7 December, 2023


Sri Lankan Muslims At The Cross Roads – XVI – Post-Script And Muslim Population Problem

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

I had intended to conclude my observations on ‘Muslim extremism’ with my last article but the feedback I have been getting indicates that there is a need for clarifications before I proceed to another subject, and hence this postscript. I was rather tentative in advancing the thesis that Buddhism virtually disappeared in India, not because of Muslim conquest, but because of absorption into Hinduism. It has since become clear to me that there can be absolutely no doubt about that. The BBS and other groups should henceforth desist from charging that formerly Buddhist countries became Muslim through Muslim conquest. Their continuing to make that charge would be tantamount to culpable hate speech.

The notion that Islam is essentially a violent religion seems to be deeply engrained among non-Muslims. The truth is that mass violence on a horrifying scale has been resorted to by the adherents of all the great world religions. The book Le rendez-vous des civilisations by Youssef Courbage and Emmanuel Todd (a Jew) points out that the American invasion of Iraq shows that the West is not prepared to give up without a struggle its title to be the world champion in all categories of mass massacre, as demonstrated by the Second World War, which included the Holocaust and Hiroshima. The authors add, “All that without the martial and spiritual aid of Mohammed.” They point out also that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda achieved a gigantic scale that recalled earlier massacres in Europe. They wryly add, “But Rwanda is almost entirely Christian and no one attributes, as far as we know, the Rwanda horror to a peculiar essence of Christianity”. The ignorant denigration of Islam as having an essential nexus with violence must stop.

There also seems to be a propensity, something like a compulsory drive in fact, to blur the distinction between ‘Muslim extremism’ and mainstream Islam, and to see the former as the real mainstream. My arguing the opposite case is seen as based on a tendentious selection of data. That counter-argument ignores the fact that all the versions of the world religions, including the orthodox ones, are based on a selection of data. However the facts speak loud and clear because in the greater part of the Islamic world it is orthodox Islam that prevails, not the extremist variants. Has anyone heard about Muslim extremism being a problem in the Muslim Central Asian Republics? In some countries, Algeria being a notable case, Muslim extremism which became very powerful has been decisively defeated. Consider the fact that there are five million Muslims in France, but only about two thousand were wearing the burqa at the time President Sakorzky was moving against it. That fact suggests that the great majority of Muslim migrants to the West abandon the insignia of Wahabism and take to a liberal version of Islam.

The BBS has challenged the ACJU and the National Shoora Council to denounce the Islamic State. The other important Muslim civil society organization, the Muslim Council, has already done so, and I am told so has the NSC President according to a TV channel. The Muslim civil society reaction to the IS has certainly been very disappointing, but that most certainly does not mean that they are sympathetic to the IS or other jihadist movements. The important point is that the Wahabism promoted by our madrasas has up to now been entirely apolitical. It is an important point also that the Wahabism promoted by the Deoband in India is also apolitical. Edward Luce recounts that he raised the question of the destruction of the Bamiyan statues with a Maulana of the Deoband, which the Taliban regards as its spiritual home. The Maulana replied: “These people in the Taliban are Pathans. Pathan culture is much more fierce than Indian culture. You would be wrong to confuse the excesses of Pathan culture with Deoband”. So-called ‘Muslim extremism’ is a complex phenomenon that we must try to understand in all its complexity.

Muslim PopulationAn alleged SL Muslim population explosion is supposed to be the second issue that poses an existential threat to the Sinhalese. I have shown above that the first such issue, so-called Muslim extremism, is nonsensical. The second issue seems to be identical with the first one in that it too is nonsensical. But there is a significant difference between the two in that the demographic threat is far, infinitely far, more nonsensical. I say this because it is just conceivable that Muslim extremism may come to pass in Sri Lanka. Should there be further bouts of violence of the Aluthgama/Beruwela order culminating in an anti-Muslim replication of 1983, it is conceivable that Jihadist groups will emerge and we will have a full-blown ‘Muslim extremism’ problem. On the other hand, it is inconceivable – taking into account the facts revealed in the statistical table given above and taking into account also the well-established facts of demography – that the SL Muslim population will leap forward in such a way as to make Sri Lanka a majority Muslim country by 2050. That is the case made out in anti-Muslim propaganda. It cannot be taken seriously.

I will now proceed firstly to deal with the significance of the facts revealed in the statistical table. Secondly I will deal – in bare outline and very briefly – with Muslim demography on a global scale. Finally I will argue that the expectation that Muslims will outnumber everyone else and dominate the globe is just an expression of Islamophobia, which of course is a form of racism. It reminds me of the “yellow peril”, the expectation that the Chinese would outnumber everyone else and dominate the globe, a notion that obsessed the idiotic racists of the West for several decades.

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    Mr. Izeth Hussein:

    Quran asks muslims to lie and be criminal in order to protect Islam. Muslims are allowed and asked to lie in order to protect Islam.

    Human kills humans. You can not take that as an excuse. It is only Muslims and christians who had Conquests and Crusades. It is only those two religions which killed IN THE NAME OF THE RELIGION. Muslims are killing muslims in order to purify ISLAM and muslims are killing devotees of other religions in order expand islam and muslims are worshipping places and destroying properties of other of other religions because muslims think the world should be muslim.

    Instead of bull$hitting prove it if it is wrong.

    • 9

      Jim Softly, Hate can blind you, beware.

    • 16

      Jimmy, Jimmy,

      It is a stupid religion which says you must lie to protect it.

      By the way we are not a great religion either. Remember when JR Jayawardena allowed a Mahayana temple to be erected close to Galle? Our brothers went and destroyed it even stoning the devotees of that temple. Even now do you think our monks will allow such a temple to be built anywhere in Sri Lanka? We are as bad or even worse than the other two religions you mention. Catholics and Protestants/Anglicans live side by side today. Sunni and Shia have been living side by side for for 1400 years but they are fighting now.

      In Sri Lanka we are destroying Hindu Kovils and Mosques even now. Killing civilians (1983 and Aluthgama)because they are not Singhalese Buddhists. Are we any better?

    • 6

      Muslims will be always in the cross roads. They are specialists in dangling – opportunistically siding to get the most benefits.

      If all other religions in the world equate and overwhelm the hippocratic Muslims, we will see a better world order.

      They are pests and they thrive on going beyond the lines drawn by the other good and respectable religions.

      If they are in the X roads now from there they must enter the space of hell to bring peace in the world.

      Other religions are showing good behaviour to tolerate the intoxicated Muslims and they cry of foul play when attempts are made to bring check and balance on them.

      How can a religion follow the gospels of a confirmed paedophile Prophet Mohamed?

      The world is leading to an anarchic state with the breading religion Islam.

      • 1

        They are cross road traders. Their only worry now is that there is no war between Tamils and the Sinhalese so that they can do business. They are praying for that now.
        Please don’t blame them for lying. After all they are living in Sri Lanka isn’t it.

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      Izeth Hussain,

      Please don’t try to find reasons for the Sinhala Buddhists’ hatred towards Muslims.

      This phenomenon is worldwide: Muslims are hated not only by Buddhists in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, they are also hated by Hindus in India. Some Christians hate Muslims too.

      There are hatred between different ethnic or religious groups for different reasons, but irrational beliefs are the basic cause of hatred.

      Reasons are ‘manufactured’ by unscrupulous politicians or groups to start the hatred. For example Tamils are living in the North East of Sri Lanka for 3 millenniums or more, but the Sinhalese extremists propagate a gross lie that they came from India. Then Sinhalese masses believe these falsehoods and intolerance starts and ending up in hatred and in the worst case, genocide of the hated group as in Nazi Germany. Same thing happened/happening to Tamils in Sri Lanka.

      Human beings can be rational at times but most of the time they tend to be irrational: We don’t need a PhD in political science or sociology to find this truth

      Instead of trying to prove that Muslims have not done any harm to Sinhalese or Buddhists, do what is necessary to uphold the rights of Muslims in Sri Lanka.

