8 June, 2023


Reforming Islam: Where Should One Start?

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

The call for reforming Islam, in spite of the confusions surrounding the word “Islam”, is nothing new and Muslim scholars and activists have articulated that call whenever they felt that certain elements of fiqh or rules derived from the Quran and traditions of the Prophet that are supposed to govern Muslim societies, incongruent with modernity and change. In fact, the late Mohammed Arkoun (1928-2010), one of the most influential secular scholars in Islamic studies, titled his “extraordinary” book, “Islam: To Reform Or To Subvert” (2006).

However, there is a new genre of calls arising chiefly from a minority of non-Muslim and once-Muslim agitators, who directly point at the Quran and demand that the reformation should start by “banning” or “excising” the Holy Scripture itself. One of them even compared the Quran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. This scurrilous demand, apart from its bigotry overtone demonstrates an abject misunderstanding not only of the history of the Quran but also of the centrality that it occupies in the hearts and minds of the entirety of believing Muslims. It adds insults to an injury caused centuries ago when Christendom confronted Islamdom. Adding further to its negativity this call has added another weapon to the propaganda armoury of Jihadists to recruit volunteer fighters for the so called “Crusader-Zionist War”.

forced-marriage-and-islamReform in reality is not a one off event to be accomplished by introducing a new or revised document or an itemised agenda but an ongoing process that keeps a phenomenon updated and relevant to meet the growing challenges of an ever growing stock of human knowledge and civilization. In that sense the history of Islamic thought bears ample testimony to the fact that Islam had been reforming quite intrusively and extensively during the first six centuries of its introduction and superficially and restrictively thereafter.

The presence of different schools of Islamic jurisprudence today both in the Sunni and Shia sects, and the survival of many mystical sects in Islam, if anything, are an indicator of the dynamics of this reforming trend. In the relative ambience of intellectual and spiritual freedom that prevailed in medieval past the founders of these schools and sects were engaged in translating a religion that was originally revealed to Muhammad in Arabic and in Arabia, and making it accommodative and practicable in societies living in different cultural and geographical climes. That is why unlike in Christianity Islam never produced a Protestant Movement which ended in Wars of Religion in Europe. Reform in Islam was an embedded process.

As a result of this process diversity and not sameness became the hallmark of Islam’s religious topography. It was the quintessential achievement of a historically unmatched atmosphere of intellectual tolerance and rational discursiveness that marked the realm of a selected group of enlightened caliphs, sultans and emperors. Under their rule hundreds and thousands of Muslim scientists, philosophers, theologians, poets, thinkers and critics, not to mention the participation and contribution of a comparable galaxy of Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and savants from other faiths, coalesced and cogitated with mutual respect to each other’s expertise, and through the instrument of ijtihad, the Arabic term for independent and critical thinking, produced a civilization unprecedented in any society at least until then.

It was the decline of this reforming process from around the 12th century that made Islam and Muslims enter a prolonged period of intellectual somnolence and material stagnation from which they still have not completely awaken. A civilization that welcomed controversy and diversity, encouraged tolerance and compromise, and accommodated rationalism and individuality received a mortal blow with the ascendancy of politically supported religious orthodoxy. From then on it was not ijtihad but taqlid or unquestioning imitation that ruled knowledge production in Islam. The ideological genesis of today’s violently radical and jihadist Muslim terror outfits can be traced back to this historical reversal.

It has become habitual for Muslims to blame Europeans and European colonization for the decline and stagnation that engulfed Islamdom since the 18th century. Modern scholarship has dismissed this argument as untenable. Muslims were colonized because they became colonizable and that colonizability preceded actual colonization by centuries. Even if colonization is to be blamed how and why then a country like India, which was colonized for a longer period than any Muslim country, managed to come out of it soon and emerged as a competitive power at the world stage when Muslim nations still remain powerless and chaotic?

Therefore, the most crucial reform that Islam needs is to restart that reforming process and resurrect that ambience of freedom for rational discursiveness, intellectual creativity and philosophical pluralism. Freedom of thought and expression is a scarce commodity in Muslim countries. The flight of thousands of intellectuals, writers, academics and scientists from the Muslim world to the West is a colossal brain drain occasioned by an intolerant religious orthodoxy supported by political tyranny. The pithy remark by Abdelwahab Meddeb, the Tunisian Muslim scholar at the University of Paris, “Arab excellence seems to blossom abroad” may be generalised to cover Muslim excellence.

In this reforming process the Quran is neutral. Otherwise, how does one explain the fact that the very Quran which is now being accused of being instrumental in causing all the chaos and bloodshed was the one that was equally instrumental in producing the most cosmopolitan and glorious civilization in the past? The culprit is not the Quran but its use and users. Ironically the reforming light of Islam will be rekindled not from Islamdom but by Muslims living in Christian West.

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  • 5

    yes islam need not be reformed..it is perfect with all stoning, beheading, institutionalized prostitution called polygamy, marrying off girls at 12, circumcision, ————–And you wonder whether Muslims will be civilised or not..

    Remember this very well, if Muslims do not reform themselves, the rest of the people will do it for them.

