17 May, 2022


Rajitha Reiterates MR Cronies Banked US $ 500 M In Dubai

The Cabinet Spokesman, Minister Rajitha Senaratne today reiterated that the government had reliable information on eight accounts maintained by some top-notch politicians and officials of the former regime in several Banks in Dubai, with deposits amounting to more than US $500 million.



Speaking to media in Colombo today Senaratne said that the government expects to freeze these accounts with the UAE government’s help and bring back the money which were plundered by corrupt officials and politicians of the past regime.

While noting that there was an ongoing investigation, Senaratne said the names of the account holders will be revealed after the investigations are over.

Disclosing the amount of monies deposited in some of the accounts Senaratne went on to say that in one account there was more than US $500 million while another two had US $1.086 million and 1.8 million respectively.

When a journalist said that Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa has refuted claims that he had maintained an account in a Dubai bank with deposits amounting to US $500 million, Minister Senaratne replied that no one had accused Namal, the eldest son of Rajapaksa.

“If the cap fits, Namal can wear it” Rajitha replied in response to the question raised by the journalist.

Earlier Senaratne had said that Sri Lankan investigators have located more than $2 billion that was secretly transferred to accounts in Dubai by figures close to the administration of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“We have information that more than $10 billion, more than our country’s foreign reserves, is kept outside the country by those closely related to the last government,” Senaratne had earlier said.

However Rajapaksa family members have dismissed as “nonsense” the government’s purported claims..

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    Rajitha, the statements you are making are very encouraging and accord with what the citizens of this country suspect – that the Rajapakse family and cronies and puppets and rogues have robbed the country blind. Since the new government came into power there have been numerous stories circulating about the colossal robberies and fraud that was perpetrated by these uneducated, greedy, demented, decadent bastards. As of today there has only been talk and no action. Okay, we hear that the Attorney General is incompetent as well as a stooge of the Rajpakses. We hear that the judiciary is corrupt and inundated with crooked judges appointed by Rajapakse. We hear that the IGP, Army chief, air force chief and so many others in the public service are corrupt and were nominated by the Rajapakses. We know for a fact that this is the situation. So why on earth has RW and MS not taken urgent steps to purge these vermin from their positions and appoint some decent, competent, qualified professionals with integrity to fill these positions. Also time to realize that Sri Lanka does not have the professionals of the right caliber and knowledge to investigate the crimes and frauds that have been committed by these rogues. Situations like this call for internationally proven experts who know what they are doing and can nail these bastards. Essentially we lack the expertise and will continue to fumble and mumble with the very mediocre guys we have as professionals who really cannot deliver. These so called local experts are big frogs in a small well but it will be advisable to get some small frogs from a big well who will be able to swim the walk as well as talk the talk. Appointing friends and relatives and school mates from the old school is not going to solve the problems that the country is faced with. One has to face reality and that is that the present guys in the new government have been sleeping for the past fifteen years in the parliament, there are cobwebs in their brains that stultify analysis and common sense thinking, they have no experience in managing, the brains are withered, many of them are mental lightweights and they just cannot make the correct decisions to move things forward. RW and MS should advertise every position whether it is for a CEO of an institution, a member of a committee or commission or a senior public service appointment. Its all about merit and expertise and proven delivery that matters, not connections with the family or the old school. When will out politicians ever learn. They are all a bunch of rat bags and carpetbaggers. The recent fiasco with the Dubai Bank and the large sums that were deposited in the names of the honorable ex presidents family members and cronies is a case in point.

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