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      You do great injustice by ignoring the mother-religion, Judaism. The Hebrews, by their own accounts, took great pride in the atrocities they committed on being thrown out of Egypt. The Old Testament is full of them, where entire city-states were wiped out including all livestock, and elsewhere where the women and children were taken as prisoners. Both the Christians and the Muslims for different reasons took the lessons seriously enough to commit similar atrocities at different times.

      Even today, the Judaics, though 93-94% are ethnically different from the original Hebrews, are no less vile, as their actions in Gaza indicate.

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      Izeth Hussain –

      “The authors add, “All that without the martial and spiritual aid of Mohammed.” They point out also that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda achieved a gigantic scale that recalled earlier massacres in Europe. They wryly add, “But Rwanda is almost entirely Christian and no one attributes, as far as we know, the Rwanda horror to a peculiar essence of Christianity”. The ignorant denigration of Islam as having an essential nexus with violence must stop”

      “Finally I will argue that the expectation that Muslims will outnumber everyone else and dominate the globe is just an expression of Islamophobia, which of course is a form of racism. It reminds me of the “yellow peril”, the expectation that the Chinese would outnumber everyone else and dominate the globe, a notion that obsessed the idiotic racists of the West for several decades.”

      Yellow Peril, Communist, Peril, are perils. However, it is the Wahhabi Peril, that is the real peril right now, that turns true Muslims into Wahhabi, Satan Devils, funded by Satanic Saudi Arabia, They attack, Shia Muslims, Sufi Muslims Ahamedia Muslims and others who do not follow the Wahhabi Devilss and their Clones Satanic ideology and theology.

      BBS and Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” follow Mara, not Buddha.

      Thank you for clarifying your point, that Buddhism in India declined because of Muslims. Buddhism was already in decline by the 5th and 6th centuries during and Monk Mahanama of Mahawansa wanted yo save Buddhism in Lanka from Hinduism, all BEFORE the advent of Islam. South India was not invaded by the Muslims, and yet Buddhism declined.

      Now Remember, BBS and Many Sinhala “Buddhists” are liars. They do not follow Buddha Dhamma. They follow Sinhala Mara Dhamma.

      Lanka was Hindu Before it gradually became Buddhist.

      What about the Native Veddah Aethho Nobody want to talk about them? why? Teir land was stolen by the Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamils.

      The Vedda Tribe


      Tamil-speaking Veddas of Vaharai await war recovery support


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      Jim softy

      “Quran asks muslims to lie and be criminal in order to protect Islam. Muslims are allowed and asked to lie in order to protect Islam. “

      Can you please give the Deference in the Quran?

      Chapter and line (Ayath)

    • 1

      Dear Izeth Hussain

      RE: Sri Lankan Muslims At The Cross Roads – XVI – Post-Script And Muslim Population Problem.

      The Sinhala increased from 60% o 70%. The Hindus decreased. Why? Muslims also increase.

      Has Malaria and better health services has something to do with it as well?

      It is not only SL Muslims. It is the Muslims in general.

      The Good, the bad and the Ugly, “Muslims” and Sinhala “Buddhists”.

      More than the population, the real Problem is Wahhabi and their Clones, that is destroying Muslims from within and and other s in their midst. example ISIS, The Satanic state if Iraq and Syria.

      So a coalition need to be formed to defeat the Wahhabi devils, the Satans. A similar coalition need to be formed to defeat the Sinhala “Buddhist: Devils, Maras.

      10 Arab states join the US in battle against Isil
      Saudi Arabia among 10 Arab states which agree to join Barack Obama’s “international coalition” against Isil, after ministers hold talks with John Kerry


      By Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent, and Peter Foster in Washington9:05PM BST 11 Sep 2014

      A coalition of 10 Arab states threw their support behind Barack Obama’s pledge to destroy the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) movement in Iraq and Syria on Thursday.

      In a welcome boost to US plans for defeating the militant Islamist group, regional powers including Saudi Arabia and Jordan pledged to “do their share” in the battle.
      The announcement in Saudi Arabia was carefully choreographed, coming hours after the president told the American people that he would expand US air strikes against the militants, promising that Isil would ultimately be “vanquished from the Earth”.

      As Mr Obama marked the anniversary of the September 11 attacks with a moment of silence at the White House, the 10 regional allies — which also included Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates — issued their statement after a meeting in Jeddah with John Kerry, the US secretary of state.

      They promised that they would join in “the comprehensive fight” against Isil, including choking off funds and fighters to the group.

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        Dear Izeth Hussain

        RE: Sri Lankan Muslims At The Cross Roads – XVI – Post-Script And Muslim Population Problem.

        Islamic State: Deviants or Extension of Wahhabism?
        By Ali Alyami, Executive Director of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia
        Location United States United States September 12, 2014 7:52 am·


        The Arab people have a gargantuan stake in defeating Islamic State (IS) and the likes.

        Like the Saudi system’s operators, the newly established jihadi state’s tyrants interpret and use the Quran and the Shariah as a lethal tool to justify their beheading spree, destruction of shrines and sanctuaries they consider un-Islamic (according to their interpretation) and to reduce their opponents to subhuman levels. Instilling fear of religious and political authorities in peoples’ hearts and minds as the best means of control is not new to Islamic movements, such as Salafi Wahhabism.

        It’s paradoxical that the Saudi religious and political rulers decry the barbarity of the Islamic State (IS) terrorists at a time when they themselves beheaded 17 people in a two week period in Saudi Arabia. Don’t the Saudi autocrats understand that their actions not only send a green light to those who are in the business of killing, but render the Saudi Salafi practitioners scorned hypocrites in the eyes of their people and other Muslims and non-Muslims? IS and other homicidal groups use Saudi Arabia as a role model to justify their savagery. After all, Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam, home to its holiest shrines and is ruled by self-proclaimed (“Custodians of the Holy Mosques”) leaders of the Muslim world.

        It’s being argued that the homicidal operatives of the newly established Islamic State, IS, are an extension of the 18th century’s Saudi/Wahhabi religious and ethnic cleansing movement. Both claim that they are following in the 6th century “Dark Age” footsteps of Prophet Mohammed, “purifying” people by converting them to Salafi (original) Islam and eliminating those who refuse. Given this history, how do those (Muslims and some non-Muslims) who continue to insist that Islam is a non-violent religion explain IS’s actions-the rampant enslavement and rape of mostly non-Muslim women and burying their husbands and sons alive-to those who argue that Islam has been a repressive and violent religion from its inception?

        Additionally, critics, including increasing numbers of Muslims, argue that Muslims’ actions, as exemplified by the current butchery in Arab countries, continue to prove that Islam is inherently incompatible with peaceful co-existence, freedom of expression, respect for human rights and for the individual’s right to choose.

        It’s deceitfully ironic that some of the most outspoken critics of IS are the Saudi Mufti, the highest religious authority and King Abdullah. The Saudi Mufti declared recently that the IS is Islam’s “enemy number one,” when in reality IS’s policies and practices are identical to those of the Wahhabi movement whose philosophy forms the basis of the Saudi state. It is no secret that intolerance of religious, social and political differences is part of Saudi schools’ curricula, mosques’ sermons and state policy. Like the Wahhabis who swept to power on a tide of violence in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, IS is using cruel methods to achieve the same objectives. The differences between the IS’s practices and the Saudi/Wahhabi movement are only in degree, not in substance. The current Saudi system still uses some of the methods for which they condemn IS: beheadings, flogging, child marriages, marginalization of women, the male guardian and four wives systems, intolerance of non-Muslims and their beliefs as well as severe discrimination against religious minorities.