    • 17


      I told you before that it is a matter of time when the Sinhala turn on the Muslims! You have put the Tamils in their place and next is the turn of the Muslims and then you will sort out the Christian!

      It is better for the likes of you (the Sinhala Buddhist racists) to outline a code of conduct for the minorities to adhere to so all concerned would know their limitations!

    • 16

      sachooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the Stupid II

      “Remember this very well, if Muslims do not reform themselves, the rest of the people will do it for them.”

      Are you ready to sacrify more than 9% of the GDP ($7 billion) over night and make over million unemployed ?

      Who is going to employ these unskilled persons in this country, and feed their family?

      Remember if Sinhala/Buddhists do not liberate/cleanse themselves from Sinhala/Buddhism then of course the rest of the people will be forced to do it for them, possible compulsory expatriation of them back to Tamil Nadu.

      Possible course of action

    • 11

      That’s not Islam. None of the stuff you mentioned are in the Quran. It’s the hadith that was written 200+ years after the Quran that introduced all these barbaric practices.

      I follow the Quran. The hadith is foreign to me.

    • 14

      Can anybody please start reforming RajakSHE kalliya ? That shoudl be what to be given priority of the day. They the ones are on devious and maliciou agendas.

  • 4

    Hey Mr.Burning Issue;

    You seem to be burning with hatred towards Sinhala-Buddhists.

    What an unjust tirade against SINHALA-BUDDHISTS. Three entities: SRI LANKA, SINHALA, and BUDDHISM cannot be separated. Sri Lanka was defined by SINHALA people and SINHALA is rooted in Sri Lanka. It will remain so until eternity. SINHALA people embraced and espoused d Buddhism many centuries before Christianity and Islam (of course after Hinduism) was introduced to the world. Christianity was imposed on certain section of Sinhala people either by cajoling or by intimidation campaigns of Portuguese, Dutch and English. Yet Majority, more than 95 percent of the Sinhala people did not cave into demands of the colonial rulers. Hence Sinhala people cannot be separated from Buddhism until eternity. It is the truth that every nation acknowledges and accepts. So as a Sinhala Buddhist I don’t understand this sudden outburst of Non-Buddhist extremists in Sri Lanka? We believe in Ahimsa, but it does mean non-Buddhists are given permission to desecrate our religion; Buddhism and call us Racist or Fascist.

    We already have a code of conduct, it is known as Pancha Seela Pancha ( = five ) Seela ( = discipline ) or the Five Precepts:

    1.Do not take life
    2.Do not take what is not given
    3.Do not distort facts
    4.Refrain from misuse of the senses
    5.Refrain from self-intoxication through alcohol or drugs

    You the non-Buddhist are not requested to follow these precepts to live among Sinhala-Buddhists in Sri Lanka. You are free to follow whatever you are told in your religion. Sinhala Buddhists have never interfered with your religious practices.

    However the limitations on you must includes ( It is not a comprehensive list).Also,It is not necessary to bring constitutional changes as proposed by bunch of pretentious Buddhists running the GOSL, to tell you the limitations

    a) never to dispute Sinhala roots in Sri Lanka
    b) never to desecrate Buddhism (for example encroaching into Buddhist Sacred lands).

    You will never enjoy this kind of freedom in anywhere in the world. If you think that there is a country on earth that tolerates violent behavior of a religious minority, the Sinhala-Buddhist readers would love to know. Muslims have shown they are not willing to respect our religion by attacking Buddhist monks and Burning Buddhist flag. If a non-Muslim has burnt Islamic flag in a Islamic country, what would have been the consequences. The person responsible for that sacrilege would have been burnt to death immediately by the Muslims of that country. You Muslims are very fortunate to get away from the Buddhist Flag burning incident…

    • 16

      Peter Pan,

      You must be one of the Sinhala Buddhist Racist to take offence from what I said! Come on then draw a list of code for the minorities to abide by…..

  • 6

    An intellectually uplifting and scholarly study centering on the vital necessity of urgently needed Reform within what is today clearly a disunited global Islam locked in a sharp battle between traditionalists and the more recent extremist fundamentalists. Sublime thoughts such as the Writer’s are very necessary in today’s modern world to seek a change of global negative perception to what was once reputedly a religion of relative tolerance and peaceful co-existence. The status quo was only wrecked by recent intrusions of religious intolerance, hatred of all other faiths and a clearly sinister design on global takeover along religious lines – pronto.

    Wide dissemination of the message of peace and the willingness to listen to the other side, such as what Dr.Ali eloquently pleads for, can regain for Islam, once again, her place in the world as a responsible religion of peace – respecting other faiths in the community of nations.

    It is noted what happens in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, to a lesser extent in Malaysia, Indonesia are viewed as so grave sections of intellectuals within the Islamic fold have reportedly gone to the extent of believing “ the reformation should start by “banning” or “excising” the Holy Scripture itself…” I hope
    Dr. Ali does not come to harm from extremists in his community for being so forthright. After all, it is astonishing, in spite of all the claims of religious tolerance foreign influenced Islamic fundamentalists ensured that Ms.Sharmila Seyyid, Teacher/Poet/Activist (Batticaloa) escaped Sri Lanka narrowly saving her life – and that of her child (2015) So much for tolerance in our Islamic societies. Her crime – the sin of doing her normal, useful and peaceful work to her society.

