24 May, 2022


What Is The Next Step?

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

The possibility of defeating President Rajapakse at the next election (or forcing him to abolish the Executive Presidency) is moving towards a 50:50 chance in the context of his setback in provincial elections and an increasingly hostile international environment. However, those who wish to see this happen suffer from congenital inductiveness of how to set about it. The Catholic Cardinal and the kept press have persuaded themselves that the way forward is to bum the Rajapakse Brotherhood, convinced that cartloads of democratic goodies are on the way if only the Clan is allowed to deliver its bounty. Opposition political actors too are in a strategic quandary, indecisive; the UNP and the all-important JVP are not clear headed (the TNA’s equation is more cut and dry). The writing is on the wall for the SLMC but it hangs on for its Ministers to maximise their loot before being unceremoniously dumped. The Dead Left is buried and irrelevant; RIP.

Something I often repeat is again significant now; that is the crucial importance of the correct next step – The Next-Step Thesis as I like to call it. Any donkey, you see, can tell you about ultimate solutions; depending on your choice it could be the Kingdom of Heaven, Socialism, National Liberation or some other utopia. That’s the easy part, rote learning. The true challenge that needs sagacity and judgement is to decide the next step. This was Lenin’s genius; when to unite or to divide, what slogan to choose, how, when and whether to compromise; these are the choices in which he had an unmatched sureness of touch.

It is tactical and strategic sagacity of this nature that Lanka’s opposition needs. Without presuming to tell others what to do let me address some what-next, what-now issues which the JVP and the UNP cannot procrastinate about any longer. My intention is to name the issues and comment on them, not make ‘you must do such and such’ assertions. Two vital decisions that cannot bear further delay are (a) how do you propose to abolish the Executive Presidency (EP) and (b) what electoral alliances do each of you have in mind?

What is the chronological order in which each of you (JVP and UNP) propose to take up these issues? It is defeatist to attempt first to win a parliamentary and/or presidential election on a general programmatic manifesto spreading over the whole policy domain while carrying abolition of EP as an element within that manifesto. This implies, for example the UNP and the JVP, will campaign separately and in opposition to each other (because their socio-economic ideologies are conflicting) with the intention of winning power, and then, if either wins, abolish EP. Is this not putting the cart before the horse? Is it not splintering the forces that are unanimous about abolishing EP (including TNA, smaller parties and civil society movements)? After this job done is done can’t the UNP and JVP canvass their separate programmes? Hence I ask, is the opposition agreed that the correct next step is to first deal with the EP matter? I am not asking about anything specific (how, when, what, who) but only about the next step as a strategic issue.

The second and last question I raise is about broader alliances; broader meaning apart from the EP issue; I mean programmatic alliances. This question is aimed at the JVP only, not the UNP since the latter has always since independence formed alliance governments, and in recent decades formed alliances even before elections – the UNF for example. After the disappointment of the coalition experience with Chandrika and the failure of the Sarath Fonseka presidential campaign which task the JVP shouldered more than anyone else, the party has gone into a shell. “Unprincipled alliances” was one of the disputes underlying the Peratugami split. So what is the JVP’s attitude to a left alliance? That is apart from the EP issue which is predicated on the widest possible alliance. I have no intention to make suggestions and proposals in this short note. It is however a next-step decision that the JVP cannot keep postponing. There is no point talking about the ultimate marvels of socialism; it is what it proposes to do in the concrete current conjuncture that counts.

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Latest comments

  • 3

    Excellent! The Big question today is, what is the MAIN issue which could be converted as the single issue? What is the ROOT CAUSE of all the malaise in the country today? If the opposition parties could sit calmly and think soberly on these questions, all their concentrations will fall on EP.

    So, what stops them from deciding on this single issue?

    Sengodan. M

    • 5

      So our hymie mate is looking for the ROOT CAUSE?

      You and David can find your single issue, and a single issue candidate (madulwave Sobhita still the go?) and try your campaign against President Rajapakse.

      Let us know how you fared, without David’s bullshit interretations, ok?

      • 0

        looks like some one got really offended by mere mentioning that dreaded words SI & common candidate ! get ready these words going to dominate the SL political circles , CBK & Ven Sobitha combo have already shown the willingness to step in to oust the brotherhood.

