28 May, 2022


Ranil Condemns Paris Attacks

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has condemned the multiple terror attacks in Paris late Friday, calling them an “unprecedented and dastardly terrorist attacks”.

RanilWickrmesinghe has sent the following letter to the Prime Minister of the Republic of France;

HE Manuel Valls

Prime Minister of the Republic of France


I am deeply shocked and saddened by the unprecedented and dastardly terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015 which resulted in the loss of a large number of innocent lives and injury and trauma to many more.

I wish to convey my deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

Having suffered due to terrorism for many decades, Sri Lanka unequivocally condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Attacks of this nature clearly indicate the urgent need for concerted measures by the global community to combat terrorism and extremism.

The Government and People of Sri Lanka stand in solidarity with the Government and People of France during this time of tragic loss and suffering.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Prime Minister

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    We must find a answer to global unrest. The muslim community is being exploited by the rich few. The rich poor divide exists. The arab spring tried to redress the balance. But the countries that had western influnce were left out. Social justice must be implemented in the middle east by all of us coming togethr. We to find injustice when our women are employed there.

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      Yesterday Paris ,before that New York, London, Colombo, Mumbai, Iraq, Afghanistan, ..list is endless ,

      From 1917 Bolshevik revolution, Violence never brought any justice but more & more deaths , suffocation to mankind,

      One reason is double standards of West , among other things, they talk about terrorism when the get hit, if others get hit they use another term..& sometimes terror offices are in western capitals, yes, they say, they did not violate their countries laws, , okay,..

      we got to live with terrorism in all it’s forms.. because they got their supporters as well as victims also in Western Capitals.


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        did we have ISIS attack in Colombo?

        • 1

          “Colombo? did we have ISIS attack in Colombo? “

          No, only LTTE Attacks and BBS attacks.

          Both groups are terrorists.

          • 0

            “While Obama Is Helping ISIS”

            So ISIS Obama forced the Lankan elections for a change of regime.
            Like Subic Bay Philippines Lankan’s need royal seepage or can never survive- so much for sovereignty sinhala buddhist ranil sirisena Chandrika.!
            France has dropped 20 bombs on the Ghost ISIS and Cameron for the first time request Putin for help after refusing to speak with the Ukraine affair.

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        This one is to educate the PM…..then next time he will condemn the 40 countries that supported the ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service).

        Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International

        Ken OKeefe Press TV Commentary – Paris False Flag – Nov 14, 2015

        ISIS financed from 40 countries, incl G20 members – Putin (FULL SPEECH)

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      The rich ‘few’ include other Muslims, like the rulers of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE etc. They are certainly hoarding funds for their families, and these same states fund terrorism too. Saudi Arabia is terrorising Yemeni civilians from the air using US supplied weapons.
      The Arab Spring was not as you describe, but to REPLACE regimes that were seen as unfriendly to the West. Social justice will not be achieved till the oil runs out. Western interference has NEVER been about social justice.

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    Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

    RE: Ranil Condemns Paris Attacks

    “Having suffered due to terrorism for many decades, Sri Lanka unequivocally condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Attacks of this nature clearly indicate the urgent need for concerted measures by the global community to combat terrorism and extremism.”

    Thank you for your condemnation of the Terrorist attacks in Paris. We all should condemn terrorist attacks everywhere.

    Sri Lankan Citizens have experienced many kinds of terrorists attacks on selected groups of citizens since independence.

    1. The Up Country Sri Lankan Citizens of Indian Origin were terrorized by calling them stateless, by the Sinhala Buddhist Dominated sate with the help pf the Vellala Jaffna Tamils.

    2. The Sri Lankan Tamils were Terrorized in 1956, and 1958 by the Sinhala Buddhist Terrorists.

    3., 4….

    5. The Sri Lankan Tamils were Terrorized in 1983, and later by the Sinhala Buddhist Terrorists aided by the state.

    6. Sri Lanka was terrorized by the LTTE Terrorists.

    “Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a deadly wave of bombings and shootings across Paris that has left nearly 130 people dead and which the French president, François Hollande, denounced as an “act of war”.”

    The List is too long.

    By the way, didn’t the French and the British Colonize and Terrorize the Middle East and other places for a long time called acts of war?

    Vietnam, Bien Dien Phu, Algeria, Indo China?

    Is this called Karma?

    • 11

      “”By the way, didn’t the French and the British Colonize and Terrorize the Middle East and other places for a long time called acts of war?””

      Buccaneering Not Racketeering was the form of the day.

      The human mind is charming in its unreasonableness, its inveterate prejudices, and its waywardness and unpredictability.

