21 May, 2024


Ranil’s Real Agenda Revealed

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

It was none other—and no less—than Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, who in an interesting article in the world press, provides us with the key phrase in understanding what’s going on in this country, how we came to be at this point, who benefits and who were probably involved, what the agenda is and where we are headed.   In a piece published in the Japan Times, he uses the phrase: “…resetting our strategic position in the world.” (‘Winning Sri Lanka’s Peace’, The Japan Times, April 8, 2015).

Note that Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, a shrewd man, is not talking about ‘re-balancing’, of ‘course correction’; of a shift in emphasis from the ham-fisted external relations of the second Rajapaksa term. He is not talking about tactics, but about strategic positioning; about re-setting our strategic position in the world. This is a fundamental shift from Sri Lanka’s traditional positioning deriving from the island’s history, geography and abiding sense of collective identity (what Dr. Kissinger calls “the character of nations”).

The problem with such re-setting of our strategic position is not one of ideological preference. It is a matter of Sri Lanka’s core national interest. Is that interest served by resetting our global strategic position; reorienting it towards the US-UK and India, with their influential Tamil lobbies and vote blocs? The most recent evidence yields a negative answer.

Prime Minister David Cameron made the following disclosure in his message for Sinhala and Tamil New Year:

“When I met with President Sirisena in Downing Street last month I offered my support for the steps his government has begun to take to address the issues of the past. But I was also clear that the Government must go further and that they must continue to offer full support to the ongoing UN investigation”.  (‘Sri Lanka Must Offer Full Support to the Ongoing UN Investigation’: David Cameron, Colombo Telegraph April 14, 2015)

We learn from this statement that:

  1. The UK isn’t willing to trade off the international inquiry for the domestic one that the new administration is hoping to embark upon
  2. The UK continues to support and push the UN inquiry
  3. It expects the new Sri Lankan Government to do so, over and beyond any domestic probe, and
  4. The new Sri Lankan government is already offering full support to that pernicious UN inquiry –hence Prime Minister Cameron’s phrase “they must continue to offer full support to the ongoing UN investigation”.

The question then is: is there a sell-out going on here that we don’t know about? Does President Sirisena know about it, or does he suspect it but doesn’t know it for sure, and it is being perpetrated by the Ranil-Mangala dispensation?

Ranil’s real threat perception

Completely unconcerned about any challenge from the SLFP – to the point that he doesn’t mention it—Ranil revealed his real threat perception in his Japan Times article: “…lest our people become discouraged and be tempted by the autocratic forces waiting in the wings to return to power in the coming parliamentary election.”

Stemming from his electoral threat perception, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe is telling blatant untruths—which he knows to be untruths– to the world media. He writes“…Sri Lanka’s military leaders honored their oaths and bravely rebuffed Rajapaksa’s unconstitutional order to annul the election and maintain him in power.” (‘Winning Sri Lanka’s Peace’, The Japan Times, April 8, 2015).

If there was such “unconstitutional order”, the Prime Minister should disclose the evidence in Parliament. Not only has the former army commander refuted the allegation in some detail in an interview given to a prominent newspaper (owned by the PM’s family), to which there has been no rebuttal, the Courts promptly dismissed the allegation against Mahinda Rajapaksa with regard to illegal orders and troop movements, when it was leveled by the radical-left FSP candidate Duminda Nagamuwa.

Author Taylor Dibbert, a Washington DC based critical analyst of the Rajapaksa dispensation writes a piece in The Diplomat, which reminds us of the reality that makes Ranil’s electoral scenario credible: “…Rajapaksa still won a majority of Sinhalese votes (the overwhelming ethnic majority in a country whose population exceeds 20 million)…”.

It is that “overwhelming ethnic majority” who form the natural, organic foundation of this island nation-state, whose vital interests will be jeopardized and will face an existential threat, if the global strategic re-setting and re-positioning envisaged by Prime Minister Wickremesinghe is allowed to succeed.

As was the case over centuries and even millennia, there is a force and fact that stands in the way of “re-setting of our strategic position in the world” as most recently projected by Ranil.

Mr. Wickremesinghe being far more intelligent than his political partner Chandrika, their supporters and their cosmopolitan civil society ideologues, has spotted the contemporary expression of that resistance and the probability of its resurgence.

