14 August, 2022


Cynical? Truth Is “Apologists” Can’t Understand Crisis

By Kusal Perera

Kusal Perara

Kusal Perara

“@Cokroach You must be soooo happy to see your utter negativity coming true, the country be damned. With cynics like you, #lka has no chance!” (a very recent tweet)

That was a response I got for my very open critical tweets on this “Maithripalanaya” and the way so called experts in “civil society” respond to the major crisis we are heading to. Socio political and economic instability. The “tweep” does accept I have been right in my political projections, but consoles himself saying I’m “negative”. That has been the escape route for most “Maithripalanaya” apologists. While Rajapaksa played around plundering our economy with “cronies” around him, we now have these “crony” civil society apologists justifying anything this government does.

The fact is, the actual crisis we are being dragged into is being overlooked by these MS apologists on a consolation platter, “…but MR was defeated. Isn’t that good enough?”. Just the way the urban middle class they belong to argued “Yeah, what is corruption? LTTE was defeated and isn’t that good enough?”. They therefore don’t want to engage the people in any way, on any of the major reforms promised by MS in his election manifesto “Stable Country – Maithri Government” and the “100 Day programme”. All “reforms” that are talked of in patched and tinkered form are being compromised in an illegitimate parliament with the 70 plus MPs who want to “Wake Up With Mahinda” deciding what we can have. What’s happening is, we are being chased down the “Rajapaksa Road” with a smudged green flag, carried by the same corrupt lot who were with Rajapaksa for 09 long, corrupt, dirty and lawless years.

I therefore wonder what these apologists would say to these major promises and issues that had no social discourse and had no social engagement post elections and implemented at random with no serious interest.

Ranil maithriThe Code of Ethics for MPs missing while the parliament is turning into a cesspit of vulgar heckling and retorts even PM Wickremesinghe is involved in. Deputy Ministers meanwhile get involved in violent alcoholic brawls in public resorts. Typical “Dr. Mervy” life and no promised code of ethics.

The Right To Information (RTI) Act promised is now shelved. What was drafted as reported, had been behind closed doors and with no Sinhala and Tamil translations.
Despite what’s been hyped as the 19A, it serves absolutely no purpose, no better than what MR had in his crude and despised 18A. The fundamental necessity in de politicising major State institutes and agencies through independent commissions will not happen through this 19A. The Constitutional Council (CC) to be constituted with independent and credible personalities are now controlled by 07 politicians, whom the society wanted out of this process. The Presidential Advisor on Constitutional Affairs, Dr. Wickramaratne, who was till 06 months ago preaching the society of the necessity to have a strengthened 17A, is now saying the CC can function without civil society nominees and that for him is now “good enough”.

Electoral reforms expected to strengthen people’s democratic representation have also got pickled the same way. All arguments and equations by self appointed “experts” and campaigners for this government only want a formula the political parties would agree to adopt in parliament as “20A”. People are no factor in their formulations. 20A even if adopted will not be used to elect the next parliament that will sit for 06 more years, once elected. What then is this hurry for 20A, if the next parliament is to be elected on the present system that brings in “undesirables” just like now?

Corruption is nothing small. Compared to MR’s first whole year from 2005 November to end 2006, this half year of “Yahapalanaya” is horrendous. The CBSL scam is still nauseating. UNP bigwig and Ranil’s erstwhile colleague and businessmen Malik Samarawickrama had been in the meeting, but not asked why. The CWE is being ruined. Chairman Athapattu had many reports of total mismanagement leading to corruption. President Sirisena’s brother Kumarasinghe who was appointed Chairman of SL Telecom, the holding company of 07 subsidiaries, is now rumoured to enjoy a monthly salary of 10 million rupees. President’s son in law was appointed a co-ordinating secretary to the President and a daughter played chaperone for visiting female dignitaries. Son was part of the entourage in all foreign trips the President made.

Minister of Sports and Tourism Navin Dissanayake is accused of sponsoring his mother’s kennel club show at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium with a concession of half a million rupees. Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake who raised the issue of defaulted loans amounting to Rs.300 million borrowed from the Bank of Ceylon by two powerful mill owners in the Polonnaruwa district, about which he complained to the COPE in May 2012 is no more interested in it.

Despite all the loud talk about mega corruption in most Chinese funded massive projects, none had been revamped or stopped. What media reports about investigations into them are sketchy, patchy and contradictory.

