28 May, 2022


Dhanapala Steps Down From Dialog Board

Jayantha Dhanapala, member of the Board of Directors, Dialog Axiata PLC, key co-signatory of the Friday Forum, is to retire from the Dialog directorate citing personal reasons.



“‘… he will retire at the conclusion of the forthcoming AGM on June 10,’ the company said in a statement on Friday. The announcement came months after a controversy over the alleged blockage of anti-government websites by the top mobile operator. Colombo Telegraph, one of the blocked websites, said Mr. Dhanapala, a governance activist, should step down from the Dialog board or should have protested over the issue. Mr. Dhanapala has remained non-committal on the issue.” Colombo based Times online (Sunday Times) reported.

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Latest comments

  • 0

    Why did you chiken out Mr. JD??
    Where was your backbone you wishy washy diplomut?

  • 8

    Well done CT.

    I wonder if he will also return the monies he earned while being on the board (not all of it, pro rated to the times CT was blocked)

    • 5

      Now you need to tell the truth, tell us what happened? what did you do? who ordered to block the CT?

    • 3

      Mr. Jayantha Dhanapala,

      “Jayantha Dhanapala, member of the Board of Directors, Dialog Axiata PLC, key co-signatory of the Friday Forum, is to retire from the Dialog directorate citing personal reasons.”

      Congratulations. Well done. Better late than never. Sometimes, we all are tardy, but we all appreciate that you still have principles and ethics.

      We wish you all the best our new endeavors. You will be remembered as a man of principles.

      Thank you for making your statement.

      • 2

        Do not congratulate Jayantha Dhanapala … Instead, you should do it to yourselves, Amarasiri …

        Mission accomplished …

        Congratulations to the bunch of HYPOCRITES lead by the die-hard MARXIST Kumar David who always willingly and happily served in the CAPITALIST west including his most idealogical opposite USA … So much for the principles and conscience of you guys who measure others in those .. Isn’t it a very shameful pathetic display of hypocrisy?

        You, Amarasiri, must be very very ashamed to be leaded by a guy like KD who had whole education from kindergarden to doctorate funded by the poor folks of the country called Sri Lanka but can not work in any of the languages (Tamil or Sinhalese) of LOCALS while born and worked in the country for decades …

        Long live the Revolution of the Proletariat or the downtrodden masses …. Down to imperialism and exploitation …
        Where are the principals or the conscience he was talking about? Worst Hypocrisy or unashamed public display of self morality?

        • 2

          Bruno Umbarto,

          There is no need to congratuate either Dhanapala, Amarasiri, Dr. David or others.

          The whole affair is a rather sad.

          In 2014. In this time and age. One of Asia’s oldest democracies.
          Still struggling to maintian the lowest of standards in democratic rule. Such as freedom of expression & right to information.

          All thanks to uneducated, uncivilized, corrupt, power-hungry, dynasty building, self-serving monekys this country keeps electing to govern itself. All the way since 1948.

          Current abusive, fascist regime is just the Icing on the Cake of our own making. Enjoy!


        • 1

          Bruno Umbato

          “Do not congratulate Jayantha Dhanapala …

          Instead, you should do it to yourselves, Amarasiri … Mission accomplished … “

          Yes, but Need to congratulate Colombo Telegraph and everybody else who participated and finally persuaded Mr. Danapala to act.

          Bruno, Amarasiri has been very critical of Mr. Dhanapala, and finally when the guy makes the correct decision, need to give the guy a way out. Why?

          There are thousands and thousands of Shills like that who must be persuaded and converted and to be converted. This is along process. Once converted, need to accept them with open arms. That is what great leaders like Mohamed and Abraham Lincoln did. I hear that every town in the USA has a Street named Lincoln Street.

          Every conversion away from Mara and his cronies is a gain. In the past election 5% fewer voters supported Mara and his cronies.

          Look at what Mahinda Rajapaksa did. He Bribed and got opposition members to join him. Then they voted to extend his term.

