17 January, 2022


The Reality Behind The Explosion At The Army Central Armoury In Kosgama

By Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

The explosion and complete destruction of the Sri Lanka Army’s central armoury located at the Salawa army camp in Kosgama has shocked the nation. I would like to express my condolences to the family of the soldier who lost his life in the disaster and wish those who have been injured, a speedy recovery. The destruction of army property and the properties of civilian residents living in the vicinity has been extensive. The central armoury of the army was established in this location in the late 1990s by the then government despite protests by politicians in the area like Dinesh Gunawardena and Bandula Gunawardane who warned against the storing of large quantities of ordnance close to residential areas.

During the war, we took special precautions to ensure the security of this installation and after 2009, the army had been gradually relocating this armoury and I am to understand that most of the ordnance in this location had been shifted temporarily to places like Veyangoda and distributed to Diyatalawa and Maduruoya for use in training. Two large farms in Oyamaduwa and Rambewa had also been identified to store the remaining ordnance on a permanent basis. But since our time no further action had been taken on this matter. Be that as it may, I am very surprised that a breakdown in security of this magnitude can occur at an installation like this. If something like this had happened during the war, the war effort would have been seriously undermined.

These installations are guarded day and night, and checked at least twice a day. Expired ordnance is regularly destroyed. There are precautions taken to minimise damage even in the case of accidents such as electricity leaks. However all those systems had failed and the authorities should inquire into why that happened. Though we still do not know for certain what caused the fire, it can be said as a general statement that when self esteem and morale are at a low ebb in a military organisation, supervision, vigilance, leadership and the general state of alertness also suffers. During the first few months of my presidency, for the first time in world history, terrorists were able to carry out a suicide attack on an army commander inside his own headquarters.

Though the immediate reason the terrorists were able to carry out such an attack were the shortcomings in the security arrangements at army headquarters at the time, the more important underlying cause was the defeatist mindset created among armed forces personnel by the 2002-2006 ceasefire. Several incidents since January last year have had the effect of seriously undermining the self esteem and morale of the armed forces to an extent unseen even during the years of the 2002 ceasefire. Any inquiry into the causes of the Kosgama disaster should also look into the general state of morale in the armed forces at present. In the meantime, I welcome the government’s announcement that they will rebuild the houses damaged by the explosion. The displaced will also have to be provided alternative accommodation until their houses are rebuilt.

*Mahinda Rajapaksa (MP) – Former President of Sri Lanka

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    Sad state of affairs…n sadly true…..this MOFO along with his 7 11 cashier including other siblings n family MUST all rot not just in hell but also in WELIKADA….IF. what happened to Saddam n. Gaddafi are karmas reaction…MR n clowns WILL NOT escape the same treatment meted out to other horrible dictators who MURDERED many who stood in their way..

    Now get ready…..
    Sit up strap up .. shut up n enjoy the ride…MR n Co..

    UR ON A ROLLER COASTER…n theres no stopping…

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    This writer has been stealing some financial data and bluffing with that. He has no defense experience at all. He completely flopped this essay. There is no substance other than it nakedly attempting to cover up Old Royals.

    It’s extremely doubtful if that how much ammunitions were loaded in the bunkers in Chandrika time when she opened the facility. Further now 50% had been removed. In Old King time, by those estimates, it should have been like nuclear submarine lurking in a bunker. These guying know somebody going to come out with the real data. If this writer is true he might have released some evidence of it was being depleted to close down in Old King time, from the files Old King took with him when he was running out of Temple Tree house when Sec,Kerry called him and threatened. Then they have to show how that depleting story will be matching with increased defense expenditure after war, without new facilities being opened in south and the Jaffna Peninsula army was reduced from 150,000 to 13,000. Everybody, other than the Sinhala Buddhist Modayas, knows those rascal lie like hell.

    Now government army chief has said it was only 10% of the arms in the bunker were destroyed. Then one can not imagine what a load the original 100% in the bunker? How about the other armories storage? Can Yahapalanaya government will release a status of the arms in its hand? Will it say much of them were bought bedre May 2009 and after. Can it put out a data of about what was it cost and what is the market value? Can government explain why is it holding that much of arms in peaceful time while it is advertising as working on genuine reconciliation? The government is under heavy debt burden. The description given by the Old King writer is suggesting that a fortune is being wasted in stocking, guarding and maintaining these chemical bombs. How soon these are going to expired and become outdated stock? Did the goverment ever try dispose this unguardable stock for a reasonable price?

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    Kosgama incident was to prevent what happened in Albenia and Kosovo. The looting of armoury.?????

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    You can easily solve the problem. Hire a few white vans, pick up the pariah MR and his pariah brothers and their families and drive the vans directly into the ocean and submerge them.

  • 13

    You know very well you arranged this sabotage. You keep doing this kind of crimes knowing very well that the president is there to protect you.
    People like you will have a separate hell dedicated at your next birth. Get ready.

  • 13

    Is ANYONE so stupid as to believe that this release was WRITTEN by MR, a man whose primary attachment to Sajin Vaass was that worthy’s English fluency! Need one say more?

    • 2

      Oh Mr Wondering Impotent
      You do not have to be a left over of the colony to command the Queen’s lingo!

      • 8


        “Oh Mr Wondering Impotent”

        Emil van der Poorten is a Durrian planter.

        Remember this “When the durians fall, the sarongs go up” – a Malaysian saying.

        Please feel free to ask him advice if you really have a manhood problem. He is a good man who is ever willing to help you.

        • 0

          Otherwise Vedda,
          You can wonder among his Durians and find your manhood. Unless you and Wonder Poorten are one and the same!

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    An inquiry should be held to find out if Rajapakse organized this fire to hide all the dud ammunition he purchased from China and pocketed the commission. Mahinda Rajapakse is jumping up and down a lot re. this incident. Why? What is the connection of Gotha and Mahinda to this incident?

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    Has this got any connection with the arm trade done by ex king famly ? have they manged to sort out the missing arms and ammo ?

  • 3

    “Though the immediate reason the terrorists were able to carry out such an attack were…. “

    Is MR a fundraiser for the rump of the LTTE among the diaspora?

  • 4

    What else went up in the blast? Avant garde evidence by any chance, or something else maybe?

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    Yes, please do a full inquiry…you may come up with some ASTOUNDING facts !

    Why publish this article under his name, if not to claim that he called for an inquiry when the inquiry shows a connection ?

    Think about it….

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    I hope an inquiry will establish the line of responsibility and punish all those who have been remiss. This also shows how incompetent our Army is. It is a shame on the Army and any Army Commander with self respect should resign. My father served in the British Army and I knew how discipline was maintained by them. The discipline in organizations like the Army should be of the highest standard.

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