7 July, 2022


Sunday Leader Censored Tisaranee Gunasekara’s Column

By Colombo Telegraph

The Sunday Leader has edited Tisaranee Gunasekara‘s weekly column without discussing with her.Her column has been altered beyond recognition and all reference to the Rajapaksas have been axed. She has today sent the following email to its Editor Sakuntala Perera and the Chairman Lal Wickrematunge

Dear Shakunthala/Lal,
I usually do not read my own articles in print. But since the ownership of the Leader changed hands, I have been doing so, knowing that on some Sunday the new management will move to censor my comments on the Rajapaksas.
That Sunday has come. My column has been altered beyond recognition and all reference to the Rajapaksas have been axed.
As you both know, I have been writing to the Leader without asking or accepting any payment. For me, it has been a labour of love, to use a much used phrase. My only condition was that my articles be published uncensored; and that if changes have to be made, they are done after discussing with me.
That agreement has been broken. Shaku, I understand the constraints under which you operate, but I wish you had the courtesy to keep me informed before you took a pick axe of Rajapaksa provenance to my article!
The only condition under which I will continue to write is if what I write is published sans censoring.
I would be much appreciative if you could let me know, in writing, whether a commitment to our original agreement can continue or not.
I am sending the uncut version together with this letter to several websites. I would hate it if those few who still read the likes of me think that I too have been purchased by the Rajapaksas.
Thanks and regards

You can read the cenosored and uncensored columns here

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    Thank you for the advice . I will keep my nakedness rather than read any article by TG. I do not wear sarongs therefore your preferred mode does not suit me.

    CT: hope this is in keeping with your Comment policy.

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    i work for a website. but true mediaman never playing doublegame. this wimalanath i know hammerd the maharaja. everyday he attack mercilesly. but why he dine with maharaja.. and get a lap.. but we salute others of ravaya not in thetemple trees this mn is judas who sold our soul to maharaja

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    Dear Tisaranee,

    Sorry to hear that SL has axed your article without your consent and I think that was to be expected given the new guy who bankroll that paper.
    We can now reliably say there are no print newspapers to read in Srilanka worth the paper they are written on!

    However as a longstanding reader of yours (unlike the newbe’s who have found you after MR came to power)please keep writing, we will read you, the day you stop writing will be the last day of free (Literaly) press.

    For the illuminated commentaters above I’d like to say, please read what Tisaranee wrote when the war was raging in this country about Prabhakaran,LTTE, Ranil,Chandrika et al before judging her writing about Rajapaksa Bros!SHE HAS BEEN CONSISTANT all throughout her career, nobody managed to buy her.

    She is straight, fair and balanced, if you guys can’t see her point, then read Rajpal Abenayaka, he may satisfy your illuminated brains!

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