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  • 11

    Dr Jayatilleka
    Is it possible that the current regime is cognizant of all these dangers you talk of but is choosing to maintain a working relationship with the US in order to maneuver an outcome more favorable to Sri Lanka. I feel that the previous regime’s approach simply made us fully dependent on exploitative narrow relationships with countries such as China.

    • 4

      I really dont see why this [Edited out] DJ has been making every effort to paint the picture in favours of the wrong side. Not many would agree with him that Ranil has some hidden agendas to betray the nation. It was the Rajapakshe biased mechanismes spread all blatant lies to be on good books while abusing the nation further along the fact that they predicted Rajapakshe would have been executed if he would not have been given a third term- makes it clear today those were blatant lies of low grade to animate the guillible gawky stupid majoritiy that have been far away from facts and figures of the Rajapakshe dictorial regime.

      [Edited out]

      WEe dont need to check it again andagain, Rajapakshes are brutal, unethical racals born to idiots to destroy the nation for their their political existence.

    • 8

      When the country is being ruled. In an orderly manner. This fool wants to spoil it all and spread venom to get his own way. like the last Regime did.
      Spread and sling mud at any one doing good to the country.

      It’s a kind of Depressive illness. By hook or by crook ruin and destroy the goodness of anything and any one . This is the mentality of this man and his Master &co. In the past they made the MODAYAS to believe.

      While they swindled and plundered the country there was no positivity. Ran down the world leaders continuously and became the worst ruler of the world his Master , worse than Mugabe Polpot and the others .

      Srilankans should not give into this absurd psychology of BRAINWASHING. The general public proved at the presidential election and will be proved again. This sycophant will go on destroy the country with his ideology.
      So called ” Doctorate ” in toilet Cleaning I guess.

      Him and his master .tried and succeeded in reverse psychology on every news and bulletins. they succeeded in destroying mentally several past and present Politicians.

      I would say the people to be strong and beware to face against these psychotics. He. and his master used the MEDIA. to destroy Politicians and journalists ECT

      ONE can be destroyed not only by bullets and bombs but the MEDIA too is a powerful weapon.

      • 5

        This man is digging his Hell hole in the name of his fabricated and Hate Journalism.

        If MS calls him with a job offer like some one written earlier he is sure to run with his tail wagging. Shameless.

        Needs serious psychiatric treatment. When there is goodness on the way for our country he had to spoil it all.

        CT please stop this man’s utterance. [Edited out]

    • 1

      I have moved from SL long ago. WHile continuing my life in Europe, I have moved several places depending on my job and the related issues but still within EU. So I have got on with diverse nationalities. What we then experienced in Lanka, you can also face it here. I mean in terms of the manner of people and personalities. They are gossipy and scare mongering the kind of people found almost in every neighbourhoods. What I am trying to say is- this particular Dayana Jayathilaka- surely being unemployed has been on a scare mongering mode in order not being able to achieve his personal agenda. Pre or post election sessions, the man has always been set on attacking mode on Ranil, Chandrika and any good move coming from anyone but proxy Mahinda even if his almost looted as hundereds of files could describe them. I think these are the disadvantages of free media – on any country. I personally, so long people are not cilvized enough one should have Germany’s SPD style governance. Else in the name of democracy people could abuse the rights easily in our countries.

    • 2

      jayatilake, please inform me early, so that I can welcome you at the assylum at Angoda.

    • 0

      Sir do not waste your time, with this man. He hears his own voice and seems to like it.he is just a political scientist . He thinks he is a rocket scientist.

  • 5

    To me this guy is crazy. He changes his stance every now and then.He thinks he is the only learned/knowledgeable guy in SL and he expect us to belive. Actually it is the media in SL who had made him believe and behave this way. Can any one with a little brain and common sense say that previous regime was better than the current one ? Apart from anything else what people enjoy today is the freedom they have under MY3 and Ranil . Isn’t it great? Like the Bhutan PM said we must measure the gross domestic happiness and not the GDP in a country.What the previous regime showed us was fairy tales like unnecessary Ports,Airports , towers, casinos, port cities etc which are of no use to the ordinary citizens in SL. Still this guy says they are better. isn’t he crazy?

  • 5

    DJ is in a state of enforced joblessness. CB knows him too well. Ranil wont touch him with a barge pole.

    The African dictators and their Chinese sponsors have not flown him in as advisor. So he is stuck in SL with nothing to do.

    Have pity on him – for he will remain unemployable unless by his dialectic arguments he is able to topple governments – and he is giving his best shot at that.

