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Singapore, 1505 And How We Go

By Ravi Perera

Ravi Perera

For a Sri Lankan to fly to Singapore is to become aware of human possibilities. However unhopeful the circumstances; in space, resources and even cultural attributes, a people can still rise to world standards. This small island with just   5.4 million people is an economy of US $ 281 Billion while the visitor’s much larger island, with its 21 million on board, has barely reached a modest US $ 68 Billion economy. Possibilities   that stand before a Singaporean today are good as any in a First World country. Whether it be education, health, career opportunities, entertainment to travel he has choices which are second to none. For the Sri Lankan mind-set   which   lays   great store by “history”, here is a country which came into existence only in 1965.When Stamford Raffles arrived in these parts in 1819 what is now Singapore was a rocky little island with a population of about 1000 Malays and perhaps a few dozen Chinese.

Five centuries ago, in 1505, when the Portuguese moored somewhere near the shores of where Colombo is now situated, the excited subjects reported to the King “There is in our harbor a race of people fair of skin and comely withal. They don jackets of iron and hats of iron; they rest not a minute in one place; they walk here and there; they eat hunks of stone and drink blood; they give two or three pieces of gold and silver for one fish or lime…”

The strangers also brought a new awareness of other and different possibilities to the natives.  Standing before them were a small band of men, neither tied to their place of birth nor family line of business.  From the Iberian peninsula in Europe  they  had sailed against the winds ,  around  the cape to the   Asian shoreline, a distance which would have been  incomprehensible  to a people living a life in  which they hardly moved more than  twenty miles  from their place of birth. To the natives, Anuradhapura or Kataragama, if they were aware of the existence of these places, were excitingly distant. The former had by then receded into an uncertain legend while Kataragama , even when Leonard Woolf wrote about  that part of the country four centuries later  was  jungle territory, rough and primitive.  Much later, after the Motor car and sealed roads changed the paradigm of internal travel in the island, they still remained distant places, now mainly due to poor road conditions.

The Sri Lankan visitor to Singapore arrives after just three hours of flying, no necessity for a deeply humiliating entreaty for an entry Visa. Changi International Airport (formerly a RAF base) renowned world over, will tell him he is now in a place moving to a different beat. Everything he sees and experiences will only emphasize the gap between the two countries.

In 1965, when Malaysia expelled Singapore from the federation prompting the simultaneous declaration of its independence by the island nation, there was no hint of the economic miracle that was to follow. In fact the previous years there had been terrible race riots between the Malays and the Chinese living on the small island. Its neighbours, both Malaysia and Indonesia were drawn deeply into its affairs. The new country  also faced enormous challenges, unemployment was running at about 15%, housing was a huge problem with squatter settlements coming up everywhere, education levels were poor even by the standards of the region and  above all it obviously lacked any natural resources, including land.

The Sri Lankan visitor will be struck by the confident use of English names on the streets and facilities of the former colony. Scotts Road, Orchard Road, Marina Bay, Robertson Quay, Roacher Canal all built by the British, although now transformed beyond recognition by the Singaporeans, have retained their original names.  Along the broad, clean and modern thoroughfares the Singaporeans drive their fast automobiles confidently. There are no struggling three wheelers, zigzagging motorcycles or leisurely pedestrians impeding their progress. There is a visible system at work, giving a certain style and dignity to the drivers.

When his dumbfounded countrymen reported the arrival of a very alien breed of men, Parakrambahu VIII, the King of Kotte in 1505, probably did not realize that it meant the beginning of the end of his accustomed way of life. The visitors also brought with them a huge array of new possibilities for his people. However resisted or resented   the changes and influences that the Portuguese and other subsequent colonizers brought, they set in motion processes which are still shaping our history in a more profound manner than generally given. It is very unlikely that the King and his court fully appreciated the scope of the transformation that unplanned landing of the Portuguese sailors were to begin.

Although very different in history Singaporeans also had to deal with a colonial legacy. But unlike us they did not attempt to undo the past or resort to superficialities like changing street names. What is important is what you make of the future. And our Sri Lankan visitor will be forced to agree that the Singaporeans have arranged their future (and of course the present) very well indeed. Even a simple comparison between the exports of the two countries; Singapore’s high value adding and high-tech while Sri Lanka’s agro and low  wage based products will tell the tale.