          • 0

            You have not replied to the thrust of my comment … Thrust of my comment is the HYPOCRACY of you guys including your boss, Kumar David .. Read my comment again and reply without deviating to other bs’es …

            By the way, You do not have to convert Dhanapala because he is one of you … Selfish, hypocrite and always try to keep the country down to serve outsiders …

            Anyway, HYPOCRACY is the topic … Reply or deviate again …

            • 1

              Bruno Umbato

              “By the way, You do not have to convert Dhanapala because he is one of you … Selfish, hypocrite and always try to keep the country down to serve outsiders … Anyway, HYPOCRACY is the topic … Reply or deviate again …”

              You have misunderstood Amarasiri.

              1. Amarasiri is an Egalitarian and believe in the right to get information so that a a correct decision can be made by all. SL state and Dialog. try to prevent that, even to subscribers of Dialog.

              2. What the SL state is doing is to prevent people getting the facts. They are claiming that the information will put the country down, and they try hide under that. That is why US has the Freedom of they Press, but many would like to control it claiming various lies.

              3. If you want to keep the country up, disclose the facts, be transparent,

              That is the Hypocrisy of the Paraa. UNHRC and others are not buying it.

            • 0

              Buruno Wambotu:
              How about learning that there is no such word as “HYPOCRACY” before you try to impress us with your knowledge and learning. Calling Kumar David a HYPOCRAT or whatever is totally irrelevant to the discussion which is about Jayantha Dhanapala’s absolute lack of principle, the support of which, coming from the likes of you is not one bit surprising because birds of a feather flock together.

        • 0

          Buruno Wambotta:
          Thank you for coming out of hiding to spout a bunch of total irrelevancies in convoluted defence of an unprincipled man who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! Do you get a bonus for defending the Jayantha Dhanapalas of this world in addition to your usual stipend?

      • 2

        Mr. Dhanapala may not make himself available for re-election at the AGM in June. That is perfectly normal. Let us not continue to denigrate a thorough gentleman who has brought much distinction to the country over the decades in the difficult area of international diplomacy. I am almost certain he was never part of any discussion about blocking CT, that is, if the matter was itemised at all in the Agenda. Let us recover our sense of decency.

        R. Varathan

        • 0

          R. Varathan:
          Do we have to try to emulate Jayantha D by admitting guilt only when we get caught?
          All those expressing admiration for this slimeball need to go see their neighbourhood shrink before they comment again!

    • 1

      News Spreading

      When will the other Directors and CEO resign?

      That should be the next project, Colombo telegraph.


      Jayantha Dhanapala, the independent non-executive director of Dialog Axiata PLC, has given notice of his decision to retire from the company’s board of directors due to personal reasons.

      Accordingly he will retire in terms of Section 210 of the companies Act No 07 of 2007, at the conclusion of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the company scheduled to be held on 10 June 2014, and will not seek re election.

      • 0

        Is he over 70-years? If so one does not need a back bone to retire. Public servants, and local and international civil servants have to retire. The rest, except those at the top of corporate ladder, goes on until they drop dead.

  • 3

    Why did you chiken out Mr. JD?? Where was your backbone you wishy washy diplomat?

  • 1

    I Say Jayantha Dhanapala is a STUPID IDIOT.

    WHY ?

    Now in this age, he should be able to decide for him exactly what he needs. Who cares what the others say. He should know what he wants.

    Because of others’ pressure he resigned means he is AN IDIOT, BIG TIME, WHO GOT A BIG POST SIMPLY BECAUSE OF POLITICAL CONNECTIONS IN SRI LANKA.


    • 1

      JimSofty says
      “…. Now in this age, he should be able to decide for him exactly what he needs…”

      This darling and pet of the west never decided on his own … Look at what these guys do using ‘FridayForum’ which serves the west to help it’s agenda of regime change … Regime change is create chaos so that it could be buckled under it’s own so that to exploit the country and divide it …. These guys at FridayForum never thought of the country of their birth but willingly served the outsiders …
      I’m happy that he is gone … These high paying jobs should be held by those who genuinely serve the country … Country survived inspite of their treacheries and the country is better served without them ….

