1 December, 2022


Status Quo Remains: Supreme Court Unanimously Refuses To Issue Stay Order On Court Of Appeal Interim Relief

The three-judge bench of the Supreme Court unanimously refused to issue a stay order on the interim relief granted by the Court of Appeal in the Quo Warranto case against former President and Fake Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his purported government.

However, the Supreme Court granted leave to proceed and ordered the written submissions to be filed on January 16,17 and 18. Justuce Vijith Malalgoda dissented on granting leave to proceed.

With the outcome of the case today, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his purported government will continue to remain out of office.

The case was taken up before a three-judge bench comprising Eva Wanasundara, Vijith Malalgoda and Buwaneka Aluwihare.

“#FakePM now go. Your appeal failed. 3 judge SC bench in unanimous decision rejected interim relief. By 2:1 split decision leave granted; but has no practical meaning. #CoupLK now over,” UNP MP Harsha de Silva tweeted.

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    Eva Wanasundera, I salute you for your integrity on the last day of your judicial career.

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      Dear Supreme Court Justices,

      Thank you for keeping the integrity of the court , the sanity of the nation and the validity of the constitution.

      Both Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa, can keep their insanity.

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      I agree, M.Basnayake. Many of us owe Eva an apology.
      Incidentally, I’ve made quite a few comments on Judges today in which I’ve talked about them in quite familiar fashion, although I can’t recall meeting any of them.
      It is not a bad thing for us to realise that they (and us) are all fallible and imperfect human beings. However, all societies need judges of some sort. When playing that role, we want their actions to be correct.
      The Chief Justice is just five and a half years younger than me; a bit strange that with his retirement so close the day on which he was born in February 1954 has not been posted. However, the fact is that I stopped studying in my mid-teens, upset by my father’s death. So, the family decreed that I go back to the school that I had left two years previously – as a teacher! I shudder at the thought of what I could have taught. Chief Justice Nalin Perera is one of the very few students who has sat A. Levels at S. Thomas’ College, Gurutalawa. On my calculation, he must have been a student in the time I was masquerading as a teacher. If so, he’d remember me.
      Be that as it may, we can rejoice that judges like Sarath Silva and Mohan Peiris have been replaced by more decent people.

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        Sinhala man, I am sorry to hear of your the tragedies that befell you during your youth. Losing a parent is never easy, especially at such a young and fragile age. Yes, judges are all just people at the end of the day with the same flaws and virtues as any of us. I am thankful that the Supreme Court justices have as much integrity as they do unlikevsome of the scum who preceded them, one of whom openly admitted to protecting rajapakse

        • 2

          “Yes, judges are all just people at the end of the day “
          Was the pun intended?

          • 2

            Haha, no, I just noticed

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          Bless your warm heart, Mr Basnayake; but it was such a long time ago, and it is what all humans have to go through.
          Yes, its effect on me was tragic. I was just 14 years and 3 months old. On the 18th of February, and there is a regular contributor who remembers. Rajan Hoole, elder brother of Jeevan, who is an Elections Commissioner – the one who petitioned the Supreme Court.
          Rajan had entered the school on the 10th of January 1963, coming from St. John’s College, Jaffna; he remembers me as one of the brightest kids. Then it all changed. Thanks for extending understanding, but it was my fault. Most of my siblings reacted differently.
          At that time the Gurutalawa school had no A. Levels: about 400 boarders, Grades 6 to 10. We proceeded to Mt Lavina. During CJ, Nalin Perera’s time there were A. Levels because the feeder school in Bandarawela was going up, and Gurutalawa didn’t know what to do. I think that Mt Lavinia was also fussing about taking us “villagers”! Contrary to what the public imagine there is little rationale in how these schools are run!
          I entered Peradeniya University for English only in 1982, having done my GAQ privately. Fifteen years after Rajan. Ah, but he had to pay for it! He had to hide for 15 years in Sinhalese areas after the LTTE killed one of his colleagues.
          I suggest that you watch this video:
          He lives his quiet vegan life in Chemmani Road, Jaffna, now; doing quite a lot of quality writing. I just scratch around like this.
          He will reach his three score and ten years on Sunday, sharing a birthday with Ludwig van Beethoven. Great guys both, but not much to show in terms of worldly success.

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      Dear Mr.Basnayake,you are a true gentleman.