      The popularity of fools (buruvas) is an undeniable fact.
      I have no doubt that, East or West, the world hates a man who is too smart in his dealings with his fellowmen.

      As a result of dehumanised logic we have dehumanised truth.
      way to your karma question-QED.

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        Alternate View.

        ISIS is an invention of the US and Wahhabi Saudis to take control of Syria.

        New Evidence Reveals: Putin Is Destroying ISIS While Obama Is Helping ISIS

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      Stop diverting attention.

      The terrorist attack was carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

      They allege similar things against France which make no sense at all.

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        the french have always fought alongside the caliphate but what is this carnage? Holland says its war or is it withdraw like Madrid??

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        Fathima Fukushinma

        “They allege similar things against France which make no sense at all “

        The French had no business to be in Syria or Libya. They claim a right to be there based on the Sykes Picot Agreement during WW 1.

        The Germans and Swedes are not there. What is the need for France? French Hegemony? or as agents of the West?

        Syria is a Devil, Iblis following Saudi Wahhabi Conspiracy aided and abetted by Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, and the West including Israel, to Topple the Govt of Syria, and replace with a Wahhabi Lead, Sunni Lead Govt. and treat the non-Sunni Wahhabis as second class citizens, and occasionally massacre them. Same for Christians and other minorities.

        This is what Devil, Iblis following Wahhabi Saudi Prince Bandar or some other said:

        “God help the Shias”.

        Another sign that the Wahhabi follow the Devil Iblis, Satan.

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    When the LTTE was maintaining constant bomb attacks against innocent people in the island against all ethnic communities all these Western nations paid scant attention on the killings of the innocent, calling on the Sri Lanka government to “settle the matter”, surreptitiously supporting the LTTE by allowing the collection of funds to use by the terrorists. I remember calling on the Western Nations in the mid ’80s to CONDEMN terrorism of any and all kinds. It is funny, is it not that these very same nations have to taste the horrors we went through ? My heart goes to all who were effected in Paris. But this is terrorism.

    May the Lord show wisdom to all of us in these days and times of strife.

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      You know When the FMs Bernard and Milibands came together to Lankawe, they criticized or condemned Lankawe’s Royal Goverment for its terrorism. Don’t easily forget that and say France does not condemn terrorism.

      • 4

        Yeah we are watching how France is going to start peace talks with ISIS rebels and pardon the terrorists…

        We can arrange kilinochchi for peace talks

        • 0

          France need not to negotiate with ISIS Caliphate the way Sampanthan negotiating with Mahavamsa Caliphates. France is not weak like Sampanthan, though the invading rapist, murderer ISIS army also strong like New Kings’ Mahanama’s same quality army which invaded Tamils land and occupying.

      • 1

        Bernard Kouchner and David Miliband did not come to criticise terrorism. They were intent on SAVING the terrorists, and were quite rightly shown the door.

        David Cameron even today is reported to be asking Putin to stop the bombing campaign against ISIS (apparently it will prolong the conflict), while seeking parliamentary assent to do so himselg. Hypocrisy does not come any better.

    • 2


      Do you know if there is any Institution that conducts Rapid Revision Courses in “Western duplicity in dealing with Sri Lanka over the past 35 years, and how they helped LTTE to win the war and defeat Sri Lanka in 2009”?

      I need to learn new and improved history.

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    It is nonsensical to compare what happened in Paris to what happened in Sri Lanka. What happened in Paris is terrorism by the despicable ISIS – a band of thugs and what took place in Sri Lanka is a war of liberation by the Tamils against Sinhala
    Bhuddist majoritarianism. It is idiotic to compare the two.

    • 6

      LOL, cool story bro :D

      • 5

        Which one you mean as the cool story, the Lankawe Royal government’s crushing of freedom fight with war crime or the attack on the France by ISIS? Do you know why this did not happen in any other western country after 9/11? Do you know why did this happened in France? Because the ISIS can preach in any way they want to even against the Catholics? That is the kind of the freedom minority religions have in france. In 1977 I was pulled out of the bus and beaten to have pottu. That is the reason LTTE was born. That is the kind of freedom minorities have in Lankawe.

        It is really cool, isn’t it Namboodhiri?

        Ha ha ha

        • 3

          So you find it humorous, Mallaiyuram that terrorists have caused the death of millions all over the world? Many of us do not, and all should condemn all forms of terrorism, from when this started in Sri Lanka in the late ’70s, the Balkans, India, Pakistan, the U.S and the U.K and France. Because the lives lost are all civilians. You cannot say that the Sri Lanka armed forces were terrorists. They wore uniforms and were ordered by the elected government to eradicate terrorism.