        • 0

          Did you read latest that Srilal?
          MR has already offer few days if CBK would come and talk about religious disharmony in the country. I am not sure, the uncivilized creature would behave well, not attacking the former predisent there.
          Also on the 7th, CBK had added some thoughts to press, that she would help any candidates that make changes with the current administration.

          • 0

            Sirimal ,

            don’t worry , CBK is a seasoned politician and she knows how to deal with MR , in fact she is the only person who can take MR head on , both are playing politics near perfectly , let’s wait and enjoy the free show !

            Sirimal let me take this opportunity to wish you & your loved a very happy new year.

          • 1

            “Also on the 7th, CBK had added some thoughts to press,”

            As long as RSS comes to power on 31st never will the watti amma scrounger in the borrowed saree come to power. Who will trust SC/ST???

            Mugabe loves you thats your land on invitation.

            MH370 is at Deigo Garcia the gift that watti amma senior sold to Uk for £25k

    • 1

      So we are being told by Kumar David that the burning question in Sri Lankan peoples’ minds today is the issue of Executive Presiency!

      I wonder as to which plant this man lives on and where he gets these crazy, stupidest of ideas from.

      He should go to a railway or bus station and listen to what people are discussing before he decisdes to come out with stupid conclusions like these.

      God, save us from this educated [Edited out].

  • 2

    Kumar David,

    If you did not know, the JVP is a communist organisation. They may claim to be a watered down version but in principle it is the same. Communist regimes favour an almighty Chairman as a leader, a leader no one can challenge by the nature of its hierarchy. The powers of an EP as well as a communist party Chairman are akin. It is hypocritical if JVP should join in the abolition of EP. And I assure you that they will not really warm to such a push.

    You are still hoping for a UNP revival. Keep dreaming Kumar, it is not going to happen. They are done and dusted.

    And you talk of elections as a means to oust the Rajapaksa Cabal. Sri Lanka is a dictatorship at the moment no matter how creatively one may try to say otherwise. Unseating the Rajapaksa Clan by means of a democratic process will never happen.

    • 2

      You say: JVP will never join any push against Executive Presidency. UNP is gone forever. Sri Lanka is a dictatorship. Rajapakses can never be removed by democratic means.

      So what you are really saying is just live under a dictatorship and have no hope. No Mr BBS you are the dreamer; let us compare notes again in 12 to 24 months.

      • 1

        EW Golding,

        I admire your optimism.

        For all our sakes let us hope you are right and I am wrong.

      • 1

        As we all heard it during the last few weeks in which election campaigns were the case, opposition candidates, JVP, UNPers heavily criticised all the abuses of current administration that wasted millions of tax payers funds, but nothing seem to have taken serious by the govt yet. They just pay a smile and leave them to be burried under the carpet.

        In current context, opposition should go on protest agaist the ruler´s highly abusive administration.

        JVP candidates had all the evidence at their hands as proof material giving an example that only 10% of the loans taken from Chinese banks are used for all gigantic projects sofar while the rest 90% to have gone to their pockets -should closely be studied by rulers. Opposition should raise the issue again and again.
        Latter alone shows that this rule will give you no room for the opposition. It is JUST A tyranny. They can better start comparing datas that of Zimbabwians.

        Tobe honest, towards end of 80ties, I did not agree with JVPers, but today, I am 100% with them and their performance. I can listen to Anura Kumara Disanayake´s speeches all day along. I dont think those will onyl be limited to the theory. He is the only person right at the moment, I think could rely on. RANIL W is genuine, but the rulers have abused all tactics to make him a powerless person. Else, he is 10000000000000000000000 times uncorrupted than the one in power who supports directly the high level drug businessmen keeping them as their close friends (Eg. Lanza).

        By the way, what happened to the Heroin deal – they just told to have initiated the investigations. Why cant CID bring an independent report about that ? They said to world too, that all these are under investigation, but is there any cases whose reports are made public. Not even about the Baratha´s murder case. No final report is brought before the public. They finally abused Hirunika- the daughter of the victimised family to protect their voter base. That is it. Hirunika the childish girl in her early 20ties explain sweet stories not realizing the gravity of the ruler´s tactics.

