11 August, 2022


The Struggle To Free The Tamil Political Prisoners & To Answer For The Displaced In Sri Lanka

By Ranjan Fernando

Ranjan Fernando

Ranjan Fernando

We are on the brink of a Fascist takeover, I feel. I cannot ‘prove’ it as one would a scientific hypothesis. Hence it is a collection of feelings based on what one hears, what one sees etc. In particular, I bring as a witness Prof. Sarath Wijesooriya, the successor to Ven. Sobitha whose impressive collection of civil organizations along with the Tamil votes brought about the downfall of the unlamented Rajapaksa regime.

In his regular writings to ‘Ravaya’, Prof. Wijesooriya chronicles a litany of lost hopes, betrayals, corruption and spinelessness of the new regime that he with millions of equally fair-minded citizens helped to found. But now he is ready to take up cudgels against them instead of merely complaining and moaning about their misdemeanors. The good Professor is in fact informing us of instances where the government is wheeling and dealing with Rajapakses for party political reasons thereby delaying, obstructing the legal process.

He once reminded me of Tsereteli and other ministers in the pre – revolutionary Kerensky regime in Russia, who played a similar role. The very weakness of that regime paved the way for Lenin, who was willing and ready to take power. Conversely, similar situations were obtained in Spain with General Francisco Franco coming to power in 1936, rise of Hitler (who was a mere Corporal during World War I) in Germany in 1934 etc, where the weak went to the wall yielding power to the strong. Prof. Wijesooriya now demands unequivocally and correctly that we should turn our backs on this degenerate regime and kick – start the good hearted civic populace to create the ‘just society’ that we all yearn for. Otherwise history will repeat itself, first as farce and then as tragedy. From homestead to the streets – let the march begin!Vavuniya_prison01

My second witness is none other than the Prime Minister’s own elder brother, Shan Wickremesinghe. In his daily morning progamme in TNL, the radio and TV channel that he owns, he openly chides and criticizes the many misdoings of this government and its officials. Now they are two sane and respected persons that the country listens to.

Yet, they and others should know that there are no vacuums either in nature or in society. Further, I think they know that Rajapaksa too is willing and ready and marching with seven league boots to establish a Fascist regime. All the forces are in place – from Mahavamsa mythology to many of temples and their corrupt monks, the lumpen proletariat , the debauched officials, local and national ’politician’ thugs, media Goebbels and the reactionary army generals! Dr. Vickramabahu consistently takes the trouble to explain what ‘Fascism’ is and the methodology it uses to grab power.

Rajapaksa is compelled by circumstances to step into the void and take power. He has no option. Charges against him and his kith and kin are piling up daily. Though the noose is tightening round his neck the lever – operator is absent! He has to get off the scaffold and become the executioner. He has the appetite for power to put his weak-kneed accusers on the scaffold instead.
So why is he waiting? Perhaps fear of International repercussions – United Nations, Geneva Human Rights Commissions, European Union, India and all that. He will soon get the courage to know that there are enough regimes that have defied the civilized world and created their own hell on earth. With the help of Chinese, he can establish a North- Korea type regime here and take us all to the bronze age. More importantly as the Professor seems to suggest, Rajapakse may be bidding his time to see how far the pliable President and the Prime Minister can be pushed to get him and his cronies off the hook.

Now the democratic forces and the Tamils who are alarmed and feel despondent about these developments are offered two opposing palliatives. The first is to create a decent, honest and moral polity and the second ‘solution’ is to carry out a proletarian revolution which will wipe out class, caste and racial oppression. Though arising from different perspectives, both these groups do not recognize

1. A distinct Tamil Nation,
2. Their country Elam or
3. Their right to self-determination, with the honorable exception of Dr. Vickramabahu of the NSSP. They both, who essentially represent the Sinhala – Buddhist perspective either oppose that demand or over-ride it with various provisos.

This is despite the main lesson of modern history of how nations came about. And how without such recognition and the subsequent power sharing to establish a unified country we will be killing each other until the human species that is doomed to die out in less than a hundred years due to environmental destruction and population explosion. (This forecast was first given by Prof. Frank Fenner in 1970s and now accepted by most governments.)

While it is not worth wasting time about the ‘revolution’ solution, it is good to remember that the most vociferous group among them, the JVP, had racist attitudes from its inception, were ardent supporters of the war against Tamils and demanded the use of heavy weapons against them. With such ‘revolutionaries’ who needs reactionaries!

The most astute and ardent spokesman for the first solution of creating a decent, honest society is Victor Ivan of ‘Ravaya’. I think that among editors, he has written the largest number of books ranging in style and content from chess to ‘Saving Sri Lanka’. I wrote a review about the latter to ‘Sunday Leader’ recommending that it should be translated to English. The book essentially contrast our crass, backward ‘national leaders’ with their reactionary attitudes against Indian Statesmen who molded, with blood & tears, a modern society and a state that is democratic, decent & secular. We didn’t have to fight for our independence – it was thrust on us. Shedding blood and tears we left for a later date! And we are still at it with gusto. With characteristic aplomb, Victor is continuing his crusade though sadly he too supported the war. He does not recognize the qualitative difference between the armed uprising of the JVP and the Tamil war of Independence. He asserts that the ‘state’, whatever its nature, is morally just and duty bound to suppress all uprisings.

