18 April, 2024


Sison Wrong, Cameron Right

By Malinda Seneviratne –

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

US Ambassador Michele Sison got it wrong.  Addressing a media briefing following the UNHRC vote on Sri Lanka, Sison dismissed allegations that the US-backed resolution was ‘against’ Sri Lanka.  In other words it was ‘for’ Sri Lanka, she implies.

Now if the Government of Sri Lanka, which represents the people of Sri Lanka, thinks a resolution is ‘for’ the country, it would not oppose it.  The main opposition parties blame the government for putting the country in a position where such a resolution could be tabled and approved, have not exactly endorsed the document.   Only the Tamil National Alliance has openly cheered the resolution. The TNA, one time mouthpiece of a terrorist organization which continues to let pro-LTTE elements or LTTE-remnants to dictate party policy, is but a regional political entity whose sway is limited to just one province.

For Sison to imply that she knows better than Sri Lankan what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans is unadulterated condescension.  From any other diplomat it would deserve the tag ‘unbecoming’, but she’s the representative of a country that has the word ‘ugly’ stuck on diplomacy and diplomat.  She got it wrong, but that’s not a surprise then.

It must be mentioned that the USA didn’t cover itself in glory when other resolutions were debated, in particular five resolutions condemning Israel (the USA was the sole ‘nay-sayer’) and the Pakistan-led resolution on drone attacks which sailed through over the objections of the USA, Britain, France and a handful of other members who interestingly had voted against (yes) Sri Lanka.   The USA objected to ‘the singling out of Isreal’, even though not too many hours before it put its full weight on ‘singling out Sri Lanka’.

Sison got it wrong, but British Prime Minister David Cameron did not.  Cameron said ‘the UNHRC decision on Sri Lanka is a victory for its people’.  He got the wording right. His reasoning was off the mark and in that he was quite ‘Sisonic’.

It was a victory for Sri Lanka but not in the sense that Government spokesman mean ‘victory’.  The vote was a defeat, never mind that the US got one less than half the voting members to vote ‘yes’.  It is less than consolation to count each abstained vote as a ‘no’.  It was a victory, again in a consolation kind of way, that Sri Lanka, given the massive mismatch vis-à-vis the USA managed to have 12 countries support her, including China and Russia, not counting out the fact that there were political blocs to contend with.

It was also consolation that India abstained, but too much should not be made of India’s position since the Indian ‘explanation of position’ demanded rejection and not ‘hands-off’.  A perusal of the Congress Party’s election manifesto would reveal the truth of India’s oft-uttered assertions of ‘friendly relations’ with Sri Lanka.  The Bharathiya Janathan Party is no better since it is talking ‘Monroe Doctrine’ these days with obvious reference to Sri Lanka’s ties with Pakistan, China and Russia.  These three countries backed Sri Lanka to the hilt.  Their statements were unambiguous and not compromised by the kind of pernicious meddling India is known for.

But Cameron got it right because any process which reveals friend as well as enemy is a significant positive.  The vote revealed that India is no friend. The vote revealed that Pakistan, China and Russia are solidly on Sri Lanka’s side.  The vote revealed that there is absolutely no point in going beyond general courtesies in relations with the USA, UK, France and India; placating will not purchase a ‘back-off’.

The bigger victory is that the government is now forced to acknowledge all this but especially the fact that its own survival and that of the country is dependent on the people standing as one.  The government must realize that such unity as necessary to meet the obvious threats articulated in Geneva cannot be obtained without rectifying institutional, constitutional and policy-related flaws that are patently anti-people.  Without redressing general grievances that are of economic and political nature, the government cannot count on continued support that is the final and most effective bulwark against meddling of any kind from the likes of Washington and London.

That ‘truth’ is political and pertinent.  ‘Geneva’ has produced it.    In that sense and that sense only, David Cameron, side-kick to Barack Obama though he is, is quite spot-on.  There’s ‘victory’ that counts in all this, subject to the caveat ‘if recognized, digested and acted upon’.

*Malinda Seneviratne is the Chief Editor of ‘The Nation’ and his articles can be found at www.malindawords.blogspot.com

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    Malinda Seneviratne –

    “US Ambassador Michele Sison got it wrong. Addressing a media briefing following the UNHRC vote on Sri Lanka, Sison dismissed allegations that the US-backed resolution was ‘against’ Sri Lanka. In other words it was ‘for’ Sri Lanka, she implies.”

    Does it matter at all? Galileo had it right . The Church had it wrong.

    The UN HRC voted against US drone Attacks and Israel HR violations 47-1.

    Does it matter?

    So, it should not matter for Sri Lanka,

    After all, Russia and china voted against the US sponsored resolution it. Bedsides Russia invaded Crimea, a “Friendly” invasion.