    • 2

      BBS Rep,

      “You are still hoping for a UNP revival. Keep dreaming Kumar, it is not going to happen. They are done and dusted.”

      are you nuts ? some lunatics call him a LTTE supporter while others branding him a lefty , now you call him a UNPer , this is the problem we face today , don’t we ? every thing and every one are measured according to his/her parameters/yard stick ! unlike other pseudo, opportunist intellectuals, KD is a true patriotic Srilankan , quite rightly he brought the Single issue (SI)in to the public discourse as it is the single most important burning issue which we all face today ,don’t you think KD deserves a fare bit of respect from us ?

      JVP joining the band wagon or not should n’t be a major obstacle for this noble cause , if not whom are they going to support ? i’m sure they will join eventually hence there is no necessity to overly concern about their participation at this initial stage.

  • 2

    Kumar David Sir,
    I am still learning from you and still struggling to understand some of complex situations you describe..
    However, I see one issue with this analysis. It sounds like you believe general public knows that EP is most dangerous core issue in SL. But I think lot of people DO NOT know that Executive Presidency as the core issue that led to the current crisis in SL.
    Plato explain possibilities of this sort of thing in his book Republic, 2000 years ago, using the story of Ring of Gyges. A good teacher like you could extend your service by explaining people about the curse of EP using simple stories like Ring of Gyges. To me this is great and very relevant story that all Lankan should be taught
    EP is the biggest treat to SL future, not the Rajapakse family . Rajapakse clan is a by product of EP…

    • 3

      I think it is the role of media men to make the general public clearer what it was like if we did not have EP. They should bring TV talk shows, TV discourses, Radio programs about EP and the current situation.Unfortunately, none of the mentioned would have a place in the country today, because of the very reason, that Rajapakshe mechanism control all the media instituations. They make those instituations work independently, but outcome as we the readers/listeners claim it none of the open views are being circulated among the nation. As one of my friends shared me lately, SLBC/state TV channels are on slinging mud at opposition leader non-stop shortly before the elections. None of these men seem think twice before behaving so. So given that situation, elections were held and the results should long have been clear to everyone.
      The current administration is fictitious rule under leader that has been a laughing stock of International communties to this day. Not only western politicians, even in India, Marutius and several states in Africa, Latin america, east asia heavily criticise current adminitration run by Rajapakshe oligarchs.

  • 0

    JVP LMFAO .. yeah sure why not the khmer rouge

    • 1


      “JVP LMFAO .. yeah sure why not the khmer rouge”

      Instead consider abolishing the constitution and appointing The General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena Galagodaaththe Gnanasara together with Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as the joint heads of the state.

      By the way how do you do a LMFAO?

      • 2


        You are a total clown . How many people did the JVP kill . How many has the BBS killed ? and what about the Khmer Rouge .

        LMFAO – IDK -LOL

        • 0

          [Edited out], why cant you see, how many people are being harmed by Rajapakseh today ?
          Muslims are not happy the way they the [Edited out] act against the basic human rights of the people in this country today. Had they been given equal rights, would Ghanasara have been that abusive, in a public place ?
          JVPs activities took the lives of thousands in late 80ties, but today they have become the people´s voice while all others stay dead silent when even human rights of some monks have been violated such abusively. Yo the like want to see one side – we will see how Rajaapskseh survive in coming days- pulling the trigger is inevitable in order to build a safer country.

  • 2

    Mr David,

    Do you think Ranil Wickremesinghe wants to give up the executive powers he has been dreaming of for the last 10 years? No Sir! He is just hoping Saturn’s malefic effects on the Rajapakse clan will someday give him a break!!

    Seriously; What on earth does MIT have to teach about modern democracies other than to give selected individuals a paid jaunt compliments of a behind the scenes foundation funded by the US govt. That is how they spread happiness and loyalty around the world. People say Ranil is not corrupt. I would agree with them after he declares all the funds he has received in fellowships and scholarships over the last 20years. After all, he is just a lawyer, so there is nothing he can teach anyone about democracy except how he has lost multiple elections. And, each time he promises to win the next time. Who wants to learn to be the best loser????

    As for the JVP: They know quite well they will never form a govt in SL. The only hope is they be part of the govt or take over a PS in some district. The DNA is not there in their structure to be democratic, except to try and use the system to come to power. That is dangerous to the rest of us.