        Now that the Saudi oligarchs and their zealot clerics feel threatened by the IS, King Abdullah has appealed to the West to destroy the Muslim “jihadis” because, according to him, harming the West is next on the terrorists’ list of things to do. Appealing to the West to invade and kill Muslims (terrorists or not) stands in stark contrast to the Saudis’ habitual scornful refrain accusing the West of invading Muslim lands and killing their inhabitants. It looks like the Saudi regime has concluded that its absolute rule is endangered by no one other than Salafi Muslims, many of whom share the Saudis’ unbending doctrine, Wahhabism. Not only does IS share the Saudi philosophy, but many of its members were armed and financed by Saudis and sent to destabilize other regimes and societies that the regime deems unfriendly or a potential threat to its security and hegemony.

        Mirroring their pleas to the West to “cut the head of the snake” (Iran), the Saudi King, his Mufti and a throng of royals and their lobbyists are appealing to the West to eradicate jihadis, the IS and the likes. The Saudis foster protégés who turn against them with a vengeance, such as Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and now the formidable and lethal IS. The latter may prove the biggest challenge to the Saudi royals not only physically, but strategically and religiously.

        One might ask why the absolute Saudi ruling princes are appealing to the West to save them from dangers that they helped create. This is because the Saudis do not want to risk getting involved in a situation that could mobilize more challengers who harbor tremendous loathing for the Saudi ideology and interference in their affairs. Furthermore, the Saudis have become accustomed to the West’s defending them against external and internal threats because the West myopically believed that the Saudi rulers represented their best interests in the Middle East.

        However recent events, starting with the 9/11 attack on the US by mostly Saudi nationals, proved that the Saudi dogma has not only created an environment hostile to peaceful coexistence in Arab and Muslim societies, but poses a dire threat to Western democratic values and way of life. Additionally, the West has become more informed that Islam is a value system which controls every aspect of its adherents’ lives, perceptions and actions, as opposed to a benign non-Muslim voluntary belief system which affects only peoples’ spirituality.

        Despite the West’s increased awareness of Islam, its restrictive nature and its incompatibility with democratic values, Western governments continue to employ a diplomatic approach of compromise and appeasement toward Arab and other Muslim regimes. However, the repeated failures of this approach, which is interpreted as weakness by Arab regimes and extremists alike, have forced Western governments to use military might to defend their societies and values against increasing threats currently posed by rising Sunni Arab radicals and their sympathizers.

        The use of brute force by Western governments may deal an immediate blow to terrorists like IS, but unless the root causes of Muslim terrorism are eradicated, military action will only address the symptoms. This strategy will allow lethal ideologues to revive their movements and continue their quest for the destruction of Western civilization. The root causes of Muslim Arab (and other Muslims’) violence and intolerance lie in their religious texts and in the manner that ruling autocracies use religion to suppress their populations and to perpetuate their absolute regimes.

        Confronting and defeating lethal Arab ideologues, their breeders and financiers is not only in the West’s best interests, but more so in the best interest of the Arab people, especially the aspiring youth population, women, Christians, Muslim minorities and the rising numbers of liberal leaning groups.

        However, without the Arab people’s understanding of the depth and consequences of Islamists’ neo-fascism and without their support for the West’s military campaign against the revival of lethal religious totalitarianism, the latter will not be defeated soon because its root causes remain intact. The Arab people have a gargantuan stake in defeating the IS and the likes. Not only are they its primary targets, but they will pay the price if the international community determines that only major military campaigns against Arabs and other Muslims will defeat Muslim terror groups.

        Please share this article on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

        Ali Alyami, PhD, is the founder and executive director of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, CDHR, in Washington, DC. CDHR focuses on promoting peaceful and incremental democratic reforms in Saudi Arabia, including empowerment of women, religious freedom, free flow of information, free movement, free press, privatization of government industries, free elections, non-sectarian constitution, and codified rule of law, transparency and accountability. Read other articles by Ali.

    • 2

      Jim softy

      “Quran asks muslims to lie and be criminal in order to protect Islam. Muslims are allowed and asked to lie in order to protect Islam. ”

      Can you please give the Reference in the Quran?

      Chapter and line (Ayath)

      Thank you in advance.

    • 1

      I got a very simple question for you.We like the fact that
      we all are human beings regardless of our colours.Then we
      like to be treated equally in all parts of the globe.
      Now,according to yourself,’Muslims think the world should
      be Muslim,’ means we all should be one.Why do you think
      it’s no good to really be one?

    • 1

      In the name of democracy,the entire West is still killing!
      In the name of communism,the entire East was killing!
      In the name of Hinduism,India is still killing!
      In the name of Buddhism,Burma,Thailand,Vietnam killing!
      In the name of Christianity and Islam you already know it!!!
      What happened to Buddhism in China?

  • 2

    The busy, uncaring and unstoppable pen of our Islamic champion Izeth Hussain continues – thanks to help from the Brotherhood in “The Island” that provides him regular space oblivious to the strident criticism Hussain’s fantasies engage in the pages of the Colombo Telegraph and elsewhere. Let us briefly take Hussain on some of his “facts” BTW, I find it amusing Hussain generally taking the role of teacher by adding “I want to suggest” “I want to argue” etc.

    “that Buddhism virtually disappeared in India, not because of Muslim conquest, but because of absorption into Hinduism” Buddhism is still very much alive in India and enjoys the following of millions. Certainly not at its height when it even had adherents in far-away present Tamilnadu. Let us remember Prince Siddartha of the Shakyan clan was part of the Sanathana Dharma a.k.a. Hinduism. Buddhism lost its appeal in most of India over the centuries until it received a visible boost from the actions of Ambedkar in Maharastrha in the 1950s, who used the Buddhist tool in his many quarrels with Cabinet colleagues and other political leaders.

    Former UP CM Mayawati is now leading a campaign to give a filip to Buddhism in India – more in the UP, Bihar, Odisha (Orissa) and other areas where there still remain millions of Dalits (Untouchables)- vulnerable to conversion to Buddhism. Mayawati is also heading an international move to re-build historical sites in areas where the Buddha lived and preached in that part of India. Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Burma and other countries have contributed millions of dollars for the effort. Strangely Sri Lanka plays hardly a visible role here. The reason may be because Sri Lanka has made many efforts to gain the leadership of world Buddhism by working with Thai and Myanmar interests (World Fellowship of Buddhists and so forth) The other reason could be the lack of warmth in the relationship between Colombo and New Delhi.

    “The notion that Islam is essentially a violent religion seems to be deeply engrained among non-Muslims” If Hussain suggests it is not, the world will disagree with him. Is Hussain denying recent events in ISIS/ISIL where radical Islamists beheaded, making this a massive media event, two American Press men merely because they are American. Daniel Pearl was beheaded in Pakistan merely because he was Jewish. President Obama and John Kerry use words like “barbaric” “bestial” to describe the Muslim gangs that practise this senseless violence invoking Islam and Allah on unarmed civilians. It is time Hussain stops trying to fool the readership with his propensity to mislead.

    “Has anyone heard about Muslim extremism being a problem in the Muslim Central Asian Republics?” innocently asks our friend Hussain. It is to distance the Islamic world from this image that leaders of the Gulf States including Jordan met last week in the presence of US Secretary of State John Kerry. Clearly Muslim extremism in the region is reaching worrying levels even among their original promoters.

    “Consider the fact that there are five million Muslims in France, but only about two thousand were wearing the burqa at the time President Sakorzky was moving against it” Hussain’s figure here is seriously subject to question. BTW, how did Hussain come with this low figure.

    “The important point is that the Wahabism promoted by our Madrasas has up to now been entirely apolitical” Once again Hussain deliberately misleads. About a decade ago when these Madrasas showed their presence in Maradana, Dematagoda, Grandpass, Hultsdorp (Aluthkade) areas many readers from other communities – with some appreciation and knowledge of the evil designs of global Islam – warned Sri Lankans of this lurking danger that had harmed other Non-Islamic countries. But Muslim commentators (including Hussain?) denied this vehemently and said Madrasas are there only to teach the Quaran. And in due time we saw the gun fights and killing in Kattankudy, Beruwala, Puttalam and other areas between rival Muslim priests – many of them recently returned from Saudi Arabia. Immediately the CID and security establishment became wiser and warned the Governement. This possibly resulted in a more alert BBS, JHU taking a closer look into the matter.