    History is replete with instances in the Christian world when Reformers such as the German Theologian Martin Luther challenged the Christian-Catholic hierarchy at the time for change, at the risk of excommunication or even death. But they persisted and are thought of
    in noble terms by all humanity.

    That this fine piece of rational thinking comes from a Muslim thinker and intellectual from our own country is a matter that brings much satisfaction – a tribute to the plural culture in our multi-faceted society. There is indeed much work to be done by scholars within the Islamic fold worldwide to alter the present global overview of Islam’s current status, in Dr. Ali’s words “ incongruent with modernity and change”

    Dogmatic challenges of Islam is not new. Dr. Ali takes educates us “Islam had been reforming quite intrusively and extensively during the first six centuries of its introduction” It is now time for greater changes in keeping with the modern world. It is understood Saudi Arabia now , albeit reluctantly, allows women political leaders and has even given in to the pressure of Saudi women to drive automobiles. Although Islam insists on a lower place for women even in traditionalist Iran, similar changes are reported to be taking place there in that virtual Police State.

    The sharp conflict in many fundamentalist Islamic societies today is an indication that a battle is brewing to change the contradictions within global Islam. Muslims, living in these virtual captive societies, are also human beings and see, with much concern and hope, the vast changes in the modern world that have brought other societies a vastly better quality of life and a system of peaceful living. The coming of Social Media in all of these societies create tensions between the Islamic societies and their brand of fundamentalists.
    India and Sri Lanka are good examples where Muslims can live a way of life benefitting from the modern world in plural societies – while remaining faithful to their religion and The Book.


  • 7

    Sylvia Haik , I claimed nothing , nor did I pen anything to the effect of competition of superiority , I plainly quoted the quranic verse to a fellow Muslim .

    Everyone believes his God or Idol or whatever he or she believes in is superior to the rest , otherwise one wont be considering to worship that being .

    All I did was condemned his comments on idol worship and advised.

  • 7

    Buddah didnt say to worship him, statues are a hindu invention adopted after 600years by the north indians.
    Jesus didnt say to worship him and make statues this was done by justin the roman king who wanted to make a mix masala of helenistic religion and christianity.

    Idol worship is a innovation , leads to hell.

    • 4

      “..Statues are a Hindu invention adopted after 600 years by the North Indians..” This is a new invention of a clearly sick and delusionary mind. 600 years after what???

      “Idol worship is an innovation, leads to hell” Keep your belief to yourself, brother. All major religions differ with this view. The Prophet feared a challenge from Judaism and Christianity and insisted his followers to remember only him with the deception “there is only one God – Allah” meaning all others are infidels. Savages of his time may have bought this but even Muslims in today’s world disagree and demand the right to differ. Muhammed, who arrogated to himself the exclusive title Prophet, wanted to erase all signs of other religions. And the medievals of his time followed him. The Prophet, who heavily borrowed thoughts, rituals and customs entirely from both Judaism and Christianity was fearful of both.

      The destruction of the Bamyan Caves in Afghanistan and the recent blasting of 2,000 year old Roman treasures in the Syrian region are nothing but barbaric vandalism by blood-thirsty savages – off their minds.


    • 9

      I’m saying this as a muslim:

      I don’t believe believe you can categorize Buddhists and Christians as idol worshippers (not sure about the Hindus as I don’t know much about their religion).

      Buddhists/Christians don’t worship the stone statue. They worship what it represents. The statue is a point of focus for their prayers.

      It’s the same as us muslims and the Kaaba. We don’t worship the Kaaba but we bow down to it, don’t we? We only do so to worship Allah and use the Kaaba as a focal point.

      So, how can you call a Buddhist or Christian an idol worshipper? Actually, the concept of praying to statues as a focal point even doesn’t exist in Buddhist and Christian teachings but praying in the direction of the Kaaba is mentioned a few times in the Quran.

      So, if you want to call Buddhists and Christians idol worshippers (when there’s no mention of praying towards anything in their teachings), then Islam has more idol worship.

      Of course, Islam doesn’t have idol worship, I’m just trying to use your logic to explain things because I believe there’s something not right in your logic.

    • 15


      “Idol worship is a innovation , leads to hell.”

      Does Idol Worship, Does Stone Worship, kissing a stone, and going around a Stone 7 times also leads to hell? Just curious. Why 7 times? Not 10 times or 5 times?

      Touching the Kabah and kissing the black stone


  • 8

    Dear (bro)jehan ,

    We are not here to point fingers at others, we have no right to condemn or reprimand anyone’s belief just because it does not coincide with ours.

    The final verse of the Quran says it all , to you be your system ,ways ,belief,religion and to me be mine . and let there be no compulsion in religion .

