6 December, 2023


The Aftermath 

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“At times media freedom is used to forget what is necessary for the country, what should be done for society… Similarly if we do not get the support of the courts we cannot do this. Every institution must realise this…. ‘Human Rights’, ‘Media Freedom’, various ideas such as these are given to us by The International to control our society… Be it the police, the army, some officials, politicians or leaders: it must be realised that they act sincerely. They must be supported” ~ Gotabaya Rajapaksa (Interview with the ITN – 24.2.2010)

If Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins the presidency, he and his family will have two priorities: secure the premiership for Mahinda Rajapaksa and obtain a two-thirds majority in the next parliament for the SLPP. Reaching the first goal would be a necessary condition for reaching the second. If the SLPP can go for the next election under a SLPP president and a SLPP premier, a landslide victory would be possible.

There are rumours that a President Gotabaya plans to replace Ranil Wickremesinghe with Brother Mahinda via a Gazette Extraordinary one minute past Hour Zero. The legality or otherwise of such a move would not bother him. As he said in his famously infamous ‘conversation’ with Fredrick Jansz, “I’m not afraid of the bloody courts!” (The Sunday Leader – 12.7.2017). 

The past can be a reliable mirror into the future, especially when some of the lead actors remain the same. 

What did the Rajapaksas did when they last won a presidential election?

It was the early hours of January 27th, 2010. The votes were still being counted. Hundreds of armed soldiers and policemen surrounded the hotel in which Candidate Sarath Fonseka, his family and his political colleagues were temporarily residing.

Various Rajapaksa spokesmen claimed that the purpose of the siege was to arrest hundreds of armed army deserters Gen. Fonseka was keeping inside Cinnamon Lakeside. They accused him of plotting to mount a coup and to assassinate Mahinda Rajapaksa. 

The ‘siege’ couldn’t uncover any deserters. There were none. The only soldiers present were members of Candidate Fonseka’s official security detail granted to him by the military, in accordance with the orders of the Election Commissioner. When these uniformed men came out of the hotel to report to their original unit, they were arrested, made to kneel on the road, handcuffed, and taken away by the military police. 

Busy days followed.

The editor of the para-JVP paper, Lanka was arrested. A Swiss reporter was deported for asking sharp questions at a post-victory press conference. Cabinet Spokesman, Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa accused Mr. Fonseka of planning a ‘Bolshevik style coup’. Mr. Fonseka’s office was raided by a 200 strong STF contingent, searching for ‘army deserters’ and ‘illegal weapons’. Having found neither one nor the other, the raiders arrested 15 members of Mr. Fonseka’s staff, all of them duly retired army men. The office of the website Lanka e news was sealed. Government leaders announced their determination to obtain a two thirds majority at the parliamentary election, and effect a constitutional change. The army was subjected to a spate of transfers and compulsory retirements. The state TV began airing old and new songs hailing President Rajapaksa as the King of Sri Lanka. Private TV stations followed suit. 

Two weeks after the presidential election, Mr. Fonseka was arrested. He was assaulted, handcuffed, and dragged away like a common criminal. 

The next day, Mahinda Rajapaksa dissolved the parliament.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, in an interview with The Strait Times, connected the dots: “Now he can’t (campaign in the parliamentary polls). The court martial will begin immediately after the assembling of the summary evidence is done. I don’t know how long it will take because that depends on lawyers. But we want to finish it soon, in less than six months maybe. The severity of the charges is very high. He can be put in jail for as long as five years.”

In the fortnight between the conclusion of the presidential election and dissolving of the parliament, the opposition’s back was broken and the path to a landslide victory for the governing party assured. 

Bolshevik Coups and Other Tales

In Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’, Joseph K is arrested because “someone must have been telling lies” about him. Throughout the book he tries to discover the name of his crime and fails. In the end, he is condemned to death by “the judge he had never seen” and “the high court he has never reached.” The fear both the protagonist and the reader feel comes from this unknowing. Any landscape however terrifying can be negotiated if it has familiar landmarks. But when a landscape is surreal, unknowing and unknowable, direction has no meaning and being lost is every destination. 

