26 June, 2022


Our Silence Towards Atrocities In North Invited Terror To Our Doorstep In South: UNP

The United National Party is concerned about the recent arrests under the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act in the North and the breakdown of law and order in the country.

Issuing a statement today the UNP said; “The UNP once again call on the people of this country, particularly in the South, to realise the gravity of the human rights situation. We have been misled numerous times by thinking that human rights are an issue of merely the people of the North. It is because of our silence towards the atrocities in the North that the terror of Weliweriya came to our doorstep in the South; it is because of our apathy at the killings of journalists in the North that Editors of national newspapers were killed in broad day light in the streets of Colombo; it is because of our inaction that this regime has been able to get away with crushing all our collective rights.”

We publish below the statement in full;

Recent developments in the North raise serious concerns about the human rights record of the ruling regime, while also creating doubt as to whether it is intentionally provoking international action in order to gain petty political milage.

Karu and Ranil colombotelegraphOn 16 March Ruki Fernando, a human rights activist, was arrested with Father Praveen in Kilinochchi on terrorism charges. Police say they were arrested under terrorism charges.

This comes on the wake of the arrest of Balendran Jeyakumari and her young daughter on suspicion of harbouring a criminal. Jeyakumarai and her 13 year old daughter have been at the forefront of protests calling on authorities to come clean on the plight of her son who had surrendered soon after the war. The boy, who had been forcibly recruited by the LTTE, had surrendered to the military. Whilst officials claim there is no record of his arrest, he appeared in a photograph that was published in a government report.

The fact that so many individuals, political parties and the international community have raised concerns regarding the arrest of Jeyakumari and her daughter, along with that of Ruki Fernando and Fr. Praveen, illustrates the pathetic lack of credibility of the Sri Lankan judicial system.

If any of these individuals are guilty of a crime they should be held responsible after being afforded a due judicial process. However, there is a serious question of this due process in Sri Lanka when the Chief Justice of the country was impeached through a two-week process which was deeply flawed.

The arrests under the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act and the breakdown of law and order in this country do not speak well of the independence and efficiency of either the judiciary or the police. The involvement of the military and the Ministry of Defence while there is a much touted Ministry of Law and Order also do not bode well to credibility of the administration.

These arrests come particularly at a time when the attention of the world has been drawn to Sri Lanka. One of the main complaints made against the regime in Geneva is that it has systematically harassed human rights defenders and those who have sought redress to their grievances through international players.

The regime is particularly accused of harassing individuals who spoke to Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay during her visit to Sri Lanka in September 2013.

The fact that human rights activists are being arrested when deliberations at the Human Rights Council on Sri Lanka are taking place, shows that the Rajapaksa regime has little regard for international opinion and scrutiny. The UNP has repeatedly called on the regime not to play political games with the future of this country. Despite these calls it is clear that the regime sees the human rights issue and the impending resolution at the Human Rights Council, as a political opportunity. From the President downwards the regime has made the Geneva challenge into a political battle cry aimed at the provincial council elections due on March 29.The timing of the election itself suggest the political motivations.

In this backdrop to carry out such ill-timed arrests seriously begs the question whether the ruling regime in fact wants the international community to take actions against it. It is baffling to us, as a responsible opposition how anyone could wish to make political mileage at the cost of the country and its people. As we have said before those who will suffer the most due to international action will be the ordinary people of this country, and not the current political masters who have secured their wealth and futures.

The UNP once again call on the people of this country, particularly in the South, to realise the gravity of the human rights situation. We have been misled numerous times by thinking that human rights are an issue of merely the people of the North. It is because of our silence towards the atrocities in the North that the terror of Weliweriya came to our doorstep in the South; it is because of our apathy at the killings of journalists in the North that Editors of national newspapers were killed in broad day light in the streets of Colombo; it is because of our inaction that this regime has been able to get away with crushing all our collective rights.

It is now time to change the narrative. It is time to demand that Jeyakumari Balendran, Ruki Fernando and countless others be offered their due process of justice. As recent history has amply demonstrated, what the Rajapaksa regime gets away in the North it then repeated in the South.

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Latest comments

  • 8

    Who woke up the UNP?

    Like Rip van Winkle they suddenly woke up from deep slumber and get serious!