          I would like to know, BTW if the LTTE were still active, where would the country and society be now?

          • 0

            You are right. But Tamils are always ahead of others. We have been condemning it from September 1957 when JR went Religious extremist walk to Dhala Maligawa. 1958 Followed 1957.

    • 4

      Were you one of those terrorists that was waging war on Sinhala and Muslim communities. Your blog was a dead giveaway!

    • 2

      Its the same thing.

      Terrorism is the same everywhere.

      France banned LTTE as a terrorist organization 10 years before it banned ISIS!!

      This has NOTHING to do with Islam.

    • 3

      Leon, it is not nonsense. The LTTE fought (mistakenly of course) for a reason they believed in, namely partitioning the island for Tamils and Sinhalese. These misled Islamist extremists fight for a cause they (again mistakenly)believe in. Namely, that ALL who are not adhering to their code of the Quaran are infidels and allah had said to clean the world of all, men, women and children who are not followers of their interpretation !! So what is the difference?! What we say is it is wrong to take-up arms against civil society and conduct massacres without being in a military uniform or a declaration of war. What I say is it is inhuman and contemptible to surreptitiously conduct war against the innocent.

      • 0

        America, France, UK and Syrian government dropping thousands of pounds of lethal bombs using remotely controlled UAV. on supposedly ISIS ‘military’ targets, in their effort to ‘degrade’ their fighting capabilities. But the die-hard ISIS is taking the fight right into the enemy territories, by striking at the heart of their national symbols like commercial flights, sporting events, entertainment sites and killing many of their own citizens in retaliation. When the western world kills citizens of other countries, it is called war on terror, but when the enemy responds it is called terrorism. War on one country is fair game to the Western forces, but a response is termed as ‘brutality’. Both are killing human beings, but one is called collateral damage, while the other is called outright murder of innocent citizens. Western Double standards stands exposed. I don’t support ISIS and what they are doing, but what I must say is their is a Christian conspiracy to wipe and attack anything Muslim, such as their culture. their dress code and so on since they consider them a ‘growing’ threat, and they keep fanning the flames of hatred, to justify those bombing attacks which in the mean time, also sustains their war economies.

    • 3


      Nice try. LMAO!


    • 1

      well said

    • 0

      You are dead right. Our people – at least some of here feel that needs to be compared with that of civl war we had to fight against tamil terrorists.

      a) In France there is no such a war going on – just because the western folks allow those idiots live in their soils – not knowing how to repay, they go on such attacks.

      b) Blood baths regardless of where it is should be condemned, but no means to compare with that of ours.

      c) This can happen to Germany s Berlin or Munich or anywhere people get crowded tomrrow. But Germans are well alert on those guys that enter their soils with the kind of second thoughts.

      d) I wish all these refugees could better live in Arabian countries rather than allowing them to get in to the west. The freedom of life and expression are not used to them in their former countries that will next harm to these host nations. It is like biting the helping hand. What have those innocient people done to them to get killed in Paris yesterday.
      Sofar I was supporting any regligions, but from day before yesterday on, i doubt to respect islamic fantatists.

      e) Dr Merkel should focus on the issue more than any othe rleadders not allowing these vicitimized men and women from Syria to Germany but making discussions with arab folks the need them to support those syrians than have been sofar. EU could support in that way much better than it is done today. Not everyone but few of them could generate a disaster also in Germany next days if Germany would not see it right now.

    • 0

      Leon, the LTTE fought for their conviction. Their conviction was that the Tamils have a right to partition the island of Sri Lanka EXCLUSIVELY for the Tamils. That is what their god, VP had ingrained in their minds. Right. The ISIS believes that this whole world belongs only to their peculiar brand of Islam and ALL others, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and even the more moderate Muslims have no right to life. That is what their god has told them. So what is the difference?!! Its the way all extremists think.

  • 6

    Sri Lankans lived through these kinds of attacks on a much more frequent basis over a much longer period of time courtesy of We Thamizh terrorists. And when we were about to finish off that scourge the shameless French foreign minister along with his British counterpart tried their very best to save “their bastards” (unsuccessfully, fortunately). It’s good to see our politicians, as bad as they are, have not sunk quite so low and have unequivocally condemned this horrific (and familiar) act.

    • 0

      “”low and have unequivocally condemned this horrific “”

      So what? there is no need of you and moreover, there is no baksheesh for you either.

      the rich can buy at any market but would ultimately go for the robot.

