17 January, 2022


Sirisena Brat Led Mob Smashes Night Club And Assaults Staff

Just a day after President Maithripala Sirisena justified the actions of teachers hitting school children, his son Daham Sirisena led mob attacked the security personnel of a prominent Colombo night club named Club Clique in the early hours of today, resulting in one guard being hospitalized.

According to information received by Colombo Telegraph, Daham Sirisena and a relative named Dias, a notorious character from Ganemulla, along with a group of Presidential Security Division Personnel were denied entry to the night club around 2 am today. They had then left and returned with poles and had initially hit one security guard on the head with a flower pot. Thereafter the mob went berserk smashing the glass panes at the entrance to the building. Some of the other night club revelers waiting to enter the night club had also been assaulted by the group.daham-sirisena

The Daham Sirisena led mob then forcibly entered the night club and went on to assault a steward.

A close friend of Daham Sirisena’s when contacted by Colombo Telegraph said that the President’s son had denied any involvement regarding the incident. He had said that he would call back with more details but nearly six hours later, prior to publishing, Dahama Sirisena had still not returned the call.

According to a source close to Prime Minister Ranil Wicremesinghe, the Prime Minister’s office had received a classified report early this morning on the incident which indicated the involvement of a high profile person. “Otherwise we do not receive classified reports regarding regular night club brawls” the source said.

The Police confirmed that there was a brawl but refused to provide any further details as the incident is currently under investigation.

Sources close to the club owners confirmed to Colombo Telegraph that police had collected the Close Circuit Television footage of the incident.

The CCTV footage of other cameras in the vicinity had also been collected. However it is still unclear if it was the Sri Lanka Police that had collected those or if it was personnel of the Presidential Security Division that had done so.

Meanwhile the injured security guard’s ward is currently surrounded and closely guarded by PSD officials and no one is permitted to speak to him except the doctors, Colombo General Hospital sources said.

The Derana Television crew was denied permission to enter the premises when they had gone to report the incident. Even the employees of the night club were instructed not to speak to the media by the owners of the club, Colombo Telegraph has reliably learnt.

Daham Sirisena’s history of violence dates back to 2013 when he along with a group of 13 other personnel assaulted DIG Ravi Waidyalankara’s son on the East Coast beach of Pasikuda. Then in March of 2014 the young Sirisena brat had brandished a gun and had threatened UNP Municipal Council member Kris Balthazaar at another Colombo night club named ‘Floor by O’ following the annual Royal Thomian cricket encounter.

Speaking earlier at the ‘Guru Prathibha Pranama Ulela’ teacher commemoration event on Wednesday at the Nelum Pokuna prior to departing for Thailand President Maithripala Sirisena complained that it was even a difficult task for him to have brought up and disciplined his children. ( Janka Ranaweera)daham-sirisena

DIG Ravi Waidyalankara’s son on attack in 2013:

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Latest comments

  • 15

    Oh, no!

    If true, this is terrible!

    • 30

      Living under a stone? This is all over social media while mainstream media is mum on this. Media freedom my hole.

      • 20

        Naxalite Warlord should castrate him (once bitten twice shy) remove his koss atta with laser treatment at China.

        The boy was Hi, hi Hi hi, on castration he would slim fit as a citizen and not play the nocturnal at turtle junction.

        enough of sons and brothers to spare- this one for the road is muusala mouse turning into vampire.

        • 4

          Like Father, like son!
          Sira is corrupt and has filled up the cabinet of clowns with corrupt SLFP thugs and is protecting the Jarapassa family, so the Jarapalanaya joke in the Miracle of Modayas continues!

          Sri Lanka today is in a massive DEBT TRAP between IMF and CHina because of bi-partisan, SLFP – UNP corruption of the Political Leaches and blood suckers who are the so called LEADERS of the Moda masses.

          Long live miracle of modayas.

