25 July, 2024


Operationalizing The ‘State Of Emergency’ Giving Government Headache

The government has run into a crisis following the declaration of a state of emergency for 10 days.

It was when documents following the gazette notification announcing the emergency was drafted that the possible repercussions have surfaced, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns.

Source involved in the process reveal that the ‘nitty gritty’ will cause the government embarrassment in relation to the ongoing engagement with the UNHRC and resolutions thereto.

In addition, there could be a negative impact on the tourism industry as well.

The Government didn’t have any options either, given the circumstances where communal violences threatened to spread and go out of control.

The Government is currently struggling to draft the provisions for the operationalising of the emergency. Colombo Telegraph learns that the task is yet to be completed.

A state of emergency has been proclaimed by the President in terms of Article 155 of the Constitution read with section 2(1) of the Public Security Ordinance of 1947 bringing into operation Part II of the said Ordinance. However, no emergency regulations have been made as provided in section 5(1) of the said Ordinance. Under section 5(1), the President is empowered to make such “emergency regulations” as appear to him to be necessary or expedient in the interests of public security and the preservation of public order and the suppression of mutiny, riot or civil commotion, or for the maintenance of supplies and services essential to the life of the community. Currently, action is under way to make emergency regulations that are necessary to bring an end to the current state of emergency, and it is expected that the regulations will be made and published in the Gazette by Wednesday.

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  • 5

    Who cares about UNHRC and tourism, Who cares about the economy and poor people,( after all they them self do not care).Who cares about world view let alone our own citizens views, Politicians only care to be in power so that they can loot and rape, amaze wealth of unaccountable proportions, There is abundant retarded public to do the dirty work, They just have to show them the dark to scare the hell out of them, They have plenty of scare crows in shape of religion/language to use , They have been using this in turns since 1948 and people never got tired of it, So country men get together and burn it together, The con will always have the last laugh on the way to bank coffers.

  • 5

    The government should investigate and find out who is behind the BBS, why they made certain trips abroad to particular countries, and who they met there. They should also follow the money trail. They will find the answers there.

    Sri Lankans must resist foreign interference, and manipulation, from outside sources, that only mean to harm this country, as they have evil agendas. They should stop being used as a tool.

  • 0

    Sirisena must resign , after this big tragedy done to the Muslims, he is there as president because of the minority votes and if he cannot reign in the people behind this carnage , (who it is we all know ,) what is the purpose of a president like him. The hand behind this carnage is the raggapaka , gamma pika, weerapanna, lohan ,and so on . Why does the President not want Sarath Fonseka as law and order minister?Who is Dudley to give advice to him , relationship must not come in to play with the ruling of the. Country. .People did not vote for Dudley ,the man protecting the Rajapaksas. Sirisena must resign.

    • 0


      Along with Sirisena, Ranil W and his entire cabinet should resign. Why are you putting the entire blame on the President now. Didn’t the 19th amendment curb his powers to act as the supreme leader?

      As usual, you blame Mahinda for this again? Why can’t you let that old man rest? Anything happens and lo you idiots start blaming Mahinda. What is the basis for your allegations?

      • 0

        Is Mahinda the old man resting? He is Dr Jekkyl Mr hide , and what a way of getting back to power so that he and the lock stock and barrel of his. clan can escape all the frauds murders ,land grabbing money laundering and what not .
        Are you deaf dumb and blind to all his wicked doings.

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    Current Govt. is going for new state of emergency that towards auhtoritiain rule of politics by UNP type of “good governances”. .There is no rule of law in Island-wide . In fact Minority not only that majority are not safe in under the UNP rulers….RW?

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