Sri Lanka in February 2010 was going to become Russia in October 1917, or so Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa claimed. Possibly with Sarath. Fonseka as Vladimir Illich Ulyanov also know as Lenin. 

No one laughed.  

‘Bolshevik Committees’ headed by military officers loyal to Mr. Fonseka were to be formed, the cabinet spokesman claimed. The purpose of the coup was to assassinate Brothers Mahinda, Brothers Gotabaya and Basil and several senior ministers. “With the military officers who were active partners of the conspiracy spilling the beans, it is frightening to contemplate the result of what may have happened if such a Russian Revolution–style military coup had taken place… In a popular revolt when people get killed it is not possible to pinpoint the killers. That was how the plotters planned to divert the attention of the public from the bloodbath and prevent investigations being conducted” (Daily Mirror – 6.2.2010).

How does one respond to such a charge, when laughter is not an option? 

The only way the opposition could have managed in that Kafkaesque landscape was by banding together. Instead the oppositional unity unravelled. The UNP and the JVP faced the parliamentary election as rivals, sealing their doom and that of Lankan democracy. 

The Rajapaksas won a resounding victory just short of a two-thirds majority. And almost 40% of the electorate did not vote. 

The turnout at the presidential poll had been 74.5%. At the parliamentary election turnout was down to 61.26%. That abstention enabled Rajapaksa to score a massive win, despite a drastic drop in its average vote compared to the presidential election.

As the outcome of the election became clear, Rupavahini began telecasting songs hailing President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the ‘God given King’ and ‘Saviour-Hero’ of the nation.

A fortnight later, Gotabaya Rajapaksa issued a warning to the new parliament. “The new government should go all out against any local element promoting separatist sentiments regardless of political consequences,” he told the legislators. He “expressed concern that a section of officialdom could help the separatist cause by trying to appease foreign governments and some funding agencies,” and emphasised the “pivotal importance of the judiciary, particularly the Attorney General’s Department, in supporting the government’s efforts to suppress terrorism.” He stated that “Opposition political parties or constituent partners of the ruling coalition should not be allowed to engage in divisive politics” (The Island – 17.4.2010).

Not a word was said, then or later, about the Bolshevik coup. Having created the psycho-political conditions for a landslide Rajapaksa victory, it was consigned to the abyss of forgotten lies. It was needed. Then it was not. As Joseph K is told by a priest, “You don’t need to accept everything as true, you only have to accept it as necessary.”

The Shape of Dystopia

This week a man called Julampitiye Amare was sentenced to death.

Who was Julampitiye Amare? What was his crime?

During the run up to the Southern provincial council election, a JVP meeting in Katuwana, in the Rajapaksa bastion of Hambantota was attacked. Ten men on five motorbikes, armed with T56 rifles shot into the crowd, killing two and injuring several.

Julampitiye Amare, a man the police was looking for high and low but could never be found even though he moved around in broad day in the company of the Rajapaksas, led the attack. This much wanted man was even in the habit of visiting his friends in prison, a judge revealed in open court. 

That was how law and order was maintained in the Rajapaksa past. 

This is the disciplined and law-abiding future which awaits us if Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins the presidency. 

If so, JVP activists in Hambantota might even encounter a hastily pardoned Julampititye Amare during the upcoming parliamentary election campaign.

The Rajapaksas needed the Julampitiye Amares to win elections because of the mess the economy was in by 2011 and its growing political fallout. 

For instance, between July 2011 and February 2012, the Central Bank used a third of the country’s gross foreign exchange reserves to keep the rupee stable. More than US$ 2.7 billion was released into the market during these seven months. When this insanity turned unsustainable, the Rajapaksas veered to the other extreme and allowed the rupee to go into free fall. The day the rupee was allowed to depreciate freely the President placed the armed forces on alert. Then he was in Singapore. His brother and economic czar Basil Rajapaksa was missing. When the inflationary time-bomb exploded, neither was around to explain what went wrong. And Gotabaya Rajapaksa was too busy waging a war against birds who were sullying his pristine Colombo with their droppings.