      • 10

        Sinhala_Man and Jehan

        Was Daham SiRa angry because he could not go to the United Nations in NY again?

        Cry Baby Daham getting tantrums…just curious…

        • 2

          Damn this fellow, Daham.

          And not because I have had to eat my words. For us this “Yahapalanaya” business has meant something for the past two years. All the good work done by many of us is getting undone.

          I haven’t ever met Maithri. If one of us did, what should we tell him?

          I hope my despair and fed-upness is getting conveyed.

    • 19

      Why don’t you go and sit on a box of razor blades till then??
      If this is not racism, nothing is.

      Dai Ichi – Hingannage Thuwale,

      Say HeeHaw, HeeHaw, Buruwatte,

      ඌව කැලෑ Pukka Digga සර්, Pinguttharaya

      පිඹුරා,පිඹුරා,පිඹුරා (Black Python)

    • 17

      Maithri should either let the law take its course (unlikely!), or ship this curse on his presidency to some other country so we will get rid of another presidential brat who has a history of violence that appears to be condoned by his father, who, incidentally believes in the adage “spare the rod and spoil the child”!

    • 2

      President Gamarala Maitripala Sirisena,

      “Speaking earlier at the ‘Guru Prathibha Pranama Ulela’ teacher commemoration event on Wednesday at the Nelum Pokuna prior to departing for Thailand President Maithripala Sirisena complained that it was even a difficult task for him to have brought up and disciplined his children.”

      Please let the Law take its own course without interference, and discipline the Brat.

      Amalgam, because you failed to discipline the brat, he is getting away with it.

      What a shame, Gamarala! The brat does not seem to have any shame!

    • 5

      If political brats too got qualified (not synthetic law degrees) and were employed and earning their living like all other children, then things like this would not happen. Kindly educate the PSD personnel that they are there to safeguard
      the brat and not to join him and cause harm to others with whose tax monies their salaries are paid.

    • 3

      Look at that simian forehead, signals more bone than brain, sorry simians!

    • 4


      Daham Sirisena is on a mission to clean up restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, UN, ….

      Why doesn’t the father disown him and demand the long arm of the law to deal with him and then exile him to forest monastery for four years.

      buddhanet.net has published a list of such monasteries:

      Buddhist Forest Monasteries and Meditation Centres in Sri Lanka
      A Guide for Foreign Buddhist Monastics and Lay Practitioners

      Could you forward this information to his father/mother/uncles/aunts/sister/grandmas/grandpas.


      • 4

        Sorry, NV.

        I’m appalled, but don’t know what to do.

        I did what I could to get Maithri elected, but never I’ve met him. I’m sure that there are tens of thousands who fall in to my category,

        Yes, Maithri must do something like that.

        • 3


          “Yes, Maithri must do something like that.”


          The son has a long history of violent behavior. Surely the father must know he cannot fix every problem the brat gets into whilst preaching the country to be good citizens.

          I do not think that his believe in giving Buddhism a prominent place in the constitution will cure this boy’s rage.

          • 0

            Native Vedda

            “I do not think that his believe in giving Buddhism a prominent place in the constitution will cure this boy’s rage.”

            Giving Sinhala “Buddhism” a prominent place did not cure Para-Sinhala Buddhists nor will it cure the Brat Daham SiRa from committing crimes.

            However the proper application of Law and Order and Justice, will certainly cure.

  • 20

    So what is new. We are born to live like that in animal kingdom. One animal leader clan replaced by another. That is Srilanka for you. The miracle of Asia. AS long as we have sinhale- buddhist in power we will not get anywhere.Long live SB and SOBs

    • 12

      What has ‘sinhale- buddhist in power’ got to do with this? Do you think the children of Tamil and Muslim leaders are any different?

      • 17

        What has ‘sinhale- buddhist in power’ got to do with this?

        Silence! Reason and altruism are incompatible.

        Sinhala -Buddhist Troll bigot with blood on both hands.