    • 2

      He is [Edited out] Kelaniya Mervin Silva. Not many would see it right the way DJ has been attacking any goodies moving towards the changes heading lanka a civilized state. Just to go on with scare mongering for selfish agendas is the last of the hour. THis man would never be sent to represent the nation again. That is for sure. Ms Marlathoni from Rome, Italy

  • 5

    Am totally agree with all these comments ,DJ is changing his stance all the time,shameless man, if he’s been offered something by M3 he will go behind wagging his tail. He did sort of talks during Premadsa regime too, at the end nothing happened , so best thing is to ignore this guy,,

  • 2

    DJ, I hope you read all these comments.No body is prepared to trust you.I suppose you have to do some work for MR who gave the black money.now the world has become smaller.Information dissipated within few minutes.But you are losing your credibility.

  • 1

    Lets say, for the sake of argument what DJ says is just empty rhetoric that he is trying to get in to MRs good books for a good posting if and when MR bocmes PM.
    What did Mahinda Samarasinghe say in the “Island” today?

    ” He said that the country would have faced an unprecedented crisis if not for the UNHRC decision to defer the report on Sri Lanka until September. Had Geneva received the report in March as previously planned, Western powers would have imposed economic sanctions on the country, Minister Samarasinghe said.”
    he futher stated that if that were the case it would have caused a major crisis crippling our exports.

    If one were to compare the two,one would easily realise that we are already between a hard place and a rock.

    The actual situation is, we are done for a sanctions regime and sooner we brace ourselves for it the better.
    The difference how ever is, with the present subservient government to the west we either give in to their demands,which means Eelam or face UN sanctions for no Russia or China will defend us now in the UN.
    Where as with previous governments position we would have only to face US sanctions if we do not give in to their demands.
    Even though the losses we may have to face look the same it is not the same.
    US could have imposed sanctions on us with out all this drama but it does not serve their purpose that is why they are patient until we give in and looks like the japalanaya will cave in.

  • 0

    Isn’t it kind of frustrating that Yahapalanaya is obtructing the whitevanning of [Edited out]

  • 1

    Don’t you worry DJ. The days of these jokers are numbered,YES ! RW, MS,CBK et el..The government is already shaky and in a fluid state while My3 is flying a lot collecting Air miles and RW joking about shooting TN fisher folks, denying facts about Tamil detainees, HSZ, returning the grabbed land, removing forces from occupied fertile lands of Tamils.

    You better bring MR and his gang of 400 thieves, they will do a lot more of the same like in the past 10 donkey years…and then the US, UK,IC, UNHRC will intervene, sort out matters favourable to Tamils and Muslims, the most affected lot.

    You can continue writing your ‘usual’ or get a diplomutt post to place like Mali (Timbuctu), have nice french wine and fly a kite in the desert before being called back…
    MR & Gota will ‘finish’ their job of destroying the rest of the country and people. They will not build any more roads or airports because they are already filthy rich. But they will make sure that Lanka and Lankans see hell at home. Will any one care ?!

    • 2


      If I were Ranil I would appoint him as the next Ambassador to Israel. He will have a lot of explaining to do for being “pro” Palestinian.

  • 0

    This article has been written by a veteran professional on the subject. Therefore people whoread this though they may not understand this fully rely on the contents.With my experience in the recent past I do not agree with this though I am less educated.These votes are from people who do not have access to real information, their attitudes have been drastically changed due to recent setup. Not sensitive, do not imagine things.priorit is money for most of them. do not think or talk on common good.Many items were distributed,state power were used.Therefore I do not feel this is the real desire of them.I thoght he is trying to say we should rely on China.They have done may things true. But have we veruried effectiveness of those investments.When Western people throw us a problem are we to lose every thing thinking that or are we to find a workable solution for that.When some one throw us a problem we say every thing is due to that and we get away.It is my very genuine question I have lost most of my valuable assets. Is this writer has a very genuine concern over this country or having some other concern? You are free to answer. Sir pleare answer . I am a layman on this subject. I want to really learn from you,if there is.

    • 0

      Yes Sriyani, this article had been written by Dayan Jayatileke PhD[Edited out]

  • 0

    Hi Native:

    That will be a ‘wonderful’ (punishment) posting for Dr.DJ and a good riddance for most of Lankans, provided he accepts it.
    I don’t think he’s that stupid but will bargain for any other cool European destinations.

  • 0

    gentlemen: Please meet DR. Dayan Jayatileka PhD [Edited out]

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