Yet there is a discernable sea-change in his attitude towards the utopia of building a decent unitary state. He laments now that we the Sinhalese are congenitally incapable of being decent and honest! He claims now that our natural propensity towards thuggery, betrayal, brigandry and the like must have been inculcated into our genes from the mythical founder of our nation, King Vijaya! If so, not only is it an aberration of the Law of Evolution enunciated by Charles Darwin and its corollary, Social Evolution (I have reason to doubt whether Victor accepts Evolution as a scientifically proven fact) but it also destroys his original thesis of the necessity to build a decent, democratic society. So, here you have the ‘thesis’ and the ‘anti-thesis’ wrapped up in one bundle! One contradicts and neutralizes the other and we are left with a void as with the ‘socialist revolution’ option. We are orphaned by both perspectives. It is the net result of not appreciating the yearning of the Tamil Nation to be Free.

This is where the struggle to free the Political Prisoners and to answer for the Disappeared comes on stage. Particularly the Political Prisoners are the living symbol of all that is vile and contemptible of the Sinhalese psyche.

The ideological bedrock of Sinhala Fascism is Mahavamsa. It annihilates, reverses and prostitutes all the teachings of that great, noble and fearless philosopher Buddha. I recall, with a lump in my throat, Bertrand Russell once telling me that “of all the so-called religious leaders, I will bow my head only to Buddha”.

When I read Mahavamsa, I had in it echoes of the Old Testament approving of genocide, ethnic cleansing, conquering of other peoples’ lands and above all, reducing the inhabitants thereof to sub-humans. Once you declare humans to be animals, it is but a small step to annihilate them as vermin. So you start with absurdities and end up with atrocities.

Do you know what prisons represent? Why is that storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution, attack by Fidel and Che’s forces on Batista’s Cuban Prison and so on are very symbolic of bringing down those oppressive regimes? Why did Ho Chi Ming say “when the prison gates open, dragons will fly out” Enough said. Because prisons are, my friends, the ultimate symbol of man’s hatred towards his fellow –man and the Tamil Political Prisoners are a living symbol of Sinhala chauvinism and racism. Helping to get them out will create the conditions to expose many ills in our country.

Now let us try and answer these questions honestly:-

  • How many Political Prisoners are there today? Precisely. No ifs and buts. Rev. Satyavel who has been involved with the issue for years says over two hundred. Others, equally involved, say less. It matters not to me or to them and their families whether they are held under the notorious ‘Prevention from Terrorism Act’ or not. Anyone locked up in a cell without being charged in a court is an affront to our Humanity! The same sad and confused situation persists with regard to the Disappeared. All manner of figures are being bandied around as if they are mere mice or monkeys. Further, quarrelling about numbers side track the main issue which is that we are talking about human beings. We cannot and should not allow the state to play around with peoples’ lives.
  • Where are they being held and how many in each prison?
  • How long have they being held – each one? Is it true that some have been held for as long as nineteen years without a trial?
  • Have they been ever charged in a court?
  • How many of them have been killed and where?
  • How many of them have died and how. Any post–mortem reports?
  • How many of them are sick with physical and mental illnesses?
  • What are their cell conditions – how many to a cell, toilet, sleeping, reading, exercising facilities?
  • When did they last see a full moon (I am writing this on the Vesak day), stars in the sky, birds flying, flowers & trees? In all those years did they ever sing, laughed for joy or wrote their feelings in prose or verse?
  • What about their families – wives, children, friends? How far do they have to travel and what is the cost? How do they afford it? Do the prisoners have facilities to contact their families and friends by telephone?

Yes one can go on but it simply shows what a hollow and cynical motto it is that is written on the prison wall “Prisoners are also human beings”! They forgot to complete the sentence and write ‘‘except Tamils who are sub – humans and terrorists, no trials for them.’’

Sigmund Freud, considered to be the father of modern psychology, himself a refugee, explained just before his death in London, “National cultures have a habit of re – imagining their own anxieties as threats coming from strangers”

Various ‘Commissions of Inquiry’ etc set up from time to time are meant to delude the Tamils, confuse the Sinhalese and the International Community. They are mere dressings to cover up the carbuncles, not to cure the cancer.

It is the prejudiced Sinhalese who caged and disappeared them. Let us, the sane, free – thinking rational Sinhalese take the initiative towards the struggle to free them and answer for the Disappeared.

Petition or Picket?

The Sri Lanka Rationalist Association has started collecting signatures for a Petition to the Government and the United Nations demanding the release of the Tamil Political Prisoners and to account for the Disappeared during the war.

Though it is a good initiative for an organization not known to have participated in any ‘social’ issues, yet one should not be deluded to imagine that any amount of signatures on a Petition will prompt the government to move favourably on either issue.