      The past is the past for a reason
      That is where it is supposed to stay
      But some cannot let it go
      In their heads it eats away

      Until all their focus becomes
      The person they used to be
      The mistakes they made in their life
      Oh,if only they could see

      That you cannot change what happened
      No matter how hard you try
      No matter how much you think about it
      No matter how much you cry

      What happens in your lifetime
      Happens for reasons unknown
      so you have to let the cards unfold
      let your story be shown

      Because the past is the past for a reason
      Its been,and now it’s gone
      So stop trying to think of ways to fix it
      It’s done,it’s unchangeable, move on

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    Fake PM Mahinda Tajapaksa, MP for Kutunegala,

    Can you please get back to Medamulana, without wasting any more time and effort.

    Sirisena, you and your co-coup conspirators are looking more and more like idiots. Let Sirisena be the idiot.

  • 15

    This man suffers from obsessive compulsion disorder – to expose himself, to destroy himself, to stand naked with pink hairless nuts and to once again hang from the beams of his Medamulana window and shriek out a hollow bellow of another “comeback”.

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    The Supreme Court have given the verdict then why is the vengeance ridden Sirisena not resigning as President.
    He has lost so he should resign , but , this may not happen in Srilanka . Cameron the former UK premier
    resigned when he lost.
    Sirisena may be trying another way to counter the Supreme Court verdict .

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    There must be a serious reason for Sirisena to take a decision all of a sudden to remove Ranil and appoint Mahinda. It cannot be just his unwillingness to work with Ranil or UNP’s decision not to nominate him as presidential candidate. Was he bought over like other MPs or was he threatened or was he hiding something bad about his family? With Rajapakses anything is possible.

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    Dear President, Please put back the house [COUNTRY] in order as from today ASAP.
    Please let the country prosper and get the previous regime THIEF cough up their loot.
    No more getting commissions at the expense of the country. We do not need expensive warfare equipment. Please spend it on buying new trains & buses. We need to reduce the road congestion in Colombo and surrounding areas. We need better drainage systems in Colombo in order to reduce the flooding during extreme wet seasons.

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    Sirisena and Rajapaksa are behaving like batsmen who adamantly refuse to leave the crease even after being bowled out repeatedly. What wonderful sportsmen!

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    This should be the new Cabinet, the country will become a paradise in no time.

    Ranil – Prime Minister & Economic Development
    Ravi – Finance Minister
    Mangala – Foreign Affairs
    Law & Order – Fonseka
    Health – Sagala
    Power – Rajitha
    Environment – Harsha
    Education – Akila
    Industries – Malik
    Transport – Baththudin
    Highways – Hakim
    Labour – Kiriella
    Irrigation – Harrison
    Justice – Thalatha
    Irrigation – Jayawickrama
    Buddhist and Cultural – Ranawaka
    Samurdhi – Digambaran
    Megapolis – Sujeewa Senasinghe
    Women’s Affairs – Eran

    • 0

      Sorry, note the correction:

      1. Ranil – Prime Minister & Economic Development
      2. Ravi – Finance Minister
      3. Mangala – Foreign Affairs
      4. Law & Order – Fonseka
      5. Health – Sagala
      6. Power & Energy – Rajitha
      7. Environment including Wildlife and Forestry– Sajith
      8. Education including Higher– Akila
      9. Industries – Malik
      10. Transport – Baththudin
      11. Highways – Hakim
      12. Labour – Kiriella
      13. Housing – Ranawaka
      14. Irrigation including Mahaveli – Harrison
      15. Justice – Thalatha
      16. Water supply & Drainage – Jayawickrama
      17. Cultural including Buddhist – Ranjith Maddumabandara
      18. Social Service & Samurdhi – Ajith Perera
      19. Megapolis – Sujeewa Senasinghe
      20. Women’s Affairs – Chandrani Bandara
      21. Plantation – Navin
      22. Land – Arjuna
      23. Media including Communication- Vajira Abey
      24. Trade – Mano Ganeshan
      25. Multicultural and Ethnic Reconciliation – Eran
      26. Posts & Telecommunication – Nalir (former guy)
      27. Provincial Councils – Harsha
      28. Sports – Ranjan Rama
      29. Ports, Shipping & Aviation – Digambaran
      30. Public Administration – Mujibar Rahman

      Hon Speaker – Karu

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    There was a time when everything MR did and planned turned out to be a SUCCESS. Now everything becomes a laughable fiasco. Even though bit slow, SL too has changed a lot since 2015

  • 10

    Defeat one after the other. That is why people say troubles don’t come in singles. This is what happens when you indulge in immoral and backroom politics.

    If Mahinda Rajapaksa has any sense of shame he should resign his fake Prime Minister’s post immediately.

    Troubles don/t come in singles! It comes in a row.

    It is time the fake Prime Minister Resigns his post.

