28 June, 2022


Pictures: Bodu Bala Sena In America

Bodu Bala Sena delegation headed by BBS Secretary General Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thero had a successful meeting with high monks in USA in April 2013, says the BBS.

BBS also says; the delegation was invited as special guests from Sri Lanka for the Opening Ceremony of new Meditation center at Indiana Buddhist temple USA,  Fort Wayne on 2013.04.22. Many Sri Lankans and Americans participated the ceremony and also Bodu Bala Sena Secretry General Galagodaaththe Gnanasara thero conducted the Buddhanussathi Puja and talk with the People at the Buddhist Temple in Indiana,  USA on 20 the April.

Bodu Bala Sena delegation headed by BBS Secretry General Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thero had a successful  meeting with high monks in USA. in April 2013

Opening Ceremony  of new Meditation center at Indiana Buddhist temple USA ,  Fort Wayne on 2013.04.22

Galagodaththe Gnanasara thero open the new Bodi tree in  Indiana Buddhist Temple

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    Badu Balu Sena/Rawanas/Rawayas/Helayas
    appeal for all these thugs
    you all against cricketers who play for IPL in India.but you are not try to stop the IPL matches telecast in Srilanka in our own channels.and the bloody Rawana thugs try to stop bring Kamala Hasan, Wijay, Sarath Kumar and Rajani Kanth Films. their films are every day showing our TV channels. why cant you stop this.every where we can see Lord Buddah protected by Hindu Gods. you can see in Buses, Budhist own Hotels business places also temples and dewalas. don’t fool sinhalese and try to prove the famous saying “Sinhalaya Modaya Kevum Kanna Yodaya”.

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    BBS works must be appreciated. They also must be given oppertunity to express their views, ideas, complaints, etc. They represent one of the great teachings by a great human. It is a teaching which tolerate what others say. But throughout this world one of the teaching does not tolerate all other teachings. They blindly obey and try to destroy all other valuble, important teachings. USA society tolerate to listen all others. But they will not tolerate who try to destroy that society like extremists. BBS must join hand agaist such extremists with USA which is one of the strongest democarcy in this world and they must rule this world for ever. Otherwise the extremists like Alkaida, Taliban will emerge and hold the ruling of the hole world and they will destroy all other religions and races from the earth.

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    says USA is the strongest democracy in the world. don’t joke with democracy. first understand what is democracy. Alkaida,Taliban, are terrorist groups no doubt.but you forget to mention the name of LTTE. every one your world strongest Democratic country role in LTTE terrorist.USA didn’t want destroy Alkaida or Taliban they only want to suck the oil of middle east.BBS also a extremist terrorist of our country.Gananasara and his thugs with saffron cover destroy our peaceful country. only a few fools like you support BBS.USA,UK,or any European country support Srilanka when our country in trouble.Alkaida or Taliban are not in Srilanka.

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    You see nowadays we are coming out of our slumber, we do not fall on the feet of the monks any more. We do not allow our womenfolk to fall in the feet of the monks, after these were thought to bring blessings, but it is not a good thing to worship a human being who depends on our alms. Let by gone be bygone. Let us be sensible. We look at the Muslims for the guidance and I see the wisdom in them. They do not bow down except to the Almighty God (Sarwa Bhaladhari Dewiyan Wahansey). This sound very logical. The Supreme Creator is the Only Diety worthy of worship. Sound very logic.

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