    • 4

      Backlash, you have no idea the message that Mr Izeth Hussain is trying to get across, and you are going at a tandem with your attacks on Muslims as some sort of curse in the world. You even distort the essence of what he means when he selectively uses sugggestive words, to interpolate that he is trying to impose himself as thouigh he was some type of a teacher. In essence you are only trying to belittle his effort due to him being a Muslim, and disparage his research into the mainstream view of Muslim exploits to ‘convert by the sword’ as a bluff, and to bring true reason to the wipeout of Buddhism in India, which was (according to his research) due to their total absorption into Hinduism. If you cannot live with that, then it is clear you have no intention to accept nor live with alternate views.

      Your views on the re-emegence of Buddhism in India to its rightful place is all well and good, and you are perfectly entitled to those views.

      What ISIS is doing is un-Islamic, and both Hussains have said it clearly. Hussain Barack Obama as US President and Mr. Izeth Hussain in this article. Although they (ISIS) are 99 percent Muslims, they are far from the Islamic teachings, as such they don’t represent Islam nor the Muslim world. Theirs is a political battle but they use Islam to gain some respectability, support and acceptance, and many have succumbed to this call to ‘fight for Islam’. True Islam can only be spread when people will watch and learn the moral, upright and virtuous attitudes of other good Muslims and then decide to accept the faith, which can never be attained under the threat of the sword.

      Then you challenge the figure quoted regarding the true population of Muslims living in France viz-a-viz those who wear hijab. Yes, that is a fact. 5 million Muslims and only 2000 were wearing hijab at the time of the ban. That statement went unchallenged by a former French Mayor on the panel, in the ‘Doha debate – Is France right to ban the veil’. Watch it on Youtube. That is the type of hysteria the Sarkozy government created to impinge on the rights of a minority of women to dress what they want, wherever they want, whilst ignoring the many social issues, like housing and employment issues that plagued France at the time. Now where is Sarkozy? However, these women in France have become more defiant, whilst a group of Organizations with wealthy backing have come forward to pay all the fines that are imposed for wearing the hijab, and settle their issues with law enforcement authorities.

      They you rattle on-and-on about Madrassas. These are part-time schools established around the world to teach recital and memorizing of the whole Quran a little at a time, and done in the correct and proper way, including inspiring to learning the fitting and correct way to observe the five times a day prayers including postures and recitals, etc. Training is also parted on how to live the peaceful Islamic way of life, with due respect to parents, connection with relations and friends, duty towards neighbours and to serve society at large in a dignified and responsible manner. These are not karate schools, nor schools that teach disension against other religions like some schools in Galle opened recently to spawn hatred. Insha Allah very soon all our students who attend those Madrassas will have learnt to read and write Arabic and Urdhu as additional languages, which would hold them in good stead to gainful employment in any foreign and ME countries, when life becomes tough for them in SL. Of course, alongside they will also be following their normal curriculum in established schools to further their academic dreams. Ultimately, the idea is that they will pass out as respected members of society such as Hafiz Doctor, or a Moulavi Accountant, or Imam University Lecturer, etc., adapted to the teaching methods and standards maintained in South Africa.

      Gun fights and kilings is not Islam, but are personal disputes and settling of old scores which take place from time to time, and it happens throughout any community irrespective, after much patience has been exhausted. It is not something new and unique to Muslims only as you try to imply. It is bound to happen in the future too, as it becomes more necessary to protect the community from alien practices and influences and to keep the Muslim Ummath (population) united against infiltration from outside forces.

      All in all, there is a lot you need to learn by way of understanding the Muslim mind-set and whst makes them tick. Not like a time-bomb as you now perceive them to be, but rather as a friend you can depend on in times of adversity. The BBS upheavel and their rampage has created havoc and fear against a Muslim backlash in the minds of general public, and this clearly reflected in your writings. It never used to be so before the advent of these society mis-fits. I sincerely hope you will strive to change your attitude towards Muslims and not look down upon them as some despicable people like some caste system calls for, but rather as equal human beings who yearn to live with dignioty and respect in the face of much maligned adversity. On the internet, the world is privy to all that is written and your intentions also need to be as magnanimous and just.

      • 2

        Dear Marwan,

        I observe you employ gentle and non-combative language in your arguments. I respect that. Your defence you put forward that we say are the excesses of Islam is what should be the ideal. But the real is something else – as you can see in the many critical comments of other readers.

        Let me take you on some of your points. I repeat what other readers state here. That is – why is Islam the only region in the world singled out for attack so sharply in many countries of the world today.

        Are you not being nakedly disingenuous as you maintain “True Islam can only be spread when people will watch and learn the moral, upright and virtuous attitudes of other good Muslims and then decide to accept the faith, which can never be attained under the threat of the sword” Surely, you are not oblivious to what is happening to the Zahidis in the ISIS region – just to give one example. Their children, women and men are killed by the thousands purely or refusing to convert into Fundamental Islam and submit to Sharia. And you know well right here in Sri Lanka, hundreds of Pakistani Christians and Ahmadis pouring in from Pakistan – now living in Govt detention camps Pakistan running away from violent and brutal attempts to convert them to Islam. How does this compare with the innocent words you toy with. I expect you do not take the readership for fools.

        Sarkozy was out-voted in France not on the Muslim issue but on the poor performance of the economy and the un-employment issue. But there is no denying the fact there is much public opinion there against trouble created in various parts of the country and areas of French society by those of Arab and Islamic origin resulting in France taking a leading role in opposing Turkey’s ambitious efforts to gain entry into the EU. Valery Giscard d’Estaing – a popular former French President – openly said Islamic Turkey will never be allowed entry into the EU. Recep Erdogan, the present President, has made several cosmetic changes to his country’s foreign and domestic policy to make these attractive to the EU but to little effect so far. Erdogan, a man known for double-speak, is remembered for his boasts during the Turkish election campaigns “Minarets in our Mosques are machine-gun positions” Feelings against Islam are simply growing in Europe – while Muslim deniers here and elsewhere continue to push the false claim ”Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world”

        It is sad in a way you admit Muslim youth now are made to study Arabic and Urdu that you say will hold them in good stead to gainful employment in any foreign and ME countries, as life becomes tough for them in what is fastly becoming a religiously intolerant Sri Lanka. I am afraid you will have to hold those extremists and Fundamentalists in the Muslim side in Sri Lanka responsible for this for those misadventures such as Halal, the Burquah and so on that met with profound public opprobrium. BTW, I can understand learning Arabic to improve chances of employment in the Arab countries but why Urdu. Pakistan is a poor country with a very large population of unemployed. Besides the country is in the brink of dis-integration. To compare, India and Pakistan started out together in 1947 from British bondage. While India has advanced tremendously as an agricultural, industrial and economic power Pakistan stagnates for decades in political turmoil. Many experts seem to believe the reason may well be while India chose to be secular and secured relative success in 50 years Pakistan started as an Islamic State and has little to show its people or the world since. The exception being the Islamic Nuclear bomb, with which they try to blackmail India.

        “There is a lot you need to learn by way of understanding the Muslim mind-set and what makes them tick. Not like a time-bomb as you now perceive them to be, but rather as a friend you can depend on in times of adversity” Thank you. But, as matters stand, you will not have many buyers there. Islam, it appears to many, is a religion that was relatively tolerant and peaceful in, arguably, the post WW1 period. But with the disastrous mis-adventure of Islamic Fundamentalism in the 1970s the world has become alive to the new danger within them. They are, understandably, reacting in many countries – which the Islamists are misinterpreting as “anti-Islam”

        As to your claim of two Hussains. Please allow me say Obama’s Muslim identity appears to stop with that single name. He identifies more with his mother’s and grand-mother’s Christianity than with his father’s Islam.


