17 April, 2024


BBS US Pictures: Sumptuous Feasts For BBS Monks

The picture below shows the Bodu Bala Sena Secretary General, a Buddhist monk Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thero  having a meal while he was in the US two weeks ago.

“Sumptuous feasts for BBS while bread and dhal for faithful” an ordinary citizen told Colombo Telegraph. Last year Sri Lanka has announced plans to draw up new guidelines for donating food to the country’s Buddhist monks amid concerns about their weight and health. The Health ministry said the faithful, who offer alms as a religious tradition, tended to give food that was too high in fat and sugar and monks were developing preventable health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.“The Medical Research Institute has been asked to prepare menus that could be used for alms givings,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that the new guidelines would be issued next month.

Read more;

Sri Lanka Announced Plans To Draw Up New Guidelines For Donating Food To The Monks


Read more;

Sri Lanka Announced Plans To Draw Up New Guidelines For Donating Food To The Monks

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  • 7

    Hi Gananasara Hora Ganaya
    we proud to see you eating Muslims traditional meal Biriyani. you are a real fucking ganaya make srilankan fool.who make these meals for you. only god can save srilankan Budhist from BBS (Balu Boru Sena). will wait and see how long Ganasera dance for the tune of modasenas.

  • 2

    Looks more like “fried rice” — probably need more protein looking at his physique.
    Gone are the days when priests “served out of their genuine calling to
    priesthood –and follow the footsteps of Gautama.

  • 2

    The state policy of Rajapaksa presidency was to use Buddhism as a tool to amass wealth. It was the short cut to power, wealth and fame. No need to go to school. No need to learn. No need to go to universities. The more unlearned the better. A certain wise Sinhala Buddhist professor puts it nicely: “If Lord Buddha were to return to earth and sit the paper on Buddhism, He will fail.”
    Now, can anyone put it across better – the tragic fate of Buddhism?
    I have distanced myself from temples and the rogues living inside them.
    Likeminded people must form a network to stop the rot. We too are shamed. Others don’t respect us when these rogues hold the stage. I have experienced this personally. Especially when I travel abroad. We cannot realise our best potential.

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