    We ourselvesare in chaos , shia ,sunni and among these two fractions many other splits, but praise be to God, We still have hope , because shia or Sunni , (Ja’fari, Zaidi ,or (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbali) or sub schools , Wahahbi of Abdul Wahab (branch Thawedi) or Deobandi (Branch Tablighi Jamaat) or even Ahmadiyya- we agree That God is one and Muhammad (Pbuh) is the seal of the Prophets and was a Messenger .

    So let us try to work a way that will unite us on this shahada ,to work towards the good not only for the Muslim community ,but to the entire humanity.

    Peace be to you

    • 16

      Fahim Knight

      “we agree That God is one and Muhammad (Pbuh) is the seal of the Prophets and was a Messenger’

      The Sanan, Iblis, Devil also agrees, but because of his Ego, has recruited the Wahhabis, Salafis, ISIS and other clones to kill those who agree “That God is one and Muhammad (Pbuh) is the seal of the Prophets and was a Messenger”

      Why? Because Wahhabis, Salafis, ISIS and other clones follow the Devil, Iblis, Satan.

      So they, Wahhabis, Salafis, ISIS and other clones, want to kill Sufis, Shia and Ahmedia.

      Conversation Between A Wahabi/salafi And Shaitan (satan), Iblis

      Assalamo Alaikum, I met a real lover of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He pointed out some common beliefs between Shaitan and Wahabi. I have documented those beliefs. Here is the;
      Conversation Between Satan and a Wahabi

      Shaitan (Satan, Iblees) met an apparent Muslim who in fact was a follower of Wahabi sect. Here is their conversation.

      Satan: Do you believe in Allah?
      Wahabi: Yes, Alhamdulillah. I strongly believe in Allah.
      Satan: Me too.

      Satan: Do you make shirk with Allah? (Associating anyone in the worshiping of Allah)
      Wahabi: NEVER.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you show respect towards Prophet? (i.e. Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him)
      Wahabi: I only respect Allah.
      Satan: Me too.

      Satan: Do you believe in the Messenger of Allah?
      Wahabi: Yes, but He is now dead. Allah is alive.
      Satan: Thanks. I am glad you said that he is dead.
      Satan: So, you do not believe Muhammad is alive in his grave? (peace be upon him)
      Wahabi: No.
      Satan: Me too.

      Satan: Do you praise the Prophet of your religion.
      Wahabi: I only praise Allah.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you visit his Rawdha (i.e. the holy grave) in Madinah?
      Wahabi: What Rawdha? I visit mosque only.
      Satan: Me too.

      Satan: Do you celebrate your Prophet’s birthday?
      Wahabi: NEVER. I hate it.
      Satan: Me too.

      Satan: Do you visit the Mazarat (holy shrines) of Aulia Allah?
      Wahabi: NEVER
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you celebrate “urs”.
      Wahabi: NEVER
      Satan: Me too.

      Satan: Do you offer Fateha for the deceased Muslims?
      Wahabi: No.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you do Giyarween Sharif?
      Wahabi: No.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you stand up during salutations on Muhammad? (peace upon him).
      Wahabi: NEVER
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you show respect towards Aulia Allah?
      Wahabi: No. I respect Allah only.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you read Naat? (poetry to praise prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).
      Wahabi: No.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you worship on the night of Lailatul Bra’at? (Shab-e-Barat)
      Wahabi: No
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you worship on the night of Al Asra wal Me’raj?
      Wahabi: No
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you believe in Shafa’at (intercession)?
      Wahabi: No.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you believe in Tawassul (Waseelah)?
      Wahabi: No
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you seek blessings from the relics (Tabarrukat) of Messengers of Allah and Aulia Allah?
      Wahabi: No
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you believe in Istighasa from Prophets of Allah and the Aulia Allah?
      Wahabi: NEVER EVER.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: If you get an opportunity to kiss the Rawdha (golden grill) of Muhammad. Will you do that? (peace be upon him).
      Wahabi: No.
      Satan: Me too.
      Satan: Do you kiss Qur’an just to show your respect?
      Wahabi: No.
      Satan: Me too.

      Satan: Do you start Ramadan and Eid based upon the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad? (peace upon him)

      Wahabi: No. I follow Saudi announcement.

      Satan: Me too.

      Satan: I am shocked. We have the same beliefs. Why I am a Satan and you are still a Muslim?

      Wahabi: I don’t know.

      Satan to Himself: (Because The Wahhabis, Salafis, and their clones ISIS, Taliban etc. are my Agents, and they will enter Hell Fire Along with me, and I want to take as many as possible, you idiots).

      May Allah save Islam from the evil of Wahabism, Salafism and its clones. Ameen.


      • 14

        Does Islam Reed Reform?

        Yes, Islam needs Reform and Editing! Satan, Iblis has got in the Way, currently followed by Wahhabies, Salafis and their Clones.

        There ate clean Muslims and dirty Muslims, with long beards.

        Prophet Not Perfect, Says Sri Lankan Islamic Scholar

        By Richard Kerbaj –

        Dr.Ameer Ali
        A leading adviser on Islam, Ameer Ali, has attacked Muslims who “blindly” follow their faith and fail to question the veracity of the Koran, saying that even Mohammed had “flaws”.