Wickremesinghe as Leader of the Opposition promised to “scrap” Colombo Port City, but is now continuing, even without the report Wickremesinghe as PM promised to parliament. Both Anura K. Dissanayake the loud talking NEC member of this coalition and SirasaTV who were louder than RW in criticising the Colombo Port City have turned meek apologists for the same Colombo Port City. Bought over by the Chinese, all of them?

All open and peaceful protests have been brutally cracked down to date, in a far worse manner than even during the Rajapaksa tenure. MS apologists who were pre election loud screamers for justice and democracy, is nowhere to be seen when university students are mercilessly assaulted, residents in Meethotamulla protesting against stinking waste mountains are beaten up, Pelvehera farmers are chased away and mass arrests are made when Jaffna residents come on the streets against police complicity in releasing gang rape accused to list just a few.

Whole State machinery is running extra slow and hesitant. President MS had to intervene even to clean up Colombo of waste accumulation, the job of Minister Hakeem. From Wild life to CKDu MS intervenes on very bias and sectarian appeals. Both on Wilpattu, Glysophate and CKDu, he proves he can be taken on a ride on Sinhala sentiments.

Absolutely no difference between MR and President Sirisena in how he hypes the war victory and war heroes. He is running round projecting himself as a good Sinhala Buddhist as his official website proves and the Remembrance Day military parade showed.

All of it proves the political culture is not what has changed, but the names and faces in the game is what had changed. Our crisis at hand is far more deep rooted and complex. None the “Maithri government” and these Colombo urban experts are meddling with, would bring answers to the deepening crisis. And what is that crisis?

It eats into all aspect of social and economic life. It is not just the politicians and political leaderships who are mediocre and corrupt. All social segments that are expected to provide intellectual guidance and leadership to society are also mediocre and corrupt. The professionals, the academics, the administrators are that. They have grown into self centred individuals competing to make their life comfortable and wealthy in a very competitive open market economy where money and political power decides where they can go and what they can achieve in life. This has led to extremely undemocratic and corrupt social and professional organisations used for personal advantage by those who control them. Attitudes and values in society are being cultivated by many means to suit this urban life that controls dominant ideology of society. That is nurtured through media and education.

The crisis therefore is the result of what human resources the education system produces for this society to run it on a daily basis; administrators, professionals, entrepreneurs and politicians including the majority controlled and governed by them. Over the past decades, education has been a neglected area. There had been no serious discourse in how education should be reformed to produce the best human resources this society needs. All what is being argued and debated is “Grade I admissions”, university intakes, privatisation of higher education and the 6% allocation for education that FUTA brought into focus. They have not been put into perspective to dialogue on a national education policy.

We have thus lived with what this ever deteriorating, decaying and polluting education system keeps throwing into society, each generation less competent and more mediocre than the previous. It’s been a case like photocopying from a photocopied. Every copy losing at least 10% quality. Its a photocopied set that always takes over schools and the universities and produces a lesser quality new batch of human resource. They obviously cannot produce a better quality than themselves. This has been a vicious circle over the past few decades, with the open economy turning this human resource into selfish and atomised individuals. It’s they who run all institutions, make policy and also implement them. It’s this mediocre society that lacks creative intellectual leadership, but elects its parliament and expects answers to all ills.

This dependency on mediocrity is what brings out “apologists” for all regimes. MR had them, defending him till he was ousted and MS and RW have them too, now apologising for what had not been delivered as promised. It is this mediocrity and not my cynicism or negativity that will drag us more into this crisis. And to give the tweet that came as a response its due perspective, I would say “With APOLOGISTS like you, #lka has no chance!”

What we need is a new generation of open minded, analytical young intellectuals who could steer a serious discourse outside both MR and MS-RW mediocrity, to seek new medication to old wounds. For #lka to create its own comfortable, secular and plural society.

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  • 5

    This is ‘appe aanduwa” pure and simple unleashed since 1948, will it ever change for the better?

    • 0

      Kusal Perera

      RE:Cynical? Truth Is “Apologists” Can’t Understand Crisis

      Give to Sarath Fonseka and Anura Kumara Dissanayaka. They will fix it!

  • 6

    Kusal Perera,

    #lka needs a revolution like the French or American type to wipe out the mediocre politicians and leech-like scum of the society which is bleeding the country.

    • 6


      You ought to be careful whenever you mention revolution. Hindians and Americans are listening to you. They don’t like revolution in any part of world, they prefer status quo to any fundamental changes to the state, irrespective of people’s demand, unless they themselves mess it up.

      Now look at Egypt.

      People’s revolution is now being hijacked by the Army.

      A word of caution, Somawansa Amarasinghe is waiting in the wings to take over and lead a party that is willing to accept his bankrupt ideology and his failed leadership.

