24 June, 2024


You Can Arrest Us, But You Cannot Wipe Us Out – Mahinda Rajapaksa

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa proclaimed that even if his entire family was arrested, including himself, no one can wipe out the history created by the Rajapaksa’s since 1936.

Mahinda on YoshithaIn a picture message uploaded on his official Facebook page just minutes after his son, Yoshitha was remanded for allegedly committing financial irregularities at the Carlton Sports Network, Rajapaksa said, “Arrest my entire family, and if that is not enough arrest me, but the temper of steel history left by the Rajapaksa’s since 1936 cannot be wiped out.”

The picture message depicted Rajapaksa feeding his now remanded son, Yoshitha cake during a birthday.

In a separate post, also on his Facebook page, Rajapaksa said that it is the parents who suffer the most when misfortune befalls a child.

Namal, Rajapaksa’s eldest son in a picture post uploaded on his Facebook and Twitter pages which showed Mahinda Rajapaksa in tears soon after the court verdict, said; “The man who wiped off the tears of an entire country, is today in tears.”

Namal Rajapaksa added that the parents’ love for their children can only be understood by parents. “It’s difficult seeing our parents this way,” he said in a tweet. (By Munza Mushtaq © CT )

Mahinda on Yoshitha

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  • 8

    Of course none can wipe out the history that you bunch
    created . It is so stinking and disgusting, nobody will
    want to go near it ! You know it better than anybody
    else !

  • 9

    Nobody cared when the relatives of those murdered by the Rajapaksa brothers cried their eyes out. What is so special about Rajapaksa’s tears? The man is a heartless demon who murdered those who opposed him without mercy.

    Yoshitha is implicated in the murder of Wasim Thajudeen. Did Mahinda or Namal give a damn about the tears of Thajudeen’s parents? The Rajapaks curse must be stopped and i wholeheartedly support the actions of the courts against the murderous and criminal clan.

  • 7

    Mahinda Rajapakse, you have said:

    “You Can Arrest Us, But You Cannot Wipe Us Out –”

    Isn’t this true for Sarath Fonseka, when you took a revenge for contesting you? So you could not wipe Sarath Fonseka and he is there to ensure his justice from you! Same is true for Shirani Bandaranayake the former Chief Justice. You treated the judges like your coolies.

    Or if you say it was the law that operated and punished him for the wrong he had done. The same rule applies to your son as well. Why is your son different when comes to law? If your son was not able to explain how he had obtained so mush of millions from abroad then that is a serious matter indeed.

    Didn’t you say we have the best judiciary in the world (not that I agree with you)! So now are you saying when it comes to your son Sri Lankan courts are biased. Remember what Newton Said “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” and now you are at the receiving end for what you gave others in the form of misery, agony and tears.

  • 7

    MR, atleast you know that Yoshitha will return home after some years behind bars if he is convicted for the financial crimes and for the other crimes he has alleged to have committed .

    But Thajudeen will never return. His parents will cry for ever with the other parents and brothers and sisters of many individuals died under the orders by your family members.

    • 6

      agree very emotional …

      Anyways, those that have no pulses to see it right, will never see it even if they are beaten.

      Rajapakshes are unethical, uneducated, rascals: Basta.

  • 4

    At least now why don’t you donate your ill gotten money to the war victims and seek pardon from the people .

  • 6

    No body wants to arrest you and your family members if you lived a life like any other law abiding citizens of Srilanka do . Since you and your family have indulged in such fraudulent activities and if law enforement authorities want to prosecute you ,you go through it prove otherwise so that you or your family members aren’t guilty of charges. But it is very clear to all how things have happened

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 2

    Only an utter dim-wit can say things like this! Have we not created a monster? Having nearly destroyed our country, this idiot still thinks we care about him and his murderers! My blood boils!

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