        • 0


          “why is Islam the only religion in the world singled
          out for attack so sharply in many countries of the
          world today?”
          Simple.When America gets a virus,rest of the world
          coughs for America.Use your calculator now Backlash
          for a detailed breakdown.And for your information,
          Obama himself has now said that Muslim world feels
          the threat of ISIS more than anybody else and want
          to eliminate them.Over to you.

      • 0

        Marwan – thank you very much for the above and earlier supportive comments. See my reply to Backlash below – Izeth

  • 4

    Muslims are growing like nothing.

    They were 6.5% in 1946 and now 9.7%.

    That is a percentage increase of 49%!!

    (9.7 / 6.5 – 1).

    The British need to be commended for controlling their population. They reduced it from 7.1% in 1881 to 6.5% in 1946. It was Sinhala governments that increased them.

  • 4

    Learn from history.

    SL Tamils were 15.4% before the war. After the war they are 12.6%.

    How was it achieved? War.

    So isn’t that the solution?

    • 3

      “How was it achieved? War. So isn’t that the solution? “
      Tell prabhaharan that. Or support Sri lanka’s Wahabis if you are desperate today.

      • 1

        Loser, SL won the war.

        If “Wahabis” (or what the govt. may call Wahabis) go to war with SL forces, the outcome will be same.

        The important thing is to pick a war with them.

  • 7

    Islamic civilizations have been responsible for some of the great achievements of humanity – especially in the sciences, medicine and architecture. Most Muslim people are obviously not extremist. Neither are they intolerant.

    It seems to me that the recent increase in power of radical Islam has been fed by the West. In the 1980s the Mujahideen of Afghanistan were armed and encouraged to fight against the Communist Russians. This gave rise to the Taliban. The USA, in particular, needed a demon figure to justify profitable militarism and Osama Bin Laden became the new Public Enemy Number 1, after they’d killed Saddam Hussein, having invaded the ancient land of Mesopotamia once again. It was in a sense a resumption of the Crusades, and the American soldiers were supported by Christian priests in the military. There was also the vital interests of oil and gas, of course. The oil fields were guarded while the Baghdad Museum was looted. And there were no weapons of mass destruction, because Saddam Hussein had destroyed his stockpiles, just as he had said (and the UN weapons inspector Han Blix confirmed).

    Regarding the so-called Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) I remember watching an interview with Syria’s President Assad about a year ago when he warned against the terrorists that were being supported by foreign countries including Turkey. Since then this radical organization has grown, and become the new Official Public Enemy No 1. The West was supporting “rebels” fighting “Jihad” against Assad, and encouraging a gun culture to flourish among young Muslim men. This has led to chaos in the Middle East, when coupled with the Saudi academia’s interpretation of what “Jihad” means. This interpretation is that preparing for Jihad means arming ones army and navy with heavy weapons, and preparing for war against the infidel. It is no coincidence that shortly after his election President Obama authorized the American Government’s biggest ever weapons sale to Saudi Arabia.

    • 1

      Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

      Good Factual Summary.

      Muslims , like Buddhists and Christians fall into 3 Categories. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

      1.Good Muslims : First 500 years of Islam, they were the Scientists, philosophers, law makers , generals and administrators who respected life and allowed non-Muslims to live with no compulsion in religion. They were battling bad Muslims.

      Historically, for the first 50 years, the Arabs claimed that Islam is for the Arabs, just like Judaism is for the Jews. It was only after 700 C.E. that conversion to Islam for non-Arabs encouraged, when Islam was better understood, especially, Prophet Mohammed’s last sermon, and other verses.

      2. Bad Muslims. The Uleman and Theologians who fought the Scientists, philosophers, law makers , generals and administrators , and culminated with Hamid Al Ghazali in the 12th Century. They claimed Revelation was above reason and observation.

      3. Ugly Muslims: !3th Century Ibn Taymiah, and his later followers, Abdul Wahhhab and Saudis from the 18th Century onwards, aided and abetted by the British, to destabilize the Ottoman Turks, and occupy Ottoman lands.

      Their Followers and clones of Wahhabi are a long list of Terrorists, who claim to be “Islamic”, but in fact it is politics using Islam,with their incorrect interpretation of the Islamic Message, ans selectively use passes, for specific circumstance, and expand that passage. They are known by the Umbrella terms Wahhabi and Jihadis, and include the groups Salafis, Tauhidis, Taliban, Deobandi, Boko Hatam, ISIS etc. Most of these groups have deep connections to the Saudi Wahhabis, who funded and inspired them. They are truly the curse of Islam and Muslims.

      They attack, Shiaa, Sufi, Ahamadia and other non-Wahhabis, primarily, and of course other who are not-Wahhabi, i.e. other religions. They ignore, the Koranic passage There is no Compulsion in Religion,m and the Chapter 109, The non-Believers, My Religion is mine, Your Religion is Yours.

      So, many Muslims claim the Wahhabis follow the Devil , the Satan, to destroy Islam from within, and for the Devil followers to Claim and maintain Hegemony.

      Example: Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, and Now ISIS.


      Hadith of Najd


      Uploaded on Apr 26, 2009

      Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds, and may Allah raise the rank of the trustworthy Prophet Muhammad. Thereafter, this book is Hashiyat al-^allamah as-Sawi ^ala Tafsir al-Jalalayn authored by Sheykh Ahmad bin Muhammad as-Sawi al-Maliki who died in 1241 Hijri (which means that he died more than 170 years ago).
      This book was printed by Dar al-Jeel Beirut. In the second volume, the third section and on page 288 of this book regarding the interpretation of ayah (6) surat fatir Which means surley , the shaitan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy. He calls his followers so they become amongst the people of the blazing Hellfire the author said : and it was related that this ayah was revealed about the Khawarij who misinterpret the Quran and the Hadith legitimizing the killing and the confiscating muslims proporties; as it is seen now in their equal who are group in the land of al-Hijaz called al-Wahhabiyyah. They [al-Wahhabiyah] think they are following the proper creed; rather they are the liers whom which Shaitan overwhelmed and made them forget the thikr of Allah. They are the followers of Shaitan, and surely the followers of Shaitan are the losers. We ask Allah the all_Generous to imputate their origin. …end of quote of Imam as-Sawiy al-Maliki.
      This is the reality of al-Wahhabiyyah, may Allah relief the muslims and their countires from them; and all due thanks to Allah.

      • 2


        You keep repeating that Ghazali was the reason for end of scientific inquiry in the Muslim world in the 12th century. Please watch the following. It is an Englishman explaining Ghazali for you.

        • 1


          The Intellectual Collapse of Islam


          Ghazali was brilliant, but he Elevated Revelation above Reason and observation. at that time, the Islamic Philosophers were running circles around the Ulema and theologians, and Ghazali came to their rescue. So, the theologians were able to take an upper hand.

          Grazali said, it is all right to have reason, but if thee is conflict with Revelation, Revelation takes an upper hand. He was all right with philosophy as long as it is useful and not in conflict with Revelation.

          This was enough for the theologians, and they could cite it going forward.

          In this 12th century battle, the Philosophers lost to the theologians, and the Islamic Philosophy was downgraded compared to philosophy. So, the decline was gradual but had a great impact on the Islamic sciences.

          • 1

            Chinthaka RE: The Intellectual Collapse of Islam

            Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī (c. 1058–1111); (Persian: ابو حامد محمد ابن محمد غزالی‎), known as Al-Ghazali or Algazel to the Western medieval world, was a Muslim theologian, jurist, philosopher, and mystic of Persian descent.[10]


            From 1111 to 1258, There were 147 years until the Mongol invasion of 1258, for the Islamic science to decay.