        Dr Ali said it was “ridiculous” that some Muslims believed God would judge them on the “length of (their) beard”. He said Muslims would be judged on their “character, their knowledge, their contribution to society”.


  • 0

    So called Muslims who equate idol worship with Islam, are not Muslims.
    Because Islam came to destroy idol worship.
    Read the story of Ibrahim AS in the Quran.

    I am not writing to be liked or be politically correct,
    I am stating the fact.
    Idol worshippers are destined to hell

    • 15


      “Idol worshippers are destined to hell”

      Does it include those Idol worshipers who go around the Idols 7 times and kiss the Idols, as they did before Prophet Mohamed preached, or is it “Halal”, permitted now?

  • 9

    Jehan, IBRAHIM (Pbuh) story is based in his times to his people.

    Muhammad (Pbuh) came to turn away first his tribe and his people from idol worship, more a correction , then to clear and reestablish the pruritic Monotheism practiced By Ibrahim (Pbuh) for which the original Kaaba was build by him and his son , once this was achieved the Message that was to be delivered to the whole world was not to destroy the idols of other religions , this is totally untrue and a misinterpretation of The religion and may draw unwanted hate for something that is not true. It is such irresponsible vague commentary that leads to bloodshed and loss of lives of the innocent,please refrain from quoting anything that you can not provide references /

    Instead the message is Clear , Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: ( 2:256)
    ———————— —————–
    the Qur’an’s rationale for the above ;

    revelation has, through explanation, clarification, and repetition, clearly distinguished the path of guidance , it is now up to people to choose .
    ———————————- ——————————-
    and sealing the Message by giving total freedom to people of other religions to believe and practice whatever they believe, in Verse :Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.( Qur’an 109:1-6)

    This is very clear , and to take what you have quoted as authority .. that islam came to destroy all the idols , is something most Muslim Kids will also understand as contradicting islam , God ,Quran and The Prophet .

    A Muslim with basic knowledge will know this.,, I really do not know from where you got what you are quoting , you must always have a reference when quoting any religious scripture ..

    This is an extremely sensitive subject.

    Than worrying how to destroy the idols of other faiths , Muslims must think help build homes fr the homeless Muslims .

  • 9

    Jehan ,

    Mother of Idol worship is ego , arrogance, this includes religious arrogance too .

    The ego worshippers may never have a chance …

  • 5

    Qur’an is for the past present and future, the guy who calls himself a Muslim
    Cannot say Ibrahim AS story is only for those people. He goes out of the fold of Islam
    When he says idol worshipping is accepted.

    You can ask any Sunni Ulema the main theme of the Quran is worshipping only one Allah,
    Idol worshippers are destined to hell, as Allah says only shirk (idol worship) Allah doesn’t forgive.

    Coconut scholars and so called moderate Muslims who try to appease the idol worshippers by saying we are all
    One should say the shahadah for definitely idol worshippers are destined for hell.

  • 10

    Fahim Knight “we agree That God is one and Muhammad (Pbuh) is the seal of the Prophets and was a Messenger’
    Greetings Mr.Amerasiri ,

    I am no where close to you or native Veda , when it comes to Knowledge of religions and the classicism of english writing ,although I love writing.

    Mr.Amerasiri ,

    I myself have been a strong critic of various divisions in islam and especially The Deobandism and Wahhabism and I must not forget to mention the price I had to pay for it, by those who were offended ,including some of my own relatives and friends ,

    However today after much research and continuous critical thinking I have today managed to come to terms of a more balanced view of the various splits among Islam.

    However I don’t want my adversaries to become overwhelmingly sympathetic to my new view and get the wrong notion that their continued emotional blackmail, harassment , slandering ,backbiting and spreading rumors and continuous attack on my family and my livelihood and restriction of any chances of turning life around has driven me to my knees to have changed my opinions, never , it is a change derived from sincere hard work and devotion.There are few beliefs I still hold on to strongly and have always been satisfied with what I have believed in about it, They are mainly to start with ,That Only the Quran is the direct divine word and commandment from God to the Muslims and beside that every other literature is 100% human and definitely I am more than convinced not divinely inspired .

    But the traditions that have been collected through various forms of human transmission at a time when people were still not largely literate may have helped , even some laws could have answered the situations. For an example the amputation of the hand of the thief in a period when Islam was just coming out of Jahaliya (Ignorance ) and controlling a wild and uncivilised population back then would have been necessary , very much as was the situation of Moses(Pbuh) and his twelve tribes ,the law of eye for an eye ,, as there were no proper judicial systems available in the times of both Muhammad &Moses (Peace be upon both), The prophet was made to leave only the Quran back in writing and by hearted by Hafeez of Quran, Which I believe was a deliberate decision taken by him on the command of God.

    The Quran has a provision where it tell the Muslims to reach out to those who are in charge for religious knowledge and laws to live by ,

    Quote: “O you believe, obey God and obey the messenger and also those in charge among you”

    But Islam does not encourage blind belief , and even on the day of resurrection and judgement each soul will be responsible for their action ,not the scholar.

    Same as predestined ,God will not take responsibility if you go up to him and accuse him that whatever you did was predestined, predestined is recorded by God because he is omnipotent and is aware of what you intend to do ,he is full aware of the future ,but at the same time we are given the free will to stop and think and decide .

