21 April, 2024


The Great Vaccine Theft By The GMOA

By Arundathie Sangakkara

Just when you think that the politicians are the scum of the earth, and that the super-rich, the privileged loot all things that matter, sovereignty and all, enter the Sino-dragon from China from the Galle Face side to prove just that.

If this national debacle stopped at that it’s a relief.

GMOA President Anurudda Padeniya attending an Election Meeting

But no.

There is the vaccine and its continued theft.

And enter the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) to loot that.

Not just the GMOA, but the MILs and FILs and mothers, fathers, spouses and ten-year-old kids of the GMOA.

The entire extended jingband.

On a trade union band wagon of decayed morality.

Shamelessly preening like peacocks on an entitlement spree.

Except when the peacock preens, its bottom is naked.

The GMOA, clad in actual clothes, PPE and all, have circulated a form to be filled by its membership, no doubt with the concurrence of the government, to “arrange” the first dose and second dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine, and other vaccines as first dose to the “immediate family members”. “Immediate family members” include mother-in-law, father-in-law, mother, father, wife, and apparently children- even ten-year-olds!

This is the section of the data base received by Colombo Telegraph from a whistleblower from within.

Really, GMOA, really?

Stealing the Second Dose to Vaccinate GMOA Families For First Dose

In this pathetic, system eroded nation, only a fraction out of the 950,000 people vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine were given the second dose in a legitimate manner. The GMOA is touting for the first dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine from the stock meant for second booster dose of the public. They want those vaccines to be given as first dose for the immediate family. Currently, predominantly Sinopharm, the Chinese vaccine and Sputnik, the Russian vaccine are offered to the public as first dose. A Ministry of Health circular has explicitly forbidden the use of the currently available AstraZeneca vaccines as first dose.

Is the GMOA and its family jingbands above the law of the land?

Why does the GMOA think that its members are entitled to loot the second dose of the people? The immunity of whose who got the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine is waning because the booster dose has not been given in time.

On what moral basis is the GMOA asking its membership if they would like the GMOA to mediate the looting of the second booster dose of the people to inoculate it as the first dose for their “immediate families”?

Doesn’t the second booster dose belong to the people of this country on a priority basis, according to age, comorbidities and risk?

How does nepotism qualify a mother, father, MIL, FIL or spouse of anyone eligible to jump the queue?

Seriously, Padeniya, how is the mother, father or family member of a doctor any different to a bus driver exposed to thousands of people, a nurse, a policeman, a bank teller?

Family Members Of Doctors Are Safer

The family member of a doctor is actually more protected than the family members of any other category of workers. In the hierarchy of the health workers, doctors are probably more well off than other categories such as nurses, attendants, para medics, sanitary workers etc. They probably have more nuclear families and individual housing that minimizes crowding, although the data base received by Colombo Telegraph indicates that doctors seem to be doing extended family living and in fact it’s like a community camp according to their claims that their MIL, FIL, mom, dad, wife are all living together. Feels like they are living like those jumbo families depicted in cheap Indian Teledramas!

Those are shameless lies or partial lies told to grab the vaccine, we all know that.

The doctors are given the highest priority in receiving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and they are the most knowledgeable about avoiding infection. This is because their higher knowledge and adherence to universal safety precautions and also because they are cautious due to the high likelihood of encountering a patient. Even the patients who come to the hospital are careful as they know they may be surrounded by potential Covid patients inside a hospital.

A bus driver with lesser education and no PPE similar to a doctor is routinely exposed to average people on the road not exercising the same precautions because they are seemingly well, but may be infected.

By this logic the family members of a bus driver are more at risk of contracting Covid from an asymptomatic or even a symptomatic carrier.

The heroic staff of hospitals such as the IDH are managing thousands of Covid patients without a break for the last one and a half years. If being a doctor makes the family members more vulnerable, then all the mothers, fathers, MILs, FILs and children of the IDH staff would be hospitalized or dead by now, considering the extremely high frequency of exposure to Covid patients by their “doctor relative”.

But this is not the case

The case is that the GMOA and their membership think that their privileged status as doctors gives them the entitlement to consider similar aged, similarly or more vulnerable lives as insignificant and disposable.

The case is that the family members of doctors feel that they fact that they have a doctor in the family somehow obliges that doctor to full fill his duty of “somehow getting the vaccine before everyone else”.

This is entitlement, ego, selfishness, power play and nothing else.