Fuel prices were jacked up to astronomical levels, all at once. Bus fares and electricity rates also went up within days. When fishermen in Chilaw demonstrated against the fuel hike, they were met by a combined force of police, army and the STF. One fisherman, Anthony Fernando, a father of two, was shot dead and around eight were injured, some seriously. A JVP protest in Colombo was brutally attacked the same day and a joint-Opposition protest was treated in an identical manner two days later.

According to Nesta Fernando, an eyewitness to the shooting of Anthony Fernando, “…the army attacked our people, beat them up and tear-gassed them. They shot at several of our people. We told them several times not to shoot but just to beat back our boys. But they did not listen. We may have been able to save the injured boy if we were allowed to take him to hospital” (Gosssip Lanka – 17.2.2012). Chilaw, on the day of Mr. Anthony’s funeral, looked like a part of the besieged North, teeming with armed soldiers and military vehicles. 

From the charade of economic miracles to a very real death – that was how the Rajapaksas managed the economy in the past. That past will be repeated if Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins the presidency. 

As for preserving the culture, traditions and heritage, this was what the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter, Ven. Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Thero, had to say in 2012: “Excavating treasure under the guise of resurrecting ancient history is not done without the consent of high-ranking government officials…even excavating machines are used for digging treasures. The average man can’t dig with backhoes, and even if the underlings are caught, the big guns behind these crimes still manage to be safe…” (Ceylon Today – 18.5.2012). 

Then there were the plans the Rajapaksas couldn’t implement then, and will resurrect in the future, if the future becomes theirs on November 17th. 

Such as the plan by Tharunyata Hetak, a Namal Rajapaksa fief to set up ‘Blue villages’ to develop the villages and to promote the Nil Balakaya, another Namal Rajapaksa fief.

Such as the Jana Sabha scheme. The Jana Sabhas, as the UPFA General-Secretary Susil Premjayanth pointed out, were to have the power to prepare their own budgets and development plans and to obtain the necessary financial allocations from the central government. The elected provincial councils and local government authorities were to be legally obliged to seek approval from the unelected Jana Sabhas to launch any project. The Jana Sabhas were also to be given control over the development funds of parliamentarians, including how the money is to be spent and monitoring of related projects. And they were to function under the ‘purview’ of Basil Rajapaksa. 

The brothers were in the process of turning the Lankan state into a Rajapaksa state when 2015 intervened. Will we enable them to resume that interrupted journey on November 16th? That is what this election is really about.

The Morning After

Maithripala Sirisena’s unpardonable decision to pardon the brutal murderer of a young woman was one more reminder of the dangers inherent even in a truncated presidency. Mr. Sirisena’s capacity to abuse power was limited not just by the law, but also by his own lack of real power. He was hemmed in by the fact that his party couldn’t dominate the parliament and he couldn’t dominate his own party.

If he wins, Sajith Premadasa’s worse instincts too would be hemmed in by similar constraints. He wouldn’t be able to rule the UNP, but lead it through a process of consensus. The UNP would not be able to rule the next parliament because there will be a strong opposition.

But none of these constraints will be present if the Rajapaksas make a comeback. Mahinda Rajapaksa could turn Sri Lanka into a familial oligarchy because of a unique set of circumstances. He won the war, and he had a Mafia-type family of brothers, sons, and nephews. With these two factors he was able to hegemonise and command his party, and for several years the country. 

If there’s a second incarnation of the Rajapaksa Inc. it would be shorter on hegemony than last time. But in the SLPP the Rajapaksas have a party that is wholly theirs and in Gotabaya they will have the president no Lankan institution will resist (they are already kowtowing to him). If Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins the presidency, the future will be like the past and worse.   

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    Hey stupid. You’re forgetting there are silent voters who vote for the RIGHT person. IDIOT!!

