28 May, 2022


Sirisena Sinks To New Low And Passes Sexual Innuendos At Ranil During UPFA Rally

Making a despicable speech during a rally organized by the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), President Maithripala Sirisena passed a sexual innuendo at Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe saying a gang of ‘butterflies’ ruled the country under Wickremesinghe’s watch.

President Sirisena

Sirisena said he wanted to change the Prime Minister as he could not agree with the “butterfly’ rule. “The ones who made important decisions were not the senior Cabinet ministers of the government, but Ranil and his butterfly gang,” Sirisena said, addressing the meeting.

Sirisena also said he first offered the Prime Minister’s post to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya but he turned down the offer saying he could not go against the Prime Minister. “Then I invited Sajith Premadasa to become the Prime Minister and he too turned it down saying he did not want confrontations with the party leader.”

“After both of them refused the position,’ Sirisena said, “I was looking for a man who loved the country and who could join forces with me to strengthen democracy. I found in Mahinda Rajapaksa a man who could topple Ranil Wickremesinghe and his government.”

Sirisena also said he had secured a majority in Parliament and saw no reason to turn back on his decision.

“I urge Speaker Jayasuriya, a staunch Buddhist to speak to the Mahanayakes, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and other religious leaders about the current situation. Act according to their advises and allow the new government to do its job,” Sirisena added.

He said Wickremesinghe was worshipping the western embassies and requesting them to intervene in domestic political matters.

He also said that he explained his position to the UN Secretary-General during the telephone conversation and the latter agreed to extend the fullest support to strengthen democracy in the country. However, the UN Secretary-General’s office, issuing a statement, contradicted President Sirisena’s version of the story and said the UN Chief requested Sirisena to convene Parliament without delay.

Concluding his speech, Sirisena pleaded Ranil Wickremesinghe to step aside and allow the new government to function.

Watch 46 minutes on words:

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    This low life scavenger does not deserve to be the head of state. He is a disgrace to all the Sri Lankans around the world.

  • 4

    New Drumline: The ugliest part of the rally was the drumline beaten by the Beravaya Donkeywansa. None of us have forgotten the persistent drumline of this very same Beravaya during the 2015 Presidential elections. His favorite drum line was to repeat ‘Hutan Hitan’ (the හුටං being his own addition) ridiculing Ooru Sira’s habit of ending sentences with a හිටං. I found this habit of using හිටං by Ooru-Sira cute and very much village like. Now that the cute and innocent Sira has transformed in to a more virulent form, one does not hear හිටං coming from his mouth.
    But there has been no transformation in the Beravaya. Obviously, he cannot say හුටං හිටං in front of Ooru Sira. So he has taken up a new drumline in his own inimitable dirty style dropping the හුටං හිටං and taking up කරු කුරු. Govigama Ooru- Sira who is only a little bit above the Beravaya in civilized behavior, is laughing during this drama – you know the laugh where the on looker sees only the lower row of teeth while the fangs of the upper row are hidden.
    Nice example for our young children to follow.
    (i)The spectacle of the President of the country laughing and enjoying the vulgar speech of a Bervaya, who seems to thrive whatever happens in the political landscape.
    (ii) The hate speech and dirty actions of the Buddhist clergy, including the great prelates who seem to be worried only about from where the next Dana comes – just to name two.

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    Lol fathima and her extremist religious encouraged hypocrisy

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    The President is in a soup after he subverted the constitution by dismissing the Prime Minister who commanded a majority in parliament. His behaviour as president is similar to giving the monkey a garland. It is a thousand pity that the country as a whole has to suffer instability because of a foolish President. Sinhalese who boast about 2000 years old culture are in fact proving they are barbarians,

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