Hence we have to resort to Direct Action – take to the streets. We need to start a Regular Picket and develop it to a non-stop one outside the Colombo prison or somewhere else suitable.

We can extend it to other prisons. We will involve the Families of the Prisoners and the Disappeared. We will appeal to the Youth, Trade Unionists, Civil Organizations, sympathetic media and all non-racists to sustain and support it.

It should not be the traditional type of boring Picket. There will be music and singing, street theatre, pavement drawing and art – a protest as well as a celebration of Humanity.

It will create the conditions to expose who the caring sentient beings and who the savages are in our society.

It will bring out the best in us and the worst in them. May the best win!

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  • 4

    All the suicide bombers, homicide bombers, black tigers, Makkal padai carrying cyanide capsule on their necks are political prisoners.

    Are all these things written in the bible ?

    • 12

      WW2 was never an American war until Fascist Japan made an intentional accident.

      American money brought about the winning by Russia and China militarily.
      Both became extreme left totalitarian society and communist society.

      Today America, Germany and Japan are true buddies of illiberal democracy-
      Who is fascist? Who is the father of Apollo Space mission to the moon?

      America has always supported the fascist state of Portugal Estado Nuevo, and Fascist State of Spain,…….

      Fascism in Europe was composed of numerous ideologies present during the 20th century which all developed their own differences from each other. Fascism was born in Italy and subsequently, across Europe several movements which took influence from it emerged. Purists assert that the term “Fascism” should only be used in relation to the National Fascist Party under Benito Mussolini in Italy.
      However, commonly the following European ideologies are also described as forms of, or strongly related to fascism. The Falange in Spain under Francisco Franco, the Austrofascism in Austria under Engelbert Dollfuß, the 4th of August Regime in Greece under Ioannis Metaxas, the Sanation in Poland under Józef Piłsudski, the National Legionary State in Romania under Ion Antonescu, the Ustaše in Croatia under Ante Pavelic during the Interwar period and World War II, the Estado Novo in Portugal under António de Oliveira Salazar, and the Nazi Party of Germany under Adolf Hitler.
      Check out which lankan ethnic lives at Germany and Italy and what Burowanse is going there for?

      Lanka is going under the american jack boot- subic bay 2.
      neither a borrower nor lender be for the loan often loses both itself and friend.Hamlet!

    • 2

      But if the same were JVPers it is a different story, Mr. J.S. Do you
      understand Politics and 21st century Democracy?

    • 1

      Jim Softy:
      It isn’t written in any Holy Book that people should be incarcerated for crimes of which they HAVE NOT been convicted, if I get your (garbled) drift.

      • 0

        Honorable Emil van der Poorten,

        How if there are some suicide bombers in this group waiting to strike? Will you guarantee that all of them are innocent.

        If you go by the notion that they should be considered innocent until proven guilty, why did you not object to Ranjan Fernando’s unsubstantiated charge that there is an imminent fascist takeover of Sri Lanka and that many Buddhist temples are part of it. Double standards!

  • 3

    In the west drug trade goes for generations. they Jailed panamanian leader for supporting drug mafia.

    they jailed that wiki leak guy just for having sex with a woman without using a condom.

    These people say, LTTE cadres who faught a 30 years war are political prisoners.

    [Edited out]

    • 9

      Idiotic Sinhala Buddhist Jin Soththy?,

      By the way, I am a Buddhist And a SriLankan Sinhalese Who observe and respect at least four Precepts.

      • 0

        Dear Julampitiye, this is not your real name but we don’t blame you for not divulging who you are. You claim to be a Buddhist, but the way you call a Sinhala Buddhist an idiot I have my doubts.

        But Ranjan Fernando must divulge his real agenda. He got the diaspora boys really excited with his plan for a picket for which they even contemplated music and street theatre. He was anointed as their hero with a great head and a great heart; the great humanist; the writer of a Gem of an article. Fantastic credentials.

        We perceive that Fernando’s main objective was to get the LTTE boys released from jail. Even the buffoons in the Rationalist Association understand that the absence of charges don’t make them innocent. It takes just one suicide bomber to cause havoc and get the diaspora boys cheered up once again. They badly need a boost a so-called Buddhist called Fernando is their hope.

        To blind side the Sinhala Buddhist patriots Fernando starts his article with the story about a fascist conspiracy to take over the country. He tried connecting the Buddhist temples to this so called fascist conspiracy and made unsubstantiated corruption charges against Buddhist priests to let loose the FCID against the Sanga. What a plan!

    • 9

      jim softy dimwit

      “they jailed that wiki leak guy just for having sex with a woman without using a condom.”

      When and where was Assange jailed?

      • 2

        NV, this dumb moron Jim Shitty said Asange was jailed, I wonder whether he was jailed in his own childish prison.

        • 0

          Yes, asange had to limit himself to a small consulate. that is the life in the so called democratic world.

          • 1

            Jim Shitty, you stated: Yes, asange had to limit himself to a small consulate. that is the life in the so called democratic world.

            TFN: Where are you? In one of the greatest democracies called Hambantota? Also if you hate Christians, then where and how did you get this name Jim (James)? James was one of Jesus’s followers. Don’t tell me that you love Christians deep down in you.

