8 August, 2022


Sirisena To Submit Special Cabinet Paper To Abolish Executive Presidency After His Term

President Maithripala Sirisena today stated that he will submit a special Cabinet paper tomorrow for a new constitution with sweeping changes where the main highlights will be the abolishing of the executive presidency and the introduction of a new electoral system.

MaithriSpeaking at a public event in Colombo Sirisena stressed that he will uphold his promise to the people on doing away with the the controversial executive presidential system, which came to be with the new constitution introduced by the JR Jayewardene government in 1978.

However Presidential Secretariat sources said that the abolishment of the executive presidential system will only take place after the first term of Sirisena.

Sirisena in fact pledged during the last presidential polls that he would not contest for a second term.

President Sirisena, in his speech at the funeral of Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha, assured that the government would totally abolish the Executive Presidency as promised in his election manifesto.

The new constitution according to Presidential secretariat sources will be presented to Parliament in 2016 and will be passed before September, 2017.

A new constitution requires the support of a two third majority in Parliament.

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    You are no better than the previous liars. All I see in you is, ‘Kama Thanha, Bhava Thanha & Vibhava Thanha’. I am not surprised of these events as there are less than 1% of true ‘Buddhists’ exists in ‘Sorry Lanka’ at present.
    ‘Ditta Damma’, MR can not even visit the ‘Sri Maha Bodhiya’ to celebrate his birthday as the ‘karmic energy’, mother nature would not allow him to. Sad eh?

    • 2

      This is to distract the public from the STINK of CORRUPTION that rises from the Parliament of corrupt and criminal clowns and the swollen cabinet of corrupt Ministers with the so-called Minister of Justice being the vilest.

      Not a single corrupt politician has been tried and jailed while Commissions are being apointed galore. The Commisison to investigate financial crimes has not completed a single case but is tangoing with all the corrupt politicians and has NO STRATEGY and should be shut down since it is a massive waste of funds.

      Sirisena keeps talking about Sobith Thero. The Thero’s main focus was to END CORRUPTION and clean up the filthy political culture in the Miracle of Modayas

      The Ayahapalanaya government of Ranil Wickramsinghe and Sirisena is going from strength to strength with hundreds of Commissions and NO CONVICTIONS of CORRUPT POLITICIANS and lots of hot air about new constitutions when the urgent priority is to arrest corrupt politicians and their cronies who bled and are bleeding the country.

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    RE: Sirisena To Submit Special Cabinet Paper To Abolish Executive Presidency After His Term

    1. Just submit a Paper to the Cabinet, AFTER his Term.

    2. The Cabinet Preheats it and Rejects it.

    3, The Executive Presidenvt Continues.

    4. The Late Ven. Sobitha Thera is forgotten.

    5.. “Yahapalanaya” Continues.

    6. The SLFP Snubs complain, and begs in the streets for commissions and kickback opportunities. Wimal Weerawansa starts a new hunger strike.

    7. The Wahhabis, Salafis, ISIS and other Devil Following Terrorists continue to play havoc in the Middle East and Elsewhere.

    8. Add yours to the List

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      Sirisena is “all talk and no action” president,a puppet to Runil who is cunning and a chip of JRJ.
      If there is to be a new constitution, it is unlikely to be fair and impartial; very likely to be drawn by a bunch of hacks, as usual to maintain the status quo i.e. a bunch of thieves replaced by a fresh bunch of thieves.
      Just as the UNHCR suggested involvement of foreign judges in the investigating war crimes because we do not have credible judges; perhaps the present government should be encouraged to get competent foreign experts to do a good job.
      Time is of the essence and get along with it.

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    Bloody cheats take it from me Presidency will never be abolished. I have heard these before by all former Presidents.

    This is exactly Chandrika Kumaraunge told soon after winning the Presidential elections. She had told before the election and promised a time frame within one year or something I cannot remember the exact period but certainly not more than a year of taking office. But after winning the elections she slowly changed to at the end of the term and then when the time came she got ambitious again and gave excuses telling ‘practical snags’ and wanted her to be reelected and she would abolish soon after winning the second term. Then the same story, cycle of deception again. Nothing materialized and only the people got fooled, she gave the mantle to Mahinda Rajapaske to take over.

    You think My3 was a honest politician? He never was. Certainly he did not have a backbone but he was not a honest person. Backboneless person is NOT synonymous for an honest person! He certainly did a dirty trick to stab his former boss in his back at the last moment. If it was his conviction MR was a bad man he would have left him long ago in the way Managalka Samaraeera did and not at the last moment after benefitting all privileges the utmost. So it was actually the greed for power that pushed him and not any conviction that MR is a bad man. We knew My3 was not an angel but our priority was MR was so bad he should go and so we voted MR out by voting for My3. Actually My3 did not win, it was Mahinda who lost. If a dog could contest, the people would have voted for the dog only to throw Mahinda out and that was priority prevailing then. My3 prove me wrong, if not you are a damn curse, bloody shit.