        “It is impossible to love and to be wise.” – Francis Bacon
        (After Socrates the Father of present day quotes of Gray’s Inn – Inner Temple London)

        What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

        If he was Tamil he would be with Bone Break Need Fix Or
        most possibly dead as a lamb.
        We have seen this before with Sinhala Only` at Colombo-
        Mighty Moral My3 and you came to colombo on
        Sindrome Lie Fascist Party (SLFP) chauvinist Hora Oru.

        • 9

          Taraki Sink_A_lam,
          Turtles Tell Tale
          Embarrassment leads to naturally to anger, the City slicker say- until that embarrassment and therefore angered party thinks that this chattering has gone far enough, bangs the the table, takes his opposition by the neck, gives him a wallop, and then looks about and asks the audience, which is the jury, `Am I right or am I wrong?` And as learn at every night club, the audience invariably replies `You are right!` Only humans ever settle a thing like that.

          This method of settling arguments by force can sometimes be carried to absurdity, if there is no sense of humour, as when the Fascist Sinhala Buddhist actually believe they can stamp out stamp out Anti-Sinhala feeling among the Tamils by bombing and machine-gunning them.
          That is why I am always slow to admit that Lanka’s are rational animals.

          Angles settle arguments all by chatter; brutes settle arguments all by muscle and claws; human beings alone settle them by a strange confusion of muscle and chatter. Angles believe sheerly in right; brutes believe sheerly in might; and human beings alone believe might is right.
          Of the the two, the chattering instinct, or the effort to find out who is right, is of course the nobler instinct. Someday we must all just chatter in the language -In the language no one uses (there would be less noise) There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.- C+++

          That thing called modesty or shame is after all a good thing and the chattering instinct also.

          ◉On the Road to Mandalay – Rudyard Kipling
          ◉To romance with Almond Skin Chicks where the British Soldier fought for our democracy wherein you do not own your child or individual because of power by the vote.
          ◉Manda Ilai-?? Better you go mad.

        • 0

          Don’worry. Mana Sanga is there to protect sri lanka

          • 3

            Why haven’t you been to Disney Land?

            Mana Sanga, Dahana Bana mana hiramana with fried poke chops?

            no wonder they got the `MGM syndrome` and Messed up Son.

        • 3

          Hi Bandito;

          “If he was Tamil he would be with Bone Break Need Fix Or most possibly dead as a lamb.”

          You are wrong fellow, if an ordinary SINHALA man does this, he too will be “dead as a lamb”. Don’t pick on innocent Sinhala-Buddhist people, they are victims too, just like you and I. Those buggers in the seat of power are your enemies and they are the perpetrators of all injustices you and I equally have been enduring since 1953. Don’t hate ordinary (Gullible) Sinhala Buddhist people.
          This vulgar bugger is a Part-Time Sinhala Buddhist. He is a Buddhist in the day time and Non-Buddhist in the night.

          • 4

            Peter Ban,
            ” if an ordinary SINHALA man does this, he too will be “dead as a lamb”.””
            I have seen it at colombo from the 60’s how dosa kadde, surrutu kadde kiosk newspaper stands etc Kappan karayas (like mafia new breed of sinhala villagers enter colombo etc- you can’t lie to me we have court records of cases from Hultsdorf long before you wore trousers..)
            You are living in a dream of confidence that you are the miracle of the world. The English think the same way but they have that wisdom non can match.

            (English, spoken competently by about 10% of the population, and is used as the link language-
            therefore Overall SERVICE IN DENIAL)

            Literacy: total population: 92.6%; Density: 332 PERSONS SQ KM.
            URBAN POPULATION; 19.3 %
            Major urban population COLOMBO (capital) 707,000 (2015).
            Therefore the general attitude is one of the village conman

            මහදැන මුත්තා – Mahadana muththa
            Readers digest Spl Edition-of 60’s greatest Com man of the World was not an accident- Emil Soundranayagam

            You have to see reality because I am not a common working class tourist from UK or sinhala tamil or muslim or your white tiger- we hit you hard like Bodhisira says with the lathi- till you see reality- then you cry and lead a better life like us.Quality of life for all not just Village Warlords ministers etc – you guys live the life of beast that you brought from the village into our city Colombo.