    You can see around the world how charismatic leaders have come up and have been voted to power – Only to fail miserably. Governing is not easy and is not a joke.

  • 1

    Problem with the opposition is that all the leaders are all equally stubborn and pig headed, which prevents them from uniting under a single party. All cannot be leaders. However they may be convinced to unite under an independent leader like Ven Sobhitha or CBK to abolish the EP.

    With the EP in place we are fixed for at least 15 to 20 years. Gaddafi lasted 40 years, not that he was a great leader. Same for people like Saddam etc. That is the natural course of events, decay and downfall of dictators.

    Next step should be to keep educating the people about the EP and expose the rampant corruption and scams. This is happening in India which will lead to the downfall of the dynasty. The Presidential elections are still 1-2 yrs away. Meantime keep the people informed of what is happening in the country. This is why the regime is so bent on silencing the media.

  • 0

    How and from the EP came? Isn’t it from hate towards Tamils. Isn’t from the Mahavamsa preaching? Will JVP and Ven. Sobhita will join their hands and preach against the Mahavamsa Buddhism; then the removal of the EP wouldn’t be necessary. In the 2006 Budget, JVP stood up up and said, it cannot accept UNP topple the the government on the Budget and it voted for the government budget and saved the Finance Minister the King. If JVP going support the UNP to remove EP it brought, they both first have to tell the peoples in the past they made the peoples eyes blind and used the hate to climb to the power. Otherwise even if the Impossible of removing the EP is done now, it going to come back again like a computer virus which when you feel happy that you have removed it from your computer, it shows up all over everywhere in the CPU. It is not the EP gives the problem, Senanayake family, JR family, Bandaranaike family, Rajapakse family are the problem. Is it possible of removing them all from the country? Otherwise Sinhalese are going to bring these corrupted families to power again. Isn’t everybody thinking Chandika is god common candidate? Well, that is only replacing the king with a queen.

  • 2

    Kumar David’s piece for Regime Change (that’s what it is all about), is based on 2 fundamental premises, which cannot go unchallenged.

    1. The Executive Presidency must be abolished(because, by extension it is evil).

    2. Any alternate government will be better than the UFPA.

    The Executive Presidency,in my view is like great knife, capable of being used for good and evil purposes. How the incumbent uses it is the most critical factor. So why throw the baby with the bath water?

    Secondly, what guarantee is there that the cronies in an alternative government will not behave in the same exact way as the corrupt and thuggish elements in the UFPA? History records that some leading characters, especially in the UNP, have been violent and also dishonestly enriched themselves when in power.

    Over to you David!

  • 1

    Kumar, as usual comes out with his academic methodology as to how to bell the cat, and a big cat at that! His ideas are like asking the mice to form a common strategy to get rid of the murderous pussy.

    Can they do it? I bet they can’t. When they see the cat they will all go hide in their holes.

    Now we have a new catalyst thrown in the soup: UNHRC resolution; this is going to be used by the MaRa junta to incite mass hysteria and crowd psychology. I don’t want to predict how the crowd will behave, but it depends on the leader of the crowd and its slogans. Going by the past 66 years and the periodic pogroms let loose by the leaders, I can guess who will be the scape goats.

    If you study the revolutions of France, Russia and others, where crowd was mobilized you will find somebody steering the crowd under chaotic conditions to their own goals.

    Don’t forget the president’s secretary Wijethunga pronouncing in NY that chaos will result if UNHRC international investigation is approved.

    So that’s where we are now: Let the future unfold. I don’t think there are any bold leaders young or old who can take on the big cat with his army of murderous cats, dogs and white vans!

    Big cat can only be tamed like how they did it to Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein or Mohamed Gaddafi.

    In the meantime pour your imagination out and keep writing Kumar. We like to read it.

    • 2

      “Big cat can only be tamed like how they did it to Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein or Mohamed Gaddafi.”

      Bring it on hymie. We are waiting to tach you a lesson you will regret to the smoking chamber.

      Bring it on.

  • 0

    Kumar David and the Readership

    There can be no two options of defeating or abolishing, but only one. A crushing defeat which eight groups knit into one can do. Seven out of eight will find it difficult, 6 out of 8 will find it impossible and 5 out of 8 need not attempt.