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      Who are you calling a Stupid Idiot?? Who are you to know the silent voter and the ‘right person’ . I am surprised you were not edited out.

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      You should avoid looking in the mirror when writing comments about Tisaranee’s contributions to CT.

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        Great response, Emil.

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      whom are you calling stupid ???????
      You have proved yourself to be stupid and a bloody Wanker at that.
      This topic is not about silent voters you Moronic Arsehole but about the impending consequences that would take place if and when the Rajapaksas come into power.
      You night Shagging Wanker do you understand the consequences of what it is to live in a Police State. No you don’t !!!!!! Why because your pea sized brain is in your bloody shitty arse.
      You Sri lankan Bugger you don’t understand what a beautiful free country you live in and all that will change if the President for life Gotabaya Rajapaksa comes to power.
      He will whip the shit of your bloody arse in public if you so much whisper anything bad about him. People like you deserved to be ruled by a dictator like him for ever because he will have full control over your entire life.
      By the way , who gave you this babyish name Roshan. Roshan is generally given to Mummy’s boys. Boys who go into dark places and conjure up bad things in their minds.
      The way you address people as stupid proves that you are a mummy’s boy.
      Any way i hope in all my prayers that Sri lanka will not take a turn for the worse and that the lovely land will be spared from Dictatorial Rule.
      Oh !!! by the way Roshan stop looking at Pornography on your mobile phone and wanking off in dark corners. Its a bad habit and harmful to health, Mama’s boy.

      God Bless Sri Lanka and all its people and may they be spared from a dark future.

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        why are we getting personal. stick to issues

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        AMD the masturbation expert is really Shakin’ Stevens.

    • 5

      what would be the consequence if Gotabaya would die in next days, there are some reports that he is more sick than appeared to be.
      That woudl be the best for the folks that respect dignified and respect ful life ahead of us I would say.
      This nation is misled by rascals and rajapakashe dominated feudists for one reason that they want their men to be in power in order to escape from crimes and all the high investigations being filed against them.

  • 19

    Don’t you think we are in this situation because there is a man called Ranil ( and his old royalists gang) as leadership of UNP for 25 years and counting…

    As long as this man is around, the UNP is doomed. Also we will keep getting people like Rajapakses, Sarth Fonsekas , Maithripalas coming to lead us.. In comparison to Ranil anybody else looks good !

    • 3

      Today’s decision is simple.

      Do you want an American party to rule SL?

      SLPP owner is an American.
      SLPP candidate is an American.
      His wife is an American.
      His son is an American.

      Also do you want rioters to lead SL?

      The 1983 riot master is with SLPP now.
      The 2013 rioter is with the SLPP.
      THE 2018 rioters are with the SLPP.

      • 0

        They are all Americans; but I saw almost all of them voting at today’s election. Do the Americans have voting rights in Sri Lanka, even before that little thingy called Millennium corporation passed in Parliament?
        Pooh! this is wonderful!

  • 15

    If Gota wins for Sri Lanka:
    “Anichcha Watha Sankara
    Uppada Vaya Dammino
    Uppajitva Nirujjanti
    Tesam vupasamo sukho”

    “All things decay…. Having been produced from perishable bases, they dissolve and perish. Knowing this truth, live happily.”

  • 8

    Gotabaya Rajapaksa will be respect mode of Democracy of Island nation.
    Undoubtedly GR is family having of Democratic background .
    Since days his father’s Brother 1936 in time of State Council which under British Colonial rule his father brother was member of State Council.
    Then Gota R… father was same council member of that later he was member of Independent Parliament until 1948 to 1963.
    Gota has maintain that fine traditional culture of democracy of that norms of governance has been proven by his deeds .last 30 years .
    Gota R…. is most suitable candidature for Next President 2020 of Sri Lanka.
    We wanted better honest man to run the county without corruptions unlike UNP corrupted leaders in 2015 Jan 8th that regime was in power by hook or crook .
    Sajit Premadads was/is member of team deputy leaders of current Govt.