          • 3

            “Don’t pick on innocent Sinhala-Buddhist people, they are victims too, just like you and I”

            I have never been a victim of anything in my life- i learnt to laugh at brutes who opposed me at studies and in general life. we learn’t mea kulpa and what it meant so when challenged we won with grace and a smile or when we lost we always knew its not the end of the world. smile and the world smiles.(they don’t speak the truth- you need to understand philosophy of the east and west and why we in the west are rich and happy- content- mindfulness.7th path of buddha or 4th gem.
            he is the classic product of sinhala buddhist civilization as it is today.
            I challenge the Bodhi Tree- Its from Chinese philosophy and the woodcutter.Its a useless tree so its not cut and it becomes useful as shade only- have plastic trees and stop the piracy.We have oak tree and its like teak and plenty in the west.

            “This vulgar bugger is a Part-Time Sinhala Buddhist. He is a Buddhist in the day time and Non-Buddhist in the night.””

            Nothing like that he is a total human day or night but he has Turtle instincts- Turtle (ibbo) see well in the night 10 times better than humans nocturnal mammal. Adopt a Tortoise instead of night light;).

            • 1


              It seems your warped mentality cannot be reformed. You will never see what is right and what is wrong as long as you look at Sinhala-Buddhists with a hate filled heart. You know nothing about noble teachings of Lord Buddha.

              For your information, of the total population in Colombo, 26 Percent (26%)or less are Sinhala Buddhists. Sinhala-Buddhists are outnumbered in Colombo by non Sinhala persons like you, but we do not envy you at all. Irony is, it had happened in our Sinhala-Buddhist country.

              So keep your venomous poison within you and don’t even pass that to your broods. You are no different from the Vulgar bugger we are referring to. Unfortunately, you are barking at wrong trees due to your inability to see real threat to our country and our people.

              • 2

                Peter Pan , Sink_A_lam,
                “”It seems your warped mentality cannot be reformed. “

                P R E J U D I C E.!!
                pandama of the beast cannot have a thinking man for a feast.
                Sinhalese (74%); yuè (Moon) : Radical 74,
                Dictators and the Beast in our city.
                Which generation did you come to Colombo by hora oru??

                You say you are Sinhalese/Buddhist. I am not. I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know.

                “So keep your venomous poison within you and don’t even pass that to your broods. “
                You shit your pants from fright! Vete y lavate el toto.(pussy)
                V4P – Vaseline for Prick latest!!

                “You are no different from the Vulgar bugger we are referring to”

                Bigots cannot reason and does not consort easily with free trade.

      • 8

        Name on Tamil or MUslim leader’s son behaved like your Sinhale buddhist presidents’ children. Previously we had nimal yositha et al now sirisena’s brat, what more evidence you need for the comment. I know you are paid by the number of comments you make, your are a SOB.

      • 2


        “What has ‘sinhale- buddhist in power’ got to do with this?”

        They enjoy “more powers” than the others to pervert the course of justice and permanent impunity from crimes.

        “Do you think the children of Tamil and Muslim leaders are any different?”

        Yes they do, however not many have the powers to save their children from the long arm of the law, unless their parents are willing to carry the b***s of ruling thugs in Colombo.

        • 0

          While Obama Hussain adn Power are still there My thuna shoukld send
          Daham (1000 piece ham) as SL ambassador to USA.
          Then he will not fear taking a lonely walk in the park.

      • 0

        When I taught in Sri Lanka at American National College, the Muslim students were as wild as the Sinhala and yes they drank prolifically!