    Did they realize that Sinhala Buddhist racism won’t work anymore?

    Or, is it March madness that we are seeing?

    • 3

      Who woke up the UNP? ……from the deep slumber…. Good question.

      Yes Ranil was vacationing in Venice and cruising in Gondolas when CJ Shirani Bandaranayake was impeached.

      He also made sure that no UNP MP’s goes to her assistance.

      He even blocked UNP PSC members going to courts to give witness/evidence on her Impeachment.

      Who woke up the old Elephant……….

      1) Yes. First It was Sirasa TV

      2) Dayasiri Jayasekara

      3) Sixty (60) UNP MP’s who crossed over to Government.

      4) JVP

      5) Gen.Sarath Fonseka

      6) Voters both in rural and urban areas.

      7) Finally it was Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge.

      Hope the woke up Elephand will not go back to deep sleep again.

      Jayawewa Siri Lanka.

  • 7

    High time for you invertebrates to wake up.Where were you all this time.

  • 6

    At least it is better than late that you, RW spilled out the truth that we all Sinhalese should realize. We talk justice, peace, Buddha dhamma, ahimsa, humanitarian etc. etc. etc… BUT WHEN THE TAMILS ARE HARASSED, TORTURED, KILLED, WE LOOK THE OTHER WAY… NO BUDHU DAMMA, NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE, NO HUMANITARIAN ETC. ETC.ETC… NOW IT HAS ARRIVED AT OUR DOOR STEP. NO ONE BUT WE INVITED IT BY OUR RACISM.
    At the moment we are closing our eyes to the BUDDHIST BULL SHIT (BBS)atrocities, soon our pansalas will be burning to open our eyes.

    Weliveriya is an ideal example for what is awaiting us soon.

  • 6

    “…….atrocities in the north……………….”
    At last the realisation has dawned on the UNP.

  • 4

    Ok Ranil, lets have a comprehensive investigation, JRJ, Batalanda and all shall we? This time lets get to the bottom of the problem once and for all.

    • 2

      Yes by all means. Let us have once and for all an Inquiry for all, why only JRJ and Batalanda? What about Kitchen Brains and the ’71 massacre?

      These are the critics whose rationality is warped and can not think beyond their noses. The great Sinhala Mahawamsa Buddhists. For them it is heinous crime, when the LTTE killed innocent civilians men women and children. But when our own Forces killed Tamil children(VP’s son) and scores of others, unarmed captives as Isapriya etc. they rejoice because they are Tamil.

      This bugger is not only a crazy old man, but has Pig shit in his brain. Typical Madamulana Bugger.

  • 7

    Absolutely! If any for that matter RW or the UNP spoke of the atrocities in the North, would have been branded as a TRAITOR by MR and his apologists. RW was lambasted trying to settle the Northern issue through the CFA as something treacherous that RW committed. But these moda Sinhalese do not see the mockery that MR has done, striking a deal with KP and Karuna being installed in place of VP who was ousted with their help and today MR is trying to install them as the powers in the North/East in place of VP. Our very forces who were massacred by these very LTTErs as KP and Karuna, the Forces are made to salute and provide protection to them addressing as ‘Sir’. What a mockery! MR is nothing but a wheeler dealer and never a PATRIOT as inferred. Now MR’s true colours are coming out.

    Why is it that MR apologists brand any Decent Tamil who voice their grievances as Traitors and not KP, Karuna Amman et al?

  • 6

    The arrest of human rights activists and detention and interrogation by army personnel should be condemned and this is only a yet another incident in the escalation of human rights violations under MR’s impunity. The manner of arrest , the detention and interrogation show the way this country is being dragged into a misery of military rule. The UNHKC should seriously look into the atrocities the people of Sri Lanka, south and North, are being subject to the criminal elements of MR’s tyranny. We call upon all civil societies throughout the world and media organisations to be on special alert on the victims of human rights abuses, in Sri Lanka.

  • 3

    When UNP is the other side of the same coin that this regime is, it is hardly possible to welcome this Statement, let alone applaud it.

    It is a shame that the Leader of UNP would use the plight of Tamils in the North of the country to make political headway in the South.

    It is on record that UNP would defend SL in its battle against war crimes related allegations the UNHRC Resolution in Geneva is about.