  • 2

    Mr. Dhanapala

    You HAD a distinguished career in the SL foreign service and because of your diplomacy and tact, many more doors opened for your at the sunset of your career.

    And, without being happy and satisfied you joined the board of Dialog. Nothing wrong with that. You earned the right to receive such invites.

    However Sir, the rest of us, the Banda’s and Silva’s did not give up our eyes, ears or tongues, like you did. Today, it finally dawned on you the sheer hypocracy of your silence could not be sustained anymore.

    Better late than never – goes the saying. I wish you had done better.

    Now, you are just another greedy Sri Lankan who had to be shamed into doing the right thing. You followed the Corporate doctrine of not doing anything until it is forced on one, and even then, do the bare minimum to keep up appearances.

    How badly are we failing ourselves and our people?

    • 0

      As the Sinhala saying has it, “You should have gold put in your mouth for what you have said!”

  • 2

    Well done CT and you guys Rocks !
    It looks like JD survived on the 11th hour not becoming the Shashi Tharoor of Sri Lanka with more or less diplomatic and carrer credentials, all JD needed was to get some dubious post from a MARA affliated institute like DIALOG and this is how MARA buy people to manipulate them.

    The very same way he got Murali involved with politics and got him to organize UK parliamentarians visit SL hiding under a humanitarian organisation after threatening to expose Murali’s brothers Ehanaol and Heroin businesses which was exposed by the customs.

  • 2

    Well done Mr.Dhanapala for your decision.

    JCB is a man of principals and his decision to resign is a reflection of it.The time he took to take It should not be construed as dithering.He has obviously done so after taking a long hard look at the matter. He is too much of a diplomat to have done so as a result of pressure exerted.A diplomat always takes a long hard look before he concludes in regard to complicating matters , such as this one , that have various ramifications.JCB has done just that and in a dignified way too.

    Viva JCB ! You continue to be an honor to the Sri Lanka Foreign Service you once adorned .

  • 4

    Will the omniscient and omnipotent, but incompetent Executive President of Sri Lanka, do the same? This will be the saving grace for this country.

    Jayantha Dhanapala has shown all the persons associated with this government at the top, who yet have a sense of values, the way.

    It would indeed be the Peaceful Revolution we need! It would be a revolution of the Bourgeoisie, instead of the Proletariat or the masses. Even Wimal Weerawanse,the poor revolutionary turned rabble-rouser capitalist, however skewed many of his reasons are, is slowly opening the doors for his safe exit and future survival as a politician! The rats are beginning to abandon a sinking ship!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 2

    Well done mr former diplomat ! How about that pip squeak Hans Wijesuriya stepping down too ? Although his first name is Anglican , his second name is sinhalese. We often see him at Buddhist temples acting like a humble devotee. Why should a man ( Sinhala,Buddhist) like Hans help a Malaysian company (Dialog) exploit his own people the Sri Lankans and take millions of rupees back to Malayasia? The policy of dialog is to bribe the leaders of foreign countries, get monopoly status and exploit to the maximum. They also get involved in local politics by giving donations and bribes to local politicians. Hans Wijesuriya knows about all this because all such bribes come from him directly.These are criminal offences. Now they are getting involved in blocking web sites which is against the fundamental democratice principles of our constitution.In any other country this chap will be in jail.

  • 2

    He was bought for money , and he sold his priciples to the highest bidder. It is indeed too late now to make amends. He does not deserve commendation.

  • 0

    Hans Wijesuriya is from the business magnet Charles De Soysa clan. Charles De as everybody knows made money at a time when the Sri Lankns were illiterate and uneducated and could be easiely exploited by cunning businessmen. Most of business contracts and tenders in the colony came from the British imperialist who rewarded those who were reliable and obedient.As long as he could make money nothing else mattered. Charles De Soysa also did a lot of charity. Very strangely he gave huge sums to various British charities including the Church of England ! Obviously he wanted to impress the imperialists. Charles De Soysa’s entire family is Anglican. But they like to pose off as Buddhist for social and political reasons.