  • 7

    RE:Sirisena Brat Led Mob Smashes Night Club And Assaults Staff

    “Just a day after President Maithripala Sirisena justified the actions of teachers hitting school children, his son Daham Sirisena led mob attacked the security personnel of a prominent Colombo night club named Club Clique in the early hours of today, resulting in one guard being hospitalized.”

    Sirisena Brat is learning from Mahinda Rajapaksa brats.

    Welcome to the Land of Native Veddah Aethho occupied by the Paras and the Para-brats!

    • 6

      where s your chant ….A..mara mara mara now Va..ma ra va…mara…vama…(regurgitate) this you imbecile

      • 5

        Chatu MaRa,

        What has Chatu MaRa has with Caatu SiRa?

        Well, well.

        1. Both have brats.

        2. Both are from SLFP.

        3. Both are Para-Sinhala.

        4. Both Follow Para-Sinhala “Buddhism’ which is different from Pristine Buddhism.

        5. Both Lie

        6. Both Fatten themselves at the expense of the citizens.

        So, you Dimwit, why not make your own Cahtu Sira Song.

        • 0

          head-up-ass,Fathima’s knickers, Pukka Digga Siri,is the incubator of wars.:Acute Lead Poisoning-pointless posts that clog up real surfing,


          “”Both Lie”- first chapter in the book of wisdom.
          Black is Black parana-coat, pots and kettles in the cheap blame game.
          Higanno Ehema Thama,
          Hematama Wenda Wetenawa.

          “”Both Fatten themselves at the expense of the citizens””
          Pinguttharaya ,Pinguttharaya ,Pinguttharaya
          Grunting from styscraper ask your paymaster to get castrated then you next.
          Walla wackabar boom!!

      • 2

        Chatu Mara,
        Ma Wawulan Ra Purama ( මා වවුලන් රෑ පුරාම රංචු ගැසීලා )
        by ඌව කැලෑ Nana Amara,

        යක්ෂ පද ඌව කැලෑ Naxalite Pukka Digga සර්, Pinguttharaya,

        Chouthe Chatura, Choudse Choda, Chande Chamunda
        Maa Chande Chamunda

        Om Jayo Jayo Maa Shambhaljo Karuna Karume.

  • 24

    Hope CT has got this story right. If the story is true, then it is high time Mr Sirisena takes out his “madu walige” and the thick bamboo cane to discipline his unruly and delinquent brat. No excuses whatsoever, time to discipline the hooligan before he becomes a national level pest and thug. First Mervin Silva’s brat then MR’s and now another one starts. Set an example to the country dealing with their unruly off springs!

    • 9

      Besides this boy is believed to be no more teenager right ?

      Thirisannu, they dont know how to behave – itsi really no good to father s mission.

    • 0

      I would expand on this – the brat gets more courage to do what he does is
      becuase of PSD blind support. Some modus-operandi should be in place for the
      PSD under such instances and much fuss could be eliminated? Over to Hon.
      Sagala Ratnakayka.

  • 4

    Ah so this is the reason why I saw a few outspoken toyiyas looked like they were trying to decipher an Einstein theory today. Thinking about a way to pin this onto Rajapakshe or the Sinhalese society in general.

  • 9

    and under the five star democracy we achieved on January 08th not only the police but also the mainstream media is silent about this.

    Ofcourse why get branded as racists and spoilers for reporting on yahapalana hypocrisy.

  • 3

    I wonder what Ranil/Sirisena give to the red elephant to control it. I mean under Rajapakshe it never failed to jump at an opportunity like this. After January 08th they are more interested in arts and a dozen of theologies than politics.

  • 2

    Sirisena fulfilling the contract given to him by India/West perfectly which is to let Ranil run the country while he destroys the SLFP from within. The end result is Ranil can do any treachery he desires but still win the next election because by then Sirisena has made SLFP into a complete circus.