  • 4

    “All of it proves the political culture is not what has changed, but the names and faces in the game is what had changed. Our crisis at hand is far more deep rooted and complex. None the “Maithri government” and these Colombo urban experts are meddling with, would bring answers to the deepening crisis. …”

    I could have predicted this. January 8th was just an excuse for one party to grab power from another.

    All is not lost, I feel, give it time with a new parliament, and most of all a public awareness of corruption.

    “a new generation of open minded, analytical young intellectuals” is coming.

  • 7

    You are right. We cannot give a longer rope to this government. The present parliament must be dissolved immediately and new general elections conducted.

    Let the new parliament take up the task of making a new constitution, not by itself, but through instituting a ‘National Constitution Commission’ and a ‘National Electoral Commission’ of eminent persons. We do not need a gerrymandered constitution made by crooks, thugs and knaves in the present parliament. Let us pray the people will elect a better parliament next time around. Yes, there is yet no alternative to hoping!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 4

      Can you in your view, suggest anyone from the present MAIN 2 parties who should be reelected?

      • 6

        Dear Dev,

        A very thought provoking poser. All the JVP members in the present parliament, deserve to be re-elected. From the UNP, Ranil and Karu Jayasuriya. From the SLFP, none. From the TNA, only Sumanthiran, I shall think hard tonight, whether I can think of other names,

        Can you please come up with some names?


        • 3

          I actually cannot think of anyone from the UNP or the SLFP worth re-electing.

          Certainly not Ranil. I am alway at the loss to think why he is considered worthy to be elected in the first place. Would he have achieved even the little he has if not for the connections to the Wijaya media and JR connections? Yes, he is better than some of the other rogues we have elected but is he the “best” we can come up from 21+ million people ? He has decimated the UNP to nothing. Holding on to power within it and squashing any internal democracy. He has forced the UNP which used to form govts. on its own to having to form coalitions with nobodies ! Election after election is lost and no soul searching is done within (a symptom perhaps of us all given our failure to also do soul searching as a nation) and no responsibility taken for election defeats. Remember his actions viz a viz the 18th amendment? Walked off out of parliament, leaving Anura of the JVP and Sumanthiran of TNA to fight the MR juggernaut.

          The SLFP unable to do its own soul searching seems to keep hanging on to MR and his brand of dirty nationalistic politics. The nearest thing to a dictator we had and by all appearances only seems to be making a comeback.
          They elect an opposition leader more famous for his bedroom escapades than high politics !

          Yes, I can’t come up with one name from the main 2 parties. Maybe the other readers can suggest worthy people from the SLFP/UNP worth electing.

          • 4


            “Maybe the other readers can suggest worthy people from the SLFP/UNP worth electing.”

            Would you mind asking Dayan for his first, second and last opinion?

          • 4


            I will also include Managala Samaraweera from the UNP. As you have we have no choices regarding the best. We have for the better.


        • 1

          This is where I part company with many if not most of the posters here:

          Who deserves to be elected? I don’t know: let the people decide.

          Changing the poliltical culture will take some time, I believe all of the present group of parliamentarians have something to contribute to our country, as long as they are forced to abide by the rules. The laws of the country have not changed.

          These politicians represent the people, and to think of preventing them from entering parliament because one does not agree with them is not democratic since it indirectly removes the voices of the thousands if not millions who voted for them.

          To name names: MS, RW, MR… and the many others.

          We are all aboard the Airliner called “Sri Lanka” . We can’t all be pilots or sit in first class, some of us are in the jump seat and others in the toilets, but let’s not become ‘unruly passengers’ who turn back the plane.

          Let’s respect our politicians and enjoy the inflight.

  • 3

    We agree with every sentence, but not the last sentence-“What we need is a new generation of open minded, analytical young intellectuals who could steer a serious discourse outside both MR and MS-RW mediocrity, to seek new medication to old wounds. For #lka to create its own comfortable, secular and plural society”

    These young intellectuals will turn out to be worse crooks!

    Only a total revolution by the common people could meet this challenge
    – not the regime change

  • 5

    What a great write up, and I too predicted this not due to any cynicism on my part but given the past of MS, Ranil and CBK over the past 20 years.

  • 0


    Let us all support JVP/FSP not others.

    People should join these two parties individually and voluntarily.

    These two parties should not have any deal with any other party or NGO.

    Let us traverses a new path irrespective of chances for victory.