Searching  for insights into the marvelous achievements he  sees around him the Sri Lankan may purchase the famous book  “ From the Third World to the First” authored by its former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to read on his flight back to Colombo. Lee Kuan Yew, a legend in his own life time, is credited with being one of the main architects of modern Singapore .In that insightful book there is a description of the inauspicious beginning of the Sri Lankan Airline during the JR Jayewardene era which perhaps may hold a clue. This fanciful venture has through the years burnt up billions of our resources which could have made such a difference had they been invested in more useful projects.

“He had some weaknesses (refers to then President JR Jayewardene). He wanted to start an airline   because he believed it was a symbol of progress. Singapore Airline employed a good Sri Lankan Captain. Would I release him? Of course, but how could an airline pilot run an airline? He wanted Singapore Airlines to help. We did. I advised him that an  airline should not be his priority because  it required too many talented and good administrators  to get an airline off the ground when he needed them for irrigation, agriculture, housing, industrial promotion and development, and so many other projects. An airline was a glamour project, not of great value for developing Sri Lanka. But he insisted. So we helped him launch it is six months, seconding 80 of Singapore Airlines  staff for periods three months to two years, helping them through our world-wide sales representation, setting up overseas offices, training staff, developing training centres and so on. But there was no sound top management. When the pilot, now chairman of the new airline, decided to buy two second hand aircrafts against our advice, we decided to withdraw. Faced with a five-fold expansion of capacity, negative cash flow, lack of trained staff, unreliable services and insufficient passengers, it was bound to fail. And it did.”

An airline in the 1970s may not have been exactly what men in iron hats and jackets represented in 1505. Nevertherless; a certain inadequacy in the grasp of the foreign idea suggests itself. Anybody can manage an enterprise however large, as long as he is loyal or better still, a kinsman.

Every experience, whether it be alien men ship-wrecked on our shores or a sparkling aero plane flying high above, offer possibilities. But because of the foreignness of the idea does perfect understanding elude us?

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    We have not changed much. Still lacking in the fundamentals of laying a firm foundation for the country and the people to grow in parallel.
    No amount of CHOGM, Bidding for Commonwealth Games,Casinos, Night races etc will make us progress any further whilst we see a large contingent of our labour force toiling away as domestics and cheap labour in the middle east.

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      We have a big problem. Perhaps it is cultural.

      People just love to promote themselves. They do it all the time.

      Just look at all projects “The King” declares open with his own silly name on them. I find this utterly embarrassing. Amazing he is not embarrassed himself.

      Where did these people get this horrible habbit from? What is the point anyway? General public knows public funds were used. They hate it. Yet, rulers continue to do it.

      All politicians are in a hurry to build a legacy after their name. So that, their family can live off that for generations.

      There is no room for long term, realistic planing or implementation. Like in Singapore.

      It is all about branding yourself as the saviour of the nation. When in reality they ruin our country for coming generations as well.

      These politicians should seek mental therapy. Give it to them at state expense.


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    It would have been more interesting had the author quoted Lee Kuan Yew on what he told of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka and it’s impact on the country’s progress.

    Sengodan. M

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    It’s a good timely article comparing or rather contrasting the two islands tiny Singapore with 5.4 millions population with Sri Lanka with 21 but failed to mention how the legendary ex-PM Lee Kuan Yew brought about unity among three ethnic communities. He also failed to point out that in Singapore three languages are official languages with English being a link whereas Sri Lanka enforced Sinhala Only down the throats of Tamil spreaking minorities though they constitute 24% of the population aganst just 4.2% Tamils in Singapore. We are experiencing the tragedy of discriminating the minorities in Sri Lanka whereas multi-ethnic co-existence add prosperity and fame to Singapore.

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    5.4 Mn can do 4.5 times better than 20 Mn for want of good leadership and a clear vision. Our politicians are still adept at ruining the country. Air Ceylon under Rakhita and now Sri Lankan under Presidents BIL. Hambantota and Mattala. Backward, retrograde thinking.

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    Singapore is not the heave. Its made out to be . it has major economic weaknesses. Its govt is autocratic. I visited Colombo after 8 years and the change is amazing possibilities are endless. I lived in Singapore for 8 he’s. Not just visited and gwaked.