    If none can pick the most promising and charismatic leader, towards whom others can gravitate the exercise need not be undertaken. Who is referred to here?

    CBK and no other

    What are the 8 political formations? They are: 5 Parties, 2 Communities and 1 Individual. The traditional SLFP (Authentic One), UNP, DP of General Fonseka, JVP, TNA, Indian Tamils, Muslims and Shirani Bandaranaike. The derelict CWC and SLMC are advisedly spurned.

    What is said here is not a soda bottle effervescence to KD’s Proposal.
    Pl. see two of my earlier comments dated 18th & 19th April 2013. If time be of the essence in politics, from the earlier comments to now an year is lost. The Alliance referred to cannot wait.

    18 April 2013
    If the perception be that only a determined mass upheaval can place a regime in power, a leader with charisma needs to be brought forward as the rallying point. In France the Napoleonic Legend moved political fortunes in the nineteenth century. In Sri Lanka there is only one such and that is the Bandaranaike Legend which can exert a sway.

    The legatee to that mantle who can lay a legitimate claim is Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. The opposition has four credible formations.ineffectual individually but potentially powerful when united and led by the fifth and the foremost ie CBK. Hon. Mangala Samaraweera may have a historic duty by the nation to bring it about.

    19 April 2013
    When critical times face a nation, insistent demands are made on the political leadership for decisive action. Sri Lanka has reached that juncture. What can indecision do? An incongruous parallel may be drawn to the fall of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1815. More pertinent is its non-fall prior to it. The stability of the Kingdom rested among others, on two pivots. People’s support and the loyalty of the Chiefs. With tyranny, the King lost both. While misrule of the King alienated the subjects, the devotion of the Chiefs whittled away. Increasing tyranny sealed the King’s fate.

    There is a further lesson. The Chiefs failed to forge unity even in the hour of paramount need. Colvin R De Silva in his book says in inimitable style “Partners in conspiracy remained rivals in intrigue”. The British had an easy foray and “The Kandyans accomplished their own political doom”. As of now, with mis-governance on the rise, people’s support is on the wane for the incumbent in Colombo. The loss however is counter balanced by the disunity and lassitude of the ‘Chiefs’. Life support flows from this disarray.

    If the four Chiefs of Parties – UNP, DP, JVP, TNA – work out a coalition around the authentic SLFP, acknowledging Chandrika as primus inter pares, the Front will be formidable. It will be a credible alternative to exert mass appeal. History may not record then, that partners remained rivals and accomplished their doom.

    In exacting circumstances the best must come forth. Personal profit needs to be subserved to the nation’s future. A leaf from recent history displaying political pragmatism is instructive. In China war between nationalist forces led by Chiang Kai Shek and Mao’s communist forces started in 1927. In December 1936 Chiang Kai Shek was captured alive and the Communist leadership met in immediate conclave. Mao argued thus: Who are the deadly enemies of China now? US and Japan. To defeat them are the communists strong enough? No. Who then can rally the nationalist elements against them? Chiang Kai Shek. Release him was the decision. The deadliest annihilator of the communists was released in a masterly strategy leading to the ultimate victory of the communists.

    This was political sagacity at its optimal best. To forge opposition unity to defeat intolerable oppression, the immediate need is such dry as dust reasoning and detached decision

    • 0


      To become a common candidate who would be appointed only to abolish the executive presidency Chandrika will have to be convincing to the public that she will resign after abolishing the executive presidency within an agreed stipulated period. What would the public do if she does not abide by the agreement also should be clearly laid out. And whagt is that? Ranil is waiting to become the executive prime minister after the executive presidency is abolished. Crucial to the abolition of executive presidency is setting up a new constitution.If Chandrika becomes the President the constituent parties of coalition that brings Chandrika to power will begin to squabble among themselves as to how to amend the constitution. Where is the new constitution, that would be adopted if Chandrika comes to power? That should be ready by now to present to the public, no? We also need to know that simply changing the regime won’t change the ruling block among the capitalists and technocracy who are backed by IMF, World Bank and the international capital in general. These forces are not going to be defeated easily. What is coalition’s plan to prevent this ruling block reappearing within the new regime?