Tell me again, how are the lives  of the mother of the bus driver, ambulance driver or the 1990 Suwasariya driver less “valuable” than a doctor’s mother?


Pray, tell me?

In which WHO sanctioned risk category did doctor’s family identified as a special priority group? Is blood thicker than morality? Equity? Justice? Fair play?

These doctors are no better than that pseudo-liberal Asoka Handagama who jumped the vaccine queue and justified his actions stating that he “did a national service because Corona can hang on to him, come home with him and infect his 24-year-old daughter employed in the garment sector working from home”.

Demanding Blood-Sucker Ransom For Vaccine

The most demeaning and inhuman aspect of the GMOA was explicit throughout the Covid epidemic. It promoted sorcery, concoctions, steam pots and what not in a shameless and pathetic attempt give dress myth in science; to divert the attention from the gross failure of the government. The GMOA did not show any professional or moral urgency towards hastily obtaining the vaccine for its membership nor to the public for over one year since the Covid-19 epidemic started. It was utterly and despicably sold out to the unscientific JooJoo that is not allowed in any civilized society in the face of a pandemic.

Suddenly, the GMOA has gone ”all scientific” going so far as to “inventing” a new risk group “immediate family members of doctors”. However, this invention and its attempted implementation come with a blood price.

According to the letter circulated to the membership collecting data about the immediate family members for the looted vaccine, there is a catch. Only those members who have paid their membership fee to the GMOA – an estimated Rs 6000 are eligible to be the beneficiaries of this “humanitarian union effort”.

Let’s do a bit of math, shall we?

Annual fee of a GMOA member = Rs 6000

Number of members of the GMOA = Rs 23,000

Annual income from the membership fee = Rs 138,000,000 (138 million)

Monthly income from the membership fee = 138,000,000/ 12 = Rs 11,500,000

How much of this sit in fixed deposits?

How much of this was spent on the welfare of the membership during the Covid-19 epidemic? How much did the GMOA spend on the welfare of the doctors who were quarantined in centers? Who were infected with the disease? Did this same GMOA enquire after the welfare of the “immediate families” of the doctors when that happened?

Did they even maintain a database of the doctors infected with Covid and offer support to them?

How much of this money was spent of protecting the GMOA membership by investing in or donating PPE?

They promoted their holy trinity of myth “hutti- mutti-pani” (pans-pots – syrup).

Now they are keeping the GMOA knife to the neck of the membership to distribute the vaccine looted from the general public and demand a membership fee ransom before distributing the “looted goods”

How morally corrupt can a union become?

When its convenient they spew the words “World Health Organization” “WHO”!!! Where is a special vaccine recipient category called ”immediate family members” in any WHO guideline?

GMOA, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, stupid!

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  • 46

    Lanka, the land of privileged and entitled. Soon SLMC , BASL and the rest will make such demands. These are those pseudos offen seen around Rajapaksas .The nurses, para medical’s, and even ambulance drivers will rightfully demand ( if not go on protest/ strike) because they are at more risk of exposure compared to those home bound in laws and family members of GMOA. Remember Padeniya wanted to perform test to confirm pseudoism.

    • 24

      GMOA is a trade union which was identified as the most murderous institute in the country. No matter innocient people fell dead, they went on strikes day long not respecting people s situation. However, all these members ( I guess 5 ) became MBBS holders thanks to the TAX payers of this country. Morally it is no right them to stand against own people, since it is similar to hurt their own mothers. WIth this being the ground reality, there are over 200 men in that health ministry, with MBBS titles but engage as ” administrative personnel”; amidst srilanka on the list of countries not enough doctors for their people. And these CROWs fight for their salaries and other priviledges but wearing the titles – no different to that of Rajapaskeh fake patriotism. Look, some believe, DOCTORS should be respected since they take care of the people s health, how these buggers are fallen to as of today. I am speechless, but those men LIKE Lester would come with another theories that GMOA is doing a good job. Paddeniya should be hung by his balls, for misleading the nation, to the very same manner the kind of PALHORU SHOULD be subjected to extrajudicial killings of police… if UURUJUWA and THARAKA or the like should face it why not high level murderers incl Rajapkshes ?

    • 25

      from tisaranee’s recent article. : What Frauds!