            Averroes, was brilliant, but he could not reverse the decline as the Theologians took over, elevating Revelation above Reason and observation.

            So, the Good Muslims were the philosophers, the scientists, the astronomers, etc,

            The bad Muslims were the ulema and the Theologians

            The Ugly ones are the others, Ibn Taymiah, and their clones Wahhabi.


            Averroës (/əˈvɛroʊˌiːz/; April 14, 1126 – December 10, 1198) is the Latinized form of Ibn Rushd (Arabic: ابن رشد‎), full name ʾAbū l-Walīd Muḥammad Ibn ʾAḥmad Ibn Rušd (أبو الوليد محمد ابن احمد ابن رشد), a mediæval Andalusian Muslim polymath. He wrote on logic, Aristotelian and Islamic philosophy, theology, the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence, psychology, political and Andalusian classical music theory, geography, mathematics, and the mediæval sciences of medicine, astronomy, physics, and celestial mechanics. Averroes was born in Córdoba, Al Andalus (present-day Spain), and died at Marrakesh in present-day Morocco. His body was interred in his family tomb at Córdoba.[6] The 13th-century philosophical movement based on Averroes’s work is called Averroism.

            Averroes was a defender of Aristotelian philosophy against Ash’ari theologians led by Al-Ghazali. Although highly regarded as a legal scholar of the Maliki school of Islamic law, Averroes’s philosophical ideas were considered controversial in Muslim circles.[7] Averroes had a greater impact on Christian Europe: he has been described as the “founding father of secular thought in Western Europe”[7][8][9] and was known by the sobriquet the Commentator for his detailed emendations to Aristotle. Latin translations of Averroes’s work led the way to the popularization of Aristotle and were responsible for the development of scholasticism in medieval Europe.[10]


            The Siege of Baghdad, which lasted from January 29 until February 10, 1258, entailed the investment, capture, and sacking of Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, by Ilkhanate Mongol forces and allied troops. The Mongols were under the command of Hulagu Khan, brother of the khagan Möngke Khan, and had intended to further extend their rule into Mesopotamia but not to directly overthrow the Caliphate. Möngke, however, had instructed Hulagu to attack Baghdad if the Caliph Al-Musta’sim refused Mongol demands for his continued submission to the khagan and the payment of tribute in the form of military support for Mongol forces in Iran.

          • 1


            “In this 12th century battle, the Philosophers lost to the theologians, and the Islamic Philosophy was downgraded compared to philosophy. So, the decline was gradual but had a great impact on the Islamic sciences.”

            List of Arab scientists and scholars


            This is a list of scientists and scholars from the Muslim World and Spain (Al-Andalus) who lived from antiquity up until the beginning of the modern age, consisting primarily of scholars during the Middle Ages. In some cases, their exact ancestry is unclear.

            Both the Arabic and Latin names are given. The following Muslim naming articles are not used for indexing:

            Al – the
            ibn, bin, banu – son of
            abu – father of, the one with

            Note that most were before 1,200 C.E.

            Far Fewer after 1,200 C.E, courtsey Gahazali, Ulema and the theologians.

      • 2

        The Good the Bad and the Ugly? Is that the Clint Eastwood school of analysis?

    • 1

      Spot on Dr Romesh S A,Agree with you 100%.

  • 5

    It is good that Mr Hussein is ending this series of repetitious articles. The majority of the replies show that he has provoked unnecessary antipathy towards Muslims. No one is prepared these days to believe that Muslims do not pose a political threat to states, not only Sri Lanka but other states as well. It is not the religion but the way it has come to be practiced. Unfortunately, we see that even a peaceful religion like Buddhism can can fanatical practitioners going against its basic tenets. The tenets of Islam do condone violence, making its practice easily chanellable into violence. This, hopefully is a temporary phase. It would be best that Mr Hussein directs his energies inwards to the reform of his own community than provoking others into intemperate outbursts.

  • 2

    The retiring diplomat is right about one thing – the Muslims make a lot of noise but are far away from global domination – there is no way they will succeed in our lifetime as long as they are divided among themselves, and fight among themselves. Never mind the evil west and the rapacious east, they cannot even unite to defeat Israel their arch enemy with a population of only 8 million.

    Our Muslim brethren in Sri Lanka stand out because of their undoubted success in commerce and if there is one thing the average Singhalese does not like it is success – they will knock down anyone who ‘does better’ and make every effort to ‘put them in their place’. The Muslims (or any other minority for that matter) should expect it. What was done to our Tamil brothers was not an exception.

    • 1

      Spring Koha the LTTE RUMP:

      Even the Prophet mohommad was a businessman. Prophaet Mohommad problem was inter tribal warfare that affected his business. that is why he wanted a religion to control those and then he killed those tribes that did not listen to him. Some one mentioned that Islamic civilizations was responsible modern knowledge. Present Baghdad region was the area where many scholars gathered and there they wrote information into books what ever they found. but, they did not engage in research that would prove that there is no ALMIGHTY – CREATOR.

      Muslims came to Sri lanka because of Arab Trades. SO, that is what they all know.

      They are not into knowledge gathering business.

      I read even in Vatican the cloths painted on saints have names of muslims.

      • 2


        Islamic civilization was indeed responsible for modern science. Historians are emphatic about it. Our own Professor Justice Weeramantry says in his book, if not for the Islamic contribution we will be 500 years set back.

        In regard to philosophy please see the following: An Englishman telling us about Al-Ghazali. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMWEggenO3c

        • 1


          “In regard to philosophy please see the following: An Englishman telling us about Al-Ghazali. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMWEggenO3c

          Al Ghazali was one of them in the East. There have been many others, Al-Kindi, Avicenna, Ghazali, Avorroes and many others.

          Islamic Golden Age


          The Islamic Golden Age started with the rise of Islam and establishment of the first Islamic state in 622. The end of the age is variously given as 1258 with the Mongolian Sack of Baghdad,[1] or 1492 with the completion of the Christian Reconquista of the Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus, Iberian Peninsula. During the reign of the Abbasid caliph Harun ar-Rashid (786 to 809),[2] the House of Wisdom was inaugurated in Baghdad where scholars from various parts of the world sought to translate and gather all the known world’s knowledge into Arabic.[3] The Abbasids were influenced by the Quranic injunctions and hadiths, such as “the ink of a scholar is more holy than the blood of a martyr,” that stressed the value of knowledge.[3] During the Fatimid era (909–1171) Egypt became the center of an empire that included at its peak North Africa, Sicily, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Red Sea coast of Africa, Tihamah, Hejaz, and Yemen. During the age, the major Islamic capital cities of Baghdad, Cairo, and Córdoba became the main intellectual centers for science, philosophy, medicine, trade, and education.

          The Arabs showed a strong interest in assimilating the scientific knowledge of the civilizations they had conquered. Many classic works of antiquity that might otherwise have been lost were translated into Arabic and Persian and later in turn translated into Turkish, Hebrew, and Latin.[3] They assimilated, synthesized, and advanced the knowledge gained from the ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, and Phoenician civilizations.[3]

  • 0

    Where does all this leave “Allah”? Can a Mr Hussain or any other Muslim please enlighten the readers.

  • 2

    I liked the answer of this German Muslim scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam: He said :

    Who started the first world war ? Muslims ?

    Who started the second world war ? Muslims ?

    Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ?

    Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims ?

    Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? Muslims ?

    Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?

    Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ?

    No, They weren’t Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly… If a non-Muslim does something bad it is “Crime” but if a Muslim does the same he is “Terrorist” so first “Remove this double standard then come to the point!!!”