    • 1

      Sison Wrong, Cameron Right and Malinda MR stooge. :)

    • 1

      “Russia invaded Crimea, a “Friendly” invasion.”

      …. and Sri Lankan Foreign Minister congratulated Russia for that!

  • 6


    You are at it again.

    I agree with Sison. Sri Lankans are incapable of taking care of themselves and need foreign intervention. Malinda you are incapable of taking a critical look at what is going on at the moment. There is no democracy in Sri Lanka but an autocracy or as I said before it is a ‘thugocracy’. There is no respite for the travails of the Tamils who continue to be devastated and ruled by the jackboot of the immense Sri Lankan armed forces. Muslims and Christians are under siege. Saffron robed thugs are running amok creating mayhem amongst cowed minorities. How about the masses barely eking out a living. The Rajapaksa Cabal are plundering the treasury in any way they can. Whoever who coined the term ‘Ungta Lamborgini, api badagini’ hit the nail on the head.

    Wake up Malinda, sad to say but true, we do need foreign intervention to put our house in order.

    • 7

      You are expecting Malinda to take a ‘critical look’ at such issues?. Come on. How do you expect him to get his laptop upgraded?. Please be reasonable. One laptop for a Journalist from Mara = a thousand articles of praise and favour. Malinda the editor of nation has a more to go until he can get a free upgrade.

      • 0

        Do not Blame Mal[h]inda!
        The Lap top computers given to journos are programed to Jarapassa Friendly, and even if he write against jarapassas, it automatically, comfortably convert those letters to bias with Dhaja Jarapssas.

  • 7

    ‘Sison dismissed allegations that the US-backed resolution was ‘against’ Sri Lanka. In other words it was ‘for’ Sri Lanka, she implies’.
    ‘Cameron said ‘the UNHRC decision on Sri Lanka is a victory for its people’. He got the wording right’.

    Malinda what’s the big fuss about?
    They both saying the same thing in different terms.

    You should tell your masters Perci/Mara and Gothaya to get their wordings right.

  • 8

    Malinda the side kick of MARA
    Can you tell us what is common between Russia, China, Pakistan, Cuba and Saudi Arabia? Wow what a great alliance supporting our beloved country.

    Wait for another two months – Yaswant Sinha will be the EAM of India and that will be the game changer. Not Parippu something bigger than that will come down from the sky. BTW you need to look for a new job too.

    • 0

      Is PUtin this week in SL ? I read somewhere.

  • 5

    After reading this latest cranial eruption from Malinda, it is apparent he cannot differentiate right from wrong.

    Sison is an Ambassador, she will make statements that are in line with her governments policy. So will Cameron. That’s what they do.

    I know he has to write these articles as editor of the Nation, he has to toe a pro govt line. But he is starting to sound like Ranil(who says things no one can understand as per pusswedilla). He is slowly starting to embarrass the demographic that he is supposed to represent.

    • 3

      “Sison is an Ambassador, she will make statements that are in line with her governments policy. So will Cameron. That’s what they do.”

      I beg to differ that diplomats are meant to be involved in controvercy. Diplomats’ role is to maintain good relations and build bridges with host goverments. Therefore, Sison has failed to live up to expectations of a skilled diplomat, and displayed the skills of a street fighter, most un-lady-like.

      Cameron has displayed his distaste for the Sinhalese and Ceylon in line with rabid English governors who slaughtered the Sinhalese in their thousands, destroyed the flora and fauna for cheap thrills. He acted in line within our expectations!

      However, we can expect a little decency from the US following a tranfer of their diplomat in Colombo. Do not expect any such thing from the English!

  • 4

    Malinda,…….are you still using Mahinda’s laptop? What else can you say?


  • 1

    Usually it is Malinda who gets it wrong. But this time he wants to pass the honor Ambassador to Michele Sison. Let us see if he is able to carry home whatever he is buying at the market.
    The inconsistence he finding with Michele is, she said that it was only the government affected by this resolution, not the people. Then this is how Malinda ending up article advising his peoples government. “The government must realize that such unity as necessary to meet the obvious threats articulated in Geneva cannot be obtained without rectifying institutional, constitutional and policy-related flaws that are patently anti-people. .” So his stand here is if Malinda advices to the government, he got it. But, if it is the resolution, then it is Michele did not get it. (He seems to be yet to have to read the resolution that asks the government not to be anti-peoples”) .

    This is how Malinda usually shows how he goes confused on his own theories.

    TNA repeatedly proved that it gets much higher percentage of votes in its area rather than government get in its area. For Malinda, the GOSL is the Sinhalese people. Sinhalese peoples are GOSL. But when it’s come to TNA which get more approval of the Tamil people, it is a terrorist organization. Here is where we need the Michele and America. Malinda himself describing the government as terrorist government and ask it to stop that and take care of the people. But, If TNA says that to GOSL he is turning around and blaming TNA as a terrorist organization. Isn’t it appears that Malinda by associating with the government that he points out as terrorists government, he is meaning himself also a terrorist by his theory. But he is calling the TNA and its peoples as terrorists.

