        Heenbaba, Who is your Mulla?

        So you think Allah’s wishes 1 and manifestation Karma is the same? Look Thin Baby I am trying to understand this article. Many have said it is a profound article. That is an understatement. I find it to be a MASTERPIECE of subterfuge and infiltration. Infiltration of ideas in to the minds of naïve people like Thin- baby, whose brain seems to be thinner than, OK, I cannot think of anything thin enough.

        Make the language confusing, complex and yet so wrong grammatically as well in concise and people like Thin_baby will fall for that. Something that is so complex has to be profound.

        More when you tell me who your Mulla is.

    • 0

      Writer has himself made efforts in finding more about Buddhism. I have th feeling he has proved, that self studying of a religion could help you lot more.

      Would anybody of you SO CALLED BUDDHISTs ( leaving so called sinhalabuddhist category, I mean us the born buddhists) – though leaving all bla bla, but made any efforts to mingle with LANKEN muslims and get their part of thoughts – as to why they are forced to be what they are ? NO. I also know the freedom given in Buddhism is relatively unlimited unlike in Islam, Christianity or any other godly religions. That could also be the reasons. For example if I went to a mosque as a non-muslim, I would not have been able to get back all safe, of course depending on the country which practises Islam AND their own versions.

      • 0


        Even my Kussi Amma would not be so naive as you. Coming from a poor family, she studied only up to the 8th and became our beloved Kussi Amma.

        She will probably be stuck their till death. That is perhaps due to her karma. Or perhaps as decided by Allah. Who knows?

        • 0

          No doubt being caught by ME enviroments, you should feel being attacked, but please read the article completely before adding your comments that way. Are u going to damage your alma mater this way? You yourself had added not to have understood the contents of the article.
          As you added somewhere, if you have plenty of time to hang on with these days, do read a book …. that can help you more than adding the kind of comments- besides, if anyone is interested in Dharama or Karma, please add only Links. That would not then block the web spaces as is the case sofar.

          However, your comments remind me the nature of prevarications added by Rajaakshes when asked about anything. But the audience either nodd their both ends – or please Athigaru with a smile… not going beyond it… they the Rajaakshes mix numbers of billions with millions very often, but the media men stay stand still practising their former trainings based on consequences if would react otherwise.

          Anyways, your Mother would not have reacted the way you have BEEN – A FACT – since it is the wisdom helps us all more than the literacy skills.

          • 1

            Thank you Seelawathie. I think I will take your advice and go in to the SILENT MODE. for some time.

            My comments have been like PEARL BEFORE THE SWINE’.

            One Last advice to you.

            Haffel is following the following:


            Goodbye! I think I will go and join Gaban Atha in Andromeda for sometime.

        • 0

          I thought to add the link of Kalama Suthraya as preached by Late most rev. Soma Thero.


          I think anyone that have doubts about the contents of the Suthraya.

          I have the feeling – that many have interpreted the article not even having read it completely.

          • 0

            Kalama Kalama Sutraya balamu. Thin Baba, I am going for lunch. Why don’t you? You look like Indikatu Pancha!

            • 0

              I can imagine the torments you go through being caught by ME enviroments. At the time my morroccan hostel mates preached about their thoughts forcing me to join them – It was no easy for me. The same should be to you while living on that part of the world. Each time flying back home, I am ussed to spend few hours in Dubai, Doha several times. But it is just for few hours… only.
              One of my long time friends from EUrope asked me never go to a job to ME even if millions would have been offered – since it is an open hell. From flight s view on, I get to ssee only concret jungles, that cant provide me any kind of mental harmony.

              Dont worry about Seelawathie, the world after having your lunch will see different for you – Yami Yami. By theway, We will meet and eat on Kehel kole back in Home country.
              We are frozen by colder weathers over here.

              • 0

                have you heard about Alaka Mandava? That is what Dubai is. Come alone. Coming here with your wife, if you have one, would be like taking coal to New Castle. Come alone.

                It is the new melting pot of the world. We have Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Filipinos, Thais, Indonesians, Chines, you name it – we have it.

    • 0

      HAFEEL !![Edited out]

  • 0

    Edwin Appu,

    How would it be, if we would kindly ask Ghanasara (most aggressive lanken so called sangaya of the commen man) and that Pissu ballah like Mad Monk of Batticalo to study Kalama Suthraya ?

    I have no doubt, Batticalo monk would drop loads of his filthy sinhala attacking us all. There you and other will join him ” sadu sadu”:

    I have no doubt Ghanasara would even go extra mile ” we will kill you… we will sacrifice of few young lives “.

    These men though in Sanga Constumes are doing all high harms than anyone by today.

  • 0

    Hafeel attempts to equate Nirvana with God and then, adding insult to injury, he tries the same trickery with Sovan, Sakkudagami, Anagami and Arahath by equating them with Sharia, Thariqa, Haqiqa, Marifa. The only thing I see common there is the number – 4. In Buddha’s time, Brahma was the name used for the creator. Buddha held the concept of a creator God in such contempt, that many times, he kept silent, when someone questioned him about it.