    • 8

      I don’t know what has happened to those terrorists who still terrorise the nation for seven decades. In 1971 our patriot Rohana Wijeweera who attcked our young forces. Fortunately Srimavo has to get help from India to get save this nation. From 1987 – 1989 civilians and young military forces who were murdered by the same group which included Weerawanse, Somawanse. It is said that over 60000 Sinhala speaking Buddhists were murdered or disappeared during that terror.
      On Nov.
      10, 1987,at least 50 people were killed when a powerful time-bomb
      exploded inside a transport van in the densely populated section
      of Colombo.
      • On Dec.23, JVP gunmen shot down UNP chairman Harsh Abeywardene
      and three of his staff in Colombo.
      On the same day, a trade unionist and active member of the UNP was stabbed to death in the southern district of Galle.
      • On Feb.16, 1988, two JVP gunmen shot dead Vijaya Kumaramatunga,
      the son-in-law of Mrs.Bandaranaike and a strong backer of the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord.
      The JVP front,Deshapremi Janata Vijaparaya (DJV) , claimed
      respon­sibility.It has since been established that the DJV
      functions as the “brown shirts” of the JVP.

      On May
      20, 1988, UNP General Secretary Nandalal Fernando was shot dead
      in south Colombo.

      On Oct. 14, 1988,two provincial council members belonging
      to the UNP were killed, along with eight others.

      On Oct.24, 1988,several members of the JVP carry ing submachine
      guns,entered the UNP office in Colombo and mowed down four UNP
      members. Twenty others were injured in the firing

      On Dec.1, gunmen opened fire and exploded bombs at a leftist
      presidential candidate’s campaign rally, killing four and wounding
      about 100.

      This is but a sampling of JVP terrorism over a year. They are now ministers and party leaders. What a country!

    • 2

      Jim Shitty, you are one dumb fuc&. A bugger called Karuna who murdered poor 600 surrendered policemen in cold blood got a ministerial job in your parayapaksa regime. Why don’t you provide an explanation to that you numb nut.

  • 17

    Thank you very much Mr Fernando. I have not read anything more sensible for a long time in the CT. Let us hope that there will be people who will agree with you and not trivialise the points you make. A succession of leaders have led our people the wrong way so that they and their families could profit. Rajapakse epitomises them but he is not the only one. We can erase the past only when everyone killed, made to disappear and kept in prison in the past are accounted for. The law of Sri Lanka requires this. Why is there such reluctance on the part of the Government to implement the law?

  • 13

    Ranjan Fernando’s sheer brilliance coming piercingly from the recesses of head and heart.”Though the noose is tightening round his – (Rajapaksa’s)- neck, the lever operator is absent! He has to get off the scaffold and become the executioner”. Consummate description of an unfortunate situation.

    RF says “He -(Victor Ivan)- laments now that we the Sinhalese are congenitally incapable of being decent and honest!”

    However much the inner compulsion with which sensitive souls write, unswerving destiny will take the nation to it’s inexorable doom.

  • 10

    Brilliant and eye opening essay. Does not mince words. A direct and strong slap on the face of the political forces -recently enconsed in the seats of power. In many instances amounts to sacrilege of the Demi-Gods our politicians, priests and academics have installed in our political discourse and which circumscribe our progress. Demonstrates how political expediency, which embraces and accommodates everything wrong and evil, has been made into a fine art in Sri Lanka. The Maithri-Ranil government seems to be becoming no exception.

    The whole idea of a ‘National Government’ , a need of the times, has been misused to accommodate everything evil- the worst of our politicians- into the government. They are being rewarded at our expense to keep the government stable, though increasingly ineffective. We are being proposed a Utopia we never asked for. We wanted only effective and good governance first.

    All things that were condemned are now being re-enacted to keep this government alive. It appears now, what we needed was not a government to project the image of correcting all things wrong with big, but hollow words and proposed constitutional changes, but one that would do the best with the tools we had to provide better governance-which means an effective government. We could have done this by first making the system work to set the on-going wrong right and thereafter go after the political criminals. What is unfolding is now increasingly perceived to be a charade-a massive effort to distract and deceive the people.

    Where is the ‘ Welikada Prison Riot Report’ ? Why is Pillaiyan in remand for so long, when the likes of Duminda Silva yet roam free? Why is our judicial system yet erratic? Why is our policing yet not oriented towards crime prevention? Why are the police yet blatently corrupt? We can ask thousands of such questions about things that could be easily done and yet not done and about things being done, which appear to be blatently wrong. The double taxation on telecommunications and Internet services, highlighted elsewhere on CT, is one such example. The second car being offered to parliamentarians and duty free car permits being offered to senior government servants are examples also of poor and struggling Peters being robbed to pay the already obese and over- indulged Pauls! Land robbery by non-state actors is yet going on apace in Jaffna, Vanni, the east and probably elsewhere in the country, with impunity, probably with connivance of politicians and public servants.

