5 March, 2024


Fears For Ad Revenue From Dialog Stops Sri Lankan Print Media From Taking Dhanapala Issue

A number of senior editors, associated with major print newspapers have confessed to Colombo Telegraph that they feel unable to run stories on Ambassador Jayantha  Dhanapala’s unethical dual capacity as a director of Dialog Axiata PLC, and a leader of the civil society advocacy group, Friday Forum, due to the size of the digital communications and media company’s advertising budget. The 2012 Annual report of Dialog lists an advertising budget of 7.3 billion Sri Lanka rupees.

Jayantha Dhanapala

Jayantha Dhanapala

“This simply shows that what’s called good governance, really is very far from simple ethical practice,” said a senior Sri Lankan political analyst when contacted for comment. “Whether it is laptops, car loans or advertising, the press is kept.”

However, at least two editors have said that they intend to take this issue up in the coming days, due to the serious conflict of interest involved. 

A few days ago Professor Kumar David said; “asking Dhanapala to resign from Friday Forum is ‘rubbish’.  It would be unprincipled to resign from Friday Forum; Jayantha Dhanapala must take a stand and resign from Dialog. These worthies love money, so it is unimaginable for them to part from big money! I call up Dhanapala to resign from Dialog and condemn its illegal and unethical behaviour. Then he will win back his self-respect.”

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Latest comments

  • 7

    Mr Dhanapala, you are a man who made Sri Lanka proud when served in the UN System. In fact you had all characteristics to become the Head of the UN but you lost it because the country you represented (Sri Lanka) was not a powerful nation and influential in the UN System. If you had represented the country like India surely situation would have been different, with which you may agree.

    The allegation made against you being in the board of directors of Dialog PLC is serious and cannot simply disregarded. The Govt says it has not imposed any blockage of Colombo Telegraph. But no subscriber of Dialog can view the Colombo Telegraph.

    This is clearly amounts to denial of peoples’ fundamental right to information, particularly at a time both the print and electronic media are keep absolute silence over lawlessness in the Country.

    Mr Dhanapala, We respect you as a statesman and request you to make a decision and abandon the Dialog, because what is being done by the Dialog is not acceptable under no circumstances and it surely affects your image.

    • 7

      I hate to say this. Mr Dhanapala is a distinguished individual.

      However, his self imposed silence on this matter in itself amounts to disregard & disrespect of public opinion.

      This matter will not go away. Better face it Mr Dhanapala! Sooner the better.

      It is a PR disaster for you. Truly sad.

    • 2

      The UNO knew what a slime ball he was and still is. They simply wiped him off the table.

  • 5

    Money Talks – “Means that cheap talk will get you nowhere, while money will persuade people to do as you like” http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Money%20Talks%2C%20Bullshit%20Walks

  • 1

    It is time that you stopped flogging jayantha Dhanapala. Bensen

    • 5

      On the contrary, I am glad that CT is pursuing this without fail.

      I am saddened that as a result of this guy’s greed the Friday Forum has gone silent in recent times. Even after the recent attack on MP’s in the south by the “toy gun” mayor we had no statement from them (or the many other incidents where in previous times they would have condemned it).

      Jayantha has to decide if he is willing to take the Friday Forum with him as he sinks.
      So far it looks like it he is willing to do that……proves that we live in a “me me me me” world !

      (Could CT send Jayantha the statement of of the South Korean PM resignation? That’s standing up and being counted as man of principle )

  • 1

    I can’t understand the level of ignorance of the people who try to disturb Mr Dhanapala.

    The hibernation period is not yet over yet for him. Give him little time till he gets up and he will address all your issues thereafter.

    PR Advisor to Ambassador Dhanapala

  • 1

    It is a shame that this issue has damaged the good reputation of a decent man. I would give him more time to come up with a solution.

  • 1

    A media, properly registered as a news source for public, is being blocked from public viewing by a private action. That is serious crime against public’s right and a serious crime against country’s democracy. Even the nastiest government in the world, GOSL is denying its connection in that. This guy who wants to portray him as a gentleman has nothing to say about the company, in which he is director, doing this.

