16 July, 2019


Fake PM Mahinda Rajapaksa Resigns

Several UNP Parliamentarians confirmed that fake Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has tendered his letter of resignation from the Prime Minister’s post.


UNP MPs Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, Harsha de Silva and Ruwan Wijewardene, who are currently with ousted PM Ranil Wickremesinghe at Temple Trees, confirmed the story.

Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa confirmed that the former President has “decided” to resign from premiership.

“To ensure stability of the nation, Former President @PresRajapaksa has decided to resign from the Premiership tomorrow after an address to the nation. The SLPP with Frm President, SLFP & others will now work to form a broader political coalition with President Sirisena,” Namal Rajapaksa said.

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  • 12

    MR says resignation is to ensure stability. With that fake govt. GMOA kept mum. No sooner MR slumped, GMOA is already threatening the govt. against Rajitha being Health Minister. Now the next circus will start with GMOA. The law must catch the big 3 ExCo and nothing short of imprisonment will do for them. They must be expelled from the Medical Council now so corrupt with contempt of court case.
    Judiciary must complete the job they started and deal severely with GMOA AP goons, without any fear as there are plenty of excellent doctors in both public and private sector to handle any situation. This terror mafia GMOA must be bound up before MR picks them up again to topple the govt. as was done earlier. The poor will be left to die as GMOA strikes causing fear psychosis. Enough is enough. Country needs a rest and judiciary to act.

  • 6

    I noticed the Newspapers are now using the word Fake as they are not afraid of reprisals. Journalists must act with confidence without fear.

    • 0

      If they accept the resignation as legal then the word”fake”is used more in hate than anything else for a fake can not legally resign.

  • 8

    CT must be congratulated as they are the only media who referred to Mahinda as a ‘Fake PM’ Most of the others referred to him as PM despite the fact they are well aware of the Constitutional provisions. At least they should have referred to Mahinda as a Prime Minister with a ?

  • 8

    CT must be congratulated once again for publishing an appropriate photograph of Mahinda- as picture speaks a thousand words.

  • 8

    Look at the old buggar’s face. What a shame to this great nation of ours.

  • 6

    No need to resign because he was never the pm but a rogue who conspired with patholaya to steal the prime minister position but did not succeed. We dont want to see your crooked face on any website you rogue.

  • 1

    Dear Hon MP Mahinda Rajapakase. I stand for you that mission undertaken by your leadership for reinvigoration of democratic order our country. Back to base of People is that real democracy has developed last five centuries since 1453!
    Since last 500 years capitalist that played progressive role of political democracy except year that 1917 Octemeber Revolution and 1949 Octemeber 1st the day of Liberation of People’s Republic Of China.
    We want real peace and stability to development and democracy for sustainability of Capitalist path to pave way for New Nation by emerging New Global Order.

    We as nation having long-term that national prespacatves of political-economic-social mission to be completed by masses base leadership . People are motive force and driving force of democrat mode of governances. That will be good governances be choice of majority People of Islanders.

    We wish your leadership that can be accomplished to meet aspiration of The people of Sri Lankan.
    There are many set backs in Democratic process since 1948? Learn by lessons of historical experiences in that past 70 odd years is that important for our Nation future ?

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