    We rejected whole heap of corruption by current regime and their set of policies of Terrorism by Islam attack for 3 churches 21/4/19 .
    We as nation wanted peace, security and harmony all religions believers to the citizens of Sri Lankan.
    That most suitable candidature for President of Republic of SL is Gotabaya Rajapakesa

    • 19

      Ranjith Gunawardena:
      What on earth are you trying to say? If you choose to write in what you think is English, you should have someone translate your gibberish into some understandable language, English if that’s your choice.
      CT, PLEASE stop publishing this kind of incomprehensible material

      • 4

        I suspect that this is the same Ranjit Gunerwardne whose comments I have been reading off and off with much indignation at his poor English & IQ probably below the ’70s as that of quite a very large & significant proportion of many of the Tamils & Singhalese in SL being a secondary cause of our present predicament.

        I have worked shifts at the then OTS Kadirana and Kotugoda wireless stations with him and observed his huge erections when I have gone to wake him up or let him sleep through a whole shift whilst I kept reading a book throughout his share of the duty as well. His thoughts like most others seem to come from between his loins and from grey matter between his ears.

        I do also suspect that similar to HLDM aka Eagle eye is married to a Tamil whom he found during his volunteer days as an Air Force volunteer in ’70s and some of those marital disappointments and frustrations too maybe finding a form of disguised uncritical partisan and dumb expression here for these two gentlemen if any would like to call them that.

      • 1

        van der PUTIN

        you preach democracy but you behave like a NAZI, attacking every comment that doesn’t jive with your view….

        Practice what you preach!!

        CT PLEASE monitor and sensor folks with poor social engagement practices.

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      Dont talk Bullshit..Look at Gotabaya’s Eyes ..you feel Gota-Baya

    • 14

      @ ranjith gongwardena, You write like a person who has injected and smoke bus load of Rajapakse poop.

    • 5

      Ranjith Gunawaradana .

      Want to know more about Gotabaya? Why not use common sense for a change?

      අවසාන මේ ෆොන්සේකා මොකද කළේ


      Here is a character certificate from Sarath Fonseka.

    • 7

      Ranjith Gunawaradana,
      another Sri lankan Wanker talking through his shitty rear.
      When GR comes to power apply to be his poster boy and MR’s court Eunuch.
      Your attitude will fit those positions and when you are free go and see Matakuliya Mercy she will give you a free wank off. Tell her that one Ranil Wankersinghe sent you.
      Good luck to you.

    • 0

      Ranjith Gunawaradana–You Lunatic MORON..Aiyse I will say this as I am posting this 6.25 PM on 16th NOV 2019…..If I am right this posting will assures that….from what we have learned OFFICIALLY…Gotabaya will only be President for less than (MAX) 6 months…..Either Mahinda R. Fu…sa Appointed with all of President’s POWERS as an Executive Prime Minister OR MR will indeed Appointed as President…How & Why…Gotbaya has already Decided upon to Leave Cause of Severer ILL Health…Just watch…

  • 27

    Dear TG
    Thanks for another excellent article depicting the future of Sri Lanka if we decide to choose stupidly.
    TG, let’s not go there yet, we need to exercise our humanity and choose wisely.
    We still have time to make the right choice. It is better we do it now rather than live to regret it later.
    All these people routing for Gota, including Mara and his 3 idiots and that humpty dumpty wife will suffer under Gota. Not to talk of arse lickers like Wimal, Gommanpila, Halagemba Bandula Gunawardana, Street boy Aluthgamage and the rest will perish too.
    Gota will give opportunities to psychopaths and maniacs and fagots.
    I will not be surprised if he keeps Ranil.
    Ranil is the reason we are in this state.
    The idea of having a US citizen contesting without, even the election commission not being convinced otherwise is a mystery.
    That should show our idiots the lobby Gota has behind him. A lobby that is very hard to understand. It is the likes of Gota who ended up ruining other countries.
    Such people have their allegiance outside the shores of the parent country and they will do what their puppet masters tell them.
    So Sri Lanka, resist emotion, let us reason and choose the better person leaving aside sentiment.
    We sweat for this country, it is our efforts that translates into money for the government to run. We have a birth right to direct our cause in our favour where we the citizens are the kings, the government is our servant. That is how it is and that is how it should be.
    Remember we are not slaves of the government. We are a resource that those in power always try to exploit, that has to stop.
    Choose Sajith out of the two, he serves, he is not self serving.
    Gota is self serving. He will sell us off.

