5 March, 2024


“With A Little Political Backing We Can End The Rise Of Muslims”, Gnanasara Who Wishes To Emulate Prabhakaran Declares

Controversial Buddhist Monk Galagoda Atte Gnanasara of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has declared that if he and his group had a ‘little’ political backing then they can end the rise of the Muslims in the country.

Speaking at an event recently in Korea where he addressed the Sri Lankans living there, Gnanasara also revealed how he systematically devised a successful plan to virtually destroy and abandon a Muslim town in Kuliyapitiya. “Sometimes, I feel like taking a T-56 and do what Prabhakaran did, but I can’t do it because I am in robes,” he said.

“We have more than 6000 to 7000 of our women who have converted to Islam after marrying Muslims. When we marry a Tamil or someone else we don’t get them to change their names, but when a Muslim fellow marries one of our women, then she is forced to become a Fathima and all the babies become Mohammeds. We must stop this,” he said.

Gnanasara said that this was a dangerous trend. “Our politicians are only greedy for power, they are ready to sacrifice for the party but not ready to do anything for the country. If these politicians only gave us a little backing we can end the rise of the Muslims,” he said.

Speaking further he said that there was a Muslim town which was located amongst Sinhalese villages. “But we systematically devised a plan over a year and today it is infested only with flies, no one else goes there,” a laughing Gnanasara said.

Elaborating further he said that the Muslim town was well off because the people in the town had money and they tried to take ownership of a playground in the area. “From the Sinhala village, a few old ladies had gone to sell their vegetable crop to a Muslim Mudalali in the town, but the Muslim Mudalali refused to buy saying that because they were not given the playground, the mosque had ordered them not to buy anything from the Sinhalese. These old women threw the vegetables onto the floor and then they and the others got together and started their offensive,” he said.

According to Gnanasara, today the Muslim town is absolutely abandoned. “There are now about 6 to 7 new shops owned by Sinhalese and the Muslim town is only infested with flies,” a very pleased Gnanasara said.

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    Lester , The copycat ,the ignorant unread who believes all history are infallible and Wikipedia is an authorized infallible source of information ,which can be edited by any fool.
    ================================================================================ You are taking verses of The Quran out of context , you are suppose to contextualize instead of misleading the readers. besides you need to stop scanning endlessly contents that were written besides the quran taken from Talmud , mostly not the Bible , but yes some were taken from the bible too, and to believe every word of Wikipedia is something even a child would laugh at.

    You have never in your life time read the Talmud , the Bible or the Quran page to page ,it shows the way you copy and paste , they also say one must not copy if they do not know to paste , as copy right could get your ass one day .

    Quran and the Bible and like chalk and cheese . but when you read the many books which the traditionalist call Hadees , you will find a shocking resemblance of the Talmud and bible .

    So when was the Hadees written and by whom and why ?

    1) Hadees(everything purely 100% based on conjecture) was first written after the demise of Muhammad ( approx 350 years after his death) and the companions who objected where all assassinated one by one .

    As There was no way of taking verses or adding verses to the Quran as the language itself is so complex and also the the entire book was made to be memorized by special quran scholars, whom you can find even today, even among little children , and even the twisting and misinterpreting the quran was of no use as the Quran is the only religious book on the earth remaining in its original language. ( agreed even by critics who are reputed scholars not Wikipedia scholars or internet google scholars like you).

    So it was the enemies of Muhammad and Islam who devised the plan to write the hadees to defame him ,with the support of some hypocritical Arabs to grab power and wealth , this was also done to divide the unity of the Muslims , which you see to date ,also which lead to the betrayal of the Ottomans as to create the birth of modern day Saudi Arabia, where the Oil wealth should be divided among the entire poorer Muslims and part shared with the poor of all peoples of the world , instead almost 40 % goes to the protectors of the hypocrites , all the so-called Muslim countries are fake and under the control of the certain super powers of the world , they are all slaves .

    If you have read the Bible , The Oral Law -Talmud & Mishna ,page to page , you will stop vomiting your toxic bigotry your mind and soul is programmed and polluted with.

    The Quran in no place tells or orders to charity particularly Muslims by name ,it is the Hadees that have denied the rights, you talk of Jizza, it is no different from the tax a Muslim need to pay in a Country which is secular or of other faith.

    If you blindly stop copying and pasting just because every bigot does and study Arabic linguistic , and then study ,not read, the Quran hadees , the Talmud , the Mishna , The Bible ,page to page, and then when you pen your criticism if it bears contextualization of the quran, full citations of the Talmud ,Mishna , the bible and hadees, what you say may be taken with some credibility unless you can do that you are no different from the blind mice and all those who cheer your copy paste are like the three blind mice following each other by biting their tails .

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      It is a well-known fact that Muhammed tried to convert the Jews, but they laughed at him. The Jews are highly intelligent people and saw right through that joker. Of course Quran is copied from Bible & Torah. Muhammed could not read or write; he learned Bible/Quran stories during his days as a caravan driver. If the Jews rejected a highly intelligent man like Jesus, who was actually one of their own, is it any surprise they rejected some illiterate caravan bugger who claimed to be a prophet?

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    He who knows not, and believes he knows is a fool. Shun him.

    Anonymous Arabic Proverb,

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    Lester the Jester is the fool of the Mirith Castle. He knows a number of jokes and riddles.

    So Lester believed he knows ???? Poor creature , Shun him !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    [Edited out]

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    In Reality ,when someone takes verses out of context from the Quran , and defame mohamed accusing him of copying it from the Bible ,It is a tongue in the cheek , while accusing Mohamed of only plagiarizing (for matter of speaking) The main objective of the bigot is to condemn the Bible and the Millions of Christians and defame The Holy scriptures of The Billion odd Christians and to insinuate mohamed is innocent as a child as he was illiterate , and they mean to stress that the real criminals are christians whose Bible is full of hatred and fake , all innocent Mohamed did was, he just copied it,in simple terms such are conniving anti-Christs in the Shadows.

    So The attack is in reality not against muslims or Quran , but the bible, revered by Millions around the world.

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    [Edited out]

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