    I particularly agree with what the author says of Victor Ivan’s book ‘Saving Sri Lanka’ , ” The book essentially contrasts our crass, backward ‘national leaders’ with their reactionary attitudes against Indian Statesmen who molded, with blood & tears, a modern society and a state that is democratic, decent & secular. We didn’t have to fight for our independence – it was thrust on us. Shedding blood and tears we left for a later date! And we are still at it with gusto”.

    Thanks, Mr.Ranjan Fernando.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 3

      Another gem;

      “It should not be the traditional type of boring Picket. There will be music and singing, street theatre, pavement drawing and art – a protest as well as a celebration of Humanity.

      It will create the conditions to expose who the caring sentient beings and who the savages are in our society.

      It will bring out the best in us and the worst in them. May the best win!”

      it highlights that amongst us there are savages and caring sentient beings. The savages are the few, noisy and get media attention. The caring sentient beings are the many, quiet and their thoughts are never reflected in the media.
      I call the latter the ‘ Aiyo pau/ Aiyo pavam’ people, who helplessly and hopelessly wring the hands.

      Ranjit Fernando’s words though directed at the Sinhalese in the context of this articles, also applies to the Tamils and Muslims.


    • 0

      Dear learned Dr Narendran,

      Ranjan Fernando’s essay is neither brilliant or eye opening – it is diabolical.

      He wants to see more blood shed by calling for Eelam and getting the buddhist temples raided under the pretext of an imminent fascist takeover. You know very well that his allegation that the Buddhist temples are ready to back a fascist takeover is a downright lie. So what are the intentions behind your glorification of such article?

      Ranjan Fernando’s clarion call, with your support as we see it, to get the Tamil population cheered up on Eelam will obviously arouse a corresponding counter reaction from the Sinhala Buddhists. So, what will happen? A chain reaction of suicide bombings, murder, mayhem and destruction.

      So please answer this simple question: do you support Ranjan’s quest for Eelam and its associated destruction or do you aspire for peace within a united Sri Lanka? If you choose the latter as we Buddhists do, let us forget the past, forgive and forget.

      May the Triple Gem help you see the light!

  • 6

    Ranjan Fernando,
    Weeping Mother Lanka among so many problems since 1948 should be proud of you. You are giving hope to her children particularly to the younger ones that it is still possible to have brighter future and will become a respectful democratic country in the global arena.

    But to bring that change is not an easy task. SWRD used Pancha Bala to his advantage and uplifted the majority of the majority.
    SWRD,JR , MaRa,JHU made use of the Sang ha to win elections and gain power.

    Who & who from Sangha can enlighten the majority of the majority or rest of the Pancha Bala and bring more changes through the rejection of the corrupted politicians, so that Sri Lanka as a whole go forward.

  • 12

    If MS-RW Govt:continue to drag their feet[some inexplicable reason or reasons] over the Rajapakse corruption and plunder,before long,we will see Rajapakse back in the saddle!

    You must strike when the iron is hot.

    • 7


      “You must strike when the iron is hot.”

      That is what they did to VP, when he surrendered to the army, but just to cool off heat.

      Now read what Ranil and his newly found circle of crooks are planning to do. Please read the excerpts:

      Several multimillion dollar development projects in the Polonnaruwa district are set to be doled out on single-bid basis to Chinese companies in a departure from the new Government’s proclaimed policy of calling for open, competitive tenders.


      The United National Front Government’s final position on the UN mandated probe on allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka was spelt out on Thursday by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

      He told senior Army officers that the judicial mechanism would be made up entirely of Sri Lankan judges, putting to rest months of speculation if foreign judges were to be part of the tribunal. He met some hundred officers including senior Colonels, Brigadiers and Majors General at ‘Temple Trees,’ the Premier’s official residence. These officers serve in different parts of the country, most in military installations in the North and East.



      It was reported that Basil had met a number of high ranking army officers about two or three weeks ago. Now it transpires that the crooks and war criminals are setting the government agenda.

      Would you like crooks to rule this island without any break?

      Ranil has been sitting on the fence and now it appears he has joined the crooks, may be not for financial gains but for the sake of holding on to power.

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
      – John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

  • 9

    Ranjan Fernando has initiated a sudden intense flash of lightening to show the way.for the people of the country who have struggled and stumbled in the dark for the last 68 years. His comparison of Tseretell and other ministers in the Kerensky regime with the Yahapalanaya regime under My3 and his PM is appropriate as is the example of the storming of the Bastille and the attack by Fidel and Che of Batista’s prison.
    Only that will provide the answers to the massacres which took place at Wlikade prison in 1983 and later on during MR’s time and the numbers of prisoners now held arbitrarily without being produced in court.
    Now is the best time for the people accomplish that task. Let them start the music, the singing, pavement drawing and street theatre to celebrate freedom, compassion and humanity.

  • 8

    Former regimes/governments have not released the reports of the many “commissions” appointed to inquire into national calamities/political problems/special sets of circumstances etc. which affected the nation.


    This regime has gone one step further – it has gone back on its pledge given by supporting/sponsoring the Resolution passed at the last meeting of the UNHRC.