  • 1

    Hope Gothabaya Rajapakse learns from Jayantha Dhanapala and resigns from his position as the Secretary of Def. as Gothabaya cannot control the Buddhist thugs even after forming a special police division. Gothabaya sends the army to attack university students but he cannot or does not send the army to protect Islamic places of worship and Muslim owned businesses!

  • 2

    Giving the benefit of the doubt, one may assume, Dhanapala the Obstinate, at last have concluded for the mistake made, it is time to leave Dialog. CT may, I think, would let Dhanapala to go. But, as long as it like to dig the burial grounds of the King’s government’s murders, they will face the problem of bring their message outside. Well, it is a decision that they willingly undertook.

    Having said that,the first fact is, Dhanapala is not resigning. He is not seeking to reelect. This is indicative of Dhanapala’s complicit in the immoral behaviors of Dialog. Dialog is finding keeping Dhanapala in Board will direct many other queries into their operations. They are consulting him to leave.

    Then the other fact, Dhanapala wanted to be in the Friday Forum. He was with a company which activities raises lot of suspicion. If you are in the glass house do not throw stones, if you feel like throwing stones you rather get out. As a company with lot of convulsions to throw stones, Dialog does not like to go near the glass house, the Friday Forum. They don’t like this chat up. They mean real business. I do not claim they are showing the door for Dhanapala. But Dhanapala’s departure is in no way holding any principles high either. This is another mutual agreement for their own benefits.

    Further facts, Dialog will continue with their stealthy dealings, like the one paved the power to block a news media like CT. Dhanapala will pretend like he never heard or saw anything wrong anywhere. This is how Dialog will continue its legal trade; Dhanapala can stick on to his gentleman cloak. The days after this will be normal; as usual the Sun will rise in the east and will sets in the west.

    But, at CT, we did see the extrement, undiplomatic arrogancy of Dhanapala. He refused to comment on the problem CT was facing through the Dialog. Not that he did not say even in general, thai it is illegal to block a news channel. Like giving with one hand and stealing the same the other hand, after being well aware of the CT’s problem, continued to serve at Dialog; instead of offering to talk about it GOSL, he continued to be silent on that that. Then he went to the Friday Forum to wash his sins, it seems. This is how he brought down his image and helped to raise a question on the integrity of the members of the Forum too. After achieving these best things, he and Dialog are taking part. Well done the great Diplomat. But, if you are true, you know, before you molester the rest of the Friday Forum, at least from there, you need to submit your resignation letter.

  • 1

    Dhanapala will retire the news items says.

    He has not made a comment on the fact that the Company – Dialog – which he chaired at some point and on which board he serves now has connived with the Rajapaksa regime ( which Dhanapala was criticising via the social forum he lead) to illegally block a media site simply because it publishes news and articles critical of the regime.

    This company has immensely benfitted from the Rajapaksa regime by gaining the the status of the telecom company most favoured by the regime. The CEO of the Dialog Shridhir Sariputta Hansa Wijayasuriya who is using the Europeanised name “Hans” which must be the benefit of his business life despite his academic credentials and aristocratic ancestry brings disgrace to both his alma mater S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, and the University of Cambridge from which he graduated in enginereing by shamelessly entering into deals with the Rajapaksa regime to make his business a success. He has also made his father-in-law Sunimal Fernando, Presidential adviser an accomplice in this.

    Dhanapala and Friday Forum which he leads to regain his and its position in society will have to issue a statement on Dhanapala being implicated in the matter of Dialog blocking Colombo Telegraph. Until, that happens no genuine democrat will take both seriously.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? “Who will guard the guards themselves?” if not the public?

  • 0

    Irrespective of the belated decision to retire from the Board of Directors, Dhanapala has a social obligation to reveal the reasons for or who was behind the prevention of access to CT by Dailog subscribers.

  • 0

    I met Sunimal Fernando in early 1970 when Srimavo Ratwatte Bandarnayake’s coalition government was in power. He was a secretary to the Prime Minister and was known as a trouble maker behind a much of the office politcs and tale carrying which was prevalent under the feudal lady ! He is Hans Wijesuriya’s uncle not father in law.

  • 0

    Maybe the red ink (-22% earnings) in the last quarter did the trick.

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