    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

    On May 7, 1940, the British Conservative MP, Leo Amery, flung these words at Neville Chamberlain during a House of Commons debate on the British-French expedition in Norway that had ended in failure. Amery repeated Oliver Cromwell’s (paraphrased) words on April 20, 1653, to a Parliament attempting to remain after it had voted to dissolve itself:

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    Yes, MR went in, in his regal splender to see his girl friend and make an appeal but she refused his request.

  • 2

    Well done Sir. You have a great things. It is late but not too late. Political wisdom prevailed.. But damage has been done to your name..You should have taken brave decision long time ago.. When you lost the majority.. Sorry you have been tricked by Maithri. Who does not have any support. He tried to jolly ride over you.
    Now, make sure to know who is good and who is bad in politics. You could have been like king.. had you been taken some good decision at some good time.. In politics good image is an important fact.. But some back people damage your good image..

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    Another victory for TNA lawyers “Kanaga Isvaran Sumanthiran” team. This is a fail and pass judgment. But their failure will not come out because the pass is practically crippling the Fake government PM and ministers. People attention is on that.
    The TNA lawyers’ team lost on seeing Justice Wanasundara out of this. But, in the court, Kanaga Isvaran wished her happy retirement and she is leaving with day’s case. Old King might have had a naive hope on her. That is what scared the lawyers. But thing are too tied for the judges to move around and this too again unanimous. Eva, in her last few days, might have started to feel the error of having made a judicially wrong comment that Old King offering her the job in a romantic way.
    Some news is suggesting Old King was with New King about the time judgement was released. They suggest he would resign, But he was waiting for the verdict to save his face. If Old King decides continue, after New Year, the land will perish. Old King is about go into history below Kashiappa-but not as Dutugamunu. The situation has passed that even if he resigns he will not be able to save his face.
    The courts have repeatedly insisted that anything Old and New King are doing is sheer illegal things. Legal sense is emerging in the mind of the people that the Aanduwa is doing only one thing that is illegal. This is piercing the mask of their long built impunity grants they offered to each other on the crime spree they conducted during 2005-2016. Some of these crimes are not time limited for legal action. Someone will take them to the court once Ranil hand over the UNP leadership to someone else and this impunity iron dorm is starting to melt.

  • 3

    The picture you have chosen for this article happens to be well chosen, MR donning his lawyer’s cloak over his crimson ‘Satakaya’. There was a time when all his actions were in contempt of the cloak, giving prominence to the satakaya. Now even Eva has not been able to help him to save the cloak. His satakaya is also now in danger of being losing the respect it once enjoyed. MR now counts as the PM who served the shortest term because of his greed for power and the pigheadedness of the prez. I think it is time now that people asked him to stop kissing babies and retire to Medamulana where he could spend his life peacefully except when his sleep will be disturbed by the journlists he killed.

    As for the cloak he wears its worth is no more than that of his son’s.

  • 3

    Where are these two “pillars” Basil + Gota, in the conspiracy? Have they got a Plan “B”

    2 + 2 = 22 – reminds me of Burwanse and his logic. The Climax*should not be missed – a Buruwanse Hit – coupled to SL Politics!
    for a change…………

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    The Judiciary and the judges of all courts set an example to the Parliamentarians and specially the current President as to how to follow the rule of law in conducting govt. business using people’s money.The recent unanimous decision by the Supreme Court judges give an eye opener to those who think that they are above the law. What happens next is anybody’s guess as the current President still believes that he is above the law ,but one thing is sure that similar institutions like the armed forces, Police, Government & private sectors and Govt. corporations will think twice to break laws to please the executive & the legislators as God has opened the gates for freedom for the people , who were under the clutches of the corrupt politicians, as a last chance to vote intelligently and freely to select the right type of politicians to govern our country in the future and bring back the old glory.
    In the event RW is brought back as the PM, TNA & JVP should accept positions in the cabinet and look after the problems, their own communities are facing, rather than leaders of above respected parties go
    on their bended knees to junior politicians in the govt. and “Beg” for help to solve problems. I really do not
    understand the stand taken by TNA & JVP to stay away from the cabinet. This old “Ghandian” principle
    will not work with corrupt govts. of the current era., where thuggery & bribery work better. A good example is that TNA, whose votes brought the current President to power,and with 16 MPs could not get the release
    of lands owned by the people and lost during the war from the clutches of the army for the last three years

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    MaRa has to do some soul-searching. He should now reflect on what Sirisena did to him on oct:26th was in good faith or to destroy his image in the country. Most political commentators would agree that the respect that he had as a war-winning hero has more or less vanished.

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    Sirisena and S.B. Dissanayake got caught to RAW plot to destroy the Rajapaksas because of their China-leaning policies.