  • 3

    Ugly Ranil Mahata has find one more excuse to dodge the UNHRC resolution. Ugly Ranil Mahata is picking fire to smoke his pipe from the burning house. Ugly Ranil Mahata this attach on Paris happened because the nature of the freedom Muslims enjoying in France. No other western democracy allow the muslims extremist propaganda freedom as mush as the France with the name of freedom to speak. This was an abuse of the freedom by the extremist.

    I am sure what did you mean by “Having suffered due to terrorism for many decades”. If there was terrorism in Lanka that was by the Sinhala rowdies and by JVP. According to your Ranailpalayana principle these are country saving, humanitarian activities. Ranilpalayana or the so called Yahapalana categorize the freedom fight as the terrorism. In either case, how the Lankave crushed the JVP and LTTE are diffrent story. It is something, that you the UNP and SLFP did it yesteryear and current year to your own civilians and citizens, the French army did not think to do even to the invading nazi regime, in the last century.

    They say “the pig dream of the cess pool even its sleep”. Do not attempt to take advantage of ISIS attack on France for your wartime crime hiding. How the ISIS trying to establish the Sultanage is the way you re-established Mahavamsa Sri Lanka Royalty.

    Unlike your conditional condemnation, that is if France accepts your dogma that you did not crush freedom fighter with war crime, you condemn the France theater shooting and bombing, We unconditionally condemn that everything ISIS trying to establish a mythical Sultanage is terrorism.

    • 1

      You make a perfect Syrian.

  • 15

    The LTTE terrorists were more evil. They forced children to blow themselves up killing innocent civilians while the leaders hid in holes in the ground. What made the Tigers really diabolical was they called this a liberation struggle and got the NGO/Human Rights/Civil Society cabal to bat for them :DD

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    Our PM Batalanada Ranil mentioning the 30 years of Terrorism which the great majority of our inhabitants faced, is important.

    What is also important to remember is the Western countries which back Batalanana Ranil’s politics, are responsible for the current pathetic state of the once peaceful and prosperous Nations such as Iraq, Libya and Syria’

    It is also important for our inhabitants to remember that the above mentioned countries helped us to a great extent , when our inhabitants were going through the same misery and pain which the innocent Parisians are going through now.

    Thankfully , the great majority of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Srilanka have lived peacefully, all through the 30 years of Terrorism and suffered as much as their Sinhala Buddhist counterparts,.

    They continued to live peacefully after Nanthikadal , until their political leaders were recruited by Batalanda Ranil for his mission to fulfil the Western wishes of granting the Diaspora aspiration for a Tamil Homeland in the North and the East of Srilanka.

    Batalanda Ranil’s mates in the West . like the Norwegian Solheim recruited the BBS and Gnanissara to help the former’s mission.

    The rest is History.

    Recent Hartal in the North and the East of the country demanding the release of suspected and real Terrorists and the unilateral declaration of changes of the traditional and official names of Islands in the Jaffna sea, are signs of separation and not reconciliation.

    Batalanada Ranil surprisingly hasn’t uttered even one word about these unsavoury developments, initiated and effected by his closes allies, the TNA in the Opposition.

    Foreign Judges have been invited to find our Armed Forces guilty of War Crimes for defeating terrorists.

    Which is obviously a clear admission that Tamils do not want to adhere to the Srilankan Legal System.

    In light of the recent carnage not only in Paris, but also in Beirut where a lot of Srilankans work and make a living, Our inhabits must be vigilant and make every effort to prevent the current politicians in power wreck the peace and harmony which used to prevail in the country until the Batalanada Regime took over.

    • 2

      “Batalanda Ranil’s mates in the West . like the Norwegian Solheim recruited the BBS and Gnanissara to help the former’s mission.””

      where is `the nation`??

      K.A Sumanasekera is a Chameleon, boa constrictor.

      Why kitty empty?? BBS is great you know!

    • 0

      Viva la Islam.

    • 2

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “What is also important to remember is the Western countries which back Batalanana Ranil’s politics, are responsible for the current pathetic state of the once peaceful and prosperous Nations such as Iraq, Libya and Syria’”

      Oh really? We never heard of this before. Would you now care to tell us the story of Iraq, Libya and Syria.

      And please let us know the basis of relation between this island and the West particularly between 1977 and 2009 and after.

      “Foreign Judges have been invited to find our Armed Forces guilty of War Crimes for defeating terrorists.”

      Here is a piece of news that you conveniently forgot to read:


      UNP will not allow war crimes charges against Sri Lankan leaders – MP Harsha de Silva

      Nov 24, 2014,

      UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva told Parliament today that his party is fully committed to protect the security forces who freed the country from terrorism and the political leaders.