  • 5

    But we understood that you as saying when you contested for the post of President that you would see to it’s abolition during your term in office and ‘not’ after your term and that you would not contest a second term for it.
    Now how can you be certain that you ca

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    MS says that he will abolish the executive presidency at the very end of his term so that he will be able to enjoy all the unfettered powers and privileges this system confers to him while he occupies this post. After that he will make sure that whoever becomes his successor will be just a lame duck, ceremonial president.

    That is very cunning of him (typical of the low cunning of our politicians) but all the same it should be regarded as a very positive development!

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    Look at his picture now and compare it with one before 8th Jan. The man has shed ashes and risen from the Libbokka (wooden hearth). We are going to be stuck with him for many many moons.

    The difference between him and Mahinda is that he will submit a cabinet paper, ignore it and do what is good for him while under MR you don’t have to waste time submitting cabinet papers.

  • 3

    Then are we to understand that the cabinet paper you are presenting tomorrow for ridding the present constitution will be accepted by the cabinet and a constitutional assembly set up for making a new one without the post of President, while you continue as President for the duration of the first term under the present one, after which the new constitution will take effect under a PM when your first term of office ends?

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    This is a positive development. It is also good to see My 3 and RW are keeping their focus on the pledeges. Constitutional reform cannot happen overnight.There is nothing wrong for MS to stay on as a ceromonial president till end of the term. Hope, the above two inform IGP and AG to carry out courruption investiation without bein subdued by preasures from the political and buisness mafia.

    • 3

      There is nothihg positive here. D’ont be naive,it’s the same old same old storey.
      A very decent and honourable monk, the late Rev Sobitha was very significant in Sirisena becoming presidet.Unfortunately the president has turned out to be a joke; very ineffective but likes foreign travel to impress the lay people.
      Maybe it’s time to make him a ceremonial head as soon as possible?


      • 1

        I respect your views, which may be arising out of disappointment based on your expectations. But we have to think of the political landscape we are in which, deteriorated from 1975 due to the extension of parliament, 1977 autocratic constitution,1983 infamous referendum, 1994 False promises and post 2004 type of governance. All were interested in cling on to power and earn illegally for their future. In such a political landscape except for a very few all politicians, rest have mud and some even blood in their hands. Even clean politicians from JVP are not acceptable to our own poor masses based on the number of seats they got in Aug 2015 elections. Only offence they may have done was not wearing a national dress with a shovel or ‘manthri’ kit or a western suit- and go about in the latest flashy vehicles, our foolish people may have voted.
        This is the dilemma of 40 years of ruination and it takes time to recover. The dissatisfaction of yours may be due to your genuine concerns. But there are others trying to portray and create an impression of dissatisfaction to cover their sins to recapture power.
        Hence, we have to be tolerant and take one step at a time and support My 3 and RW to untangle a total mess.

  • 2

    This is all hogwash.

    The rats are already stirring and planning to desert My3. There are a great many well documented pole voulters with him at the moment. As usual they are waiting for the most opportune moment and correct amount of bakshees to pole voult to MARA’s side. So where is he going to find the 2/3 majority to get rid of EP. He knows that he will never have such a majority therefore EP will continue.

    Which means there will be a second term. As long as corruption allegations keep popping up every now and then against the Rajapaksa clan the ordinary citizens have no choice but to vote for My3, though equally corrupt and inept to boot.

    RW will be his usual self, not a squeak but will be simply happy just to hold on to the leadership of UNP till dooms day. Inept to the core.

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    Why abolish the Executive Presidency? Doesn’t it make for quicker decision-making and allow for hard decisions in the national interest to be taken by a single person instead of collective decision-making which gets bogged down? Collective decision-making doesn’t seem to work smoothly in our country. What is required is to make the Executive President accountable to the Parliament,the Judiciary and the people.The 19th Amendment is the way forward. JRJ was the best statesman we had.
    The world is moving fast and we need quicker decision-making. Collective decision making is slow and compromises hard decisions required in the public economic interest in particular.
    Let the President put the issue to a Referendum if he doubts whether the people want it to continue.

  • 2

    The decoration at the top of on his throne tells it all.

    The horns of a magnificent water buffalo (Mee Haraka). Whether he is going to keep it or put it on the heads of the Janathawa will be clear once the cabinet paper is publshed.

  • 4

    ‘Well of course I said I would abolish it during my term of offfice. And then I said I would do it after my term of office. But now I am telling you that the masses have asked me to continue to provide yahapalanaya for them. All 100+ ministers have agreed with them. The judiciary have approved their request. Who am I to refuse? I serve the people.’

    – Future presidential announcement

    • 0


      Come on he is a politician first and a Sri Lankan politician second. Give him some respect.

      As such you don’t have any obligation to believe him. Don’t blame him blame yourself.

      Were you born yesterday?

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    Why abolish the Executive Presidency..? With it you can appoint loosers through the back door.
    Also can kick the voter & the Universal Suffrage in the teeth.

    This Sira has put his foot in his mouth again and got his cart before the horse.
    So many burning issues and this idiot only can think of abolishing the Executive presidency……… What a joker he has turned out to be.

  • 1

    Most people including me will not believe this unless this actually happens.

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