  • 29

    Dear people , think twice before voting for idiot Rajapakse s .please never underestimate the dignity and respect being enjoyed us since 2015. Much is achieved by last 5 years and much more left to be achieved but being democratic. If u would miss the chance, the nation will be in a greater danger.

  • 8

    You are right man; ignore the immaterial thing the people would vote for the right man. When the UNP wants to destroy Tamils they vote to destroy the Tamils. When SLFP wants to destroy Tamils they vote it to destroy the Tamils. There are 16 Millions people, from 1948, they always vote to a person who is right. So economy, education, social welfare, international relation…… everything has left.
    God bless the right people of Lankawe!

  • 19

    Madam, no doubts, Sajith’s going to win handsomely. Gota doesn’t have the winning formula, and the winning formula is not working for him as well.

  • 2

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  • 6

    Of the three front runners, SLPP is the only one, yet again openly and without shame, exploiting the language/religion-divide.
    Gotler is the patron of Bodu Bala Sena.
    MR family protection enabled Gnanasara Thero to do what he does.
    Tisaranee Gunasekara laments {“…..Maithripala Sirisena’s unpardonable decision to pardon the brutal murderer of a young woman was one more reminder of the dangers inherent even in a truncated presidency…….”}
    How about the Gnanasara Thero pardon?

  • 5

    Anura Kumara dissnayake is not tainted, but, he is poor and SLBC is not advertising him. Other than that, It is the it is a fight between PALHORU #! and PALHORU #2. Another group of Palhoru is awaiting the outcome.
    It looks major political parties are redundant. The american agent Mangala Samraweera and his cohorts look very active in the political arena. Ranil the bond Scammer – instigator is also canvassing. Media is paid and they also want to make as many bucks as they can. So, they screw up Sinhale people. will see.

  • 2

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  • 5


    There is no purpose any longer trying to convince people to vote for Gota. It’s time for some hard-hand tactics if you know what I mean.

    • 1


      If this clip had been relayed on the live TV, I do not think anything even as ash is left behind of Old Royals to dissolve in holy water fountain. Then where to goto EP election? One week ago Old King called Kandy Ayatollahs to demand about the pact Vaalaththodam did with TNA. Now Valaiththodam Jr had to sort out the Citizenship problem. It has boomeranged this way.

      Buddham saranam gacchami
      (I go to the Buddha for refuge.)
      Dhammam saranam gacchami
      (I go to the Dhamma for refuge.)
      Sangham saranam gacchami
      (I go to the Sangha for refuge.)
      Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!

  • 5

    “Two weeks after the presidential election, Mr. Fonseka was arrested. He was assaulted, handcuffed, and dragged away like a common criminal. “

    The UNP-loving Tisaranee and her LTTE comrades consider Fonseka to be some kind of “hero.” This is rather peculiar, as Fonseka was the one responsible for most of the “war crimes” attributed to Gotabaya. Fonseka was directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the Army, whereas Defense Secretary Gotabaya was in charge of organization and management. It is Fonseka who restructured the Forces and gave them the offensive capabilities to attack the LTTE at its strongest positions. Fonseka was the one who had the plan to destroy the LTTE completely within a few years. Fonseka was very good at his job, but the reason he is popular among the Eelamists is his opposition to Gotabaya. If GR said “who is Fonseka?” and Fonseka died the next day, he would become another useless martyr to the cause of tabloid journalism and separatist aspirations. In my opinion, Fonseka was so good at his job(army commander), he mistakenly thought he could accomplish similar feats in politics. Some anti Sri Lanka elements picked up on this and funded his campaign to the tune of millions. Fonseka is out of the picture now, he learned his lesson after going to jail.