    And as for the fiqs as long they are announced without contradicting the Quran , and it addresses the situation and problem of the period and geographical location and its cultures ,then there is no issue .

    Example , the stoning to the death of the married fornicators, we always argue that the Quran does not mention if the married man and women among the fornicators should be stoned, and hence stoning should not be practiced as a measure of punishment to differing to the married , at the same time The Quran does not forbid the use of stoning the married , so there is no contradiction involved here , but it may have been the perfect solution during the time it was introduced ,but as for today the current times we live in not stoning ,even corporal punishment is considered as barbaric and there are plenty of alternative law that can be applied in lieu .

    The cutting of the thief’s hands again this would have been the perfect solution during the time it was introduced and yes the Quran prescribes it again it does not prohibit to amputate the hands at the same time . and The Arabic word it could also mean to mark , if you have read the verse about Joseph (Pbuh) how his handsome looks mesmerized the women folk and it says they cut their hands in the midst , the arabic term is one and the same , they did not amputate their hands from the wrist , and today to ampute not children who steal buns for hunger in some countries , but even other thieves who are adult will not only be barbaric ,but will create a huge social problem to the country ,, and with today’s technology of being able to mark the thieves hands by biometric finger printing , the amputation of the hands would be rather a cruelty on humanity that justice, same to be said with many other fiq that were exercised in the old days , the Islamic Jury is required urgently come up with a new fiq to suit the current times we live and and not forgetting the geographical environment and cultures, it is an obligation long over due.

    As for the various divisions , as far as I have now come to understand , it really does not matter what label you wear upon you , Sunni,Shia , Ahmediya , Sufi, Wahabi , Deobandi , as long as one claims , he believes in Monotheism , One God , Belief in The Holy Quran as the divine revelation from God and Muhammad (Pbuh) is the last Prophet and a Messenger , I will recognise and accept you as a Muslim , and also consider the divisions as Schools of thought that has been created like in any academic discipline , even having separate Mosques is understandable as certain rituals differ and as long as such rituals and not prohibited in the Quran and does not restrict all the Muslims from committing together to perform Umrah and haj in congregational worship as a unified community confirming Monotheism the matter of being schools of thoughts and rather not sects is acceptable .

    The only plausible explanation of violence and breakdown of unity and the loss of the entire message and its purpose begins, is when the groups try indoctrinate others.

    In the past except the four madzahabs the Shias and the Ahmadis, prayed in different mosques , but that did not create an issue of violence we see today, infact the Hanafi school had their own Mosque , though not restricted only for the hanafi and today they still have and even their Prayer time for Azar differs ,but it was never an issue and should not be in the future either .

    So the only way for the Muslims to end violence and hate among each other is to come together on matters of common needs ,where they agree on and concentrate in uplifting the Muslim community which not only has the largest number of practicing followers , but also has one of the largest numbers of illiterate and poor of poorest in the world .

    And humbly reminding and requesting Our Scholars to urgently bring in new laws and reform to the traditions to suit suit the current times and environment we live as to blend with the cultures ,still upholding the values of Islam, which will help to avert all suspicion and fear that has brought so much of hate and mistrust among the people of other faiths,

    may peace be to you.

  • 8

    Do not hate what you have no knowledge ,or little knowledge enough to feed your prejudice.

    To add to the above comment , I do not condone wife beating at all , but imagine the period Islam started and the condition women lived in, even it was considered a curse to have a female child ,that they use to bury them alive when they were born.

    Women back then were totally ignorant , illiterate, they were a commodity to bought used and discarded ,so in a situation like that a rebellious wife is better off corrected and the marriage continued than immediately divorced and left vulnerable to a society which had no mercy on women then.

    As for the often allegation made about Child marriage ,I would only like to request those who make such allegation only against Islam and Muslims , to go and read other scriptures and they will be surprised to find it almost a commandment , while no where in The Holy Quran it is stated as a must , so it is with Polygamy , infact you will find that The Quran is the only Scripture that has clearly mentioned marry only one and while Polygamy is only a solution offered to situations that requires a second marriage , again this you will find in other scriptures of past too ,confirming permitting wives and concubines in tons , while what Islam has done is reduce the many to only a max of four. That too with many restrictions .

    Like I mentioned in my earlier comment the learned Scholars ,like in the past they have completely abolished slavery (Including any form of forced sex with slaves) and temporary marriages , they must as urgently as possible come together and identify the issues that has brought all the miseries to the community everywhere and come up with solutions and reforms accordingly .

    Reforms are highly necessary to contain harmony with the changing times .

    I am very much for reforms , as long as it does not have to compromise the Lord’s commandments and the Values of Islam.

    May Peace be to you

  • 9


    Qur’an is for the past present and future, the guy who calls himself a Muslim Cannot say Ibrahim AS story is only for those people. He goes out of the fold of Islam When he says idol worshipping is accepted.

    I have never said Ibrahim’s (Pbuh) story is for the past , I was referring t what took place during his time with the Idols , and never said said Idol worshipping is exapted .