  • 0

    In Sri Lanka it is mainly not the fighting and infighting between and within Political Parties, it is the fighting and infighting within the Political Families. If we look back this has been the case even in the Anuradhapura and Pollonaruwa and Kandy Kingdoms.
    Lambakkana’s against Maurya’s, intrigues within the ruling families, etc.
    Today it is the Senanayakes against the Bandranaikes, against the Jayawardenas against the Premadasas against the Dissanayakes against the Bandaranaikes against the Rajapakashes and so on.
    Eliminating family politics should be our goal as this sickness had come down to provincial and district level.
    I hope that at the next election our people weed out the corrupt and those who think that it is their God given right to govern.

  • 1

    Another bleeding heart liberal with a litany of woes but no solution.

    Go join the JVP or try to find Merlin to create Camelot…..these things take time and above all education and learning from the majority.

    It will come but probably not in the next 50 years.

  • 0

    “For #lka to create its own comfortable, secular and plural society.”
    Comfortable, secular, plural society? No chance. If you think….you are having a day dream.. I bet you!

  • 1

    I agree to a certain extent, with Kusal. Mere change of regime, will not bring many changes. However, the fear at least to some, are gone.the state repressive machinery is in place.Of course , I have my doubts on CC, but prefer to wait.

    The people are in economic difficulty. cash flow is not there. the best option is to have elections. otherwise violence, sectarian or otherwise may erupt.

  • 1

    Congratulations to Kusal Perera for a well
    thought out and finely articulated piece.
    Instead of trying to kill the messenger,
    critics should learn from it. But they
    won’t. Their prejudices run deeper than
    the deep seas.

    As Dev points out, Ranil Wickemesinghe
    is not reliable. He is by far the old Sri
    Lankan politician who sells the trust public
    place in him through devious deals. That
    is why no one trusts him nor votes for him.

    When the present Government came into power,
    he together with constitutional lawyer
    Jayampathy Wickremesinghe tried to smuggle
    in their own version of an amendment. RW
    wanted to make himself, the Prime Minister
    more important. What we saw in the 19th Amendment
    is an entirely different thing. He tried this
    again with the 20th by publicising that Ministers
    had accepted the proposal his proposal. This too

    After the presidential elections, RW through
    the Attorney General and the IGP, prevented any
    member of the Rajapaksa family from being arrested.
    Basil was taken in at the behest of Chandrika
    Bandaranaike Kumaratunga.

    Now, all this has boomeranged on RW. Rajapaksas
    are behind the no confidence motion against him. He
    richly deserves this for the double games he has
    been playing.

    Now he is pleading for elections. RW knows it is not
    because he believes the UNP could win. He wants to
    make sure the Central Bank Bond Issue scandal will
    die down with a dissolution. NO, NO, it is definitely
    not going to happen. Not only Ranil, but also Ravi K
    and Malik Samarawickreme will be exposed.

    They are mortally frighted of this and are pleading with
    Sirisena to stop the no faith motion. Why are you frightened
    if you have done no wrong? Yahapalanaya, which RW promised,
    should not make him a coward if he did the right thing?

  • 0

    How true Rufus Gunasekera. The main reason why Ranil W is
    unpopular is because people don’t trust him. He only listens
    to his friends and looks after only them – like Akila Viraj,
    the Education Minister, Malik Samarawickrema UNP Chairman,
    Sagala Ratnayake who is international affairs advisor though
    he does not know even the basics. The list is endless.

    All the promises given to the people to win the elections –
    corruption by the Rajapaksa family and misrule – what happened?
    Not one person is even charged. Publicly RW says one thing.
    Privately he is stopping or slowing down the investigations.
    He thinks this will keep the division between Maithripala
    Sirisena and Mahinda. At least that is what he tells the party
    people. The real reason is Ranil is showing his gratitude to
    Mahinda for his support in becoming the UNP leader for six

    He is the one who prevented Mrs Shiranthi Rajapaksa from being
    questioned at the FCID office. He is the one who prevented
    the arrest of Tiran Alles although others who are less important
    are in custody for funding the LTTE.

  • 0

    Tweeps my foot whom they recognize? Follow to unfollow is a trick of megalomaniacs, they dismiss everyone as apologists whereas they never appreciate any other except themselves. With an agenda they work, probably the agents of evangels. I surmise they are paid by pedestrats! Follow me I won’t follow you because i do your thinking, then it is no wonder there is always paucity for successful managers. They inject hormones into a fledgling chick to lay eggs, the instant death is blamed on the climate! The introverts have solutions through their own prisms. No answer that too straight questions but they clamour for the right to invade privacy of less fortunate! O tempera O mores.

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