    These is lots of development in sri Lanka and the issue is it does. Not filter down to the people who expect the welfare state to look after them even though they take. No part of the economy. It will take time but I think we are surely on the right track

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      You are correct!!!!!!!!!

      WE are ON THE RIGHT TACK??.

      Right track to HELL very soon.

      JARAAPASSA CLAN AND central bank CABBA is leading the nation,with
      300 Odd Shit eating MEEHARAK From Diyawanna oya Cattle shed.

      Aney MEEGONNO;????.

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    We are a nation of lotus eaters! We are a nation that cannot deal with facts! We are a nation that pretends not to see what is blatantly obvious! We are yet not different from those in the Kotte a Kingdom who took the Parangiya ( the Portuguese ) on a circuitous route to see their King, in the hope that the Portuguese would be deceived into thinking that Kotte was a thousand miles away from Kolomba ( Colombo)! We are indeed very good at deceiving ourselves, while believing that we are hood winking others! What a bunch of bloody fools we are! We are collectively the typical ‘ Frog in the well’.

    At least some of us have the opportunity today to see the much bigger world and learn some lessons . Ravi Perera has presented these lessons quite well.

    Dr. Rajaingham Narendran

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    The difference is that Lee Kwan Yu and Singapore, USED the Tamil minority, instead of alienating them.

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    Lee Kuan Yew also said “Mahinda Rajapakse is a Sinhalese Extremist” http://transcurrents.com/tc/2010/05/mahinda_rajapakse_is_a_sinhale.html
    “Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, in a newly released book titled “Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew,’ says that Tamils have been in the island of Sri Lanka as long as the Sinhalese, and that Sri Lanka is not a happy “united” country. The present president of Sri Lanka believes he has settled the problem now that the Tamil Tigers are killed, and wants others to believe that too,” and Lee observes:”I don’t think they [Tamils] are going to be submissive or go away.” Referring to the Sri Lankan president he said: “I have read his speeches and I knew he was a Sinhala extremist. I cannot change his mind.” http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=31857

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      Lmao. Leek.is a senile asinine old fool. Who has forgotten how he hounded jeyrathnam

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    Yes man, Yes man, we all know what you are saying! But what the hell to do? Now you say man. If you do not know ask then ask your friend Lee Qwan Yew and tell us no please Mahattmaya!

    Poor Tamil Buggers are also dragged into this. If we let them go they may build their own Singapore in this Thamileelam thing, but that also our people say no. Better still put the Tamils to rule the whole place and they will develop the whole place no? But that we will not allow. All must roll in the mud fighting and killing and lying till we die.

    Sad situation. What to do?

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    What has been said about the Air Line ..the assesment is true…MIHIN air is an example….
    but the reality of Singapore is painted …there is no Democracy in Singapore ..whole country has been under Dictatorship since independence..father son operation…what is ailing Sri Lanka at present is the lack of honest Politicians…tough Laws. They are willing to stretch on projects that boost self image which a serious weakness…look at our new Port..Air Port…Highways..above agriculture..livestock development… the money has wasted on wasteful projects …where is the money for maintenance..without earning substantially..
    Late President JRJ had a great vision that would have surpassed Singapore…but it was marred by the Tamil homeland issue ably supported by the Singapore ..Malaysia…for 30 years that resulted in US shifting the investments to those Countries…the damage inflicted by the terrorism on economy & society was enormous…we lost all our visionaries leaving only crooked..corrupted..who now want to out beat JRJ….on that basis US$ 68.0 bn is credible…
    Singapore and Malaysia was way behind Sri Lanka in 1977… Just 10 years ago Petronas Twin Towawait KL was worse than Pettah..hotels Genting Highlands prohibits spitting inside ..toilets have the cisterns & squatting pans..25 years ago there were people in Singapore who spat lumps of yellow matter inside and outside the buses they travelled…

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    very interesting article although success of Singapore there many factors involved. main factor is Indonesia, when Indonesia discovered petroleum European ( when Singapore was still under British) created hub to operate whole affairs from Singapore. their operations head quarters and production and construction etc. although Chinese run government but business ran by Europeans. Indonesia was very corrupted country under Suharto’s government many high officials in the forces ran the PERTAMINA OIL giant, and many of their profit moved to Singapore illegally and invested in many type of businesses. such as shipping Hotels, etc. this is few, PIL, shipping, Summer tunas Shipping , Strait Shipping, and building like Anson building summer tunas building and many others, people of invested in the business of this kind owner partner one of their spouse, who in Singapore, when old man die the property and business became property of Singapore. this how Singapore became rich so quickly. this only very small example.

