24 July, 2024


Those For And Against Ranil In Prediction-Game Regarding SLFP Position

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

With just five days to go for the debate on the no-confidence motion brought by the Joint Opposition (JO) against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, elements from both the SLFP and the UNP are vying with each other making claims on the position that the SLFP would take on the matter.

Although President Sirisena has snubbed Wickremesinghe, relieving him of ministerial supervision of the Central Bank disregarding his protests, UNP MP Kavinda Jayawardena has insisted that ‘sources say the President is backing the Prime Minister.’

Meanwhile State Minister Dilan Perera (SLFP) has opined that ‘the only option to protect the Yahapalana Government and prevent the removal of the Prime Minister through the no-confidence motion was for him to step down before April 4th.’

However fellow SLFP parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra has backed the position taken by Jayawardana, saying that the SLFP’s General Secretary Duminda Dissanayake had confirmed that the party would back the Prime Minister. She claims that Dissanayake was essentially expressing the opinion of the party leader, President Sirisena.

Jayawardana however acknowledged that the truth of reports cannot be verified, but insisted that ‘even if all SLFPers leave the President tomorrow (the UNP) will not leave him’ because ‘he is one of ours.’

Dilan Perera’s argument is that ‘legal and political remedia measures on the bond scam have begun,’ because ‘nothing was done to bring to book the perpetrators or to recover the damages.’ He said that ‘the constituent partners of good governance like the TNA, the SLMC, the ACMC, the National Union of Workers and the Democratic People’s Front must vote for the motion if they want to save the government.’

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  • 7

    Pohottuva…President…SLFP ..UPFA are very well trapped… RW and UNP should lose the NCM and allow the Jokers to run a Govt… they must refrain from takingover any position in the new Govt..
    what alternatives do MR & Clan and the suppised to be new PM have for the existing Economic problems.?
    Did MR and the jokers hsndled the economy well during 2010-2015..?

  • 3

    However fellow SLFP parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra has backed the position taken by Jayawardana, saying that the SLFP’s General Secretary Duminda Dissanayaka

    However, according to my knowledge Hirunika is not a SLFP parliamentarian she has resigned SLFP long ago and now UNP organizer in Ratmalana

  • 9

    I somehow don’t see this No Confidence Motion passing. It is bound to fail and get egg on the faces of Sirisena and the GodKing MR and his cronies.

    • 0

      Really, when parties have not made the final decision, how can you predict anything? Unless TNA votes dont matter thats fine with me

  • 13

    If one carefully evaluates those who support the NCM (SLFP, SLPP, UNP and Political Pundits), it would be clear that these persons will fit into one or few of the following:
    Murderers, rapists, drug dealers, rogues, bribe takers, those who lost positions and want positions back if the government changes, political pundits who are creators of fake and alternative news and those MPs and Ministers who were kicked out of the Parliament by the voters but found their way through the back door “Pinata Seat”. Do we want these persons to change the structure of the Government?

  • 0

    Hirunika is busy trying to deflect the kidnap case.

  • 3

    i whole heartedly support the view point expressed by mr.park.

  • 0

    MR has said it is clear what will happen to the NCM. So I guess he knows something its not clear to me but it looks like he will lose. Nice psychological game by all sides.

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