18 August, 2022


Gota’s New PR Drive To Beat The FCID

The Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) dismissed a statement from former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa to “white wash” the MiG-27 fighter jet scandal by saying all documents were submitted in a case to the District Court Mount Lavinia.

GotaAn FCID spokesman said those documents were given when Rajapaksa was fighting a libel action against The Sunday Leader newspaper. They had exposed details of the corrupt MiG deal. “We are not concerned about his defence there. We are conducting a probe. All I can say is we have found some startling findings. I cannot say anything further because the probe is still under way,” the spokesman said.

This week Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been upset over the Colombo Telegraph revelations. He has been telephoning police higher ups and government leaders and asking them not to proceed with the investigations. He has told them that all the details can be found in the case he filed against The Sunday Leader. Why the former Defence Secretary is so worried and trying to take cover under his own defence in a court case is very obvious – he does not want the Police to continue further investigations. The once powerful official in Sri Lanka kept the media out when the case was heard in the Mount Lavinia Courts. No one was allowed to be present in the courthouse and he now wants the Police and the Sri Lankan public to believe what he has said. Here is his statement:

Last Sunday, it was reported in one Sunday newspaper and one news website that the FCID which was carrying out an investigation into the purchase and overhaul of several MiG-27 aircraft in 2006 during my tenure as defence secretary had discovered a secret bank account in the name of Bellimissa Holdings Ltd which had been opened in the British Virgin Islands just before the deal. This is hardly the first time that this so called ‘MiG deal’ has featured in the press. This topic has been discussed in the media on an off for the past nine years. Since the change of government, interest in this matter has been revived by our political opponents and I believe this is an opportune moment to explain to the public what this issue is about. All the documents mentioned in this press release have been submitted the District Court of Mt Lavinia.

1. When the Chandrika Kumaratunga government bought two MiG-27 ground attack aircraft and one MiG-23 trainer aircraft in the year 2000, the contract for the supply of the planes was signed on 24 October 2000 with one T.S.Lee of DS Alliance of Singapore. Everyone knows that MiG aircraft are not manufactured in Singapore. The policy of our government was that arms would be purchased directly from the manufacturers so as to eliminate middlemen.

2. When our government decided in 2006 to purchase four MiG-27 aircraft and to get the three existing MiG-27 planes and one MiG-23 overhauled, we directly approached UKRINMASH the manufacturers of MiG planes in Ukraine. In the ‘letter of offer’ sent by UKRINMASH to the Ministry of Defence on 6 February 2006, it was specifically stated that this offer was being made in conjunction with a financier providing financing to the manufacturer and that the beneficiary of the letter of credit will be the financier. This formal letter of offer further said that they will inform us of the name of the beneficiary company within three days of signing the contract.

3. The UNP government of 2001-2004 had also made overtures to UKRINMASH for the supply of four MiG- 27 aircraft and in the letter of offer they had sent to the then Defence Minister Tilak Marapone on 22 April 2003, UKRINMASH had specified that the payment should be made to a finance company and that they will inform Sri Lanka of the name of the beneficiary company within three days of signing the contract. The method of payment laid out in the offer made to Mr Marapone is word to word the same as made to us in 2006.

4. Mr D.A.Peregudov a Director of UKRINMASH has written to the Sri Lanka Defence Ministry explaining that UKRINMASH is a fully state owned enterprise and that according to Ukrainian law, his establishment does not have the right to trade on credit terms and that they cannot offer credit facilities for two years as requested by us. Hence a financier by the name of Bellimissa Holdings Ltd would provide financing for the transaction.

5. When the contract was signed on 26 July 2006 for the supply of four MiG-27 aircraft and the overhaul of four other MiG aircraft, there were three signatories – the Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force as the buyer, UKRINMASH as the seller and Bellimissa Holdings Ltd as the designated party which was to receive the payment. This is a legally binding contract under Ukrainian and international law between two government agencies in Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

6. Section 23.1 of this contract specified that the buyer and the seller are aware that Bellimissa Holdings Ltd shall be involved to provide financing to facilitate the transaction and that all payments under this contract including freight charges shall be paid to Bellimissa Holdings Ltd.

7. When the Invoice for the purchase and overhaul of the MiG aircraft was sent by UKRINMASH to the commander of the air force on 31 July 2006, it was once again specified that the Bank of Ceylon should open letters of credit in favour of Bellimissa Holdings Ltd. When a state owned enterprise in a foreign country enters into a legally binding contract for the supply of aircraft, the buyer has to make the payment as the seller specifies.