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    Ja ja ravi and all chatters you have forgettten many. as we know we all a mix cadjun simply sinhala mulathas… Right with this mix and class and cast blend and ajitation and retreatment, missbilligung such consideration to kula beda was a killing faktor rather Tamil terror after indipendence. Sinhala Dominant class Families enterd politiks and to privilege havent hammered the serpent of unequlity of poor sinhale. Truble has done by Englisch via Tamil to lazy sinhale. Conquered such rug rats the pain remained in sinhala poor clss. The adress of porrs of sinhale oppressed still such low has not compleatly eradicated still. Development has gone for six putting sinhale in to hell of debt. Tamil has brot not war not Terror the most Hunger and now such shamful brutel volk beg over sinhale putting much debt. shamful. To the development sinhale educated thoutless and no nationalthought aktivated to harvest by themselves throug curruption by any means. Such still happens and no Raja could stop or tried to stop that. Everywhere projekts but meaningless assholes at work. (Why we produce in our universities or edukation faculties the qualified if we donot use there tallent to our development projekts or our defence programs. Are they ony bookworms?? or cramers…Big bellys and Fat duks…Such are useless) we have to understand the level of our Psudu Polititions and hench. What kind of qualifikation or world experience these galeryclass odinaries posess. Even some sivilservants! Alla Hu akbar!!!! Owa kocchara kiwwath kasada sinhala elite ewun hedenne nee.They comes out through a poison schlauch! one can have many degrees phds. A sinhala man or woman is not produktive. Lazy bugs easy ernings. sit down and crush the egg. Cut others nek. easy live. Who is Lee Quan and who are sirimawos JRJ,Premadasa, and Rajapksha… can you describe the calibers…. you know yuw s son? His management…His stability and power behind…and his Entusiasm..Ditermination. Hey Its a shame comparison to sinhala Pudo politikos and their Family Akters.( Ruukadas) Singapoore has one law. Nation comes second. Lanka Psudo politico comes first. Then Hench-.Link JObs. Then see education.Then comes law. Then comes curruption and next National Thought and identity.Thanks ape Hamuduruwante.. -Singapoore all in otherway. The most trubbled longlasting National problem and development delay lys under Mal politikal strukture, mismanagement, lack of profesionality, lack of quality control and the underdog workmenship.. I was joung student brought under JRJ and Premadasa regeems. Both were a haresment of my joung aspirations. we were just forced by education and viktimised by Uprisings.bloody jvp ers. senceless. I belong to a Lost genaration. Then a Tamill terorr. But no wahabees. In next terror to be…what kind of life cyklus i had.I was lucky to get away from this mad monkeys land. i m proud south man now trying to get an identifikation in Germany. Its a miracale in a place where Rasits and rasism rules and routed. I learned lot than my 20 years of life in Lanka. But I have lost of my devine place Matara. I do not want to pass my disabilities to someone which today to clame. No i do never want to belive sinhala mentality. Its enough for me . I want to forget and close this nature of cause and pain. sri lanka is like El salvador. If one can take a lght to this porr country is only by achiving a long lasting politikal stability under man like lee kuan yew with loeve, passion and pride cuppled with a self ditermination without any finacial curruptions and with a National thought. If Mr Mahinda wants to achive this he has to go for a long way fastly fermly and truthfully.Out curruption and mismanagement only through system manegement. But time limits him. Perhaps his brothers. Can they? Because he does not have much good leaders to follow….But few perhaps! God knows. why i tell is because we are from Deep deep south. I fermly belive Mahinda- bears this thouht and he knows the pain in vain of that poors and opressed of south rather any and you guys watch and wait..he he.. The Train goes. Tamil and wahabi will eat the rest… no matter how you treat them. This is a trouth of real basilus.. Do not you know?? (like to misionares- Protetants…Church minds) a nature parasit cnibals and revivels where no means of peace let allows and live like brothers and sisters in a paradise!Oh what a surprice of pigion Peace to mad sinhale. Die hard to conquer the universe! Only 100 years of bloody war against Tamil and wahabees will endly comes the freedom of sinhale to restore 1000 years of Aryan reality of ours. Let me be reincarnate to resove and gianly organise a solid pure sinhale predominant utmost selfsufficint chemically and nukly equppied self funktioning Sri Lanka. May Tripple jem Bless you guys the brave ones lost the chances to fullfill the devine work to-Aryan Sinhala country!And along my sincere thanks goes to the 3 Forces for your bravary and sacrification- Sinhalaa Rats those who chat with big bellies and big PHDs can servive and can wrigt bla blas now! Befror a development Every sinhala child Man and woman should go under life time military drill and then a job alonge side. They should keep in ready in deep selfrespekt and proud to a sound produktive workforce to eradicate imperialism and self sufficient like to A solid model of Switzerland. Important is a solid organisation and kontrol-systems. solid people. One direktion. A System opearation. Funktional and infuence Military and solid Development and Fundamental social uplifment. Mission still not impossible!But by no means of guilty canibal aktivists. No TNA Wahabeees!