    What I said was simple and clear, The verse to you your religion and t me my religion will be meaning less if it did not mean the tolerance is accepted of whatever they worship.

    This is the problem with (some) of our brothers, if you do not agree with any illogical propositions they come up with , they will go to any extend ,even to fabricate the worse lies against you to tarnish you .

    His hate towards me is burning him inside out ,he even does not want address me by my Nick, and already he has passed a judgement upon me.

    (Sounds like a confused kid) he will grow up Inshala. we all have been through the pace .

  • 0

    no need to monolog like the amarasiri chap, There is no God but Allah, and Prophet Mohamed is the messenger of ALLAH.

    Shirk leads to hell.

  • 8

    even Amerasiri ( a diehard atheist had confirmed it ) we do not need endorsements from frogs who want to live forever in the well .

  • 10

    The Muslim women’s dress code , is it a religious obligation for all Muslim women ? and what is the purpose ?

    After years of battling through with this one most controvial issue and much debated all over the world , I have now after almost 10 years managed to find the answers I been searching for myself and I am merely sharing my opinion.
    1) The Dress Code as much as the wudu is again a necessity to prepare one mentally to conduct a spiritual ritual , God is not in want of us covering or continuously washing ourselves , God is full aware of what we conceal and what we expose whether it is physical or in our minds and he not is in no need of any of our cleanliness . It is a means of benefit for the human and he is aware of the continuous Was-was (OCD) of the week human mind , which is why the preparation of wudu and dress is a part of the ritual .

    As far as the headscarf and The entire covering of the body is concerned ,it should be considered eligible for Muslim women who are constant in their Salat (Commonly known as the Muslim five times a day prayers), such Muslim women have the right for the dress code, as it is not only convenient for them to conduct their ritual prayers ,it also helps them to continue the mental comfort of the spirituality they acquire through their constant prayers .
    (they deserve the right to wear the Khimar al-alshshaer and the khimar al-aljism , commonly known as Hijab and Abaya )But it is not an obligation upon them ,but rather an obligation upon every human being who believes in righteousness and promotes spirituality to support such righteous women , it is as much as a Nun wearing the head scarf all the time ,or The buddhist laywoman in Sil ,wearing white .

    I would somehow prefer to see the Muslim ladies (who are constant in salat) to opt either for white Abayas or something in light shade similar to what the Borah ladies wear rather than the black., it would be more practical and comfortable, suiting our climate.
    To wear the hijab or the Abaya for fashion and just to create an impression ,by someone not in constant salat (Communion with God) is a mockery to Islam and God and to misbehave wearing it ,or wear seductive dresses with only the Hijab is a total insult to the Pious Muslim women as a whole.

  • 2

    “Be Peacemakers”


  • 2

    How My Stay in Morocco Changed My Views of Islam & Muslims
    http://www.moroccoworldnews.com › Economy
    Mar 27, 2014 – One day I was asked by a Moroccan if I would become Muslim. … Good people were killed, public servants lost their lives and countless … I know that my initial anxiety about Morocco’s religious, country-wide culture was …

  • 3

    Answering MNZ

    He took it upon himself to describe the Nazrenes (Christians), Yehudis (Jews), Shiites and the Freemasons as enemies of Islam. He went on to assert that all the ills of the Muslim world have been created by one or the other of the aforementioned. He was very vitriolic in the choice of words and cautioned the flock in no uncertain terms.


    Who is it to be blamed ?????????????????????


  • 1

    The fall of The Islamic Caliphate /The Exile of The Hashemites and The Conquerer of The Two Swords The Father of Saudi Arabia .
    Who is to be blamed ? and what drove them to the destruction ?

    1) Fall of The (Muslim ) Ottoman Empire .

    2) who’s blunder that brought the western imperialists into Arabia?

    3) Who created the opportunity for the Al-Sauds ?

    Nationalism The Fire that destroyed the Islamic Caliphate

    Nationalism led the Hashemites to betray the fellow Ottomans ,which was kindled by the Ottomans wanting to impose their nationalism on the Arab Muslims ,Ultimately nationalism destroyed both the Ottomans and The Hashemites.

    The price of betrayal & Pride being paid even today.

    The Fall of the Ottoman Empire 1



    Ibn Saud – Unification of Saudi Arabia and Establishment of wahhabism


  • 0

    Why Muslims are satisfied only in rituals and do not consider an obligation in serving humanity ?