  • 4

    It’s the Veddah thug gene in the Sri Lanka politicians that is in action.
    Impartial enforcement of Law and Order is the answer,
    Unfortunately the culture of impunity is still very strong in SL;all talk and no action.

  • 9

    Naxalites Warlord the Single Man Authority over our Dupatta,
    Authority is the Truth

    It never was Right on 08/01/2015. Is it right to vote??

    No confidence in Presidential system bring back the original
    Constitution of 1948(7) Privy Council for Judiciary.,
    (stop refugees and murder)
    English Soldier.- 1947, 1947 1947.

    All into Crony Capitalism: Lanka, India, China, & Pakistan.
    We are now into politics only for temporary, tactical reasons.
    Revolution ultimately may be armed – the state won’t spare you if you are unarmed.

  • 2

    It looks Daham Sirisena Is another Mahinda Chintanaya type president.

  • 2

    This is a Rajapakse planted story. This boy is a good Sinhala Buddhist. He was educated in England like the sons and daughters of the Aristocracy. This is a smear campaign by the SLFP. It was actually Namal Rajapakse who did this.

    • 0

      Exactly. Rajapakshe has $18 billion dollars to fabricate a story like this easily. Quite appalling to see how even the English educated society is believing everything without even considering these suspicious news.

      I only has to ask you this. Do you want the Sinhala racists back at power by giving unnecessary importance to a night club brawl? Already forgotten how they went on a killing spree in 2006-2009 just because minorities asked for self governance?

  • 7

    This is what happens when you hit your children to discipline them….
    you turn them into monsters who think violence is ok..
    this is why corporal punishment is banned in developed nations…
    How are you going to deal with your son mr. President!?

    • 3

      Simple – let the Law take its course, with no “shapeing” in any form, at any
      time. This will be Blessing to his son, for a change is what I can predict.
      Enough is enough.
      If this happens, MS has still a chance to increase his decling Votes, as
      Politics is his livelihood.
      This is a blessing in disguise, if MS is smart enough to tackle this angle
      for once, and it will shame MR propaganda now in the making.

  • 13

    Will the Justice Minister order the police to arrest this thug and compel him and his fellow rowdies , to record statements, without any attorney’s presence – as insisted upon/justified by the Minister himself, in a police station?

    This will/should be a feasibility study of the new rule regarding making of statements by arrested citizens.

    Or, will there be strenuous efforts to ‘sweep the information under the carpet’?

    As the PM too is aware, the nation will watch how this matter will be handled, by law enforcers.

  • 4

    President MS is for the “Rule of Law” and “Good governances” guide by UNP Ranil W… advices and that consultation by CBK of wife of Vijaya Kumartunga must discipline his son soon!

    The country under the chaos of uncertsnitires remain of the collapse of National Economy. The growth of GDP standstill, developments of many ongoing projects has been supressed advice by President MS and Primer.

    President Son is playing night clubs by cost of Tax payers money.
    The disciplined has gone out of ring and disciplined has undermined by through out the country. Police power are abuses by President family and Prime -Minister.

    The One Law for President and Primer and Other for the rest of Public.
    That is how that law and order work in country.

    Which is change that expected 2015 January by TNA, JVP and CBK and all UNP party follows since 2015 January now enjoy New Freedom of assault public by ruling governance.

  • 5

    If Aiyo Sirisena wants the people to take his fake Yahapaalanaya seriously he will have to leash this mad dog immediately. This is not the first time this rowdy behaves like a savage. Unless he is tamed
    effectively and immediately, he will make Kudu Mervin’s son look like a Dahama pasala student.

    BTW, why is so much of protection in the form of PSD Defenders given to this crude brat. Until this is removed, it is time the head of the PSD team is given authority to rein in these punks when they get drunk and into drugs.

    This is what happens when you give a mal mallaya to a monkey.