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    Ravi is spot on in his analysis but may i add my two cents to his insights. Having worked for a Japanese fortune 500 company i had to visit Singapore on numerous occasions for work. On one such visit i had the rare opportunity of meeting a senior government official who was well read . I asked him the single factor that he attributes Singapore’s success to. ” Compliance with the law by all” was his answer. Four years since the war concluded can we truly say that this country is heading towards equality and justice ? Could we genuinely say that all sections of society have a fair chance of succeeding through hard work ? Could we genuinely say that those elected to office and live out of public money work towards the well being if those who pay them (the public) ? Could we say that if someone of power commits a wrong against a normal citizen justice will be meted out fairly ? Could we say that we have improved type safety of our citizens ? ( the latest statistics show that ten girls are raped daily and this is mind you what is bein recorded)

    No bridge no highway or paved streets can give freedom and equality. These are questions the people should ask themselves.

    • 0

      Dear Michael;

      It is correct as you said,

      ” Compliance with the law by all”

      There First religion, GOD, and most venerable thing is LAW.

      that is why, they are 100 years ahead of Us.

      I worked there in for few years and I have my Family members, some who are Citizens and some are Permanent resident permit Holders.
      I can remember that One of the Ministers booked by police for traffic violations.
      May be the offender, he is Hon LEE KUAWAN YEW.

      And I have a good experience on that, when I was traveling with company Chinese driver, in the T I E [ Trans Island Expressway],
      we were stopped near Clemanti fly over by the traffic police, for fast driving.
      After getting his Fine ticket, My driver was having a discussion with Chinese traffic police man.
      When he came to the vehicle, I asked him what was the problem,and what were you talking???.
      My driver told me, that police man is his own brother, he wanted to tell him about his new apartments and so on.
      Then I asked him what about the Fine????,.
      He had a smile and told me he must pay the fine. No chance of escaping from that because This is Singapore.
      otherwise he must go to courts and his licence will be cancelled .
      In Singapore Everybody abiding the law and no any partiality for Family, Races, or money.
      Once they Caned an American boy with 20 lashes for Graffiti writing on a car.
      not only that, even though I am a foreigner working for them,
      The China town Magistrate court fined me 1700 S$, having Mosquito Larvae on my work premises.

      Every thing there is a price.
      Because of impartiality, and law abidance, they going to prosper as I class nation.

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    Mr Ravi, thanks for your posting..

    Of course we could learn lots from Singapore, they have the best practices in international trade, R & D, Civil administration, world class health & Education system

    but some of Your comparison is somewhat based on a snapshot,in the same line countries like Dubai & Qatar even prosperous than Western Europe. That does not mean fellow countrymen treated well and living in an eternal paradise.
    Sri Lankans were much progressive, productive & Prosperous under British or somewhat up to late 70s. Even Lee Kuan had admitted it in late 50s.

    So what went wrong ! if Singapore is closer to a big bully like India this story would have been different..
    most of our intellectuals, capable politicians were gunned down in 80s, brain drain increased leaving behind bunch of low level politicians to govern the country since mid 80s. rest of the story is what you have illustrated here.
    If we can manage to fix Tamil issue with true devolution and let our Minorities feels that they are part of our society, we could easily bypass the ASEAN Tigers.. that’s certainly a possibility.