    A must read for Muslims wishing to disassociate themselves from the doctrines of extremism, terrorism and paganism espoused by their spiritual leaders, ayatollahs, priests, mullahs and scholars.
    by Aidid Safar

    God is not to be ‘Worshiped’

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    [Edited out] Please write instead of posting links – CT

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    [Edited out] Please write instead of posting links – CT

  • 0

    Reply to Edip Yuksel
    Edip Yuksel insists on serving Stone Idol carved by the Arabs
    From: Farukhos@……

    Why Muslims are satisfied only in rituals and do not consider an obligation in serving humanity ? —————————————————————————– ————————————————————————– A must read for Muslims wishing to disassociate themselves from the doctrines of extremism, terrorism and paganism espoused by their spiritual leaders, ayatollahs, priests, mullahs and scholars. —————————————————————————– by Aidid Safar —————- God is not to be ‘Worshiped’

    Fahim Knight, on July 24, 2016 at 12:36 said:
    Salamun Alaikum , Yes very provoking , while I do agree the basic point what Aidid Safar have strived hard to make us understand . which is, our commitment, many Muslims fail to understand that we have taken the burden upon us to serve him on earth , the whole universe is a system and everything and everyone in it keeps the drive .
    Most Muslims have taken upon themselves the idea that they were created to praise God day and night until death .
    Yes the word abd is servant ; one who serves ,not worships . however I beg to differ in wanting to completely eliminate the rituals, which includes ablution to. Rituals helps the soul and body in away placebo medication does , it depends on the rituals too , if one is going think kissing the stone of the kahaba is going to bless him , he may have some mental comfort ,like the people of Moses worshipping the golden calf , the mind is all powerful and it is the mind that we need to first take charge of.
    The daily salat ritual helps you to do some very mild exercise ,one may argue its paganic , cause it consists a lot of the Hindu Yoga positions, but even scientifically it has been proven health benefits, and further the recitation of the Quran while performing the rituals soothes ones mind and soul , and has a healing effect ,Quran itself is shifa. and for that short moment puts the person into a mediating mode and takes him away from all the chaos of the world . I do not see it as anything that goes against God system , and lets call Islam that and it is indeed one of the best systems to use as a way of life.
    But like Aidid Safar has suggested , the rituals would go completely against the system and create chaos if The ritual is taken as the only duty and the commitment to uphold the system is neglected , that is when the Muslim is confused why his prayers are not answered , the answers are with all of us , without being greedy ,selfish, egoistic and hypocritical, if we all sincerely commit to serve God to maintain the balance of the order, which I see as the inner dimension of Islam , the most important part, cleansing your heart and soul, reaching out to all creations , safeguarding everyone’s dignity , sharing , protecting wild life , protecting the atmosphere , taking care of the orphan , widows , homeless ,making peace . Our prayers will be answered . we hold the key , otherwise There will be no need .to have a day to judge by God .
    No harm in keeping rituals that makes you feel good and does not contradict monotheism and prevent the system from collapsing , but with the present rituals by many sects that is what is actually happening , people are killed in the name of God ,because they differ in their rituals.
    Rituals are man made and it has been practiced in different ways in different cultures, and it depends the benefit one derives from it.
    If you refuse to take vaccine and believe your rituals are going to save you ,or drink , take drugs , engage in adultery, slandering people , backbiting , indulge in witchcraft and still continue your rituals will be a form of daily cleansing ,or offering charity to the one you have caused harm believing you will be forgiven is a myth , There are some who perform haj annually thinking they become pure as a newborn child , thinking the yearly sins get deleted ,sadly they will meet with disappointment.
    Even for the bird God does not throw its food to its nest ,it finds its own food, God says nothing is created on earth and heaven without a purpose, even the despised earth worm is making sujood , serving God by eternally fertilizing , it does it part for its existence and we have to do our part for our existence, we as Souls are connected as one network , no use how many times you pray ,no use how many hajs you make , no use what kind of charity you offer ,until you have seeked forgiveness and right the wrong you done to one , the whole universe is going to be in utter chaos and so will your own world . we live in our minds ,if anyone can understand that .
    I do not wish to reprimand anyone’s beliefs, I am only sharing what I have experienced and I know I did not stumble on this website by accident ,for I been surfing and searching for years to find an answer to what i always believed in and that is, the God I believe in who calls upon us to be humble , shows so much of displeasure in arrogance, promotes forgiveness ,compassion , and insists on thinking and reasoning and discourages blind faith, can not be the God what some people paint him as, ruthless , unforgiving , desperate for glorification , ,and I have always held the word is not worship ,but to serve .
    Like it is said God is not responsible for all the chaos man has created . and like wise how can hypocrisy shadowed by rituals to avoid the commitment of upkeeping the orderly system that provides harmony be right ?
    May Peace prevail

    Fahim Knight, on July 25, 2016 at 06:05 said:
    There is something important to understand , recent scientific proof has been found that good energy and bad energy emits through human , by words of cursing , praising , singing ,reciting religious phrases did leave a permanent impression , even on cooked rice it either became rotten due to negative words or become perfumed good smell due to good positive words , Our bodies contain more water ,and one can only imagine that the memory in water will contain the good energy that is transmitted while reciting The quran ,or for that matter any sacred scripture.
    The Mind above all have the capacity of taking care of the wellbeing of our physical bodies and our thoughts.
    I personally believe Quran is a tool that has many variations , which infact allows and necessitates every community in every corner of the world to set up the system that suits its culture, people , climatic conditions, economy and not forgetting it also has the provision to let life style to keep evolving so as to meet the challenges of the ever changing circumstance we humans face during the times and places we live by ,so The people can choose and set up a system that works accordingly , it is our fault if we want to choose the wrong system and end up in misery .
    To follow Islam ,one must be able to think too , not just follow .

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