22 May, 2022


Requesting A Permit To Carry Out Crimes 

By Thushara D Wanniarachchi

Thushara D Wanniarachchi

Thushara D Wanniarachchi

A lead thought by the USA on democracy and human rights is summed up by the quote, “the right to swing my walking stick ends, where the other man’s nose begins.” What can be assumed is that Americans are of the opinion that even concepts of freedom and democratic rights have limitations. To explain this further, freedom is not completely free.

Under the guise of Union concerns, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) maintains a massive mafia with the doctors and medical professionals. To further their appeal, they use sensitive trade matters such as transfers, getting their children into schools and promotions. What the people of Sri Lanka are unaware of is what the mainstream media, politicians and doctors don’t talk about openly – namely, how the GMOA maintains a corrupt system which is not in line with the legal system maintained by the Ministry of Health when carrying out medical officer’s transfers. Rumors have spread that this includes using various means such as sexual abuse, bribery and abusing power to achieve their goals. So in reality, through the freedom of the unions, the professional independence of physicians has been lost in the process.

Governments should most definitely intervene in the matters of the private bus industry. As a matter of fact, the transport industry of other nations is regulated by the government. Although Sri Lanka too, possesses such a similar function; however, many passengers in the main areas of the city and bus stops, will no doubt have seen instances where gangsters obtain money from the conductors with no receipt or document whatsoever.

Today, the bus industry is one which does not make any profit, where the passengers and the industry are vulnerable to the prevailing system. This is influenced, at minimum, by the incompetent nature of the workers engaged in this industry. If the government were to step in and provide proper training, enforce rules and regulations, and bring them onto a competent path, it would benefit the bus passengers, industry owners, and employees alike.

When the government proposed social, economic and political reforms, the fact that forces rose against this was no surprise. A fierce battle must then be waged against to protect such positive reforms from those against it – namely, the unlawful high profit earners, and those to whom maintaining such an ineffective system is beneficial.

The beneficiaries of the free system which came about by the present government on the 8th of January is not merely the ones who fought ceaselessly to bring about this change of good governance. Thieves, fools and a host of enemies also traverse this path. At this moment, a situation has arisen much like a black cloud hovering over society, and threatening devastation against the reforms brought about by the Yahapalanaya government. These same sinister forces are raising their heads up with eager plans to destroy the good governance movement, which promised to protect citizen and labourer rights.

Although, on some level I agree with the fine of Rs. 25000, I also believe that the law should be fiercely implemented against those who violate road rules. This government came into power under many promises, one of which was to stop the motorcade of Ministers. However, even those are gradually rearing up their heads. On one hand, while the strict enforcement of road rules will stop the country’s foreign exchange for energy imports from leaving the country, on the other hand it will serve to ensure life, property and social protection.

Taking to the streets in protest of the high fines is, in some way, like asking a license to commit crimes. The entire nation should be against this, just as they should be against the Minister’s maintain motorcades.

The expansion of the three-wheeler industry of the country saw a parallel increase of over 3 million unskilled labourers, completely stalling the development of the transport and bus industries. However, they amassed great profits. Therefore, as a nation, we must employ a civilized attitude while the government strives hard to rectify the issues within the transport sector.

During the private bus strike, the roads of Colombo seemed to undergo an almost incredibly peaceful transformation. Although there seemed to be even more vehicles on the roads than usual, there was no unwarranted traffic congestion on the roads. Therefore, it can be said that it is the duty of the government to regulate the organizations and individuals engaged in the transport industry. Through this, the safety of the industry, owners and employees can be guaranteed. Even though they might be unable to comprehend this situation at present, this industry now has the opportunity to become a civilized and profitable one.

In the wake of the birth of the democratic and peaceful system of January 8th, the forces against democracy and change are committed towards exploiting Sri Lanka’s citizens, stealing public property and establishing the old system of tyranny. They are also preventing the process of finding solutions to the sensitive issues facing the public, creating obstacles, and keeping people in the dark.

The strategic goal of these forces is to provoke the innocent people of Sri Lanka into fighting against the economic, social and political reforms. However, if these reforms were to fail, it is the people who will suffer, as they will face an even more startling and destitute future.

However, it is the duty of the citizens and members of the civil society of Sri Lanka, to protect the hard-fought freedoms of democratic rights, as well as protecting the social, economic and political reforms. And moreover, one should never back down and remain silent in the face of government officials and ministers who promote such discord.

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    “However, it is the duty of the citizens and members of the civil society of Sri Lanka, to protect the hard-fought freedoms of democratic rights, as well as protecting the social, economic and political reforms. And moreover, one should never back down and remain silent in the face of government officials and ministers who promote such discord.”

    We have cowboy political system. Politicians are shameless. If you switch off TV and Radio, then you will see much less work is being done than what you see in TV and Radio. All the powers are with the politicians. If something good happens you are blessed. If not wait till the next election.

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      Sri Lanka and Colombo need a decent and integrated PUBLIC TRANSPORT system and NATIONAL PUBLIC TRANSPORT POLICY. Investment and expertise for PUBLIC TRANSPORT should be the highest NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT priority in the country. No more duty-free car permits for corrupt politicians and govt. servants!

      There should be a BAN on the import of any more cars. The transport system is at breaking point today and there is much RAGE and Anger on the Streets which will soon boil over in the demand for REGIME CHANGE.

      All hands on deck should focus on a modern Bus and Train Service, with air condition and good facilities like toilets and restaurants at Stations and Bus stops. Unfortunately the Minister of Public transports Nimal Siripala is both incompetent and corrupt and the Mega City Hot air Pathala Champika is building a HOT AIR hub!
      Long live Miracle of Modayas!

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