    Singapore managed to tackle their minority issue in 60s.. ( some factors like it’s small size, undemocratic system, it’s location far from big Bully like India, late independence from British were favoring them over ceylon)

    I live in Dubai for almost 20 years and I have seen how Sri Lankans are contributing to Middle East economic boom. Sri Lankans are talented and our work ethics are superior than our peers in South Asia and even to Chinese. So it’s frankly unfair to undermine us, it’s not us being lazy or not forward thinking. We need capable politicians to outsmart New Delhi and smart Diplomats to counter Diaspora.

    Be little positive and patient , we still much better than our fellow south Asians…
    our path is slow but we will be there…

  • 0

    Honest dictator is better than a corrupt democracy!

    • 0

      What we have is a corrupt dictator and a corrupt democrazy.

  • 0

    A nation totally mismanaged. A nation with human, georgraphic, great culture and bad politicians. A nation thee everybody seems to know everything and tend to moch those who question or advice. A nation grown up with curruption, murder, war, racism etc combined with bad management is equal abd doomed to economic disaster.

    I am surprised we are so ´well off´. if this had happened in Singapore then that nation will be 20 times backward in relation to SL. It is everyone´s mathematics to calculate what we are. Analyse!

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    Article is a good analytical work. However it’s hard to see that camparison is justified or correct. Sri Lanka was on par with Singapore before starting of ethnic war. It was laging behied due to large amount of money and manpower used to 30 years of war footing.
    The is not only stalled the development but it took the country backwords.
    I would say that comparing work and moral ethics of Sri Lankans and Singaporeans not related to the country development level. In 60’s or 70’s I would say corruption and mismangement very equal these two countries.
    I would say next 20 years would be the most critical and would be more interesting time to Sri Lanka. Absent of war and progress in both infrastructure and tourism will difinietly bring Sri Lanka very close to Singapore.

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    No motorcades, no posters of politicians all over the island proper planned townships and housing estates,independent policing and very low crime,high standard of living and home ownership, everything world class like transport and education and the lights never go out, ministers paid million dollar salaries unlike our semi literate thugs who would sell their mothers for Rs1000, no shopping malls like Singapore ,Bangkok,Malaysia etc selling international goods,very low salaries for our workers most are forced abroad as slaves,carry on helping Hambantota or ask Shavendra to return and remove the uneducated uncultured rascals?

  • 0

    A very perceptive article. Of course we cannot expect the author to cover everything about a country in one article. The author has chosen a small area and compared it with what happens in Sri Lanka. Even today everywhere we see cases like JR Jayawardena and Sri Lankan Air Line. Pompous men making foolish decisions motivated by political and ego considerations. The war in not an excuse. Between 1970 and 1980 there was no war. But we stagnated while Singapore was booming. Even under the so called expertise of PB Jayasundersa, Nivad cabrall the economy is barely progressing ( a low 6%) Compare with Singapore growth rate between 1970-1990. Anybody can give excuses only a few countries have delivered !

  • 0

    @ Pora Kukula,
    Great stuff, humour with some serious things in Deutsche mixed English. Very much enjoyed reading the new ‘concept’ with lotsa fun. Good job PK.