  • 4

    comment by Punchnilime…..
    Well done UNP in last five years 2015 Jan 8th the TWO key leaders born by out of that theology of Christen believers of Messrs Ranil Wicrmasinghe and Iran Wicrmaratahan. These hard line believers been thought by of heaven of God which that TWO -UNP-leaders, who are support to Sajith Premadasa candidature of Next President of UNP 2020 !@
    $$$ ……of Who is that Sajith P… was son of Ransaighe Premadasa #
    Time of rule of fear there was 700,00 to 800,00 youth had been killed by UNP leadership of under R. Premadasa and Ranil Wickrasinghe … joint operation in 1987/88/89/90 ?
    What was an accountability of masses assassination south of youth that majority of Sinhalese -Buddhist of young generation by governance of that UNP -leadership?
    What form of democracy and basic human -rights an advocated by Sajith P…and what model norms Democrat rights an accepts by if he become President of
    Sri Lankn? It is obvious HUMAN RIGHTS are universal Is that UNP followed in 1988/89/90?
    What has western countries to say about UNP violation of assassination of 700.00 to 80,000 youth of South of Island.
    Indeed Western democratizes kept on silent of this crucial issues for long-years . to come .

  • 4

    Thanks TG for bringing back the memories of the nightmare peopled lived thru. Short memories tend to forget and need to be reminded. It would be nice if CT did not publish comments that make no sense and do not address the contents of the relevant article. I hope that enough voters go out and vote remembering what it was like and determined not to end up in the same boat again. If I may try to convince some who maybe still sticking to voting for GOTA. Please understand that the freedom that you enjoy now and hope for in the future will be extinguished. The Sinhela Buddhist race cannot thrive alone under the dystopia that will surely be ushered in if this man wins. You do not have a chance of thriving unless you are willing to be a nasty crooked thug also willing to sell his soul to the devil. We are globally entering a very difficult time. Unity of all races and an honest open government is what can get us thru. Do you seriously believe a family of unscrupulous thugs with a history so dark that it makes any sane person shudder will make your future brighter? Think again.

  • 0

    Aftermath is getting more and more interesting.
    The last minute Developments are fascinating.

    *Keselwatta Kid’s Mud Brigade lead by Dr Rajith and Pa Chaa Ranawaka is in total disarray.

    * One of the Ministers jumps into the Home Swimming Pool after getting g pissed litaraly about the failure of the Mud Team.

    * US Consulate counteracts the Fake Video about Nandsena’s Green Card..
    And promises to investigate who are behind those FAKE Videos which amount to interference in US Government activities. ,

    *25 UNP MPs in Kotte are now with D S Senanayaka.s Grandson. UNP Minister Wasantha who is already in the Nandasena Camp

    Most of them who are UNP MPs want to preserve their Pension Right by completing the 5 year continuous service to get the full Pension..

    Wonder how Keselwatta Kid and the two Aryawas are coping after al those Helicopter rides visiting the UNP Dalits ?..

  • 1

    The Aftermath.

    D B S Jeyaraj’s in his WEB Newsletter on the 14 says Nandasena can not be defeated…

    I think I must go along with D B S Jeyaraj.

    Have a Happy Election Day everyone…

  • 1

    The aftermath;

    It’s unwise writing destabilizing articles @ this hour of expecting a power transfer in the country.

    What should happen is smooth power transfer whether it’s Gota or AKD or Sajith may be the winner.

    Probably the most embarrassing thing ever to be faced by PM Ranil Wikramasinghe will be the possible victory of Gotabaya Rajapakse.

    There’s a general belief that the present parliament content is unreal as the previous parliamentary election was held in unusual political context with the intention of defeating Rajapakse regime.

    The previous LG election gave a landslide victory for Rajapakse regime & if such a victory is again given for them, the PM has an ethical duty to bow down to peoples’ decision.