    The “hybrid Courts” promised by the Resolution appear to have been shelved mostly to avoid identification of those “heros” who may have been guilty of mass murder/disappearences of combatants/non combatants/’white flag’ surrendees and civilians.

    In these circumstances, this regime will never explore/determine answers to all queries raised above about prisons and prisoners, as it would amount to “political suicide” of the regime.

    We have to await the explanation which will be submitted to Sri Lanka at the forthcoming UNHRC meeting.

  • 4

    seems the current government like to think the voters are fools enough to not know its wheeling and dealing with Rajapakses for party political reasons is the main cause of delaying, obstructing the legal process from taking its cause.

    No matter what they promised on the election platforms, forget about the good governance, it appears they have come to a stance that pursuing a path of less resistance is the only way to survive in the power, the only way to achieve is it to back peddle the legal process in order to keep the unity government unified. Politics is the art possible they proved it only by taking the power back to them-just that. Go slow….

    A article makes more sense, thanks Ranjan Fernando for providing such an article and calling for celebration of humanity.

  • 2


    Before long there would be a change in Govt:
    This time around to overawe the UN resolutions!
    Ranil will continue to be a part of that dispensation!
    After all,he has a cousin who is a Deputy Minister of Defence!
    So,do you think that the iron rod is undergoing heat treatment in the Metallurgical sense?

  • 4

    Thank you Mr.Fernando. Hope more people will come out for our collective voice to be heard loud and clear to awaken the conscience of the nation. I have consistently appealed to all political and religious leaders to release these prisoners as this is not only the right thing to do but also give great momentum of hope for reconciliation.Interestingly this was the first recommendation on the LLRC report.More and more commissions are on the way with more recommendations.





  • 1

    Hatred towards Rajapaksha is also hatred.

    As much as holding suspected terrorits imprisoned without trial itself a most unjust act accusing Rajapaksha without proof is also unjust. Demanding action without proof is the same mentality that demands retaining LTTE suspects imprisoned without trial. Like many CT readers this author too stands accused of not walking upto FCID and divulging all he knows thereby assisting in investigations. Law enforcement authorities are in a real difficult situation. For example Mangala Samaraweera said Rajapaksha has stacked 18 billion US$ in US banks. Not 17 billion or 19 billion, just 18 billion. But he wouldn’t divulge all he knows for the authorities recover this money.

    If LTTE killed only X number of people I do not want to accuse them killing X+1000 people.

    If Rajapaksksha stole X billions I do not want to accuse him of stealing X+1 billions.

    The author also has come up with a new definition of ‘political prisoners’

    exaggeration is worse than lying. This author appears to be a master of the game.

    Majority of Sinhala Buddhists voted for Rajapaksha, a fact the author is unaware of.


    • 3


      “Majority of Sinhala Buddhists voted for Rajapaksha, a fact the author is unaware of.”

      They can have their Sinhala/Buddhist Eelam in Hampantota. Hitler was elected by majority Germans which does not justify what he did afterwards.

      In MR’s case VP won the first and second elections for him. By now you would have worked it out for yourself.

      I understand your pathetic existence, the need to identify yourself or align with a notorious crook/war criminal in the absence great men and women in this island.

      “If LTTE killed only X number of people I do not want to accuse them killing X+1000 people. If Rajapaksksha stole X billions I do not want to accuse him of stealing X+1 billions.”

      It is for the state to count the losses in both cases. But then the state reflects what had been fed to it since 1948.

      What is your hidden agenda?

  • 13

    “Sarath Wijesooriya, the successor to Ven. Sobitha””

    Who are these Pirates of the past and future?

    Extreme right is fascism and extreme left is Communism but eventually both are of the same mind set.Soon to become fascist??
    So what is new about socialist/communist Lanka from 1991 (after Premadasa murder 25 years)?

    Trolls even the white christian/muslim west is not making much of a hue and cry about political prisoners or the missing.
    War makes business sense in a democracy.

    Progressive west know the strength and weakness of democracy.

    More have died and more war veterans are committing suicide under `Obama Hussein` than Bush. Obama has from democracy a nobel peace prize.

    Samantha plays elle and 3 days later the American IMF gives the elusive loan to the government of Lanka.

    The one trick pony show of muslim skirmish where the christian/catholic finds brother muslim to hug is over.
    Both crusaders with the new northern tamil crusaders and a write up by ever ready Tisaranee G.

    It all ends with a single Kerry phone call on 8th January 2015-
    Back to square one and the faces are not different and they think the same- socialist
    Until others money is there socialism is all well and good.Xi and his party are in fact capitalist like putin.

    You all fade away in the next available boat to the west that you curse.

    There are more sociopath sarong johnnies than fascist in the island.
    80% rural bath guli and addiya.