    Basing only the above facts one can come only to two conclusions.
    1. Jeyantha Dhanapala has a personal interest to tolerate or to entertain this blockage.
    2. Jeyantha Dhanapala, though portraying himself as a gentleman, in reality, is nastier than the GOSL, because even the GOSL is trying to save it image at some point, but not Jayantha Dhanapala.

  • 1

    Wonder how and why Friday Forum suddnley went silent and missing contributing their news and views to CT.

    They were on top of CT news columns Just before CT online publications were banned by Rajapakse Government.

    Dialog advertisting budget alone is massive 7.3 Billion rupees.

    Just imagine where the 25% user Tax goes into.

    No wonder not only money talks but Laptops, Duty free cars and mega bribes walk and talk.

    We miss Friday Forum news editirials very badly.

    Also Dr.Danapala would have been Sri Lanka’s UN Rep. than a mere Army officer.

  • 1

    Whoever said this man was always a slimeball, was right on the money! This leopard won’t change his spots and what other commentators don’t seem to realise is that the stand that the other members of Friday Forum have taken by their dead silence is a clear indication of THEIR ethical standards. They are ALL a bunch of hypocrites who are primarily interested in promoting their own financial well-being and will NEVER do anything to place themselves or their incomes at risk!

  • 1

    Disrespectful Dhanapala should be kicked out of Friday Forum if he does not resign from Dialog mafia

  • 0

    What is the standard of our print media ??

  • 0

    Dear Jayantha,

    A mountain will not shake because of the barking of a few mongrel.

    Colombo Telegraph is very much an e-paper that caters to a few who show utter disrespect to peace loving Sri Lankans in general and to the HE the President of Sri Lanka and Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa (who systematically decimated the terrorist plague from Sri Lanka) in particular.

    You do not have to respond to any of these vultures who call you names. If CT cannot be accessed by Dialog users it is tough luck. You are too smart a person to respond to trash and rubble rousers. Using the CT I notice many writers resort to almost childish but venomous in slandering the political leadership and the peace loving people of Sri Lanka.

    Under the cover of the journalism the likes of International Press Institute, HRW, Paki Saravanamuttu, as well as a few (mostly Tamil) and supporters of opposition political parties use CT to trash the likes of Jayantha Dhanapala, D B S Jeyaraj, Dr. Nadesan or for that matter anyone who shows some balnced opinion.

    Shame, Utter Shame.

    JP / USA

    • 0

      Are saying those guys are still suckling babies, lying on the mat, cannot crawl even Poisonous snakes are circling the poor babies?

      Some crocodiles who have earned bungalows and Benzes are now supporting GOSL to have some power at the Royal government.

    • 0

      Jay Pathbey,
      you and the ilk your represent are a greater shame to our nation. CT is a great forum where we can exchange our views – Long silence given by JD is no means acceptable. He has to react atleast in coming days, if not his image would surely be tarnished.

      That is all we can say.

      Rajapakshes are looters/highly talented to abuse own folks. No need to say how they perform today. Can we proud of Rajapakshes ?

      As sinhalaya we are ashamed to see Rajapakshe deliberately abuse this nation for their political survival. War victory against LTTERs took the lives of the innocient civilians inthat part of the island – is a fact. Believe or not – from what we got to see, uncountable numbers went missing. All these are srilankens, humanbeings, not subhumans as you guys would feel. Sad to see you guys would only see – crushing them for any high price, not respecting the human losses was a good thing. Latter is not the message given by Buddha. In our country,there is a significant portion of populace that do feel, could this have been solved through discussions, thousands of lives could have been saved. Fractions that lost their lovely ones to be made seen as negligble while painting the picture FURTHER in favour of majorities that govt believe are happy in no war situation.

  • 0

    Friday Forum is finished. Jayantha Dhanapala has taken it down with his reputation now shattered. But what prevents Colombo Telegraph from taking Dialog to Court? Is there a legal impediment due to jurisdictional difference?

  • 0

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