16 May, 2022


Porter ASP Liyanage: Namal Puts His Foot In The Mouth When Justifying Ambassador’s Despicable Act

Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa put his foot in the mouth when he attempted to justify the conduct of Sri Lanka’s controversial ambassador to Qatar A.S.P. Liyanage who was seen carrying bags of Rajapaksa’s brothers, Yoshitha and Rohitha, at Qatar airports.

Yoshitha and Rohitha Rajapaksa visited Qatar yesterday with the CH and FC Rugby team and the Ambassador, appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena, was seen at the airport to welcome the two sons of the former President.

Commenting on the development, Rajapaksa tweeted, “CH&FC was invited by the Doha Rugby Football Centre for a friendly match. The Sri Lankan Ambassador was at the airport to receive the team. My brothers are very capable of handling malicious personal attacks on nonsensical matters but keep CH&FC out from this delirious claims. ”

The Colombo Telegraph report did not take any issue with the two Rajapaksa sons visiting Qatar with the CH and FC Rugby team for a friendly match. We only questioned the Sri Lankan Ambassador’s extraordinary gesture to go to the airport to welcome the two sons and carrying their bags.

Rajapaksa’s statement remained strangely silent on the despicable act committed by the Ambassador.

While Ambassador ASP Liyanage was seen carrying Rohitha Rajapaksa’s bag, Sri Lanka Embassy official and Minister Rajitha Senaratna’s close associate Ruwan Dananasooriya was pictured pushing a trolley containing Yoshitha Rajapaksa’s bags.

The Ambassador drove them to Mercure Grande Hotel where they were staying. They were Chauffer driven with the Ambassador in the front seat with two sons at the back.

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  • 3

    Yes Rohitha Rajapakse is regal material. So handsome and confident. Yoshitha is useless

    • 16

      Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa ,

      ” We only questioned the Sri Lankan Ambassador’s extraordinary gesture to go to the airport to welcome the two sons and carrying their bags.= CT” “

      CT was complaining about you and your brother using the Sri Lanka’s ambassador as a porter at the Airport. You should have used a regular portor at the airport, and paid a few dollars tip to the porter, out of the billions you have stolen pron the Sri Lankan people.

      Now both you, your brother and the Sri Lankan ambassador looks like jerks, and you have demonstrated that.

      This is called “Kade Yanawa’, or “Kade Yana ambassador. “

    • 7

      Was CH&FC also used to launder the Rajapaksas stolen/Black monies!?

      The Rajapaksas CR&FC links must be investigated #INTERPOL

      Might find some links to the Wasim Thajudeen murder cover up too…

  • 10

    ASP Liyanage is so handsome. Is he married?

    • 5

      Menaka, Stocky men are not that blessed with what you are searching for.

  • 2

    Ah boy. it’s an issue of personalities.

    Personality of president appointed diplomat vs 2 former president’s sons personality

    It might say st about personality of former & present president as well.

    If there’re allegations, former president & his henchmen (if any) should have been prosecuted by now unless he/they can’t be labelled as hora or looter.

    It goes to utter st about personality of those making comments on CT as well; with or without hatred, standing beside almost failed gg.

  • 4

    nimal fernando

    “I’m in Moscow ……… Dayan carried my bags.”

    Did he carry your b***s as well?
    If he hasn’t then you are not that important VIP (political brat) or probably he was carrying his own clanking b***s with lot of difficulty.

    Have you been enjoying your holiday?

    • 4

      Native Vedda – Mahinda would love to carry the baggage of the first passenger landing at the Hambantota Airport

  • 6

    What is this Hullabaloo of ASP pulling a travel bag?.
    I am glad to see ASP doing it, because the Yahaalanistas went to town alleging ASP gave his mansion to President Rajapaksa for nothing.
    That is how rich ASP is supposed to be.

    After Rajapaksa got rolled, Yahapalananistas boss Dr Ranil appointed ASP as the Ambassador to UAE.
    That is how ridiculous this Bullshit of Yahapalanistas are..
    ASP atleast now know how the poor Porters in Katunayaka feel, when they are pushing and pulling those bags every day and every night.
    Hope the Rajapaksa boys tipped ASP well….