There was nothing secret about the payment being made to Bellimissa Holdings Ltd, because they too were a signatory to the legal contract. We purchased these MiG aircraft directly from the manufacturers in Ukraine, the payment was made, the aircraft was delivered, they were used in the war which was won and those aircraft are still in service. This puerile attempt by certain interested parties to establish the impression among the public that there was something ‘secret’ and underhand about the purchase of these MiG aircraft is a part of a long standing attempt to sully my name and to cast doubt on my integrity. Behind all this is also the project of trying to tarnish the war victory itself. I call upon the people of Sri Lanka not to be misled by the propaganda of interested parties who are trying to turn a lie into a truth constantly repeating the lie.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

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Latest comments

  • 4

    here is a link to the google street view picture of the supposed address of Bellimissa holdings.


    just copy past

  • 15

    Gota was behind the murder of Lasantha who was trying to bring the truth out.
    It unbelievable why the Ukraine Government advised the Sri Lankan Government tomake the payment to a private company when they had a direct purchasing.We should ask Gota to produce the letter issued by the Ukraine Govt and check the genuineness of the letter as this can be a bogus.

    The other person who was making big money during MARA was Namal who bought huge lands and properties in all over the country.One such property is the Huge newly built house at Gover’s Street,Kirulapone.The Govt.is very much slow in apprehending these persons. I don’t know the reason for the delay.

  • 8

    Para 2 of Gota’s letter states:
    This formal letter of offer (sent by UKRINMASH) further said that they will inform us of the name of the beneficiary company within three days of signing the contract.”
    If that is correct how could that beneficiary company (Bellimissa Holdings Ltd) be a co-signatory to this contract. That shows that the beneficiary company was selected before signing of the contract.

    Gota also states: “all documents were submitted in a case to the District Court Mount Lavinia.” He should if he is to be charged it will be a criminal case and not a civil case which HE filed against “The Sunday Leader” He could state whatever, he wanted in filing this case, but there is no judgement to say that the courts accepted all what he has stated.

    The main concern is not from whom the planes were bought, but the corruption involving in this transaction. A party to the contract providing false address (non-existent company in the UK) Even if this company is in the British Virgin Islands, why was it not stated in the contact. It is said that this company was set-up only few days before this contract raises a number of questions, as to it’s credentials.

    The investigating authority should send investigators to Ukraine and do some more investigations there as to the authenticity of what Gota says.

    Citing the winning of war (he tries to show that he won it single handedly)does not absolve him from corruption. If any corrupt deal has taken place he should be brought to justice.

  • 11

    What is FCID doing? The Scotland Yard has confirmed that there is no such company registered or operating in UK. Have they not checked with the Bank of Ceylon as regards the Letter of Credit? If this “Financier” has been operating in another country to what bank the L/C was sent? As someone pointed out above if this “Financier” was registered after three days of the contract, how could they have been a party to the contract? Isn’t this simple logic and enough to go ahead with filing a criminal case of fraud in courts?

    The secret for the delay is: these BIG Wigs are “Big Brothers” when it comes to action. If there was an “Ordinary Podian” involved in it, already he would have been “crucified” and the case closed.

    • 10

      and also to charge him for contempt of court ( Mount Lavinia) for submitting false docs… Throw him in jail and let him rot there…. He may have fooled some people sometime, all the people sometime not ALL the people ALL the time…

      • 2

        He can fool All the people All of the time because the people are gon demalas, sinhala modayas and assorted imbeciles. We welcome Gota back before too long.

  • 4

    Gotabaya has violated several international laws as a government officer and also he is a citizen of America.

    1> Why Scotland yard not questioned Gotabaya for using false address on MIG deal
    2> Why British High Commission is not making any statement.
    3> Former Russian High Commissioner Udayana supplied arms to Russian rebels and it was illegal. Why America not questioned GL peris and former President and Gotabaya (who is involved in this).

    imagine, if an ordinary person has done these things the Global law enforcement will be all over.

    What is Mangala Samaraweera doing??

    Can some one answer my question .

    What is going on.

    Technicaly he should be deported to UK and USA for all these illegal dealings.

  • 10

    If as Gota alleges that since the Govt of Sri Lanka did not have the full Funds to pay up front, they had to obtain the funding from Belimissa & Co. Then obviously Sri Lanka would have had to settle Belimissa & Co in installments. It is not the case as Sri Lanka had paid upfront to Belimissa & Co. the full amount and the fact that Belimissa & Co ceased to exist no sooner the deal was done goes to prove that the payment was a hoax.