    • 2

      You talk of the past Goraka. It is tedious. All nations and people have killed in thousands. Asoka did, before he reformed in the battlefield in which he had simply eliminated everyone. Genghis Khan led his hordes around the area and his whole ancestry and progeny from Timur to Akbar waded in blood. The Cholas revelled in war. A Tamil poetry book Kallingathu Parani celebrates war in gory detail. Muslims killed with abandon. We talk of the present when mankind has moved on from the past. Bush, Kissinger and Blair are isolated men who fear to appear before their own public because of the fear of insults. They do not travel outside because of fear of war crimes prosecutions. In that context, we look at the brutality of Rajapakse and the brutality of some Islamic fundamentalists who behead their opponents and kill with abandon. Also, the Islamic states which behead women and children as punishment. It is in that context that one looks at what some, a few, islamic fundamentalists are doing. They slur the vast majority of peace loving Muslims.

      • 0

        The point I am making Siva is that whether you call war, terrorism, etc. are all forms of killing.

        One is not better than the other.

  • 3

    How many more bloody crossroads are these buggers going through? If you look closely you will find it is one big roundabout.

  • 3

    Strangely Mr. Hussain has not refuted the claim the Muslim population grew at a faster rate than Buddhists and Hindus. The Table he provided
    shows Muslim population increase between 1981 and 2012 is as follows

    Buddhists Hindus Muslims

    2012 14,222,844 69.30% 2,554,606 12.61% 1,967,227 9.71%
    1981 10,288,300 67.27% 2,297,800 15.48% 1,121,700 7.56%
    Increase3,934,544 38% 256,806 11% 845,527 75%
    in absolute

    Thus the Muslim population increased by 75% compared to Buddhists 38% and Hindus a mere 11%! So there is in fact a population problem Viz a Viz Muslims and others.
    And after the death of Prophet Muhammad Islam spread through Middle East by invasion and conversion of those who were conquered.
    At the time of partisan the Hindus constituted 22% of the Pakistani population that included East Pakistan, modern day Bangladesh. Today, the share of Hindus is down to 1.6% in Pakistan and 9.2% in Bangladesh.In 1951, Bangladesh alone had a 22% Hindu population. Could Hussain explain the reason for the fall in Hindu population? In fact Hindus in Pakistan are not allowed to vote in elections. They have separate electoral lists. That speaks volumes about the incompatability of democracy and Islam.
    The same is true of South East Asia in the mid centuries Islam spread through invasion plus conversion.
    Mr. Izeth Hussain has laboured hard during the last 15 weeks to whitewash Islam and present it as a lily white peaceful religion.
    Unfortunately the history of Islam belies such a perception.   All religions are violent and speak of Holy War, but violence sits at the heart of early Islam—in the life of Muhammad.
    In the space of a single decade Muhammad fought eight major battles, led eighteen raids, and planned another thirty-eight military operations where others were in command but operating under his orders. So in essence he is a military Prophet!
    After Muhammad Abu Bark (father in law of Muhammad) succeeded as the first Caliphate.  He was murdered within 2 years of his rule.  Even so, within this brief time Muslim armies have begun their astonishing expansion, subduing the whole of Arabia and striking as far north as Palestine.
    Abu Bakr is succeeded in 634 by Omar (another father-in-law of Muhammad), who in 638 captures Jerusalem. Six years later Omar is stabbed and killed in the mosque at Medina.
    Othman, chosen as the third caliph, is a son-in-law of Muhammad. By the end of his reign, in 656, Arabs have conquered as far afield as North Africa, Turkey and Afghanistan. Othman, like his predecessor, is assassinated – but this time by rebellious Muslims. They choose Ali, another son-in-law of Muhammad, as the fourth caliph. For the first time within the Muslim community the selected caliph is the choice of just one faction. Ali’s caliphate eventually provokes the only major sectarian split in the history of Islam, between Sunni and Shi’a (656-661). But it is Ali’s last success. The governor of Syria, Mu’awiya, wages a prolonged campaign against him to avenge the murder of the caliph Othman, his kinsman. Other opponents succeed in assassinating Ali, in 661, outside the mosque in Kufa – a Muslim garrison town to which he has moved the capital from Medina.
    Islam is therefore not the religion of peace.
    Thus empirical, observable facts demonstrate beyond doubt that Islam at its founding is filled with violence—in the life of Muhammad himself and in the Quran itself. Muhammad in his Quran promises sensuous Gardens for martyrs dying in a military holy war. The stoning to death of women (not men) for adulterer and cutting off hands for thievery. In short these are punishments fitting barbarians.

    • 0

      So they captured Jerusalem!

      That was a fatal mistake by Muslims. They have to pay a very very heavy price for it. Still paying.

    • 1


      Did Tamil Hindus convert to Islam during the war years? I know of a couple of individuals who did so? I also know of some Tamils who adopted Sinhala names during the war years.

      On what scale did this happen? What I know may be the tip of an iceberg.

      An interesting area for further research. I hope Mr. Izeth Hussein can oblige.

      Strange things happen during comunal conflicts! Survival by any means becomes the imperative.

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • 0

        Dr Narendran – survival is an imperative, and therefore it does seem plausible that some Tamils in the North East converted to Islam.But neither I nor my friends have heard anything about it.I must do some further checking.
        I have been in consultation with a professional demographer. There is no satisfactory explanation for the unusual 2% jump in Muslim population between 1981 and 2012. But it is nonsensical to extrapolate that into the future as a secular trend.

        • 0

          Izeth Hussain

          “There is no satisfactory explanation for the unusual 2% jump in Muslim population between 1981 and 2012. B”

          Q1. Did they add the Malays as Muslims in 2012 and not in 1981?

          Q2. The average Marriage of the Muslim Girl is much lower than that of the non-Muslim girl. The Muslim girls are less educated than non-Muslim girls.

          So Id the average Muslim gild marries at 18 and the non Muslim girl marries at 24, then, the Muslims form an new generation every 20 years, whereas the others every 26 years or longer.

          So, the Muslim demographic growth rate will be (26-20)/20 = 6/20 = 30% higher than the non-Muslim growth rate.

          Sinhala Buddhist Growth rate = (14.22 10.29)/10.29 = 3.93/10.22 = 38.45% Growth from 1981 to 2012 = 31 years. = Average 1.24% Annual Growth rate.

          Muslim Growth rate = (1.967 -1.121)/1.121= 0.846/1.121 = 75.46% Growth from 1981 to 2012 = 31 years. = Average 2.43% Annual Growth rate.

          Now,30% of 38.5% = 1.30 ^ 38.45% = 49.98%

          Now, 40% of 38.5% = 1.40^ 38.45% = 53.8%% ( Age 28 vs. Age 20)

          Now, 60% of 38.5% = 1.50^ 38.45% = 57,65%% ( Age 28 vs. Age 20)

          The above data, average age of marriage and childbirth are missing.

          A minor correction may be needed with respect to overseas employment of maids, emigration and any conversions.

          It may partly account for the larger increase of the Muslims.

          So, if the Muslims are more educated, their birth rates will go down like the other communities.

          • 0

            Amarasiri – Thank you very much for your thought-provoking comment on the Mus;im population problem.And thank you also for all the other erudite and illuminating comments that you have been making. – Izeth

      • 1

        Dr Narendran/Izeth Hussain

        People indeed do strange things when their survival is on the line.

        I remember this vividly and with horror, the sunny morning in May ’58 when the Buhari was sacked and I watched Muslims running down the Panchikawatte Road breaking their sarongs to prove they were not Tamils.

        Harsher and stranger events have happened subsequently and all because not enough Sri Lankans of goodwill are determined to put a stop to it – once and for all time.

  • 0


    I think your untamed emotions against the Muslims make you blind to the truth. It may enlighten you if you read his article when you have control over your emotions.

    You simply disparage the long and deep research that seems to have been carried out by the retired diplomat Mr. Hussein.

    I think Mr. Hussein is a very respected writer who use non- combative language as a decent civilised human being. Like other writers he does not direct the reader to a accept his version as the absolute truth. Whether one agrees with his views or not is different from appreciating the writers intellectual ability in presenting his findings.

