23 March, 2023


TNA – GTF London Meeting To Enhance Confidence Building Measures: Joint Statement

“The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) continued their informal dialogue over the last two days in London with various stakeholders to enhance confidence building measures between all communities within and outside Sri Lanka.” say TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran and GTF spokesperson Suren Surendiran

Mangala Samaraweera -Minister of External Affairs

Mangala Samaraweera -Minister of External Affairs

Issuing a joint statement today they said; “The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Mangala Samaraweera was also present.”

“The need for constructive engagement by the Sri Lankan Diaspora was discussed, including the needs of displaced people. It was agreed that a further meeting will be called to present the requirements to various High Commissioners and Ambassadors based in Sri Lanka, with the aim to raise funds for housing of over two thousand families in these newly released lands.

“The release of prisoners held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) in the light of the review by the Ministry of Justice was also discussed. The TNA and the GTF further raised the issue of listing of Diaspora organisations and individuals by the previous Government.

“Ideas of ways in which the Sri Lankan Diaspora could assist by bringing its exceptional capacity and capabilities were explored.”

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    It is so incomprehensible why the so called Foreign Minister is having consultations with internationally banned tamil organizations, these organizations were so much condemned by foreign governments, now the so called Foreign Minister is giving them legitimacy by crawling to them, have we not learned lessons from past negotiations with this mob when they were financing, advising training velupissai parabahkaran’s goons, and his negotiating barber in foreign countries. This mob, TNA & GTF, if Rudrakumaran the legal criminal is involved should never be trusted.
    Between these groups collectively they do not one single vein in their bodies that flows uncorrupted blood. TNA leader is a viper, him and Wigneswaran, should be sharing a room in hell.

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      Tilak de Silva

      “It is so incomprehensible why the so called Foreign Minister is having consultations with internationally banned tamil organizations”

      I hate agree with you, however one should ask oneself a serious question.

      Why the so called SLFP leader, the then prime minister did pay LTTE a large fees to rig the elections?

      It was okay as long as Mahinda did the deal.

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        Native vedda

        My reply to you is quite simple, Mahinda R may have paid or got money from or to LTTE, do you know that Ranil w gets more than 5 million dollars per day since an election is called by USA and RAW, Indian GOVT: prefer to have Ranil as PM, as he is a puppet that can be manipulated. Tell me why do you think Mody is so involved in SL politics, primarily India wants someone that they can manipulate as head of SL Govt: secondly to dilute Chinese influence in sub continent. China is a bigger player in world politics, India cannot match, China will encircle India, with Pakistan agreement to s[develop the Silk route and with the influence in SL from south and Ladakh border India/China is a minefield that will explode in India’s face. Sooner it happens the better.

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          Sun god VP screwed it up by allegedly killing Rajiv Gandhi

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    GTF doesn’t represent global emigrant Tamils. It represents those who still dream of Tamil Eelam and will not hesitate to fund murder and mayhem and suicide bombers again. Mangala is the appeasement wing of the old SLFP and was responsible for Sudu Nelum/White Lotus.

    The Mangy-CBK wing is probably behind this. A cabinet minister wanted to PAY a stipend to LTTE wounded combatants. I am ok with free medical care etc for all Sri Lankans but why the hell pay them a stipend? No matter what people do Wigi and LTTE rump will say it is not enough. From outside I see only the Govt. that is bending over really well and doing a great job but no reciporicity has been seen from LTTE. Do then not get Samurdhi anyway?

    I say this as an OUTSIDER but I still remember a few elitist English speaking Tamils(in fairness they were hit by 1983) being elated when CBK was almost blown up and calling up people saying “our BOYS got her” happily. Your BOYs got it really well at the end from the “inferior Cingala army”. Now there is no war, no suicide TERRORISTS but their financiers like Rudra and others will love to pay to have low caste tamils living in Sri Lanka die again for the Vellala Christian economic emigrant Tamils in Canada, US, UK Australia etc. They will never go back. Why should they? like Sinhalese, Burghers etc who migrated, they all have money growing out of their ears and eelam anuses.

    There are different types of Tamil and Sinhala Diaspora people. The professionals including lot of Doctors amongst whom the Tamils who quietly cheered and funded LTTE but partied every Christmas in “ceylon”(they migrated in the socialist 70s), the innocent Tamil people who were done great injustice in 1983, and then the economic migrants(including Sinhala economic migrants),those who fled after UNP pogrom in the South(87-89 )and then there is the LTTE rump in Canada.

    Just wondering aloud. Some feel(and I feel at times too) , give complete Separation as they wish because the 2 communities are too far apart. There IS such a thing as Tamil racism too and that is based in the notion of Caste superiority too and they are the ones who said the “inferior sinhala army can never defeat us”.

    Let them have Eelam, issue passports and currency, don’t allow them free access to “sinhala nation” universities; charge foreign student fees for all Eelam passport holders, and charge them at visa fee at Elephant pass; and let them function separately in Jaffna and live happily. No more tears. Seperate but equal.

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