    Instead of struggling to maintain his PM position, he must work together with the new president to dissolve the house & call for a fresh parliament election so as to make parliamentary content is real according to peoples’ aspirations.

    Even their own candidate Sajith has mentioned in his political stages that he wants a new face in PM position.

  • 1

    Sri Lanka is at crossroads. If we elect the wrong man, don’t expect free and fair elections again. This family will rule and destroy the country for sure. Just like Srilankan Airlines. Past records show this. The alternate choice is not a good one, but with him, democracy will prevail in the country. The choice is yours.

    • 0

      Jayantha, Unfortunately most of the slaves don’t understand the freedom. Like in the former Southern states of US, 90% of them are born, live and die in their farms while getting abused by their masters. Welcome to the new era of SL slavery.

  • 1

    The freedom that Sri Lankans have been enjoying amidst the corruption, nepotism and cronyism will be lost if a brutal dictator assumes power on Monday or Tuesday. Yet, every four or five years the vast majority of mono-lingual, often rural voters in Sri Lanka have been electing leaders and regimes that they become disillusioned with. However, rather than questioning their own rationale for voting this way, they continue to do the same things that each time brings them bad tidings. I believe that vested interests in privately owned media have a great deal to account for keeping these people ignorant and uninformed. A third choice would probably have earned them better tidings from an experimental perspective.

  • 0

    How can President Sirisena who is the Head of the armed forces and Minister of Defense allow a foreign war ship – the Chinese ship to come and dock in Colombo during the time of Presidential election. He is stupid or crazy? What have the Buddhist priests got to tell about this and what are the Rajapakses saying about it? They all were spreading fake news that Americans were coming, see who has arrived now.. Rajapakses sponsors the Chinese!

  • 1

    Looks like the aftermath has begun. Bus loads of Muslims from Mannar on their way to vote in Puttalam were shot and ambushed by SLPP men. Also Army has illegally setup road blocks in North and East to intimidate Tamil voters, and EC has already lodged a formal complaint. Way to Rajapaksas future. ENJOY the ride.

    • 0

      The ‘puppet’ Governor in the North must be knowing – he should have confined all military to barracks. But, this would be beyond his powers, and the military would have conveyed mild threats to ‘keep off and mind your own business’.
      Military want Gota back surely – they enjoy their ‘status’

  • 0

    latest poll
    SP 45 GR 45 AKD 6 Other 4
    SP to GR 50.5 to 49.5
    sajith has slight edge
    sample size 2500
    MOE 3.5 percent

  • 0

    Let the Singhal Buddhist voters decide whether they want an Ahimsa country or a Country full of Rogues who want to be the King of the island It is the curse from Lord Buddha for violating his preaching to gain power A new Buddhist ideology is rising in Sri Lanka

  • 0

    They are already leaving the country…
    On BUSINESS CLASS . never the less…
    Run Dabara Amila run……………
    Run Hirunika run………..
    Run Chandraguptha Thenuwara run…..
    Run Gamini Viyangoda run………
    Flight 306….. Didn’t even vote………..

  • 0

    North might have established a record in poll heaviness. If so then it didn’t happen even on Chandrika’s first poll. This will tilt the boat to Vaalaththodam Jr side.

    • 1

      Mr. Mallaiyuran,
      Tamil politicians must rethink their way of thinking with a “common people first” strategy.
      They should make “Sinhalese people” part of the solution rather than making them a part of the problem.

  • 0

    now this fake named clown comes out of the woodwork . Now this moron can write 10000 word articles that no one reads other than jobless retired LTTE supporters read for the next 5 -6 years

  • 0

    Knowing all this, why is the UNP/UNF take any action against the allegations and people accountable for it?

  • 0

    Mr. Ranil time is over for you. You wouldn’t be able to hung on for ever like a leech. You over stayed your welcome. It’s time for you to go with respect and dignity, and leave the party in the hands of younger generations who would take it forward for the good of all and the nation. Don’t ever try to prolong your stay which going to be a big blunder and huge disaster for you, the party and the nation as whole.

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