    Shame on you President Sirisena. Get some tuition from your former boss
    CBK how to bring up children respectably. She brought up two children who, by their decent behaviour, showed the country what class, calibre and breeding is. Will this wal yaka from the paddy fields of Polonnaruwa ever learn to behave honourably.

    A.D.J. Perera

  • 5

    President Sirisena, wherever you are on Earth, please rush back home and get this situation under control. Your darling putha (son)has dragged down the reputation of your family, and of yours as the father and the First Citizen, to the same dark-depths as that of Mervyn the Vermyn. Thanks to MR we lost VP as the public enemy No: 1 the Terrorist, but now thanks to Daham or (A)daham we have gained the latest public enemy No: 1 The Junior Terrorist to replace VP.

    As a law abiding father, please deal with this non-descript Royal College educated hooligan with your stick publicly, or instruct the Police to deal with the hooligan severely. If you would not do it personally, you will lose your reputation for ever as well as leave this A-Daham to a risk of an axe-blow on his head from a non-tolerant adversary just as his other hooligan uncle received one, a couple of years ago. A-Daham has surely played well for the MR camp, so you don’t need enemies when your son is doing all the damage to your good name.

  • 5

    Wearing Ray Ban glasses, 10 gallon cowboy hats and Levi jeans will not make a mahattaya out of a gamaya. He may have gone to England to study with crookedly earned money of the parents but is there even a trace of an Englishman’s culture in this wreck.

    F,N. Stein

    • 1

      My dress is similar to the Cowboys except it is specially designed for Chena cultivation in Pollonoruwa.

    • 1

      After all the father of `sinhala only` import from banda islands SWRD learnt his fascist trade at Oxford when they called him a wog.
      The nation is in that spin and more so after Premadasa diced meet- 30 years going strong.sinhal buddhist civilization after 1956 and weeping widows mum daughter – how slippery is that rice from the moon??

  • 6

    Yow modoyo why he wants to have bodyguards we people elected as a leader of his father.VP anymore give escort to schools temples etc

    Gaddafi’s Saddam’s sons also behaved like that if they are in abroad when run out of money they send currier to collect money while these buch make mayhem in the five stars hotels.becuse they are dictator’s siblings.

    Nothing different here they all comes in Land drovers.how many poor families have to sell their land to pay for job agent and leave their children and working in very horrendous.

    Gunarsa leave Muslims or Wiggi concentrate on ordinary people regardless.

    Also to election commissioner pls before take nomination tell the candidates there is only protection for PM and PZ only.may danger from abroad.

    Tell them it’s too risky for families then they don’t fancy.if it’s goes like this then give protection to Grama Sevaka Nurse Teachers etc

  • 0

    He is a really cool dude .. Isn’t he !!!!,

    Like the Sunnies .. But that glancing pose is gold..Just like one of those ETCA Hindian blokes who play cricket..

    He can’t be the dude who held a pistopl at that fella wearing the Gamaya suit.

    I thought Daham putha was the one who was sitting next the US delegates at the last UN gab feast when our debonair Samare addressed the Bedouin Prince at the last meeting..

    Sorry year before.

    But I didn’t see Daham this year, listening to that stirring national speech of his loving pops, who was boasting how much difference he has made to us under Batalanada’s Yahapalanaya.

  • 2

    If true the culprits should be prosecuted and punished. This is a litmus test for President Sirisena. Often he uses the word ‘Prabudhdha’ in his preachy speeches. It is high time he acted as a ‘Prabuddha’ President. He should explain the presence of the praetorian guard at the scene.
    Probably the son has a sleep disorder and cannot sleep at night. He should send him back to a ‘Chena’ in the ‘Thamankaduwa’ district to recite ‘ Pal Kavi’

  • 3

    If this account is true, then this young man is well on his way to destroying his father and bring discredit to our land.

    Suggest the President shows no leniency whatsoever, and metes out the punishment as he himself endorsed a couple of days ago, this time to his son. Please do so in public so that we know you mean what you say. Galle Face Green would be nice.