  • 5

    Migs Came! Migs Conquered!
    Everything else is history.
    Thanks to those Jets, We won the War. I do not give the two cents who sold them to us (In fact, it was cheaper than the normal price),

    When you see people who achieve great things, Appreciate them! Protect them. Do not sell our country to the West for two cents!
    We won our country with blood and toil of our brave soldiers. Do not betray them for any reason.

    • 8

      “I do not give the two cents who sold them to us (In fact, it was cheaper than the normal price)”,

      You Are an Top Class IDIOT.

      Those Migs Were Thrown away Junks and They reassembled the migs, Spares taken from Russian Vladivostok Aerodrome and Khaskasthan Yard,
      Then Jarapassa relative Weerathunga Got them with double Junkyard price with his Ghost Front company.

      Seeing that our JACK ASSES like you, Jump here and there telling,

      This is how they Give SUDDHEY, After YUddey.

      You need An Another Bail of HAY.

      • 0

        Your English skills are pretty weak

        Please read Gota’s article again – He lists out the reasons for that purchase and goes on to say why this deal is better compared previous ones – It seems to me you are commenting without reading – right ?

  • 10

    Srinath Gunaratne

    I agree with you. Leave alone two cents no
    one should sell the country even free if

    Don’t forget we are talking about a man
    who gave up Sri Lanka and went to United
    States. He swore allegiance to that nation
    and gave up citizenship in Sri Lanka. It is
    this great patriot who goes on calling all
    others traitors.

    Now Srinath – This is the fellow who jailed
    our war hero Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka. Why?
    Gotabaya suffers from a very high inferiority
    complex. He did not want anyone to outshine him.
    So he even re wrote history with a book titled
    Gota’s war. It is a ton of crap.

    So when such people achieve what you call “great
    things” are you suggesting that we coolies in Sri
    Lanka just take it lying down. He rode on the
    lives and limbs of our soldiers to take the credit.
    He jailed the man who won the war. So do you appreciate

    Pseudo nationalists like you are not worth the dust in
    the boots of Field Marshal Fonseka. You have swallowed
    hook, line and sinker Gota’s propaganda and read too
    much about Gota’s war. Open your eyes.

    Gota is not the man he is projected to be. He is a cold
    blooded killer, a crafty man who uses others as fronts to
    make ill gotten money and still lives with an inferiority
    complex. God has given him just deserts. The coffee is on
    the way…

    • 6

      But he says he is a good Buddhist and a vegetarian.Basically HAKKE BUDHRASH BOKKE WILD MEAT.

    • 7

      Nicely put… GOAT-a is just another Megalomaniac who abused the power of his Brother who HAPPENED to be the President of SL… He also is a Egoistic Maniac, who wanted fame and thought SF was in the way, so he masterminded a plan to kick SF and take all merits.Did SF leave the forces and flee to USA EVEN after he survived a nasty bomb attack? HECK NO.. Did GOATa flee to USA and claim Asylum? YES he did, he is a COWARD and has the balls to call the war “GOTA’s War” dumb cnut..

      I wish I can make toilet rolls with his facial image so that every time I wipe my ass I use his face… (^-^)

  • 3

    Like Gota people of great fame also made mistakes. King Datusena entombed a hermit in his place of meditation since he refused to move away (king needed the place for development). His son Kasyapa got his father plastered into a wall alive to die slowly – some kind of retribution. Give the devil credit for giving us Sigiriya. But if history repeats the punishment also comes as destined.

  • 7

    This ill tempered ego maniac left the shores of Sri Lanka after getting
    his late mother to cry before J.R. Jayewardene for his release from
    the Army.

    Seventeen long years later he returns. His brother has won the Presidential
    elections in 2005. Brother Mahinda makes him the Defence Secretary. He was
    till then a mere Lieutenant Colonel.

    He assumes office and uses his brother’s authority on anything and everything. He directs murders, assaults, abductions and robs public money. And for some
    fools, they cannot see through this foisted fool. He is a man with a serious
    imbalance who tried to ride on the communal bandwagon.

    Today he stands exposed as the biggest fraud.

  • 6

    I cannot agree with Kapila Wijenaike any more. This bogus hero is only a cardboard sando basking in the one time popularity of his brother. Other than that, he had NO other qualification. He demanded respect at the point of a gun and has no concern for the law or feelings of others. Every successive governments must ensure dogs like this do not abuse power after getting them through fortuitious circumstances. His statement is a reflection of his fear of going to jail. Why did he not tell this to the investigators.

    He has blamed all others except himself. One can only pray that this patta moosalaya does not come back to an exalted office like the Defence Secretary. He can instead by a Prison supervisor from inside for all the villany he has been responsible.

  • 0

    Put Sarath Fonseka in charge of the Rajapaksas and charge all of them with Treason for robbing this country

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