  • 1

    KD is correct that it is the single issue that the UNP and the JVP should agree to base on any coalition to abolish the EP.

    But what about the constitutional amendment to the EP? Shouldn’t that also be agreed upon? Can the coalition members agree on this?

  • 1

    Will JVP support Chandrika?
    In case CBK decides to contest at the next presidential election, will the JVP support? My belief is that they will not support her simply because CBK believes bridges between the Sinhalese and the Tamils can be built only through sharing power with Tamils..
    The JVP is against devolution. It has said umpteenth times that the only solution to the national question is giving equal rights to them.They killed hundreds, may be thousands during the 1987-1990 period for supporting the 13th amendment.
    They supported MR in 2005 because they knew Mahinda was against devolution. They supported Sarath Fonseka because he was a bird of the same feather.
    The JVP has not changed its ideology on the national question so far.

    • 2

      what will be the solution to lanken problem if devolution of power is not the only alternative ?
      People in this country should finally grasp
      that Devolution of power is not partitioning the country. Why cant they allow more powers to each of the provicial councils, of course after studying the way Switzerland/Germany/and other like minded nations have done and seen very successful since decades of times now.

      • 0

        after studying the way Switzerland/Germany/and other like minded nations have devolved power?

        Now of these countries devolved power. They were smaller independent entities that confederated. So the process involved reducing the power of each entity and transferring it to a confederating center. That is totally different from devolving power. Ever since then, every constitutional change has been to increase the power of the center. In Europe also this has happened, with the EU in Brussels acquiring more and more power in many matters. Do you want to transfer power to local thugs who are running the provinces? In the case of the North and the TNA, the rulers do not even live in the North. They are rich landed gentry who own property in the North and live in Colombo 7, New York or New Jersey.
        Some cities are bigger and have more diverse populations than Sri Lanka.

        • 2

          As one who has lived in Germany, Switzerland, Uk and several other countries for many years, I am well aware of the facts related to the regional administrations. Basel and Basel land are two administrations. Zurich and Thalwil are two differnt adminsitrations but they are both located within a radius of 10km from one another.

          WHat I meant is people (srilanken average) in general feel politicians will partition the country if they would devolve the power in to regional administrations. Let alone today, people should have a better view about the idea. Provincial councils are already there,all what the parlimanet should come to is strenghten the powers of each of provicial adminsitration equally. Lanken counterparts must work on this going through models of european or other countries. Just waging even without achieving an inch progress, but abusing the chance for the incumbent´s political survivial, cant bring us anywhere.

          BBS and all other segments being far from all realitieis are making every efforts to manipulate the masses to the very same manner, Rajapakseh adminsitration abused “Geneva issue” for their election victories; Defeat of Ltters within the country for their politicial survival.

          In an any country, be it european asian, american or african, there are always some segments in the society that would take the law to their hands, having watched the brutal manner that Ghanasara abused the fellow monks yesterday, I truly believe, that present day srilanka is without any kind of public laws – lawless state made by highly abused Mahinda Raja.

    • 0

      I think JVP’s top priority now is to topple Rajapakse Regime. Also JVP is agreeing for Provincial Counsils, although they were not their favourits.Same with DP-Sarath Fonseka, UNP and TNA ….and many Muslim Parties.

      Attacks by BBS on Christian Churches turned Christian Voters away from Rajapakses.

      If the economy is going to get bogged down in the coming months, and if the prises of essential goods go up, then it’s going to be the end of Rajapakse Dynasty.

      UPFA is Pres.Rajapakse and Pres.Rajapakse is UPFA. It’s a one man show.

      Once Rajapakse is defeated, the whole UPFA collapse.

      That’s why Pres.Rajapakse is feared of coming MARCH 2015.

      Madam Chandrika will slowly work on to stage from behind and the rest will join her.

      Today Central Bank gave disturbing figures, and Rajapakses cannot give anymore bogus figures. UNHRC is pressing for more access, may be with sanctions in coming months. Already there’s a shortage of essential goods in the market and this could lead to price hike.
      also fake currency notes been printed in the market.

      Yes, coming months will be crucial for Rajapakses, but definitely there’s going to be a regime change in next Presidential elections.