    Disgraceful is what I have to say. Absolutely disgraceful. I have been standing up for this President when others were happy to slate him, but this time it is an absolute NO from me. Provided of course the account above is truthful and accurate.

    What merriment there must be in the MR camp!!!

    • 2

      “For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
      And tell sad stories of the death of kings;”


      That was answered with something like this:

      “My lord, wise men ne’er sit and wail their woes,
      But presently prevent the ways to wail.”

      But I think I give up! Better embark on re-reading of all those miserable history plays.

  • 0

    I think this kid needs guidence . Sadly now no body teaches his as he is the presidents son . People around him also may be misleading him for their benifit .

  • 1

    Looks like Sirisena did not practice what he preaches – he should have taught this spoilt brat all about respecting rules, the law, and also respecting property that belongs to others. What kind of a uncivilized brat is he? He has been taking advantage of his father’s position, and abusing his privileges. This young pup should be thrown in jail for a while, so that his small mind can realize the consequences of his stupid actions.
    Shame on Sirisena for allowing this brat to get away with bad behavior. He should have been taught to behave like a gentleman, not a common out of control thug.

    There is no point attending a good school, when you behave in such a reprehensible manner. It seems Sirisena advices other parents how to bring up their children, but he failed miserably to do a good job with his offspring.
    Young Daham deserves a good whipping by his father.

    • 1

      Sirisena was more interested in getting his thuggish son off the hook following his attack on the DIG’s daughter. If he dealt with the thug according to the law, he could have nipped this rascal’s behavior in the bud. Molly coddle him more; his hooliganism will get worse. First become the First Citizen and do your duty, and the as a father you will reap the benefits of seeing him going straight, hopefully!

      BTW who are these PSD bums that were sucking up to the hooligan they were escorting. Instead of attacking and humiliating the victim, they should have slapped the hooligan and dragged him back home. PSD staff’s actions should be investigated by the Police and action taken against the culprits.

  • 1

    The father is a gentleman who is humble enough not to forget his simple beginnings.He lives a simple life by all accounts unlike the notorious Rajapaksa the chena cultivator thug from Medamulana.. But the son seems determined to be a Maru Siraa..Ohoma yang kollo!

    Don’t worry people , all those CCTV camera evidence will simply vanish.With police guarding the poor victim in hospital ,our IGP Pujitha or Gangaramaya Pujitha will ensure that the poor fellow wakes up one of these days saying that he only imagined that the young Sirisena attacking him so brutally.Or he may say that that his injuries were self inflicted!!!

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    Mara’s kid/s disease spread to Sira’s brat. Where & when this will end?

  • 1

    And he did represent Sri Lankan youth in UN with his father uninvited.
    Darn these Security guys don’t they know who he is. Most Probable excuse for this behavior may be he didn’t get his back side kick by his loving father when he was a young hooligan.
    Or could it be he was mercilessly beaten by his father when he was youngster & now he is showing mental scares.

  • 1

    Aiyyo Sirisena! (insert sad emoticon)

    Dear Mr President

    Accept the loss of your son as inevitable. He is nearly a goner. Your political life is being damaged.

    A year ago the Ruler of a progressive well-run mid-east country permanently lost his son and successor due to drugs and consequent evils. He tried to handle the problem by himself – locking up the brat in the Palace etc. Did not work.

    You are going to be confronted by the same loss – niyathai. Blame it on Karma, if you wish. It is in your interest to not intervene. Let the Police and the Law handle him without interference.

    In the meantime take urgent action to salvage your political journey. The People are depending on you to transform the Governance of the Country.

  • 2

    Sira the clueless seem to have done a bad job raising the gamarala family.Words can’t describe the disgust that I have for this situation.Everything will be “shaped” when dada boy returns. What a joke that this joker Sira can’t control his own family.

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