      “August 20, 2016, its then secretary Dr. Nalinda Herath solemnly warned the public against using Suwaseriya ambulances stating that a three-wheeler would be safer. “…people should think twice before getting into these risky Indian ambulances and decide whether to die by a tree fall or an electric shock from the ambulance,” he said. Though no patient was electrocuted, the hostile acts of the GMOA continued. On August 26 2019, the GMOA wrote to the Health Secretary, enquiring about the efficacy of Suwaseriya, possibly as a prelude to Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s presidential bid. Interestingly, the GMOA which screamed against the life-saving Suwaseriya and the free trade pact with Singapore made no such noise about the Port City Commission Bill, which, in its original form, violated the Constitution 25 times, according to the Supreme Court judgment”.

    • 26

      One family robbed the nation again and again shares 90% of the national wealth under their control. President, Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Defence Minister, Sports minister, Irrigation minister, Chief of Staff and Economy are coming from one and only family. Vaccines are only coming from China and Russia and who gets it decided by the same family. Military is their to protect the family interest not for the ordinary people whether it is Buddhist Sinhala or Islamist Hameed.
      Corrupted Family rule, Corrupted Nation, Corrupted Military, Corrupted officers.

    • 13

      No Doctors, nurses , Public Health Inspectors (PHI) have died of Covid-19 Flu in Sri Lanka. Covid-19 is mild in Lanka because of Universal BCG Vaccination. Doctors know this but pretend they do not and GMOA, SLMA and other doctors organizations have been promoting themselves through the Covid-19 hoax and Vaccine roll out because they get paid by Big Pharamceutical companies who are making big profits from untested Covid-19 vaccines.
      and WHO which also buys doctors with jaunts, and conference trips and job offers overseas.
      Sorry to say majority of doctors in Lanka a selfish. money-mad and greedy lot who have forgotten the Hippocratic Oath “DO NO HARM” to patients.
      Seasonal Monsoon flu has been replaced with the Covid-19 fear psychosis by the GMOA SLMA and so Sri Lanka economy and poor people are suffering with lockdowns and no wages, while doctors sit in their comfortable air-conditioned rooms and duty free cars and talk non sense about Covid!

      • 4

        Not just vaccines. Psychiatric drugs also needed for individuals who trust online conspiracy theories and a Covid-19 hoax. Pathetic cases.

  • 39

    Everyone knew the GMOA was a rapacious beast in the guise of that noble profession, fleecing the public, when our vedamahattayas even treated people free or give whatever whenever you can or even gave the medicines free.
    Now you pay up front and no refund for cancellations unless you opt for that, by paying extra insurance.
    But this is absolutely the lowest degradation of their putrid conduct.
    And to think the “public purse” spent on these scoundrels to educate, and then bite the public, where it hurts most as it were.

  • 10


    Who cares about vaccine. The whole country nbeing robbed under our nose & you are crying about a vaccine. Our votes are robbed by our socalled representatives Whats wrong our country gets robbed.

  • 8

    I am amazed by most of the writers of articles in CT as if they come from a different planet. Do not they know the Singhalese blood chemistry.? That is how they prove their one-upmanship.

  • 11

    Here is an example how cases get reported in Lanka.. Mucormycosis is a RARE but highly lethal Fungal infection with poor prognosis.World wide it,s considered as a pubic health hazard and needs to be notified. Yesterday our Covid management chief Dr. F and Ministry assured, there was no such cases reported yet in Lanka. Whereas today Medical research Institute Chief Dr. Primali says 42 patients were identified in 2019, 24 since 2020 to now, but has nothing to do with Covid.

  • 11

    Now you know why you have to listen to your wife – say Whatsapp a message:

    USA, BRAZIL, Russia, Spain, UK, Italy, India, and France – Lead by Males have
    the highest covid19 victims.

    Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, Iceland, Finland, Norway & Denmark – Lead
    by Females have managed the crisis.

  • 9

    The greedy GMOA is so greedy ,they blocked the pvt medical schools,people have to persuade Malaysia Europe etc and have to spend enormous money,all because only THEM,
    Govnt should put ban on private practice they had free education with govnt money then only work for govnt hospitals only,if pvt wants doctors bring it from India or else.
    Govnt also bent for this disgusting org

  • 14

    More about GMOA. Today they told in a press meet they and their families got their jabs but are not happy with medical union members(also doctors) getting theirs. Apparently after GMOA made such inappropriate demand medical union had threatened to take stern action for the injustice caused , so they too showed up with their families at the vaccination centers and got their jabs. GMOA told press “they are in a position to reveal the names with photos of the medical union officers but will not be pushed to such immoral state”. By this GMOA has given a new meaning to immorality. In the mean time AMS (association of medical specialist) told press though all those above received their jabs, there is no Official bulletin from Health Ministry. Hearing this 3000 or so people showed up in front of Lady Ridgeway Hospital demanding their second jab.