    It appears according to his theory, Malinda mean he is a terrorist, but only calling the TNA as terrorist for the sake of writing an article.

    Doctor knows better than the mother. When the doctor says her child has to be operated, otherwise he is going die, the mother normally replies “No.. No doctor, he does not need an operation, today and yesterday he has been up and playing.” But doctor eventually satisfy the mother and operates the child. A part of the Sinhalese peoples may be upset for some time, but Sri Lankan government has to go underneath the IC’s knife. If Malinda advises the GOSL to get up play so that the doctor need no to operate the GOSL, we all know that advice is good for nothing.

    So it seems that he is meaning that he did not get it, but calling as Michele is the one who did not get it.

  • 1

    This very confused logic. Sison wrong, Cameron right, India ‘no friend’, ‘Victory of consolation?’.

    US is strong exponent of democracy and human rights but is unable to act in certain situations. Govt of Sri Lanka is no better than the Govt of Israel when it comes to dealing with ethnic minorities. However the Zionist lobby is able to dictate policy to the US govt just as JHU and BBS dictate policy to the Sri Lankan Govt.

  • 0

    Let us put it this way: In the 21st century the world has become a tiny place. It is very easy for all the people to see what is happening in any nook and corner. It is still possible for some geek to think he/she can hide some grave crime he committed from others by repeatedly denying as happened in the 5th Century. He also can feel comfortable if he hides the victim’s spouse/family. Do you say he is really safeguarding himself? The rest of the world can say different reasons in different ways for his crime. But everybody mean the same thing. What is the point in lamenting the different ways in which it is being said. It all means the same.

  • 2

    You got it right my msn . support our friends and send a turd to the enemies . dont provide visas to pillai and punde , make sure the diasporam monkeys belonging to any groups are turned back the the BIA .

    That is the only solution ,

  • 1

    I don’t blame Sisson for believing that she knows what is best for Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans than they do themselves. It is common enough misconception among the ‘Americans’.

    We had Nuland who by her own account informed us that she (the US State Dept) spent all of US$5 billion to bring about a violent change of government in the Ukraine, which the Ukrainians foolishly had elected democratically. I wonder whether Sisson is so minded too. Sri Lanka is cursed with far more traitors than Ukraine and if Sisson is so minded, it will probably cost her a lot less in dollar terms.

  • 0

    The resolution is for the people of sri lanka,and NOT for the Rajapakse regime.
    This is what Sison meant.
    Stooges who worship the militarised regime will not/do not understand,or pretend not to understand,because they equate the people with the authoritarian regime.

  • 2

    Another Malinda’s bad analysis.

    Of couse all Intelligent community knows that US is not against the Sri Lankan people, but against the rulers who ruin it.

    Can you Malinda name any Democratic ruler in the world who has so many powers, such as paid and bought 60 Opposition MP to his side making parliament with a 2/3 majority, Police powers, Judiciary and election commission under it’s powers, Supreme court, Treasury, central bank under it’s powers, all contracts, all media, over 100 ministries and 80% of countries Budget under it’s control and many more.

    If you call this a “Democrazy” better check your brains.

    Yes Michele Sison, when talking she’s not against Sri Lanka is invariably means talking against Dictatorship.

    First of all Malinda could you name how many countries in the world that UNHRC brought this resolution where HR counsil intervened…….

    According to my recollection it is only Sierra leone, and now Sri Lanka.
    only two countries

    THAT’S WHY INDIA ABSTAINED FROM VOTING.Read the following web.



    After all what are the countries who favoured Sri Lanka…….Are they Democratic countries……I don’t think so.

    Pres.Rajapakse has to learn many things on Democratic governance, and not to play Hambanthota Comedy Trick Politics.

    People sent a clear message to President during the PC elections. They will not back a Family Business politics. That’s it.

    I can write more but I stop here. Please read More Tisaranees News letters.

    Finally I salute our Cricket Team……the Great heros who make Sri Lanka Proud, and I wish them to be winners in 2014 World cup.

    Is President Rajapakse Going to Bangladesh To see the Finals ????????


  • 1


    What happened to your Famous “Gobi”…..the Pig eating shit guy.
    I found “Aloo Gobi” in the internet.

    How come 100,000 Joint force personnel cannot catch “Gobi” yet in a 500 Sq.mile area…..One million reward is still open.

    Surprise isn’t it.

    Keep looking man. May be Gobi changed his Gender.Any way good luck man.

    Let us know when you find him.

  • 1

    Malinda, you haven’t grown up yet>>>>>

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