      “I am a proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhist. I have no desire whatsoever to align with the Tigers and betray my country,” the MP stressed responding to the accusation against him from the government Minister.

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      Would a party that is proud to have member who publicly assured that he wouldn’t betray the country because he was ‘a proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhist’ allow foreign judges to find war criminals guilty?

      It is a long treasured tradition in this island that all of the war criminals, ethnic cleansers, racists, rapists, looters, arsonists, … those who made extraordinary profits out of war, rioters are protected from criminal charges if the victims are a from minority community.

      The entire village were sent to commit Bindunuwewa massacre. Could you tell us how many of the murderers were charged with lynching? How many of them found guilty and served sentence?

      You don’t need foreigners to commit crime in this island, it comes naturally to those who possess big stick.

      “Thankfully , the great majority of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Srilanka have lived peacefully, all through the 30 years of Terrorism and suffered as much as their Sinhala Buddhist counterparts,.”

      To be honest I never heard of Muslim Home Guards, Saffron clad thug Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara and 1915.

      Have you?

      • 1

        Dear Native,

        Didn’t one Mr Kurchner descended on Medumulana to Airlift your mate mr Pirahaparan whose record on massacres will never be matched.

        I mean adding Aranthalawa, Somawathiya, Maha Bodhiya, Dehiwala Railway Station and even your current mate’s dig, our Reserve Bank.. will be at least 20 times of the massacre in Paris.

        You seem to have selective amnesia ..

        BTW Harsha who…..

        • 2

          KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

          Its not too long ago president Premadasa and his generals who were happy to deal with VP (your brethren) and MR bribing him to win elections, which didn’t offend you too much. Did it?

          MR went to Geneva to provide evidence of atrocities that were committed by the then Ranil government and your brave war criminals.

          Do you remember those good old days?

  • 3

    Tamil terrorist of LTTE back by TNA, Mano Ganash and Diaspora of European countries since late 1970 tees are the roots Ethnics politics which that base on type of Tamil political class in Island.

    France is also the part Tamil land that being encouraged by LTTE terror outfit. In fact Sudden attack on methods of terror by Muslim terrorist outfits are basically assisted by certain Western states of their own interest. Now terrorist fought against them. French attacked is that. But I condemned such movement by any type of Terrorism who are targeting civilians on by gun rule politics. This was LTTE politics of gun rule politics 30 war oriented by Tamil-democracy (TNA)in Sri lanka.

    Ongoing rule of terror politics ,now that its become challenges to Freedom, Liberty and Democracy of whole western states.
    Their pillar of system of governances that has been challenges by politically anarchist elements by enlarge roots of uncertainties in whole EU nations.

    Indeed the politics base on ethnicity and religious are that
    unprincipally undermined system of rights and survival of democracy governances; it will be products of more complex impact in the civil society of norms of democracy, that will specially undermined the very people represtantive order exists that country since 1948-
    Sri lanka.

    I my reading anarchist and methods of terrorism can be end democracy for short period of time. To bring back into stability and security for democracy is not an easy task.

    In case of Sri lanka that MR ruling alliance did good job, irrespective of political parties, that bring back & regain democracy after end of 30 years war launch by Tamil LTTE terrorist.
    That is positive lessons has learn form Sri lanka by western democratic nations.

    Needless to say that will apply Sri Lankan too after that released of hard core that Tamil LTTE Terrorist by influence of USA, UK and France and Human rights of UN agencies reaming challenges to our system of democracy .

    Well Ranil.W.. of UNP has learn lessons from the past for survival of rule of law of democracy.

  • 7

    A Day Before the Paris Attack, Suicide Bombers Killed 43 in Beirut

    A day before the Paris attacks that left at least 120 dead and the country in lockdown, suicide bombings in Beirut on Thursday left 43 dead and 239 wounded. According to a terrorist who survived, the attack was reportedly carried out by an ISIS cell sent to Lebanon from the group’s stronghold in Syria.
    Read next: This Is Adel Termos, the Hero Who Sacrificed His Own Life to Save Hundreds in Beirut

    The explosions took place in the southern part of the city near a busy open-air market in the Bourj al-Barajneh district. A number of ISIS-linked Twitter accounts have claimed responsibility for the attack, though nothing could be independently confirmed, according to CNN.

    The events went largely unnoticed in the American news cycle. Interest in the Paris attacks trounced the media attention to Beirut. Google Trends searches highlight the massive disparity in news headlines and search interest. But on Twitter, the demand was loud and clear.

  • 2

    The god fathers are Newly rich Thug Qatar and Saudi Arabia …..