    • 1

      You are wrong. The UNP is going to give the Tamils what ever they want. How about a part of Colombo too? Didn’t the Tamil kingdom start there?

      • 4

        “How about a part of Colombo too?”
        Don’t they have many parts of Colombo already? Tamils not only owned the land they even ran the country. Its your jealousy that made them give-up and mind their own business or leave the country, unfortunate result the country has gone to hell in a hand basket.

  • 2

    Come on Sir, the people, at least those have a good memory, will remember that it is during the rule of his beloved uncle, the late ‘cunning fox’ the Prevention of Terrorism Act was introduced; and that it was used more extensively in the South than in the North. It is you and your party that paved they way for all ‘anti-people’ activities. Anyway, perhaps wisdom has dawned on the UNP now. Better late than never. To set right all the wrongs that you started at least be honest and launch an ‘effective’ agitation to bring an end to all forms of misrule in the country.

  • 0

    people seek for USA and the west to protect human rites. the same powerful nations allowing the corrupt leaders to make investments in their institutes. what kind of a double game these international community play.

  • 0

    Has the UNP Christian Faction lead by Ranil shot itself in the foot here?.

    Does the National Peace Council handle the Northern Province news gathering for the UNP ?.

    Vellala students go to KFC after school in the new Cargills Sq. while their parents are doing their grocery shopping in Cargills Supermarket.

    And don’t tell us that Cargills is owned and operated by the Sinhala Buddhists who vote for Mahinda Chintana.

    NGOs who are the new champions of our inhabitants are obviously are at it again, Aren’t they?

    Hidden Arms Cache, 13 year old child and mother protecting a know LTTE fighter who escaped to Norway after Nanthikadal and sneaking back to Jaffna, carrying instructions from the Norway LTTE leader Nedu , and gathering the ex LTTE cadres in Killinochchi can’t be a Bible Reading Workshop to teach them good Christian values with the help of these two NGOS from the NPC…

    • 1

      Amanasekara seems to be suffering from hallucinations. First the Bugger believed and was shouting for the world to hear that MR defeated the LTTE. Now the Bugger is claiming that the LTTE is much alive.

      Is it any wonder that if this wheeler dealer MR continues to harass Tamils keeping a part of the LTTE under his sarong will naturally bite his balls off? Amanaya has nothing to worry as he has no balls clearly.

  • 0

    When uncle Dicky introduced the PTA he had two wars going on at the same time. It was badly needed to deal with the situation. What is the justification for it now??

    • 0

      The stage of state violence to suppress opposition political activity through the use of the police and armed forces was first set by the UNP during the hartal of 1953.

  • 0

    What great chest thumping by the United National

    Is it the hand and just the voice of only a section
    of the party? Or does the statement one that reflects
    the official views of the UNP?

    After all, they signed the CFA with the LTTE, gave them
    so much concessions and nurtured their growth. What we
    are facing is the outcome of all this.

    Now like patron saints, they are crowing from their roofs
    about human rights. I don’t for a moment condone the recent
    arrests and this Government should respect the laws of
    the land and act in the best interest of the country.

    But how can the UNP as much a murmur. They maintained stoic
    silence when the 18th Amendment was passed. They were deaf,
    dumb and blind when the Chief Justice (Shirani Bandaranayake)
    was impeached. The were snoring when the Army shot people at

    Crime and murders are on the increase. There is no law and
    order. Have they spoken a word.

    For their leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe, the only national
    concern seems to be the Colombo Port City Project. Why? Is
    someone who planned it did not get the contract? Or is he
    voicing the concerns of a powerful country? One has never seen
    so much vigor in Ranil and this issue. Never has he espoused
    anything concerning the public.

    • 0

      Port City Project, a.k.a . Colombo Harbour City.

      You are right on the money Mr Perera.

      Wonder whether the UNP leader can enlighten his loyalists,about the issues which Mr Perera has raised?..

  • 0

    RW not only ignored the atrocities in the North but assisted in the
    loss of the Police file re a [Edited out]

    Mahinda Rajapakse was a Terrorist since 1988 – watch;-


  • 0

    What a surprise. Ranil has woken up from his sleep. Finally acting like an opposition leader. Not only that he wants human rights restored in the North. Congratulations UNP.

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