    • 4

      Now Rajapaksa wants Sirisena to pay his legal bills for royally screwing him.

  • 1

    There is an entity far higher than the Supreme Court. The voices of the Masses ia paramount. Time for the people to demand a general election.

    • 3

      Undoubtedly, dear RTF,
      The collective voice of the people is far higher than that of the Supreme Court. But it must be the just voices of all the people raised when they are in full control of their faculties, raised with due decorum, at a time when all have agreed that they are ready.
      I emphasise all.
      I agree that there is much discontent with our rulers. When are our people not discontented? Who is to decide the time at which something has to be done? Sirisena is not an evil man, but the Rajapaksas are. They alone decided when Thajudeen, and Ekneligoda, and Raviraj were to die.
      Do you remember these words? “by the grace of Grace,
      We will perform in measure, time and place.”

    • 0

      Without a “Old King – SBD – New King” initiated Coup, does there an opportunity come to them to withdraw the votes they casted right they casted it? If so that would be a legal opening to fresh election; isn’t it?

    • 0

      The masses have lost their voice as MR the fake PM got kicked out by court before he could distribute rice packets and liquor.
      I feel your pain.

    • 0

      Sure there is , but all in good time , like the good book says ” there is a time for everything” don’t break rules , laws and constitutions, and push for general elections, when there is over one and a half years more for it ! Saw what happened when dumbos thought otherwise. Hope the Country can get out of this mess.

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    No doubt that these DECISIONS of SC are triumphant moments for the “Independence” of the Judiciary; but the LESSON taught to the very PERPETRATORS is what the whole country and the people must be JUBILANT about. and CELEBRATE. There are THREE prominent “GROUPS” to learn that lesson viz. (1) The President and his “TEAM” of “Advisers” (2) The ex President and his “TEAM” (I call them THE GANG) (3) The “AG” who backed the (refer to his submissions to SC as the 1st Respondent) the sitting President and perhaps the “EX”. One could “debate” the role of AG; but while being in the position of the “PEOPLES” custodian of the Legal System of the country, the stand he took as regards the “Constitutionality” of the President’s decision to “Dissolve” the Parliament is very much “Questionable”. I am very much pleased that all these so called “VETERAN” politicians have been given a “HARD KNOCK” on the head to tell all of them that they cannot longer “FOOL AROUND” with the PEOPLE of this country. At we have now the JUDICIARY to rely on.

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    Make believe PM loses again! Dint his astrologer predict that this was going to happen? Or was it GLP that gave him this dead rope?
    Gompallia’s always open mouth should be now shut. Where is modawansa that predicted that there could be violence if the court kicks his bosses ass.

    This Christmas in Sri Lanka is going to be:

    Ha ha ha and not
    Ho ho ho.

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    I salute Justice Eva Wanasundara for preserving her integrity and reputation of the court. She is going out with a bang with her gallant performance on the last day of her career. Happy retirement and well deserved one too.

  • 2

    There is unfinished business for courts – the rowdies who brought shame on parliament should be tried and punished, they should be debarred from contesting elective office for a period to be determined by courts.
    Same for MR. Sirisena will carry his ignominy to the grave.
    The speaker should be bestowed with the highest national honour.
    The resuscitated PM should get cracking on the nation’s finances – cutting waste and pruning expenses. All tamashas should be banned. A living wage/income should become the entitlement of all. Rouge clerics should be confined to temples. State officers should catch up on dormant files, pension payments recommenced. Foreign service cleansed.

    Army/Police should become ‘servants’ not masters of the people.

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    Good advice – What a formation of the cabinet!, leaving out the two stalwarts M/s Sampanthan Leader TNA and Anura Dissanayake, versatile leader of JVP, who stood shoulder to shoulder to preserve democracy in the country during the period we went through a political turmoil in the recent past or people call it
    “Sirisena Episode”.You have also have conveniently forgotten that Tamils of N/E should also be
    represented in a Unity govt.
    TNA should be given Justice Ministry (Sumanthiran (PC)and N/E affairs to Mr. Sampanthan and a couple of junior minister ship and Youth affairs to JVP/Anura. In the same journal, have requested the above to accept portfolios in the UNP govt. and ensure RW offers these positions and work for the people they represent, as RW is there because of the above two respected leaders’ hard fought victory, that paved
    the way for SC rightful decision.

    As another writer Basnayake requested through these columns that RW should give up his position
    at the end of his term and hand over power to younger people and hope he will do that as he lived
    through,using other’s popularity and he had no base of his own ,except the elite of Colombo.

    Finally everything comes down to the people and if they do not act intelligently, we are back to
    square one.

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