  • 18

    If GMOA thug’s families are getting imagine which other VVIP’s families got them! This is the gift by the “One law one country” government’s “santhosam” to the GMOA thugs who helped them to win the election.

  • 8

    The government medical officers trade union is a partner in the vistas of prosperity and splendour that a defunct and jealous people’s opposition wants to sabotage. Not only do these holier than thou demi-gods need vaccines for their progeny but their children, who will also become little doctors in time to come, must be protected at any cost compared to bus drivers, nurses or hospital attendants whose lives are easily dispensable compared to those of sacred doctor deities who save lives daily while feasting on the rich harvest of patients with an increasingly sick populace thanks to the major sharks gobbling up public funds to fatten their own progeny. After vaccinating all the family and their connected families, these angels can walk a few inches above ground, twirling their stethescopes with the required aloofness and arrogance, while ordinary peasants bow down in awestruck obeisance.

  • 7

    Hang the Covid. Shouldn’t all the citizens get on the road send Rajapukses and their Cronies home. Let few us get killed by army bullets. Atleast there will be less deaths by Corona, if these bastards are removed from power let the citizen choose someone outside political thuggery to run the Country

  • 5

    I remember very well Padeniya boasting on TV how well the virus was controlled under their leadership but now the virus is rampant & Padeniya & his despicable lot are trying to jump the queue instead of eating humble pie.

    The vaccine in UK was rolled out based on age & vulnerability, & when my turn came up, I was informed to book an appointment at a centre of my choice & automatically, the second appointment was also made. I had the second dose within 10 weeks of the first & each time it was with least inconvenience. There is no queue jumping, even the PM had to wait for his turn & that goes for royalty too. Harry turned 38 recently & had to wait until the over 30s were called at the beginning of this month. The PM & Health Minister are held responsible & an investigation is undergoing about a remark the PM has allegedly made in favour of herd immunity at the outset, as well as, the health minister for awarding tenders to party donors during the crisis. These are trivial compared to the antics of the health minister with her divine beliefs & the pandemic minister, who I understand, was instrumental in officially selling vaccines as a solution for the shortage. This despicable lot have no shame & the poor citizens have no option but tolerate their cussedness.

  • 4

    It did not take that long for the masses who voted for the most corrupt family, who have fleeced this country previously, and now yet again, to open their eyes and brains to realize their votes have put this country in a very precarious situation.

    Just because a man was able to keep the streets clean, did not mean he can lead this country, and keep his hands clean. The biggest test was the pandemic, and it clearly shows incompetence, corruption, and mismanagement, even as our people were getting infected and dying.

    We have seen cronyism, corruption, and only a privileged few at the top living the good life, while the majority in this country suffers. How can any country succeed when it is run by crooks, war criminals, and unqualified goons?

    On top of all that, they have sold us off to a foreign country, and we are losing our sovereignty. To think there was such a hue and cry about America making this a base, then came the Muslim issue and the Sinhala extremists accusing them of wanting to take over this country, and now that we have been given to the Chinese on a golden platter, there is a deafening silence from those who called themselves Sinhala patriots.

    Sinha Le is now going to be Cheena Le. Hope the Rajapaksa supporters are satisfied.

  • 1

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    For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 2

    This article also appears in Sinhala:
    It is crying out for comments.
    We, who use English, must share some of the blame for neglecting the two Swabasha languages, Sinhala and Tamil.
    Also, note that Dr Janapriya made a bold attempt to reach out in Sinhala:
    There are as many as twenty comments there. The most by “leelagemalli” – in both Sinhala and English. I have made some comments in English. I hope that Tamil speakers will look there to see for themselves how hopelessly we, too, grope in the dark.
    Thanks to Arundathi for her earlier articles, and to Editor, Uvindu Kurukulasuriya for taking an interest in the Sinhala section.
    I’m sure that our spirits wish all this were available in Tamil as well. However, it is best that those of us who do not know the Tamil language, register that fact, and apologise.

  • 3

    Besides vaccines, psychiatric drugs are also needed for individuals who trust online conspiracy theories and Covid-19 hoaxes. Pathetic cases.

  • 0

    Shameless rascals

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