    I wish Mr. Hussein continues with his writings tirelessly.

    • 0

      Agree or disagree,

      ‘I wish Mr. Hussein continues with his writings tirelessly.’


    • 0

      Please visit the religion of peace website and know the truth.

      Media freedom at its best.

    • 0

      Analyst – thank you very much for your civilized comment See my reply below to Backlash. – Izeth

  • 0

    I thank reader Analyst for his intervention. I have nothing personal against this Izeth Hussain. I have heard him talk in some Think-tanks and the YMCA, Colombo and have had a few words with him. Beyond that we do not know each other closely.

    However, this “respected” “decent civilised human being” to whose aid you rush, recommended to the then Govt when he wrote in the Island in the early 1990s Tamils in the North East should be denied food as a means to break the backbone of the Tamil resistance. At that time, he was clearly trying to catch the eye of the Sinhala public and the incumbent administration in openly taking an anti-Tamil position. This suggestion corresponds to the words David Cameron uses on the 3rd ISIS brutal beheading today viz:- barbaric, evil, despicable. My friend, you will have to discover different adjectives to describe your hero, who in the views of many Tamils in these pages, is an uncompromising anti-Tamil. The intemperate language he used several times against those who disagreed with him is shocking besides unbecoming of a former diplomat.


    • 0

      if what is stated here is true, Mr Hussein’s credibility to write anything in justification of the Muslims diminishes to a vanishing point.

    • 0

      Backlash – Produce the texts to show that I advocated that the Tamils be starved into submission. You can’t.You are economical with the truth. That’s in diplomatic language.In plain English you are a liar.
      You write that I used intemperate language. In every case I replied appropriately to extremely insulting attacks on me. You are continuing that tradition of insulting attacks.
      I request you to continue your insulting attacks. They serve my purpose, which is to gather material for an article on Tamil lunatic fringe anti-Muslim racism.

      • 0

        [Edited out]

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          What a bizarre character this Izeth Hussain is. It was only a few months ago, in these very pages, on the same subject he said he admitted making the comments “in a different context” The records of “The Island” will have the date and the full article they published. There are a few serious commentators in these columns who keep a careful record of matters of public interest – who may have both – that will expose Hussain for what he is. The Island too can easily trace Hussain’s offensive comments.

          Hussain might take comfort my original comments today to his discourteous reply was disallowed by CT for their own reasons – that I do not dispute. Hence this diluted version of a reply.


          • 0

            Backlash – re your bizarre reply in which you call me a bizarre character. Can you elucidate in what way I am bizarre.You seem to be incapable of writing without being gratuitously insulting.You object to my reply as “discourteous”. You have been utterly insulting in your attacks on me, after which you actually expect a courteous reply. That’s really bizarre.
            You write that some months ago I “admitted” to making the comments in a “different context”. Utter nonsense. Anyway, quote what I wrote.
            It wont do to say the Island will have the records and so on.If you make serious allegations against someone you must be able to substantiate them. You can’t.The truth is that you have given vent to the nasty hatred of the typical Tamil lunatic fringe anti-Muslim racist.

      • 0

        This is not the first time Izeth Hussain demonstrates lying is second nature to him. He now has the audacity to deny

        (a) he did not write a few years ago in The Island Tamils should be starved to break the backbone of the Tamil resistance

        (b) he now has the temerity to claim it is “utter nonsense” he admitted in these columns he made the comments in “A” in a different context.

        I cannot be expected to have with me each and every word written by other commentators. But I maintain both the above and will expose Hussain soon. I again reiterate The Island can easily locate the article and date of “A”

        I will now take on Hussain’s continuous and tiresome reference to the “Tamil lunatic fringe” every time he is challenged or exposed. I have been approached by others to confirm Hussain has been similarly challenged and exposed from the 1990s by academics in the Tamil side for making such venomous and scurrilous charges. Clearly, Hussain has a bone to grind with the Tamil Nation for a long time.

        The same sources inform me Hussain is involved in a Muslim site called Sailan Muslims where he has slandered the Tamil Nation. But that has in no way had any affect on the Tamils – for Hussain is no more than a Mosquito to a freedom struggle that has taken on large powers and personalities for 3 decades.

        Evidently, I am not the only of Hussain’s critics in these pages and elsewhere. He appears to get his desserts from many readers across the ethnic divide for the outrageous material he comes out with. While he may be writing in the happy thought he is doing so in the interest of Muslims here, it appears to be working in the opposite. Hussain, in his single-minded purpose of seeing his name in print regularly, wrote in defence of Halal, the morning cries for prayers and the criticism some Muslim fans generated when Sri Lanka played Pakistan at Cricket in Sri Lanka. All of this may have also contributed to the majority ire that manifested recently in the country – where innocent Muslims had to suffer for the misadventure of men like Hussain.


        • 0

          Backlash – you are making yourself look comic. I have no objection to that. But you are also wasting my time.Hurry up and produce the alleged article in the Island, together with the reply of a Tamil who misinterpreted what I wrote,plus my reply which silenced his nonsense.
          As for the admission that you claim that I made in the CT some months ago, there should be no difficulty in reproducing it. Why have you not done so? The obvious reason is that you indulged in a terminological inexactitude about that admission. That’s putting it diplomatically. In plain English: You lied.Produce that alleged admission. Don’t waste any more of my time.

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    No amount of facts are of any consequence to the supporters of Al Qaeda and ISIS such as this man Hussein (if anyone says he is not a supporter ask him to state unequivocally that he is a Lankan first, a Moslem second, and that he does not support these barbarians and opposes them- you will not get a response).

    I hope the Sinhalese are getting a big stick ready to beat these barbarians who are waiting to raise there head in Lanka soon. Do not let the wonderful land fall to the Moslems, stand up and fight them, both economically and physically.

    • 1

      Jay Chambers please note our Muslims cannot be held responsible for the despicable and barbaric behaviour of the mad men who go under the ISIS flag in the Middle East. There are a few young men here who are brain-washed that the entire non-Muslim world is wicked and has to be
      “saved” by them. Most of these ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban fighters are virtually illiterate and mislead if they lose their lives in Jihad they will go to heaven where, they are assured, each will be rewarded with 60 beautiful virgins and a comfortable life thereafter. Ajmal Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist who created that carnage in Mumbai (Bombay) in 2008 also confessed to this.

      What our Muslims should do this is to openly condemn these inhuman acts and distance themselves from this barbarism committed in the name of Islam and Allah. Our in-house philosopher Izeth Hussain should lead this effort instead of confusing everybody with the half-truths and deception he is notorious in these pages for.


    • 0

      Your question is similar to the goods in one pound shops
      in the UK.Firstly you pick a Srilankan free of being a
      Buddhist,Hindu,and Christian before bullying a Muslim!
      A Muslim is a bigger label and is proud about being one
      first and everything else second and you easily forget
      that nobody in Srilanka or India has their country map
      in their worship rooms istead of a deity!In simple
      language you don’t worship your country first before
      you get out of the house in the morning for work or
      business!Nobody else in the world do it!Country comes
      only after self and remember that All religions have
      succeeded to be first in everything and the only
      difference is Muslims do it more enthusiastically.So,
      you take the challenge first yourself!

    • 0

      In India and Srilanka,Muslims have Hindu,Buddhist and
      Christian blood.So,the more you are keen to call a
      Muslim a barbarian,the more harvest for you!Muslims
      are very generous in sharing!

  • 0

    It is futile to ask muslims to be something else first then their religion. Quran do not allow that.

    See how they say Allahu akbar after every sentence they utter.

    If they don’t say their allegiance to Islam first they will go to hell while they are living. Even in Sri lanka, if a muslim girl falls into a boy from another religion, she would be ragged into the mosque and be beaten.

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    [Edited out]

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