25 May, 2024


Statement On Resurgence Of LTTE: Vijayakala Arrested And Released On Bail

Former State Minister and UNP Parliamentarian Vijayakala Maheswaran who was arrested this morning by the Police Organized Crimes Division has been released on a surety bail of Rs. 500000 by Colombo Chief Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake.

Vijayakala Maheswaran

The Parliamentarian was arrested by the Police over her statement on the resurgence of the LTTE.

The Police Organized Crimes Division arrested the Parliamentarian when appeared before the unit to give a statement this morning, with her lawyers.

The Attorney General previously gave the Police directions to proceed with action against the Parliamentarian as there was a criminal element in her statement.

Addressing a state event in Jaffna, Maheswaran said the LTTE should be resurrected to ensure the well-being of Tamils in the North. She made this remark against the backdrop of the soaring crime rate in the area.

Explaining the context of her statement, Maheswaran later told the Police that she spoke out of anger and frustration over heinous crimes taking place in her electorate, and did not intend to make a seditious remark.

Following the statement, she came under severe pressure to step down from her state ministerial portfolio.

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    I saw somewhere Mano Ganeshan saying that Sinhalese still fear even the word “Koti” and that IF he wasn’t a government Minister he would fight to remove the ban on LTTE!!!!
    Look at that.
    As we see, LTTE sympathizers and resurrectors are all over the Yahapalanaya government. Ranil should do something about it. He already has two Ministers who are supporters of terrorists in his government.
    Our country was terrorized by a barbarian Tamil terrorist who killed innocent civilians, military men, Buddhist priests, pregnant women and children in cold blood
    Of course any human being is scared of barbarians.
    Who wants to be killed by a bomb, a sword attack, a fire, a knife, a landmine or a shell? Prabhakaran targeted Sinhalese, mostly in crowded places, buses, stations, trains, army vehicles.
    But Sinhalese found ways to protect the entire family from being killed by bombs by travelling separately.
    Those days Sinhalese parents didn’t travel together in order to save at least one parent’s life for children.
    There is no way we let LTTE raise their heads again.
    If not for any reason, Ranil and the UNP should not be allowed to come back to Parliament for keeping terrorist supporters like Vjayakala and Mano Ganeshan in his government. They both are being maintained by the tax money paid by majority Sinhalese.

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    Do not worry guys there is no LTTE any more. They can not come back. if somebody wants to say things out of frustration that is fine. Main thing is no more Eelam.

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    Don’t you think it is not only 134 countries but whole world except Tamil Nadu. BEWARE. Learnt a lesson forever no? Chinese rape Sinhala girls. Your imaginations has no limits. Tamils can only do barking now.

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    Ha..Ha. Ha……………………………………………………………….Ha…..

    Typical Hindu Darvadian expensionism mind set.Abrahamic religions worshippers like Cristians, Catholics, Islamists, Hebrus no exceptions. As per their religions They think Others have no place to live in on earth. earth belong to them. It is created for them by their respective almighties .

    We will have same kind of trouble in Malaysia and south Africa in next century or so. claiming chinese are converted Darvadians so that country belong to them darvadians. In India They accepted union hoping to get power in near future.South Africa they may claim some leading tribes are darvadians so that entire country belong to them like in Lanka. Here in Lanka they claim some cast as darvadians but history rewheels that those people existed here before stone ages.

    That is Darvadians mind set and actions. Lying is their way of life. Worshippers of Abrahamic religions no exceptions.

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    Global Tamil Order . Global Tamil plot to re create Tamils lost empire, once build at the cost of blood of native indigenous people lived in their own lands. This included Modern day Sri Lanka, Kerala, Karnataka, Maldives, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Sumatra, Java- Indonesian Islands, Andaman Islands, and more. Once they create a foothold in northern Lanka They can control the sea and put their plan to action.

    Tamils have set up their world government with agents in every places of power, like first world nations’ gov’ts, UN, Banks, Media, Universities, NGOs even entertainment industry.

    Tamil order to rule entire South East Asia. All the ancestral victims of Tamil invasions of over past 2000 years must support each other regardless their religion, color or language to defeat this genocidal Tamil Mania.

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    There was never a unified Tamil state or a country in anywhere on earth. Not even now. Tamil Nadu is just a British creation There was never a Tamil nationality either. Only thing that ever existed was a bunch of regional Tamil speaking kingdoms. Like chola, pallava etc. That’s it. Sinhalese always had a unitary state(eksesasth) ruled by a single ruler until 1815. Tamils even today are just an ethnicity. They never had a country. Chinese and sinhalese are the two oldest nationalities on earth.

