24 May, 2022


Sirisena’s Uncouth, Treacherous Conduct Severely Criticized By Jayadeva Uyangoda Stresses Need For “Moral Intervention” To Rescue Sri Lanka From Political Crisis

Prominent political scientist Prof. Jayadeva Uyangoda today urged all religious leaders, community leaders, civil activists, and senior citizens to come forward and intervene in resolving the current political crisis which has made a debilitating impact on every aspect of the country.

Delivering the keynote speech at the Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera commemorative event at the New Town Hall, Colombo, this evening, Uyangoda said only such an initiative could bail the country out of the mire it is in.

“What we need, at the moment, is a ‘moral intervention’ by all these groups. The political organizations alone cannot find a solution to the current crisis,” the political scientist explained. “Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera appeared for a civil society movement that was able to make moral interventions. It is the very approach that we need today – at a time when the entire country is grappling with an unprecedented political crisis.”

“In the absence of such an approach, the prevailing political crisis might slide into a bloodshed,” he added.

“From what I see, there will be a fierce confrontation between the Legislature and the Executive in the coming days. In the absence of an amicable solution, the current crisis may end in some sort of violence.”

Uyangoda added that the face-off between the Executive and the legislature could result in far-reaching ramifications and it was the responsibility of everyone to rise up to the moment and help contain the crisis.

Meanwhile, addressing the same event, Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya said Sobitha Thera, a crusader for freedom and democracy, would have been dejected if he was alive today see the conduct of the common candidate he vigorously campaigned for.

“But Sobhitha Thera saw the first signs of President Sirisena’s uncivilized conduct. On the day Shiral Lakthilake was appointed Advisor to the President, Sobitha Thera telephoned me and described it as an “ungrateful” act. We have experienced this ungratefulness many times since January 2015,” Wijesuriya said.

“What he did, on October 26, did not occur on the spur of the moment. It was a carefully planned and well-executed act. The President slowly prepared the ground for this drastic, undemocratic act that went against the aspirations of everyone who voted for him in the hope of democracy and good governance.”

“It was President Sirisena who stood in the way of law enforcement authorities when they tried to take action on corrupt individuals, murderers, and criminals linked to the previous regime,” Wijesuriya said. “Susil Premajayanth was the first person to challenge the legality of the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID). The President also intervened to stop a corruption investigation against Premajayanth. Today, Susil Premajayanth took paths before Sirisena as the Justice Minister of the country.”

In a scathing attack on President Sirisena, Professor Wijesuriya said, “Every time the SLFP rose up in arms against January 8 promises, Sirisena was behind it. He has acted in a treacherous, uncouth and uncivilised manner.”

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    How does one explain the fact that the country has been left unmoved by the massive, mind boggling sums of money changing hands during this ugly drama in this poorest of countries? That in itself should have made us very angry. But we have come to accept the normality of broad daylight robbery by our leaders. Do we deserve what we get?

  • 7

    First get people the basic needs. RW and his clan did not ( or did not want to ) understand the poor man and woman. Sad but true.

    Three simple meals per day please…

  • 2

    The political ideology having two types of interventions
    1 foreign Interventions. Having types are many interventions by hegemonies desk in White House!@
    2 “Moral intervention” by so-called ideology of metaphysis close to anarchism and terrorism.
    Basically anti-establishments nexus to destabilization of ongoing peril of Democracy advocated
    an Island politics by Neo-liberalist elites of TNA separatism & CBK Tamil-federalism?

    A) Having crisis of Parliamentary that counting majority of heads of house members is that ‘supreme’ slogan put forwarded by UNP -Ranil Wicks want to misled that he is loosing that leadership of UNP.

    B) Other side of crisis is that UNP, Do Not want counts heads of majority rights of voters….because they loose consent of People of Sri Lankan. UNP an object general election for seek the consent public .

    Where is that Democratic driving forces in unpersedant crisis which is that unable move country system of economy, politics and socially, in that right direction of growth of Nation development .

    There are more or less working on moribund elements supporting for UNP policies of by jeposidized
    norms of Democracy, since 2015 January 8th led by UNP Ranil Wicks as core leader of orthodox think-tank.
    The elites has give-up all morals values since 2015 January 8th after planning to assinissnation of President of MS by secret enforcement authorities has connected to UNP leadership?

    These elites an advocated are while having sweet words of “good governance” and “rule of law’ and which is “restoration” of Democracy is disappear in political agenda . That nothing, viable an indeed political hypocrisy of ruling party of” UNP Democracy”

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    Prof Jayadeva Uyangoda, as a humanist, has expressed his anxiety and sadness should the gunless bloodless ‘Political Crisis’ turn ugly. This must be avoided at any cost. Foul-mouthing will not help at all.

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    “The political organizations alone cannot find a solution to the current crisis”
    I disagree with the eminent professor. So far we have had political games played since 2014, involving mostly the crossover artistes that we have. Remember the the psychological games played by ‘will he crossover’, ‘will so and so cross over?’ and so on. It has started again. It is all in the hands of ‘political organizations’
    Since President JR’s civil action against Mrs B, the twisting the legal arm has been the chosen modus operandi of the ‘Sinhalaya Modaya’ politicians. Changing the constitution, crossovers and the like were the battle plans of the political parties, not forgetting protest marches.
    When President Ranasingha Premadasa had to face the backlash after the Lalith assassination and even before that, the ‘Sinhala Modayas’ have realized that violence or the suspicion of violence by the President or ruling party ultimately backfires, as also the attacks against Muslims (by whom?) seriously damaged MR’s election chances in 2015. So I do not think violence is an option.
    So I predict a peaceful, if not non-violent resolution to the ‘crisis’ which is actually just a feature of a vibrant democracy driven to its limits. Why is no one going to the Supreme Courts is the question. What will happen I think, is that the present government will get its majority, or else they are betting everything on an extremely foolish ( not to say whether constitutional or not) gamble.
    Either an SC ruling, a vote in Parliament will destroy the present arrangement, and they all agree on this, they simply do no agree on who has the majority. Against all hope, I feel there is a chance that the matter will be settled in favor of the Mahinda faction

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    Need of the hour is to stop sirisena from becoming a dictator like pol pot. A country broken like Somalia. A refugee status like Syria. We are heading straight towards the cliff ,

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