    With flowing oil revenues these countries are competing with one another about who spread pure Islam .(?).

    Maldives and Malaysia are fast becoming fanatic Islamic countries with foreign funds..

    Joke is Malaysia has introduce Halal water bottle first then Halal super market trolly ..soon Halal cinema..Halal toilets…Halal restaurants…Halal seats in aeroplane…Halal bus …Halal currency Notes and coins ..Halal taxies ..Halal Cinema will follow fanatics have no limits.

    On other hand human rights talking West has opened their gates for Syrian refugees …..thus anyone can enter there and start fire works …


  • 2

    “My view on global resolve to fight terrorism”

    It won’t happen; if it does the West can’t continue to rule the world. Supporting terrorism is part of the West’s divide and rule strategy. Who supported indirectly Sri Lanka’s longest civil war in Asia? Who created Muslim Brotherhood and made Islam as violence religion, in order to defeat Russians in Afghanistan? Who trained and supported Bin Laden? Who nurtured and supported ISIS, including full access to social media to recruit young people all around the world? The West doesn’t want to defeat terrorism. If it does, it can’t continue to divide and rule others or achieve its interests around the world. The French government may have allowed this to happen to close the border to stop the refugees. This way they can continue to talk about democracy, even though they don’t help the refugees. Terrorism helps the West to achieve the Western interests; 9/11 is the perfect example.

    The US spends more money on spying than the rest of the world combined. Are you telling me that the world’s superpower hasn’t had a clue about the fools who hide in Afghan caves? The US fighter jet interceptor airborne after the tower was attacked, even though they knew 14 minutes earlier passenger flights have been hijacked. The US fighter jets took off within few minutes during the Second World War to reach Europe. Why it took so long to airborne in the 21st century? The first fighter jet interceptor’s response was “negative.” Of course it has to be negative, because the fighter jet interceptor left the base after the flight has attacked the tower. Notably, the US fighter jet interceptor redirected to the base even though the other passenger flights were hijacked. Why they have failed intercept the other hijacked flights? Why they have failed to think that the other passenger flights also can be used to attack the other tower or other buildings? Are you telling me that the world’s superpower can’t think quickly? It was enough ample time to stop the second attack, but the US didn’t. It is very clear that the US allowed it to happen in order to achieve the Western interests in the Middle East.

  • 1

    Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and FM Mangala Samaraweera; Minister.

    US and Western Christian policies towards juggling relations with oil rich potentates and Israel are unraveling. A lot of this terrorism can be directly linked to the US Christian invasion of Iraq and then the foolish subsequent withdrawal in 2011 knowing very well Arab armies could not fight. So one was the invasion which created instability and the other was what happened afterwards.

    Here is an article from Dr. Ron Paul from 2002. It still rings true today. Please read it and make it mandatory reading for your Cabinet. Get it translated for President Sirisena and other non-English speakers.

    Dr. Ron Paul .

    We were warned, and in the early years of our Republic, we heeded that warning. Today, though, we are entangled in everyone’s affairs throughout the world, and we are less safe as a result. The current Middle-East crisis is one that we helped create, and it is typical of how foreign intervention fails to serve our interests. Now we find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a fight that will not soon end. No matter what the outcome, we lose.

    By trying to support both sides we, in the end, will alienate both sides. We are forced, by domestic politics here at home, to support Israel at all costs, with billions of dollars of aid, sophisticated weapons, and a guarantee that America will do whatever is necessary for Israel’s security.

    Political pressure compels us to support Israel, but it is oil that prompts us to guarantee security for the western puppet governments of the oil-rich Arab nations.

    Since the Israeli-Arab fight will not soon be resolved, our policy of involving ourselves in a conflict unrelated to our security guarantees that we will suffer the consequences.

    What a choice! We must choose between the character of Arafat versus that of Sharon.

    The information the average American gets from the major media outlets, with their obvious bias, only makes the problem worse. Who would ever guess that the side that loses seven people to every one on the other side is portrayed as the sole aggressor and condemned as terrorists? We should remember that Palestinian deaths are seen by most Arabs as being American-inspired, since our weapons are being used against them, and they’re the ones whose land has been continuously taken from them.

    Yet there are still some in this country who can’t understand why many in the Arab/Muslim world hate America.
    Is it any wonder that the grassroots people in Arab nations, even in Kuwait, threaten their own governments that are totally dominated by American power and money?

    The arguments against foreign intervention are many. The chaos in the current Middle-East crisis should be evidence enough for all Americans to reconsider our extensive role overseas and reaffirm the foreign policy of our early leaders- a policy that kept us out of the affairs of others.