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      Donkey Hutan,
      “Sinhalese always had a unitary state(eksesasth) ruled by a single ruler until 1815”
      Never heard of Sitavaka? Or Kotte?
      A single ruler?? Ha HA Ha!!!!!
      Idiot, havent you heard that Parakrama Bahu and most of the others were really Tamils or Kalingas?
      What’s a “Sinhalese? A Vedda from Amparai, a Salagama from Kerala, a Tamil Sinhala from Puttalam, or a Vaduga radala from Kandy? Take your brain out from your rear end please.

    • 1

      Pissu Hutan the Dumb Ass

      “There was never a unified Tamil state or a country in anywhere on earth. “

      What’s your problem?
      There wasn’t a Sinhala state in the world either. Even now this island is not a Sinhala country. Go check the constitution (1978).

      There were several kingdom not known by a common linguistic name but by other means:
      Pandyan Kingdom
      Chola Empire (including Janathamangalam)
      Chera Kingdom
      Pallava Kingdom
      Ay Kingdom
      Anuradhapura Kingdom
      Kingdom of Polonnaruwa
      Kingdom of Dambadeniya
      Kingdom of Gampola
      Kingdom of Kotte
      Kingdom of Sitawaka
      Vannimai or Vanni Nadu
      Kingdom of Kandy
      Colony under various European powers

      There was neither a Sinhala Nadu nor a Tamil Nadu.

      By the way very often the borders of the kingdoms moved depending on which king is more ruthless than the previous one.

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        Im just debunking the Tamil homeland myth……..Anuradhapura and polonnaruwa kingdoms didn’t exist at the same time genius! Polonnaruwa SUCCEEDED Anuradapua. Kings of Anuradhapura ruled the WHOLE COUNTRY not just Anuradhapura. It was not a regional kingdom. So was Polonnaruwa. Kotte was the last kingdom to rule the entire country. . Anuradhapura, polonnaruwa,kotte are just administrative centres (or you could call them capitals) of the same sinhala state. This is not the case with Tamils. Pandyan and cholas and veras were rival kingdoms. They fought against each other all the time. None of them ever managed to rule over entire south India.They existed side by side fighting each other. Sinhalese are different. They always only had one kingdom at a time, always one ruler. Only the capital was moved depending on the situation. Portuguese didn’t have to do much to conquer India because there were bunch of weak small kingdoms. People in India be it north or south never had a sense of country or nationality. They accepted who ever conquered them as their ruler. Be it Portuguese or British that didn’t matter to them much so they never fought back. Sinhalse fought against every single european occuppier. Even after losing the country in 1815 they didn’t stop fighting. In 1818 they fought back. Again in 1830 and again in 1848. Why ? because Sinhalese have the concept Rata,Jathiya and Agama in their blood. King Gamunu laid the foundation for the sinhala Buddhist state. From that onwards Sinhalese never bowed to any invader.

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    She should be locked and the keys thrown away. She is the person who has daughters and still protected a rapist. She should be kicked out of politics.

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    Late in June this year the following was the message from a top Lankan Buddhist prelate:
    {‘The Anunayaka of the Asgiriya Chapter, Ven Vedaruvey Upali thero said that he requests former Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to even resort to becoming a Hitler and run a military rule and build the country. He said this at the religious ceremony and alms giving held on the 69th birthday of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa at his residence in Mirihana.
    A group of Bhikkhus representing the Three Chapters, attended the occasion. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Chamal Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa—[thus] all the Rajapaksa brothers—attended the occasion. In addition, most of the group of Sixteen who left the government were also present.’ }
    The MR team received this sermon enthusiastically. The MS/RW team adopted the “No comments” stand.
    Compared to above the Vijeyakala outburst (the exact words yet to be in public arena) is nothing more than amusing. Instead we have a bailla and dance!
    Let us go back seventy years. The ‘Sinhala only’ and ‘foremost place to Buddhism’ came on a McCarthy threat to Lankan Buddhism. The Buddhist prelate’s statement, the silence of the home vs home teams may give the impression that the ‘danger to Buddhism is from within’.
    The action taken on Vijeyakala (no angel but is the Buddhist prelate an angel?) may not have the intended effect. Karma is a mystery indeed.

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      Hitler is a Sinhalese now ? Did Hitler kill Tamils ? dumbazz

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    It is very pleasing to see what a set of readers and their comments we are witnessing. Once the Paradise Island of the Indian Ocean has turned out to be a Fools Paradise. May the Blessings of the Triple Gem continue so for ever.! We do not deserve anything better than this.

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