      CBK with Sobitha Thero will lead the opposition with a united combine opposition.

      Rajapakses will try to the opposition, but will fail.

      Many of my predictions were proved correct in the past, so do this one.

      Next election is going to be Corruption, theft, family rule,… versus democracy, just, liberty and equal rights for everyone.

      People will decide the best.

      • 0

        CB says, Sri Lanka’s foreign reserves rose 4.6 percent to 7,200 million in December 2013 from a year earlier. Now you want proof, eh. What more proof than Rupee is holding steady against dollar.

        If the economy is going to get bogged down in the coming months and the prices of essential goods going to go up then speculators should sell Rupees and go for dollars. But nothing of the sort is happening.

        I remember you were saying at one time that airport is empty and no tourists are coming. Go to a lobby of any hotel or even the ministry of crab you’ll see its full of tourists. I feel sorry for you evangelist desperados.

      • 0

        You know Jayantha, election results from last month clearly showed that people are still in hallozinated mode. Gonthadiya and bunch of thieves have been deceiving the folks continuously. He spent hundreds of millions for his transport and security when going to open regardless of the priority by himself, not caring how much of people´s fund have been abused. Since CBK returned to spot light lately, now the man deliberatetly usedd the terms that he protected state instituions, even going that far telling – he protected srilanken carrier that had been purchased. As you and every right thinking would know, srilanken carrier´s lease to Emirates, save that airline bringing billions of profits. Today, from what the workers from the airline express, almost nothig like profit are their agenda instead all forms losses.
        Brutal man would not risk to say that billions have been destroyed by his administration.
        Today ´s situation is almost like the way LTTE clutched the innocient people in the north for their political or facistitc intetions, Rajapaskeh has changed the minds of poor of the poor for his vote greediness. Those poor folks must be informed by every means that they have to react today not tomorrow.

  • 0

    KD days:
    The true challenge that needs sagacity and judgement is to decide the next step. This was Lenin’s genius; when to unite or to divide, what slogan to choose, how, when and whether to compromise; these are the choices in which he had an unmatched sureness of touch.

    Lenin correctly (?) argued that a small group of Bolsheviks (with him at the head) should capture “executive power”. That is just the concept of executive presidency (EP) stated in a more palatable way for the fully committed communist intelligentsia. Of course, the struggle for power among the top Bolsheviks was such that Lenin’s “sagacity” was shown to be inadequate even to save his own skin.

    Finally, Stalin emerged with the full executive presidency in his hand. The EP was an integral part of Lenin’s policy. But KD and others are too mesmerized by Lenin to understand that much.

    Interestingly, Kumar David has failed to mention how he was trying to recruit the Maudluwave Thera who became a Haamuduruwo and even a Sadhu under his increasing mock veneration, as some writer noted in an article in the Island, KUmar David’s “plot” is to convert the Maduluwave Saadhu to become Comrade Maduluwave who will join hands with Kumar David to achive the “Next Step”.

    The JVP will follow Lenin’s argument that political promises are to be broken like pie crust. So, they will promise to remove the EP, and then they will note that having the sweeping executive powers vested in the president is the best thing for achieving the objectives of the “socialist struggle”, and so, they will break the promise like pie crust. they can also note the sagacity of Lenin and note that it is very important to hold onto EP until the objectives of the socialist struggle are achieved.

    Comrade maduluwave too can cite Lenin and break his promise like pie crust and refuse to relinquish power, or the EP. he can claim to need it to cleanse Buddhism !!!

    Kumar David still has time to write his version of his final “God that Failed” story.

  • 1


    The Key to beating Rajapaksas is for the people to realize where he is taking the Country. The choice before MR is COMPLY or DIE. USA has decided on Regime Change and Sanctions will follow as Day follows Night and the Choice before the people is to ditch MR or face Starvation.
    MR will not COMPLY as it is not in his nature and he has this uncanny attitude to ignore any humiliation and carry on so the people have a Stark Choice and the Ghost of “Mullivaikal” has come to haunt them.

    Justice at last will be meted out for MRs Crime.

  • 0

    If EP is the burning most SI, then blaming MR for that tantamounts to barking up the wrong tree. Go get JR from his grave and confront him instead.

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