    BTW, CT hasn’t mentioned the Yahapalanista Minister who pulled in LKR 150 Mil into his Bank Account in Colombo.
    150 Mil is big BuX even in the Depreciated Yahapalana Ruppiah.
    Wonder whether Rajapaksa boys were carrying that cash in the Two Bags which ASP was pulling?
    I guess you know what I mean…
    Wonder whether that Yahapalana Dath Dostara and the Foul Mouth Son will get a chance to check
    Rajapaksa Safety Box in the Arab Bank again, when the Duo go to Dubai…

    • 2

      I am glad to see ASP doing it, because the Yahaalanistas went to town alleging ASP gave his mansion to President Rajapaksa for nothing.
      That is how rich ASP is supposed to be.

      Sumane ASP gave the Peacock Palace free to Old King not because he is so rich. He will leave his Parrot’s House, if Old King wants it for a day, with him. So Peacock Place is not big deal….

      Old King rented the Peacock palace not for the Hambantota Peacocks, but for the Golden Goose living in the sand of the swimming pool. ASP thought, at that time, he was giving it free that when Old King collects the golden eggs and leave the Palace, Goose will be his. But Old King cut goose & took all all the eggs too. ASP was disappointed, went to the F word CID. You know, then, Old King protected Him & ASP from F Word CID.

      The kids, the misers, so far not known to tip a lot anyone, even the weightdresses they tripped into their lives. But there is $3B at Dubai. So its worth to pray the Lankawe B Buddha at Allah’s temple with hope. .

    • 1

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “After Rajapaksa got rolled, Yahapalananistas boss Dr Ranil appointed ASP as the Ambassador to UAE.”

      A S P Liyanage is on a deep, deep deep, deep undercover mission for Ranil. He handles clan’s bags and forensically detect how much cash and gold are being smuggled to UAE (in other word money laundering) by each member of the clan and passes on the information to Ranil and Dr Go.
      Dr Go needs to keep an eye on the kids and account of the gold because most of the gold was stolen from Vanni.

      Tell us about the palace intrigues.
      Building a grand coalition of crooks is on the table.
      Amending the constitution is on the cards so as to let Dr Mahinda contest the presidential elections again.
      Dr Mahinda believes his brother the former National Hangman Dr Go could become an electoral liability. I would go along with it.
      Namal Baby will object to Basil being appointed as Prime Minister because Basil is very reluctant distribute a fair share of the loot among clan members.

      What is the talk of the town now?

  • 0

    comment by dr Kugan
    I had been working on oversees some time 1980 in Middle Eastern country that large projects undertaken by Japanese Multi–nation Corporation of construction Company for the largest Oil refinery was build in that country.
    The Capacity of Oil refinery was Oil barrel per-day are 150,000 for that refine by their own crude oil. Project Manager Japanese person.
    I was Deputy in charge Labor relation and camp management of Sri lanakn work force of 750 works who were engaged work site by that in many skill and unskilled Sri Lankan.

    When I my fist assignment at office I had been working site office.
    I surprises see that Project manager carry that unloading heap of cartoon loaded from truck to head office premises by himself. That is not his job but Project manager undertaken by voluntary.
    In case of Sri Lankan management are concern we do having such working mentality at all even now .
    That type of work that we reject such work that will diminished their reputation of Position now?

    That is one of reason that our people being condemned Ambassador carrying bags of MR sons been make allegation by several commenters.
    The Ambassador set new example go down to earth by providing services which that I appreciated.

    The crux of matter is Ambassador become victims of because that client has been were sons of MR ?
    Please look at fact of historical truth said in modern politics is that MR has won reputation of End of Tamil terrorist war launch by LTTE & TNA harm to ours system democracy order 30 odd years .

  • 2

    Amazing how murderers and robbers of nation are called royal material and honorable. We citizens have lost our minds. Even better the medical deception of Karl Marx SLMC who altered the 10 member Prof. Rizvi Sheriff report to approve SAITM by inspection of July 2015 with recommendations signed in September2015 to negate the entire UGC approved University, tormenting 900 future doctors through tactical GMOA delay. This was proved both in Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court against Prof. Carlo the color changing chameleon who with GMOA terrorists produced evil baby of adult cheater deans. Why are we training shameless doctors of dishonesty. Much of profession has clinical integrity. Drama wd. be interesting on 18th with contempt of court of AP head needing judgment. Minister’s duty to legally revamp corrupt SLMC.

  • 1

    Rajapakshas are useless. CH team us worse. Set of pussies

  • 2

    yes leave my brothers alone.. otherwise we will kill you like thajudeen

  • 0

    New Designation “Porter Ambassador” must be put to full use. ASP Liyanage is another shameless crook, therefore birds of a feather flock together.

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