  • 2

    A brilliant piece from a man who cares for human dignity.We need more such people to bring about change in the country – for the better. I would be a little careful with attacking the Mahavamsa or anything concerning peoples beliefs. Mahawamsa is acknowledged as an great chronicle but it isn’t its fault that some misinterpret and misuse for political ends – just as fanatics misuse the Bible, Koran, Mahabarata ….. . Well done Ranjan, where have you been hiding for so long? (first time to read something you have penned)

  • 2

    Most welcome awakening of the Sri Lankan (Sinhala) intelligentsia and
    cannot be more timely than this. This article must be read by every
    Monk. Thank you Mr. R. Fernando & the Professor. A change of Govt. is not the answer but the recognition of humanity by the political leadership – which Rajapakse failed most miserably. Will MS/RW CHANGE for the better or mark time to end their rule with no difference to the
    past decade? It is upto Society lead by people of the category of Prof. Wijesooriya, Ranjan Fernando and the like that must pressurise the present Leaders to make the CHANGE.

  • 0

    Fernando seems to be a confused man.He is saying that the Rationalist Association is requesting the release of the LTTE activists.This is the most irrational thing to do. Do all rationalists agree?



    • 2


      “Do all rationalists agree?”

      Are all members of this association rational beings?

      “This is the most irrational thing to do.”


  • 2

    Too many have been detained for too long without trial or even charges.
    The question is about their release.
    If there is a case against anyone about involvement in unlawful activities, there is no objection to that person’s trial and detention.
    One cannot be a terror suspect for eternity.
    What is disgraceful is that former LTTE activists have held key positions in government and even now there are attempts to whitewash the crimes of a key LTTE arms procurement officer.

  • 1

    The gospel according to Ranjan Fernando is music to the ears of the diaspora boys. This gentleman while acclaiming that the Buddha is the greatest teacher is unashamedly preaching Eelam. This strategy is clear: cast doubts about the Mahavansa and our Buddihist history and Eelam will be justified. He thinks that by interspersing same high sounding names and words like Bertrand Russel, Charles Darwin, Rationalist Association and ‘Scientifically Proven’ he can hide his tracks. Keep dreaming Mr. Fernando, Buddhists will not accept Eelam. You should re-examine your disparaging remarks about the Buddhist clergy and the Mahavansa.
    True Follower expects your response.

  • 1

    Ranjan can you define the boundaries of your dream country called Eelam. Will it include Kinniya in Trincomalee and Akkaraipattu in the Batticaloa district? Be practical Sir! Eelam exists only in the imagination of so called Rationalists who have extended their fancies too far.

  • 1

    Masquerading as a Buddhist, Prof. Ranjan is stating that the Mahavansa and the proud history of the Sinhalese is cruel, genocide, fascist etc. All Buddhists disagree. But on the murders, child kidnappings and suicide bombings of the LTTE where clear evidence is proven, Prof. Ranjan is silent. No wonder there was a rapid round of applause from the diaspora elements claiming that he is a true humanist. Please read Thamilini’s book Oru Koorvaalin Nizhalil – a true history written by the leader of LTTE’s Women’s Wing

  • 2

    I agree with Abdul Kareem. Ranjan should define the boundaries of Eelam. Perhaps it includes Akkaraipattu – and Maskeliya as well.

  • 3

    Prof. Ranjan Fernando,

    I have 3 questions about some serious sweeping statements in paragraph 5 in our article as follows:

    1. What evidence do you have to conclude that the Mahavansa is mythodology and not fact?

    2. What evidence do you have to say that in many Buddhist temples, the forces are in place to establish a fascist state?

    3. What evidence do you have to conclude that the monks in those temples are corrupt?

    Prof. Fernando (who claims to follow the scientific method and calls himself a Rationalist), please provide the evidence.

  • 2

    Fully agree with Jed.

    Prof. Ranjan should either provide the evidence in support of his conclusion that the Mahavansa is a myth and monks in many Buddhist temples are corrupt. Or else he should be humble enough to accept his serious mistake.

    It is a habit of Eelam apologists to cast aspersions on the history of the Sinhala nation and the Sasana. It is time to put the record straight.

    • 3

      What is the need for evidence that Mahavamsa is a myth when it talks about buggery of a poor woman by a lion as being the origin of a race of human beings?

  • 2

    Don’t worry. Prof. Ranjan has no evidence to provide about his argument.

  • 2

    Dear Mr. Sivakumaran,

    It is quite understandable that you rushed into the defense of Ranjan Fernando. He is your latest hero – appearing in the guise of “the great humanist”. Where was Fernando’s humanism when the LTTE was kidnapping innocent children to be trained as suicide bombers. Even now, has he even gone and condoled with the mothers whose children were forcibly taken to accomplish the Eelam dream.

    Now to answer your remark, do you say that all what is written in the Mahavansa and Chulawansa are myths? Could the inclusion of some stories here and there be taken as adequate proof to conclude that they are myths. Do you use the same standard of proof to prove or disprove the Ramayana, Baghawat Geeta or the Hindu heritage.

    Elsewhere is his article, Mr. Fernando (my apologies if he is professor) has used the standard of “scientifically proven” and appears to be a spokesman for the Rationalists. But he is unable to provide evidence about the so called fascist threat emanating from the Rajapakses and the Buddhist temples. Out of say 40,000 or so members of the Buddhist Clergy how many are corrupt? Take a guess. Do the numbers that Fernando is able to identify justify his sweeping generalizations about Buddhist temples and clergy.