    But here we are in the middle of a war that has no end and serves only to divide us here at home, while the unbalanced slaughter continues with tanks and aircraft tearing up a country that does not even have an army.

    It is amazing that the clamor of support for Israel here at home comes from men of deep religious conviction in the Christian faith, who are convinced they are doing the Lord’s work. That, quite frankly, is difficult for me as a Christian to comprehend. We need to remember the young people who will be on the front lines when the big war starts- which is something so many in this body seem intent on provoking.

    Ironically, the biggest frustration in Washington, for those who eagerly resort to war to resolve differences, is that the violence in the Middle East has delayed plans for starting another war against Iraq.

    Current policy prompts our government on one day to give the go-ahead to Sharon to do what he needs to do to combat terrorism (a term that now has little or no meaning); on the next day, however, our government tells him to quit, for fear that we may overly aggravate our oil pals in the Arab nations and jeopardize our oil supplies. This is an impossible policy that will inevitably lead to chaos.

    Foreign interventionism is bad for America. Special interests control our policies, while true national security is ignored. Real defense needs, the defense of our borders, are ignored, and the financial interests of corporations, bankers, and the military-industrial complex gain control- and the American people lose.

    It’s costly, to say the least. Already our military budget has sapped domestic spending and caused the deficit to explode. But the greatest danger is that one day these contained conflicts will get out of control. Certainly the stage is set for that to happen in the Middle East and south central Asia. A world war is a possibility that should not be ignored. Our policy of subsidizing both sides is ludicrous. We support Arabs and Jews, Pakistanis and Indians, Chinese and Russians. We have troops in 140 countries around the world just looking for trouble. Our policies have led us to support Al Qaeda in Kosovo and bomb their Serb adversaries. We have, in the past, allied ourselves with bin Laden, as well as Saddam Hussein, only to find out later the seriousness of our mistake. Will this foolishness ever end?

    • 0

      Dr.Paul article is straying, not on the point. Afghan matters was result of the tug-of-war of American-USSR cold war. Satham was attacked for his side, not for his oil or religion.

      But the general question is “Do the democracy needs protection?”. Yes. Because even small countries like Vietnam can beat a massive democratic power like America. In other words, native inefficiency attached to democracy needs protection from communist and dictatorial rulers.

      Other question is is America can lead that responsibility. Because western countries are are best democracies so far, the are inviting and allowing America to carry out this role. It is not Oil. Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan did not have oil where America launched its biggest wars after WWII. The nastiest Iran which always tease, still not touched by America. That is has lot of Oil. Europe rely on Russia for most of its need, not Middle East, but support America in Middle east wars.The article forgets the log outstanding wars of Christianity and Islam in the past many centuries. The answer for the question is America can not be the good leader. But the UN is still weak and and tied its hands with Security Council’s veto powers.

      So the America’s leadership to protect Democracy at this juncture seems to be inevitable. Something better than Nothing. That is the consolation prize for being now.

  • 0

    Tamils have lost their living right in Lankawe from February 1948. There were religious pogroms in 1956, 1958, 1977 and 1983 by the religious extremist of majority religion on the minority Tamils. 2009 has been confirmed by three UN investigative bodies as war crime period. UNHRC have given 47 war criminals names to Lankawe New Royal Government.

    The New Royal Prime Minister had discounted the UN SG’s Expert Panel report as Darusman Report and took money from War Criminal, the Old King to fly New York, Bank-ki-Moon to demand the withdrawal of the report from UN Tables. The current New Royals Prime Minister, after seeing the war for peace period Chandrika government’s crime activities and IIGEP presence in Lankawe, retained from signing to the Rome Statute. This is an action building wall to willfully deny for justice to Tamils. During the campaign of elections that created the New Royal Government, he openly had promised “no leader, no commander not even one soldier will be prosecuted”. It is said, on the January 8th, after his assurances not to launch any case against Old King, Old King agreed to hand over the Temple Tree House keys. That occasion did not have presence of the newly elected candidate for him the Presidency had to hand over. This is not how the power change takes place in democratic governments. During the 2015 UNHRC resolution time, it was reported in media that there was extensive friction displayed between the resisting Prime Minister and the negotiating Foreign Minister on the War Crime Investigation agreements. As a matter of fact, it is the history that the Prime Ministers UNP party cheated Tamils and got the agreement from Tamils to Soulbury constitution and immediately after that disenfranchised the Tamils.

    Further it noticeable, even after declaring the emergency, how delicately France government is handling investigation and the arrests of the suspects while when the arbitrarily picked up and kept Tamil without a court case, under PTA for about 20 years, to be released, the Prime Minister’s government released Sinhala violent criminal and said they were the Tamil political prisoners.