    On one occasion a certain Brahmin asked him these questions:

    1. Do you think that there is a Brahma?
    2. Do you think that there is no Brahma?
    3. Do you think that there is as well no Brahma?

    Buddha remained in the Thushnim Bhuta mode throughout these questions. Thushnim Bhuta here does not mean silent only, but completely ignoring even the presence of the questioner. Highly effective method to disarm the other guy.

    After several attempts to get answers, the man went away mumbling in anger.

    On his departure, Ananda Thera, feeling sorry about the way the man was ignored, asked The Buddha, why he did not tell him that there is no Brahma and finish it off. Buddha replied, “if I said that there is No Brahma, the man would ask ‘was there a Brahma in the past?”. When I say that there has been no Brahma before, he would ask, “would there be one in the future?” and so on it will never be ending. This man is not in a state to hear the truth”.

    In fact it is quite clear that the Buddha held the Brahma concept in such low esteem and refused to give any answer because, even answering NO would be a recognition, of not Brahma, but the concept of a Brahma. Buddha considered it a waste of time and effort

    Sharia, Thariqa, Haqiqa, Marifa.

    The two paths are completely different. One is motivated by a will to reach Heaven, with the help of God, where rivers of wine flow and virgins await you. In other words a place where unlimited pleasures exist.

    The other is a journey to do the opposite, to reject all pleasures and find happiness by extinguishing Thanha.

    The first is taking in more while the other rejecting it all.

    The author, being brainwashed in a certain standardized manner from his childhood cannot even begin to comprehend what the difference is. Why should he? His mission is not to learn but to destroy.

  • 0

    Sam Manappu,

    Don’t say we, OK? I am no joining in your stupid adventures. If you do that Kalama Sutta will become Makala Sutta. You will be erased and the remainder + the eraser will be stuffed up your non existing U NO What.

    Rev. Gnanasara,s is a body builder and a wrestler getting ready for the final battle. Have you seen the frail looking referee getting the treatment from both competitors in wrestling. That will be you.

    • 0

      That means you respect the foul mouth langague of that Batticalo Monk ?

      Gonage wade buruwa baragaththothoth… what would happen ? Was she the only aged woman facing such problems in the poverty stricken srilanka ?

      If all those monks in saffron robes would go amok the way talkative monk did.. what would be the consequence ?

      Or the gorilla from colombo vicinity-Ghansara ?
      Would you agree that Mad monk beating a female constable ?
      Would you agree the manner Mad monk did not allow to do the job of visiting policists ?
      If yes, you really have not learnt anything from your KUSSI AMMA, am I right ?

      • 0

        Sam Fernando, “That means you respect the foul mouth langague of that Batticalo Monk ?”. Most certainly I do. As long as he is in robes I do.

        There are so many different stories about this monk. Some consider him as a racist thug. Yet others consider him as a protector of SB rights in the East. I think we need some one like in the West too, specifically in the Wilpattu area, for the same job.

        The North is safe because our Tamil brothers are there. And in the South we have MR nd Gota making it safe too. This leaves only the West exposed to threats.

        “If all those monks in saffron robes would go amok the way talkative monk did.. What would be the consequence?” This is a hypothetical question. So I will give a hypothetical answer.

        The probability of that happening is about the same as all Muslims joining ISIS. No need to worry. You can bet it will not happen. (Oh sorry. Forgot that betting is haram). Al Hamdullah, nothing is going to happen to you. If something does happen, Allah Kareem!

        I don’t want to talk about the Professional wrestler. He is too dangerous. My advice to you – Do the same.

    • 0

      Tell us just born buddhists, what is difference between you and us.
      I perfectly know that I dont belong to SINHALA BUDDHIST groups since they are extremists hidden behind buddhism but please Rajapakshe extremists.

      Ghansara should be kept in a cage in Zoo being away from human association. That can lead to everyone s inner harmony. Those sodomites like Dayshan or others should be given rebah courses extending their remand stays.

  • 0

    What is the use of keeping Gnanasara in a cage? With those muscles more suitable for a Professional Wrestler, no one is going to mistake him for a Kalaveddah or a Hotambuwa. People will think it is a newly imported Gorilla and crowd around him. Then he will start his racist sermons and the SB will go berserk beating their chests and shouting ‘Kreegah! Bundolo! Gotabo!” The Yahapalanaya would have no option but to release him.

    Then what are you going to do Sam? You will not have a road wide enough to run. A Gnanasara caged and released would be much more dangerous proposition than a Gnanasara just left alone. It will be King Kong all over again, except that the girl dangling from his hand would be Sam.

    I will tell you what we can do. Keep it secret OK? We will circumcise him and then release him. Then we will spread the rumour through the social media that Gnanasara is a Muslim on the payroll of CIA. We will also insist that we want him to prove publicly that the charges are false.

    That will make spend the rest of his life hiding in the ceiling of his temple like a Kalaveddah.

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