    The bottom line is this. Fernando and his diaspora supporters are trying to create myths, which the true Sinhalese Buddhists are not happy about. We are more civilized to avoid using disparaging words like “buggery” that you seem to use.

  • 2

    Buddy Dharmapala,

    Are you a descendent of Anagarika Dharmapala? You certainly sound like one. Why the anxiety and excitement. Take it easy mate.

    In case you want some excitement, look into the Rationalist Association. I am sure the military intelligence is looking as well. There are more ex-Catholics than Buddhists. Rationalists (they are all old codgers, believe me) who despite their age cannot fathom karma, re-birth and nirvana – so they cannot be Buddhist even if they pretend to be that. The Rationalist group is infested with guys who are of the beef eating, pork eating, alcohol drinking, baila dancing and English speaking variety. They do not follow the five precepts that the Buddha taught. Just for the fun of it, find out whether Rationalists take sil, meditate, go to the temple, listen to bana and other interesting things that you do on a Poya day.

    May I make a suggestion to ease the tension. Convince the Rationalists to invite your pal Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara as the guest speaker of their next meeting. Then you could have a real Buddhist and rational discussion between Professor Fernando, Gnanasara and yourself. By the way, don’t forget to invite Victor Ivan a Catholic who Fernando says in his article that is still not convinced about the theory of Darwin.

  • 3

    Mr Dharmapala,

    I am no apologist for the LTTE. They killed with abandon. But, you must know that the Sinhala Buddhists started killing from 1956,1958,1983 before the LTTE even came into existence. In Buddhism as taught by the Buddha (and not the Mahavamsa) violence must be rejected. Buddhist priests have encouraged it over the years. I have personally witnessed Buddhist priests engaging in the most brutal acts and urging crowds onto violence. They are no advertisement for the Buddhism that Gautama the Buddha preached.

    As to the Ramayana and the Mahabaratha, they are part of Hindu mythology. There is no pre tense about that. They are treated like the Iliad and the Odyssey and are classed as among the favourite myths and fables of the Hindus though we believe that through these tales, as with the Jataka tales, important life lessons are taught.

    Mahavamsa is a book of hatred. It has nothing to do with Buddhism pure. It is the basis of Sinhala Buddhism which is violent cult, an inversion of Buddhism.

  • 2

    Buddy Dharmapala,

    I knew you will get into hot water in trying to defend the Mahavansa. Guys like you are not cut out to face the diaspora boys or the likes of Fernando. They are pros whereas you guys are amateurs. Follow the advise of Professor Emil Savundra my old friend from London (although he was a crook and would have been an ideal fund raiser for the diaspora): ” don’t get into the ring with the heavyweights” . So don’t answer Sivakumaran. He is in the group of Fernando. They hunt in packs and will make you look a fool.

    What you can do is to make an about turn. Call yourself Don Juan Dharmapala rather than Anagarika. (do you remember that I asked you the question in the first place?).

    This way you can go places like Ranil et al. Be clever my man! Don’t get stuck to the temple. There is no future there. Be a conciliation type of guy and help the international community (whatever it means). You will find yourself flying first class rather than protesting about the increase in VAT.

  • 2

    Dear Mr. Sivakumaran,

    The plot of persons like you and intellectual hit-men like Fernando is clear – not saying anything negative about Buddhism but attack the very institutions that protect it.

    It is the temple and the clergy that protected Buddhism for the last 2,500 years. By trying to create a myth that they are violent, corrupt etc. you are trying to destroy the Buddha Dhamma in a discreet manner. Sri Lanka is the protector of Theravada Buddhism and mercenaries like Fernando have been let loose to attack the Buddhist fabric of our society. I do not know when Fernando ever visited the temple, observed sil, attended a pirith ceremony and contributed to Sanghika dana. Unlike this guy Meththananda who writes nonsense, I do not want to cast aspersions that these Rationalists consume alcohol, eat meat that do not conform to our Buddhist culture.

    Now to the question of 1956, 1958 and 1983. You are trying to re-write history. The Sinhala Buddhists did not start it. They had no option but defend against the dastardly acts of the separatists. Buddhists never started violence but when faced with the likes of the LTTE, the temple was a place where people looked for leadership to defend the Sinhala nation. We do not have to apologize for eradicating the LTTE – now you and Fernando have peace.

    About the Mahavansa, there is enough evidence to prove that the events, people and places mentioned therein are real. They are not mythical – the great Kings Vijayabahu and Dutugemunu were real. Like the way Fernando concludes that ‘Evolution is scientifically proven’ based on evidence supporting such hypothesis, the Mahavansa is real and proven. You and Fernando are also trying to create a myth that the Mahavansa is a book of hatrad. Read it and you will see that it is a book of history. True the Sinhalese have taken upon themselves the burden of protecting Buddhism; yes we shall not allow Eelam; but we are a compassionate people even towards people like Fernando who try to hit our Buddhist institutions below the belt.

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