    When these the facts, the Prime Minister, intentionally distorting the religious murders carried out in France by the ISIS and comparing the Secular French Government to Buddhist Extremist government of Lankawe and comparing the Socialistic, Secular, anti-Caste minded rebels to ISIS are clearly indicating his arrogant Sinhala Extremist nature. This condolence message does not appear to convey any sympathy for those suffered by the religious violence, rather expressing the long standoff of the Lankawe government that they have the sovereignty to push around or humiliate and murder the Tamils in violation of the International Statues. This message is a clear foot note to the 2015 UNHRC Resolution of how much of it the Lankawe has accepted and much of it the government will be implementing.

    In this circumstance it is the opposition leader’s responsibility to explain the nature of the Lankawe government and release an un-political, genuine, humanitarian, heartfelt condolence message to the people suffered by the religious extremists. My question to Opposition Leader, Sampanthan is will he express his opinion on the Prime Minister’s diabolical message and he issue his message?

  • 1

    RW is playing some games here.

    Let me make the difference between the Paris attacks by the ISIS and the Sri Lankan LTTE situation clear to those who seek to blur it for their propaganda.

    What happened in Sri Lanka was an internal civil war, and both sides in that war used terrorist methods in pursuit of their goals.

    Though the LTTE grew up to be a group that was willing to commit all kinds of terrorist atrocities for the survival of its leadership, its avowed goal of regional autonomy is a legitimate political goal as defined even by the UN. This applied to the SL Tamil independence movement as well as to groups like the Kurds, whose brave Peshmerga are currently admired by the west and many other countries ( other than Turkey, sections of Iran and Iraq and some other Arab countries) for many reasons, including their determined fighting spirit, their secular outlook and the way they treat their women.

    In contrast, the ISIS has as its goal the establishment of a transnational Islamic Caliphate, which is not something that anyone can negotiate on; so the only way ahead is the complete extermination of the ISIS.

  • 0

    “Having suffered from terrorism for many decades…………………”

    Ranil should know that one type known as State Terrorism was prevalent under King Louis XVI which led to popular uprising by citizens which led to his execution in 1793, in France.

    And, that we too had episodes of State Terrorism since 1951 against the Tamils, which led to ‘execution’ of citizens island wide in 1983.
    And, two episodes of State Terrorism in 1971 and 1988/89 against unarmed Sinhalese youth who were executed in cold blood.

    No doubt the French Ambassador would know our history having learned it prior to his taking up duties here, and would enlighten the President of France.

    Ranil should have known that what happened in Paris was Terrorism invasion from outside France.
    As PM, he should be accurate in pronouncements to other Heads of Government.

  • 0

    Ranil “Having suffered due to terrorism for many decades, Sri Lanka unequivocally condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.”

    Sri Lankan State sponsered terrotism as well.?

  • 0

    This is the Yahapalanaya drama of Ranil Mahata. While he is sending this cunningly worded message to France, an important Sinhala Intellectual senior minister has delivered another important message to local Sinhala Buddhists.

    The double game played by these two ministers of the Yahapalanaya is one to fool the IC and one to fool the local Modayas.

    The double headed monster, the Yahapalanaya government’s other head, the minister openly accused Europe as the one produced terrorism by arming terrorist to unseat legitimate governments. His speech sounded like this is something needed to needed to France as the European governments attempted to intervene into the criminal war conducted by his government. He called upon the UNHRC too to take its own lesson from the Paris incident. I guess he wants the Chitanta and Yahapalana government to be allowed freely on their terrorism of wiping out the small races from Lankawe without any impediments of International Human Right and Humanitarian laws. Yahapalanaya and Chitanta Royal governments, who keep changing the election laws every time they stand for the next election, are calling them as legitimate governments who are carrying out Humanitarian Rescue Mission and they accusing Europe as arming terrorists.

    “They came to teach us about good governance and democracy. They claimed that since there is no reconciliation in Sri Lanka and since we are not addressing the issues of minorities there is terrorism in Sri Lanka. Now I ask if the attacks took place in France killing over 150 people since there was no reconciliation? Terrorism is not like that. It goes way beyond that,” – Colombo Gazette reported. In this Modayas’ world of History, is the 1958 yet to come? Is that why he asked If the France has not reconciled with ISIS?

  • 1

    What rubbish. What hypocrisy. Was he not a member of the cabinet of JRJ when JR ignored the riots for 4 days whilst the poor tamils were been attacked. Did he resign or condemn JR ? These are crocodile tears .one should not take any notice.

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