  • 0

    Bro Bruz
    Thanks ma dear. Things to embrce The Capitalism but not Marktwirtschaft. I love my country . Its my devine Love My Paradice. I m slave and a viktime of intrumental Marktwirtschaft. We as One Sinhla Nation have had enough time to rethink for reconsiliation and reforms delibratly a nationalthought- National Language a must Sinhala. (Bruse all falls asylemseekers and Verraters in eu Usa Canada Norway Deutchland etc are not learning the Language of others.) No one has had put into account. To such paramount work needs the great love of Dedication Politikalbewusstsein Will power Intelektuality and Radicalism. A total National Thought. No escape and thanksgivings to minorities. You as a asylem seeker your bereed in 1000 years to a population 100000000 say for example wont get any part for separatism aspiration selfditermination in Norway Canada- the most humanright Violater to native Indiens. A simple fenomenon.Important is eradikate the terror and teame the Tamil and wahabi Animals. Total Überwachung. Good department of police. Information and selection.Art Entfernung. Then a National Education. Grip the minority to embrace the path of Ours. So you become sri-Lankens. Humen Animals are the most Forgetfull. One part of the world is rich by doing long time harm to the other part and the filthy speeks the Humanrights whenn one of the brutalised countrys getting ready to erdicate the terror by any means and to setp for a development, democracy…. and another Erziehung. How sri Lanka bear when once Muslim wahabees wake up to fight and die. These are not the best chaps we nurish at the cost of majority. Are politiks of England and Canada Fair… why Bombs exploied in Norway….Are Norige Ritter mad Psudos. As gadafi ( Dead one) said Europe will to become Black now. Yes my Europ is black. My dream is Brown. I love brown Girls. So you immagine white tolerate the black to get fukked to white women and to have a breed of Black and white in eu. ( Chunky Negros ) I do have lot fear. I married white or brown white … they have given me the depth of wisdom and my wellbeing.Canada bla bla country. They abuse native Indiens They take their lives and environment. Native Indiens die day by day. That is a proven racism!Sanft verarschung. What these Tamil Terror and Wahabees! Useless.sinnless! Guns and Bombs are not for sri Lanka . solid Law and ruls like in dubai will solve the problems very primitivly. I like to convert sinhala people to sharia sinhale. Buddhism a phylosophy. So to sharia. If portugalesen und Englander bring christianty why we not. yes we can. Have a nice day Mr. Bruz. love you and God bless you. Always Pora Kukula Matara.

  • 0

    South Asian Workers screw up Singapore !!!!!!

    Singapore shocked by worst riots in decades, as migrant workers vent anger
    Traffic accident sparks outbreak of violence in Little India district that leaves police officers and others injured, with dozens arrested

    Police stand guard after the riots in Singapore. Photograph: Mark Cheong/EPA
    A crowd of about 400 people set fire to vehicles and clashed with police in the Indian district of Singapore late on Sunday after a man was hit and killed by a bus, the first major riot in the city-state for more than 40 years.

    Police said they had arrested 27 suspects after the riot, which started after a private bus hit and killed a 33-year-old Indian national in the Little India area.

    The riot is likely to fuel concerns about discontent among low-paid foreign workers. Last year, Singapore saw its biggest outbreak of labour unrest in years when around 170 bus drivers from mainland China went on strike illegally.

    Several videos posted online showed a crowd of people smashing the windscreen of the bus while the victim remained trapped under the vehicle.

    Footage on Channel NewsAsia showed several vehicles in flames and debris strewn across Racecourse Road, one of the main thoroughfares in Little India. Many other private cars were reported to have been damaged.

    Police said the 27 arrested were of south Asian origin and that they expected to make more arrests in coming days. About 300 officers were sent on to the streets to quell the riot.

    A statement by the Civil Defence Force (CDF), which oversees ambulances and fire fighting, said rescuers trying to remove the body had “projectiles” thrown at them when they arrived on the scene.

    Footage showed police cars being flipped over and several vehicles on fire. The CDF said an ambulance, three police cars and a motorbike were burnt.

    The Singapore police force said the violence started following the bus accident.

    “Shortly after, a riot broke out involving a crowd of about 400 subjects,” it said in a statement, adding that about 10 police officers were injured.

    Singapore police force commissioner Ng Joo Hee said: “As far as we know now, there was no Singaporean involved in the riot.

    “The unwanted violence, rioting, destruction of property, fighting the police, is not the Singapore way,” Ng said.

    Little India is usually packed with people on Sundays, with many construction workers from Bangladesh and India gathering there to spend their day off.

    Singapore has not seen a riot on this scale since 1969, when Chinese and Malay residents clashed violently. The country has tough laws on rioting that carry a sentence of up to seven years in prison and possible caning.

    The prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, in a Facebook post, called the riot a “very grave incident”.

    “Whatever events may have sparked the rioting, there is no excuse for such violent, destructive, and criminal behaviour. We will spare no effort to identify the culprits and deal with them with the full force of the law,” he wrote.

    The riots came on the same day that Singapore’s ruling party adopted a new resolution, the first since 1988, about its social aims.

    The eight-point statement from the People’s Action Party included a resolve to strengthen the Singaporean identity in which people of different races, religions and backgrounds “live harmoniously together, embrace one another as fellow citizens and work together for a better Singapore”.

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    The south Asians -show how they do it back in their home countries .

    There is an accidents enough of an excuse to start a riot,,,

    wait till they taste the Singapore style of law. I sincerely hope they ill use the acid canning..


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